My Family’s Vacation in Ibiza

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All persons in this fictitious story are 18 or older.

Hello, my name is Ellie and I live in New Hampshire, in the USA. I am the wholesome next door girl type, with a cute smile. Most of the time I don’t wear makeup, but when I do it is very little. I am not considered as pretty, or hot, or a hottie, or whatever term you want to use. I don’t have great cheek bones, in fact my face is a little round and pudgy, along with the rest of my body. It seems that I have gained the freshman 15 at my first year of college, not that I was skinny before college, I’ve always had a muffin top. I am only 5’2″ and it wouldn’t hurt for me to loose a few pounds, but I do have 32D breasts with half dollar size areola, and long nipples. I am not completely shaved, I has a small landing strip. Oh, I guess I should also mention, I have rather large labia or pussy lips as they are commonly called.

When I began college, I was naive when it came to boys. Now living in a co-ed dorm, I had to get accustomed to them being around all of the time. At first I was very shy, when I would go to the showers in the dorm, I went completely dressed. But over time, I began to relax and enjoy the attention the boys give me as I walk down the hallway. Lately, I have begun to walk to and from showers in a short robe, letting some of my cleavage show. Now I enjoy showing off myself, more than I ever thought I would. The boys like to stop and chat with me, just to look at my cleavage. Of course my big nipples pushing out my thin robe also helps attract the boys. Everyday I seem to be willing to show more of my body. In a way, it is like a drug for me, I need to show more of myself to get the attention that I crave.

A couple of months ago, my parents called me to let me know where we are going for vacation this summer. My father is an amateur boat captain, he has taken all kinds of courses and is actually certified, so every year we rent a boat and stay on it for two weeks during our vacation. We have gone to Maryland, California, and Florida in previous years. Then they told me, this year we are going to Ibiza. My parents said, that since my younger sister and I are now adults, my sister turned 18 a few months ago, we can go somewhere more adult oriented.

My sister, Beth, had just graduated from high school and now is working in retail for the summer. We almost look like twins, but she is not a chubby as I am. Beth called me a few days after I had talked with my parents and wanted to go out and buy a new bikini for our trip. I told her not to and explained to her, here in our small town, our choices are limited, but in Ibiza, there are bound to be some wild looking bikinis due to the reputation the island has.

Beth asked, “What reputation?”

I told her about the partying, that you only need to be 18 to drink. Then about the nude beaches and sexual promiscuity.

“How to you know about all of this?” Beth asked.

“I googled the place when mom and dad told us where we were going. They must know about the reputation this place has, that is why they said about a more adult location.”

“Do you think that means mom and dad wants us to get naked, or to party with them, or both?” replied Beth.

“I hadn’t though about getting naked with mom and dad, is that something you would do? We can be nude on any of the beaches, although some beaches they ask you to refrain from going completely nude, but just to appease the other tourists. I think where we are staying, on the boat, is considered the beach area.”

“Wait, you mean to tell me we can be nude on the boat while at the docks?” Beth replied.

“I believe so, but once we are there, we can find out for sure.”

It was nice talking to my sister about partying, and possibly going nude. We never had such a revealing conversation before and I think we actually began to bond over being naughty. We had never talked about partying, nudity or our sexual exploits before.

School finally ended and I got home about two weeks before we were scheduled to leave for Ibiza. Nothing really happen during that time. I was just enjoying the down time, while the rest of my family were at their jobs. Then the day before we were due to fly out, I decided to push my limits of showing off.

I wanted to work on my tan, one last time before Ibiza, but since I had already packed my bikini, I thought I would just wear a pair of panties and lay out topless. Going outside dressed like that was thrilling, but also had me very nervous. I kept thinking about what would happen if my parents caught me. There was plenty of time before anyone was due home. So I went for it. After about an hour of tanning, I came back in the house.

I walked in to the bathroom and pealed off my panties to get a shower. When I was done drying myself, I put the towel in the hamper and opened the bathroom door and began walking to my room, but as soon as I stepped out in to the hallway, there was my father. It took me a few seconds to react, I covered my breasts with one arm and put my hand over my vagina. I stood transfixed and finally rize escort spoke, “Dad, what are you doing home?”

As I stood there, my mind began racing. Am I covered up, was my first thought. I took stock of where my hands were. Then I thought, oh my god, I believe my nipple is uncovered. Then I though about my landing strip, I know it has to be visible. What do I do, I thought to myself as I almost began to panic. Do I re-position my arm, my hands, or what! The dirty part of my brain took over and said, do nothing, let him see you. So I stood there listening to my father tell me why he was home early, but I really didn’t care.

I keep looking at his eyes, I wanted to see where he was looking. His eyes were roaming all over my body. Between the embarrassment, the cool air on my body, and my sexual excitement, my nipples and my labia all became aroused. Time slowed down, it seemed like hours my father was looking and talking to me, but is was maybe 10 seconds before he moved to the side and let me past. I began walking to my room. My dirty mind took over again and as soon as I was past my father, I dropped my arm and hands. As I turned to walk in my room, I looked back and my father watched as I entered and then turned and shut the door, letting him see my body again.

With the door closed, I leaned back against it and began touching myself. My pussy was wet, I began in earnest to masturbate and brought myself to an orgasm, then moved over to my bed and fell on it. Emotionally thrilled from getting caught naked, and physically drained from cumming so hard, I never felt like this before, but oh my god it was fantastic. Right then and there I vowed to get caught naked again.

After several minutes, I got dressed and wondered out of my room to the kitchen, there was my father. When he looked at me, I gave him a nervous smile and said, “Sorry, I didn’t think anyone was home.”

He began to tell me he was sorry, but I stopped him and told him it was ok, he didn’t need to apologize, it was my fault. I walked over to my father and gave him a hug. When he hugged me back, he ran his hands over my back, his touch felt so good. My dirty mind took over again and I began to fantasize what it would be like if he hugged me while I was naked. In a few minutes we moved on and we began acting normal again, however in the back of my mind, I was still thrilled with him seeing me naked.

It was getting late and we were all ready for an early night, we have a long day tomorrow. I had on a sleep shirt and panties. I went to my sister’s bedroom and told her what happen earlier with dad. She gasped and then giggled uncontrollably. I had sat down on her bed and crossed my legs which let the crotch of my panties visible.

We talked a few minutes and then my sister said, “Oh my god, did you get off on dad seeing you naked?”

“No, no,” I exclaimed.

But my sister shot back, “Yes you did, I can see your lips pushing our your panties and your nipples are hard! You got excited just telling me the story.”

I quickly re-positioned my legs, closing my crotch. My face turned red, then my sister meekly asked, “How big is your labia?”

It took me a few seconds to process what she said, as she looked down at her bed, being embarrassed she even blurted such a question. To help lighten the moment I said, “I don’t know I never measured them.”

After Beth made a face at me, I told her, “They may dangle down maybe two inches or so, why?”

Then Beth asked me another embarrassing question, “Can I see them?”

I immediately said, “What?”

My sister then told me she has also has long labia and thought she was some kind of freak. But if my labia is big, maybe it is just heredity, maybe we got them from mom. I was gobsmacked. I have had the same thoughts not even thinking about my mother. I slowly pealed off my panties and opened my legs, showing my sister my labia in all of their glory and yes, I was excited and they were engorged and in full bloom. It was embarrassing, but I was also enjoying showing myself, even if it was to my own sister. I never had been so openly exposed for anyone before and although embarrassing, it excited me to no end.

I then said, “They grew some in the past year, but I believe they stopped now, at least I hoped they stopped, they are big enough.”

My sister then said, “My god they are huge. Mine aren’t nearly that big, but they are still bigger than any of my friends.”

“Wait, you and your friends compare labia?” I said.

“No, no,” Beth quickly said, “I have just looked around while we were taking showers in gym class.”

She then began to move and I watched as she pealed off her panties and opened her legs to show me her labia. She too was engorged and in full bloom. Beth was completely shaved. Then my sister said, “Wait, were you excited when daddy saw you today?”

Timidly I said, “Yea, why?”

“You said, once you were past him, you pulled your hands away, right?” said Beth.

“Yea,” I said.

“Dad, must of seen your lips dangling escort rize down, stand up and pull up your shirt.”

I did what she asked, then Beth gasped. I knew then she was right, this brought a whole new level of embarrassment and excitement to me. I had not even thought about my lips dangling down for my dad to see.

My sister then asked, “Do you have long nipples too?”

This time, I didn’t even bother answering. I pulled off my shirt and again my sister gasped. She then pulled off her top and I saw her nipples were just as big as mine. My sister began to laugh and I had to ask, “What’s so funny?”

“I always wondered why mom and dad never said anything to me about putting on a bra when my nipples are hard. I believe it is because mom has large nipples and she and dad know we inherited them. They know whatever we wear, our nipples will be still be visible to some degree and they did not want to embarrass us.”

It was my turn to gasp now. This was an enlightening conversation, but I told my sister we need to get some sleep, we have a long day tomorrow. As I stood beside her bed ready to leave, she asked, “Are you going to let daddy catch you naked again?”

I smiled, then said, “Not only dad, I think I am willing to let anyone see me naked. I get such a rush from showing off my body.”

Beth asked, “Are you wearing a dress for the trip tomorrow?”

“Yea, why?” I said.

“Are you going to wear a bra and panties?” My sister asked.

“A thong, but no bra, how about you?” I asked.

“Sounds good to me,” she replied.

I put on my shirt and hugged my sister, then went back to my room carrying my panties. I threw them on the bottom of my bed and laid down, just thinking about what I learned about my family, where I fell asleep.

I awoke to someone pulling on my arm, it was my father, telling me to get up and get ready to go. As I sat up, I realized my sleep shirt was up to my waist. My legs were closed, but my landing strip was clearly visible. I thought, oh my god, he saw me again, but this time I was too sleepy and tired to become excited at the moment, but it did put a smile on my face.

We all got to the airport and with the flight time and time zone change, we arrived in Ibiza just before midnight. We took a taxi to the marina and went to check-in. We all listened as we were given a short briefing on the marina. But the thing that really caught my attention, was when I heard, “The marina is situated on the beach, here you can be topless or completely nude, so don’t come to us to complain about seeing someone running around naked.”

The other thing that caught my attention was about the bathrooms and showers at the marina. There was a cold water shower on each dock midway between all of the slips, the guy said most people shower there instead of bathrooms. I began to fantasize about watching a guy take shower and washing himself in front of me, then I joined him and had sex while people watched us. He then handed us 2 bars of environmental friendly soap. I looked over to Beth, and she gave me a big grin. We made our way to the boat and as we walked, I did not see anybody around and there were no lights on in the other boats. It looked like we were the only people around.

Our rental boat is a 30 footer, with a cabin up under the bow and the dinning table which drops down to sleep 2 people. That is where Beth and I are going to sleep. The boat had been closed up, so it was very hot inside, and outside it was still hot.

My mother, sister and I got our things together for a shower and headed to the bathrooms. As we approached, the smell began to over whelm us. We walked in and it was gross, the toilets were basically an outhouse with a shower head next to the toilet. The heat of the day, made the smell unbearable. We walked out again and my mother, ever the optimist said, “It’s not that bad, we can do it.”

My sister, grinned and said, “Now I know why people shower at the docks.”

I had to use the toilet for a dump, so I asked my sister to hold my things while I went back in. I hovered over the seat till I was finished. When I came back out, I said, “I can’t do it. Come on, lets put on our swim suits and shower on the dock.” Neither of them complained and we made our way back to the boat. I thought my father would be there waiting for us, but he was not around, so we began to rummage though our things to get our swim suits.

My mother was in her little compartment, Beth and I had undressed. Just as we begun to put on our swim suits, we heard a noise and turned, there was my father coming down the short flight of steps in to the cabin. When he saw we were naked, he turned and quickly went back up. Beth and I looked at each other and had to stifle our laugh. I saw Beth’s nipples were as hard as mine. Beth whispered to me, “Just what you like, being naked for daddy?”

I replied, “You liked it too, I can see you hard nipples.”

We finished dressing and came out of the cabin, where my father again began to apologize, when he finished, rize escort bayan I let him off the hook again and said, “Dad we are going to be here for 2 weeks, we are bound to see one another being in such close quarters, so don’t worry about it. I again gave him a hug and as I pulled away, he asked, “What are you doing back here already and why are you putting on your swim suits?”

We explained the condition of the bathrooms and told him we are going to shower on the dock. Then Beth said, “Don’t worry about walking in on us, Ellie is right.”

Beth had a sly grin and winked at me afterwords. When my mother came out, we grabbed the soap and headed to the shower. The heat of the day had warmed up the water in the pipe and it felt nice. When it came time to wash my bottom, after soaping up my hand I reached in to my bottoms and began to clean myself. I saw my mother and sister watching me, then my mother smiled and said, “You are going to have a tough time getting all of that soap out of you bottoms.”

I thought for a few seconds and I knew what I wanted to do. I looked around and did not see anyone. I then stood under the water and quickly pulled down my bottoms and rinsed off the soap and left the water wash off my bottoms, then pulled them back up.

Beth smiled, then said, “That works for me.”

I saw Beth begin to soap up her bottom and then she lowered her bottoms just as I had to rinse off. Beth and I stood there waiting to see what my mother would do. She just pulled out her bottoms and let the water run through them. When we got back to the boat my father asked, “How’s the water?”

We told him, “It was nice and a lot better than the gross bathrooms.”

He then took the soap and began walking to the shower as I began drying my face and hair on the stern of the boat. My mother and sister were also drying themselves. Once my father was close to the shower, which I now realized you can see from the boat and had to wonder if my father watched us. I quickly pulled off my top and dried my breasts. My mother said, “Ellie! What has gotten in to you?”

“Mom, no one else is around, so it doesn’t matter.”

I then saw Beth take off her top. I then pulled off my bottoms and threw them on the seat to dry, while I finished drying myself. I saw my father was finishing up, so I went below and got my sleep shirt and put it on, sans panties. Beth had come down, she was also naked. She put on her sleep shirt and with a smile, she said, “No panties tonight, or are you just trying to show daddy you pussy again?”

I told her “I want to finishing drying off, then I will put on some panties, but if daddy happens to see my pussy, well that would not be all bad, would it.”

When we went back to the stern, my father was there drying himself. Beth and I listened as my mother told him we stripped off our suits right there on the back of the boat and then got dressed. He smiled and said, “Well it is kind of a small cabin down there and no one is around, so I understand.”

I began to wonder if my father liked seeing us naked. We all hung out for a while on the stern and then got setup to sleep for the night. Beth and I put on some thong panties and laid beside one another.

Beth smiled at me and said, “I think we are going to have some fun on this trip. Oh, by the way, nice move giving daddy permission to walk in on us naked. I bet you can’t wait to be naked for daddy again,” then she gave me a hug. We both turned over and we soon fell asleep.

It was late morning when I heard a noise that got me awake. Someone was opening the door to my parents compartment. I laid still and realized my night shirt had ridden up above my panties. I just laid there, waiting. My father came out first, then my mother. I heard my father whisper to my mother, “Let them sleep for a while longer, can you start the coffee?”

I heard some noises and then they both went to the stern of the boat. I could barely hear them talking, then I fell back to sleep. Sometime later, Beth got me awake and as I sat up, I saw both of my parents were standing over us. I noticed Beth’s panties were showing, just as mine were. My parents laid out the plan for the day. Since it was almost lunch time, we would go for lunch and then go shopping for some snacks and drinks to keep on the boat, and some fruit for breakfast for the next few days.

“Come on, lets get dressed and go, I am starving,” my father said.

He then went out to the stern, while my mother went in to her compartment. It was already getting hot, so Beth and I got off the bed and pulled off our sleep shirts and Beth asked me, “What are you going to wear?”

As we were talking, we didn’t hear my father coming in to the cabin from the deck, until he was right beside us. It surprised us, but neither Beth nor I tried to cover our breasts. Then my father said, “Sorry, but you did say not to worry about walking in on you.”

I was so excited, but didn’t want my father to think he did something wrong, so I said, “We told you it was ok, and we meant it,” with a grin on my face. I stood there letting him ogle my breasts. My father watched as my nipples grew hard and extended from my breasts. I could feel my labia becoming engorged and expanding in my panties. Then my panties became wet. Oh god, I though I might have an orgasm just standing there.

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