My Exhibitionist Daughter Ch. 02

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My plan was coming together nicely and by now, I knew she would be paying very close attention to what I was saying. Having just been told she was going to be spanked on her bare bottom, I expected her to be showing signs of both nervousness and excitement, and she was — I could see both in her eyes.

Preparing to lay the final ground work for my big surprise, I decided to deviate from my plan just a bit and give myself a little well deserved pleasure.

“Take your bra off and hand it to me, Sweetheart.” I asked, calmly.

As soon as I said it, her hands rose to the bra clasp between her boobs and she undid it. Holding her bra together as she looked at me, I simply nodded my head and held my hand out, beckoning to her to give me the bra. Her face instantly turned a deep shade of crimson and a dark red blush spread across her chest. Then, as she looked down at her feet, she slipped the bra off, took a step toward me and handed me her bra.

This was a first for her. In all the times she’d exposed herself to me, not once had she been bare breasted and faced me directly. Yes, I’d seen her from the back and from the side, but this was the first time she would reveal the fullness of her pert, teenage breasts to my sight.

I held her bra in front of me, and then just for show, I lifted the bra cups one by one, up to my face and buried my nose into the cups. Glancing up at her, her eyes were wide open watching as I rubbed my face into her warm bra where her breasts had been, and inhaled deeply, loud enough for her to hear. Just moments before, my daughter’s pointy teenage nipples had been protected by this bra, and now my face was smothered by it.

“Hands to your side, Bonnie.” I said, seeing she was covering herself up. “You’ve had your fun for months – teasing me and giving me endless erections – now it’s time to face the consequences. Keep those hands down at your side so I can clearly see those breasts and nipples you’ve been taunting me with.”

“You have beautiful breasts, Sweetheart.” I said to her after a few seconds. “And beautiful nipples, too. I especially like the way your nips are getting hard. I guess that means you can’t be that mad at me right now.”

It wasn’t only her nipples that were hard. My cock was extremely hard, too, and I draped her bra across my lap to hide my excited condition from her, for now. I still had a lot more to say to my daughter and I needed her to focus on what I was going to be saying and the emotions she was feeling — not on my cock.

“What I need to talk about next is going to be difficult, Bonnie.” I began. “You’re probably going to feel ashamed, and it’ll be hard to stand there and listen to what I have to say, but you will stand silently and hear me out. And I want you to pay close attention because at the end of this, I’m going to ask you a very important question and I want you think about your answer carefully. Are we clear on that?”

She tried to speak, but, she couldn’t get a word out. Her mouth moved, but I heard no sound. I smiled to myself knowing she was scared and excited. And, after clearing her throat, she simply said “Yes, Daddy.” I knew I was getting to her, and even though it was hard to be intentionally mean to my own daughter, who I loved very much, there was also some satisfaction in seeing the way she was reacting.

“While I was looking through the files on your laptop,” I explained, “I found your ‘Bonnie and Daddy’ story.” Her jaw dropped and she let out an audible gasp as her hands flew up to cover her mouth in alarm.

“I read the whole story, and at first, I was shocked.” I continued. “But as I read it more closely, I was able to see all the emotion and feeling you put into it, and I was deeply touched that you wanted to do all those sexual things with me. Then, it occurred to me that all the nasty things you wrote about in your story were the same themes in all the stories you saved from the internet. So, I just assume those are the things you fantasize about the most. That’s when the light bulb turned on for me, Bonnie. That’s when I completely understood why you’ve been exposing yourself and teasing me.”

“As I said earlier,” trying to be crystal clear about what I’d already said, “I’m not mad you were reading all those internet stories. I’m not even mad that you wrote a story about me and you. What I’m mad about is that you selfishly teased me for your own gratification and you were completely thoughtless about your father’s feelings.”

“Honestly,” I added, “I enjoyed the story you wrote about us. You obviously wrote it to be erotic, and it was. I was captivated by it, Sweetheart. It turned me on so much that half way through, right there in your room, and I masturbated myself while I read it.”

Bonnie looked at me and gasped in surprise when I told her I played with my cock while I read her story. I smiled at her, and nodded my head, saying, “I’m telling you the truth, Sweetheart. It turned me on so much I had pull my cock out maltepe escort and jack-off. And if that surprises you, you’re probably going to be shocked to hear that not only did I masturbate in your room while you were gone, but I also found a pair of your worn panties and I sniffed them while I read your story and jacked-off. I’m not kidding about that last part, Bonnie. If you go look in your room, you won’t find any of your worn panties. Not on your floor or in your clothes hamper – because I took them all. And I bet if you look closely, you’ll see the dried cum stains on your carpet.”

Bonnie was so shocked to hear me say all this, I could have knocked her over with a single breath. She was absolutely speechless.

“Bonnie,” I continued, “the reason I just told you all of that, was because I wanted you to know that you’re not the only one with sexual needs. Just like I know you get turned on by exposing yourself, now you know that I jerked off and sniffed your panties. And not only that, but I took your panties so I could sniff them again the next time I masturbate, which will probably be tonight.”

I stopped for a minute and reached for her bra that was lying across my lap. I hoped what I was about to do would solidify everything I’d said inside her head. It was one thing to tell her that her story and her panties had turned me on, but, it was another thing to show her. So, slowly, I pulled her bra away from my lap. My hard cock, sticking through the fly of my boxers, came into view — sticking up proudly, as hard as it’s ever been.

“Oh, my God!” She exclaimed as she pointed to my cock. “Daddy!”

“Sweetheart, this is what happens when you tease me.” I said, referring to my hard cock, sticking up for her to see. “And don’t act surprised that I’ve got an erection. After all, you’re standing there with your boobs hanging out, and don’t forget, I am a man.” She couldn’t take her eyes off my cock, and I didn’t want her to. “Go ahead and look, Bonnie,” I said to her, “I think you need to see for yourself what you’ve been doing to me each day. I’m serious, Sweetheart. Take a nice long look at your father’s erection.”

I thought about wrapping my hand around my cock and jacking myself in front of her, but, that would take her mind away from what I really wanted her to think about next, which was the whole point of our little talk. So after a minute or so, I casually tucked my trusty pole back into my boxers and covered the bump with her bra again.

“Now,” I said, pausing for just a second to get her attention back, “this is the really hard part and where I need you to listen to me closely. I’m going to give you something to think about and ask you to make a decision. But, I don’t want you to make that decision without having all the information to make it in an adult fashion. Do you understand, Bonnie?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she answered, “I understand. I need to pay close attention here.”

“Good girl, that’s exactly right.” I replied. Then I began to lay it all out for her, taking great pains to make everything perfectly clear.

“If all those pictures and stories you downloaded, and the story you wrote about us, were just fantasy to fuel your masturbation sessions, then I’ll just spank you and give your panties back in a day or so, and then we’ll both forget about all of this. You won’t hold anything against me, and I won’t hold anything against you. It will be all over, and we’ll both forgive each and we’ll move forward just like none of this ever happened.”

“But,” I explained, “if you’re turned on by thoughts of exhibitionism, submission, humiliation, and having sex with me, and you want to have an opportunity to live some of that out and experience it all in a safe environment with someone that loves you, I’ll agree to do that – for one month, under a few conditions which are non-negotiable and absolutely firm.”

The expression on Bonnie’s face was one of complete excitement. I knew I had her now. She was hanging on every word I said and I could see her brain was working a thousand miles a minute trying to process what I was saying, what it meant, and trying to figure out if I was serious, or not.

“Those conditions would be these, and you would have to agree to all of them.” I said, firmly. “First, you will do everything I ask of you with no arguments. That means no matter what it is, you have to do it. It might be distasteful to you, utterly embarrassing, or horribly humiliating. But you’ll do it, and you’ll do it cheerfully or you’ll be punished for disobeying.”

“Second,” I continued, “I will make all decisions on what you will wear, or won’t wear, at all times. I promise I won’t take you out in public looking like a slut, but, you can expect that I’ll take some liberties in the way I dress you, especially when it’s just you and me here in the apartment.”

I could see a mix of excitement and terror in her eyes as I talked.

“Third,” I said, “you will submit mecidiyeköy escort to me unconditionally, and that includes sexually. I will teach you the proper mannerisms and behavior of a submissive female, and for the thirty days, you will abide by them and be totally submissive to me in every way. And yes, I did say sexually and yes, I did mean that.”

“Fourth,” I explained, “you will give me your promise not to keep anything from me and you will always tell me the truth – no matter how hard it is. You will answer all my questions fully without any trace of deceit and you will be forthcoming with information, even if I don’t specifically ask for it.”

“Fifth,” I said, as I leaned forward in my chair and looked directly into her eyes, “you will accept punishment from me as I deem necessary. It might be a spanking, or I might elect another appropriate punishment. I give you my word and my promise that you would never be physically hurt; I would never do that to you, Sweetheart. But, I don’t see anything wrong with a spanking or something equally demeaning. I will be fair and you’ll never be punished without cause, but, when I decide you need to be punished, you’ll take it willingly and without argument.”

“Sixth and lastly,” I said softly, leaning back in my chair, “I’m sure you understand the need for privacy and discretion if we do this. That would mean you have to give me your solemn oath that you won’t ever speak of what we’re talking about to anyone other than me. If you do, it would mean big trouble for the both of us, and, your mother would find out, too.”

Bonnie’s eyes were almost glazed over and her nipples were hard and erect as she stood there. Her breathing was fast and shallow, and I worried for a few minutes that she might hyperventilate and pass out on me. I was really laying it on thick — maybe too thick.

“So,” I said, after stopping for a minute to let her think to herself about what I’d just said, “this is how we’re going to proceed. In a few minutes, I’m going to spank you, just as I said I was going to do. And, yes, on your bare bottom. When I ask you, you’ll remove your jeans and then I’ll take your panties down, myself.”

Bonnie’s eyes seemed to light up when I told her I was going to lower her panties, myself. Her nipples were hard, too, and she hung on every word I said. Then, I continued speaking.

“After your spanking,” I explained, “you’ll go take a shower, shave your legs, wash your hair and make yourself pretty and presentable. Then, you’ll get in bed and call for me. When I come in, just like I used to do when you were a little girl, I’ll tuck you in and give you a good night kiss. At that time, you’ll give me your answer about the thirty days by telling me either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. You’ll say ‘Yes’ if you want to have the opportunity to experience those things that turn you on, or you’ll say ‘No’ if you don’t. Be sure of your answer, Sweetheart, because there’s not going to be a second chance. If you say ‘No’, then it’s no forever. If you say ‘Yes’, then we’ll start the month tomorrow morning and there’s no calling it off once we start.”

Bonnie’s eyes met mine and we exchanged looks for several moments. “Did you get all that?” I asked. “Any questions?”

“No, Daddy. No questions. I got it all. I was paying attention.” She replied.

“Good.” I answered. “Are you ready to have your spanking, then?”

“I guess so, but,” Bonnie said, meekly, “Is it going to hurt a lot?”

“That depends on you, Sweetheart.” I said. “If you cooperate completely and don’t give me a hard time, then I promise to go easy on you. Believe me when I say I love you and I wouldn’t ever do anything to physically hurt you. But, you’ve got this spanking coming, and I’m going to give it to you.”

“I’ll be good.” She promised, looking at me — her slender body almost shaking. What Bonnie didn’t know was that she didn’t have anything to worry about from the spanking itself — I surely wasn’t going to spank my little girl much or very hard at all. What she should have been concerned about, though, was the way she was going to be exposed and humiliated as part of her spanking. I was going to make sure she got a taste of her fantasies, whether she wanted it, or not.

“Okay, let’s get this over with.” I said calmly. “I think it would be easier if you brought me one of the chairs from the kitchen, Sweetheart. Would you do that for me, please.”

Bonnie nodded her head and immediately left to bring me a chair from the kitchen table. As soon as she was out of sight, I stood up from my easy chair and pulled my cock through the fly of my boxers and gave it a few tugs to try to make it harder. It was useless, though, because my cock was already as hard as a steel pole and I smiled to myself admiring the way it majestically pointed out in front of me.

When Bonnie returned carrying the chair over which she would be spanked, she saw me standing there with my cock sticking merter escort out. Setting the chair down in front of me, she took a step back and with her hands to her sides, she stood there silently staring at my cock, waiting for me to tell her what to do next.

“I’ve got half a mind to make you take care of this for me.” I said to her, pointing down to my throbbing cock. “Maybe I should add that to your punishment in return for the hundreds of erections you’ve caused.”

I think poor Bonnie wasn’t sure what I was going to do to her next. At first, she seemed to be focusing on how much the spanking was going to hurt her cute, teenage butt, but, now I think she was seeing that she might be made to service my cock. The uncertainty was good, for sure, because it gave her more to think about, even though there was no way I was going to force her to do anything to me. I just couldn’t do that to her. Anything she did, she would have to do willingly.

Reaching out and turning the chair around to face her, I sat down. Intentionally, I left my cock poking out so she could see it, and in fact, I had a little surprise planned for her that I hoped would make her uncomfortable as hell.

Once I was settled, I looked up into Bonnie’s eyes and told her to come stand in front of me. When she did, I told her to take the rest of her clothes off. “You can keep your panties on for now.” I added.

Since she was already topless, it didn’t take her long to pull her jeans off and straighten back up in front of me. There she stood in just her panties, obediently standing with her hands by her sides. I’d seen these specific panties on her before, and I liked them very much on her. They were tiny cotton hip huggers, with a full back. The fact that they were cotton meant there was no sewn-in crotch panel and her juices, which I suspected were flowing liberally from my daughter’s vagina by now, would be soaked up in the cotton material, making these panties an especially good trophy to confiscate after her spanking. I made a mental note to be sure to get them.

As I was concocting my plan earlier in the day, I strategically placed six sofa pillows by the couch and I had an ingenious plan on how to use them to increase her exposure and humiliation during her spanking. So, pointing to the pillows, I asked her to get them for me. One by one, I laid the pillows on the floor to the left of the spanking chair I was sitting in, stacking them up, one on top of the other until there was a tower of pillows next to me.

“Bonnie,” I said, once I had the last pillow in place, “you’re going to lie over my lap and rest your head on these pillows with your butt in the exact middle of my lap. I’ll allow you to keep your panties on until you’re in position to protect what modesty you might have, but they’ll have to come off before your spanking begins. If you cooperate and don’t give me any reason to get more upset with you, you won’t get very many swats and it won’t hurt too much.”

She nodded her head up and down, and knowing that it was now do or die, I held my hand out to her and said, “Get over my lap now.”

Bonnie was looking at my cock straining up from my crotch as she took a tentative step toward me. “Daddy,” my daughter said nervously, pointing to my cock, “what about your, uh…..”

“Get over my lap, Sweetheart.” I said calmly. “Don’t make me ask you again.”

I watched as my daughter moved to the right of me and then carefully started to bend down and lay her nearly naked body over my lap. I knew it would be cumbersome, and she’d have to struggle to position her pelvis perfectly over my lap. I did it this way so I could see her boobs dangling in front of me as she tried to get into position correctly. After two tries, she’d figured it out, and as she rested her head on the pillows, her panty covered bottom lowered itself down to my lap, exactly in the middle as I’d requested.

She was careful not to lie on top of my cock, but, I was elated to find that her body was nestled right up next to it, and it throbbed and pulsed against her. I flexed my cock muscles a few times to let her know it was there, and I felt her shiver each time my pole moved against her. I could only imagine what she must have thought each time she felt my cock move.

I’d judged the height of the spanking chair and the pillows perfectly. The way she was perched upon my lap with her head resting on the pillows, her knees couldn’t quite touch the floor so she had to hold herself up by spreading her feet and balancing on her tiptoes. As I hoped, she was going to give me a wonderful view of her pussy from behind once I removed her panties. I’d even planned on making her spread her feet way out so I could see deeper into her cleft from behind. I knew all this would be tremendously embarrassing, humiliating, and hopefully – exciting for her, and I’d be able to tell if she was enjoying it by the amount of moisture and the aroma from her eighteen year old pussy.

Finally, it was time. She was in place, my cock was throbbing up against her, and her beautiful, teenage butt was in my lap. I wanted the next phase of her experience to be slow and agonizing for her, and so far, everything had worked out perfectly so I had high hopes this next part would go good, too.

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