My Dark Angel

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First let me say this Vampires exist, not only that they walk among you, living beneath the radar as it were, hidden from the humans that are scattered across the world, my kind is secretive, and only one rule exists that all must follow or else find ourselves on the end of a stake and that rule is keep the secret.

My name is Louis and I was turned in 1784 in Ireland by a vampire called Marcus, he found me dying in a gutter in Dublin with a knife wound to my chest, he drained the last dregs of my blood though I had already lost most of it through my chest and replaced it with his own, he was killed in 1946 in London, it left me alone in the world, I began to wander venturing around the world, I visited Europe and Asia on my search for companionship, I found myself in America finally, common myths about my kind state that we cannot walk in the sunlight this is a myth, all that sunlight does to us is weaken our abilities preventing us from using our full strength and speed and weakens our persuasive powers, in America I enrolled in high school, I was turned when I was 19 and have not aged since then, my physique is misleading I am thin and tall but the blood that runs in my veins means that I could easily overpower almost anything or anyone.

The school at which I am enlisted is tedious but it is always interesting to see how humans react to stimuli specifically how the stupid females continually attempt to throw themselves at me, what all of them do not realise is that my tastes run on the more masculine side, some of my kind are like me and prefer the company of men to those of women, in my 228 years of life I have taken interest in few humans, and even then they did not hold my attention for long, at this school none of the humans here had taken my interest.

I walked to the school feeling the sun hit my flesh ignoring the slight irritation that the sunlight caused against my skin, the school was less than an hour away from my home, bought with the numerous amounts of money that I have accumulated for the 228 years that I have walked the earth, my skin was protected from burning so I have kept the pale complexion which I was born with, the humans that I noticed around the street paused to stare at me walk past, I saw one woman walking past and I flashed her a smile and chuckled as I heard her breathing stutter and listened as her heart sped up as she walked briskly away, I ran my fingers through my light brown hair and continued on my journey to the school.

I neared the school and sniffed breathing in the scents of the pupils feeling the slight ache in my throat as their scents mingled together culminating in a general aura of thirst, I overrode the urge using my 228 years of experience with the scent of human blood, one scent stood out from the others, I had memorised the various scents of the humans and I immediately picked up the new scent, it was different to the other somehow managing to smell sweet yet posses a hint of

something that set the fire in my throat burning with the arrival of new blood, I could tell that the scent was masculine by the distinctive smell of testosterone that was prevalent in the scent that the obviously new student had left, I found it strange that a new student had enrolled since there was only a week left of term so I doubt if he would be doing much work for the rest of the week.

I walked to my first class that also followed the trail of the new smell I sniffed again trying to work out what is was in the scent that made it smell so good, I turned the corner and walked towards the door of my class, I turned the handle accompanied by a group of students entering the same class as me, I saw the teacher Mrs Sanera the teacher of History, I sniffed the air in the room, the scent that had seemed so strong in the corridor now filled the room and my throat again began to burn with the urge to feed upon the strange scent, antalya escort my eyes followed my nose to the source of the scent, my eyes ran quickly over the boy or I suppose man technically who sat in the seat next to mine, he was attractive even by my high standards and I found myself fascinated by his face, he had blonde hair and possessed slightly tanned skin, his eyes scanned over me and I noticed the bright blue eyes that he used to scan over me, I saw how his pupils dilated as he looked over my body and I was intrigued by his face, so smooth as his soft skin swept down across his sharp cheekbones towards his dull red lips, the t-shirt that clung to his chest through which I could see his muscular chest and nipples.

Mrs Sanera motioned for me to sit interrupting me from my examination of the only person in the room who I found my eyes drawn to, I moved towards the desk and placed my backpack on the desk before sitting down in the chair that was next to the him, I turned my head to face him and saw that he was scanning me as I was him, I saw his eyes trail down my body taking in the muscles that were prominent through the tight material of the t-shirt that clung to my chest, I scanned him too

enjoying how I could see his how inviting his arms looked showing through the short sleeves of his t shirt, I quickly scanned the surface of his thoughts using much of my concentration since the sunlight weakened my powers, I sensed that he too was enjoying the way my muscles bulged through my shirt and I was happy to find that his tastes too ran on the more masculine side, I introduced myself first speaking seductively using one of my more basic powers of persuasion all the while scanning the surface of his mind seeing how my words were received.

“hello, my name is Louis, I see that you are new here, So what is your name?” his heart sped up as I spoke, and I scanned his mind enjoying how he enjoyed my voice, he spoke and I enjoyed his voice as he spoke slowly “hi I’m James, and you don’t sound like you’re from America” I listened to his accent and noticed how it was was familiar, I placed it as English and remembered it from my time in England in the 1850’s, his teeth glistened as he smiled at me and I felt myself becoming excited by him my dick stirring in my pants.

My mind worked at a much faster rate than his so I had plenty of time to formulate my answer, as I was in the middle of my thoughts of my answer I was again distracted by his smile the way his perfect teeth shone in the light flooding through the window next to us.

I answered him after finally pulling my eyes away from his smile and up to his eyes “well you don’t exactly sound native either, English correct?” I already knew the answer but it would seem more human if I feigned stupidity, he blinked at me and again smiled before answering “you sound Irish, and yes you are correct I am English”.

I could not answer as Mrs Sanera began the class and started with a question directed at the class, history was of little interest to me and I soon found myself concentrating on the wonderful way that James’ lips moved and marvelling at the way his voice always seemed to sound seductive, Mrs Sanera directed a question at me and I pulled the answer from the millions of answers and facts that filled my head, she looked annoyed by my lack of hesitation between her question and my answer.

James too seemed impressed answer and I again found myself mesmerized by his smile before I mistakenly inhaled his scent, the smell was even more wonderful up close his sweetness made my throat ache with the urge to drink from him, but I knew that there were too many witnesses for me to risk a quick snack no matter how tempting the way the skin on his neck looked, the pulse that I could see in the thick vein on his neck was not helping my control.

He noticed how I was staring at him and leaned lara escort in close to whisper in my ear, his hot breath sending a tingling sensation across my cheek as he leaned in towards my ear, his skin briefly touched mine and I felt the urge to claim this human as my own his neck was just inches away from my lips and I felt the gums above my canines that housed my fangs itched with the urge to be freed and to sink into the soft seductive flesh of his neck.

He whispered in my ear while I was lost in my thoughts of him, “Louis, I don’t know if you find me attractive but let me tell you that the moment you walked through the door I wanted to kiss you”

he gently bit my earlobe before he leaned back and I saw that his cheeks were flushed, I too felt the blood run to my cheeks slowly since I had no heart beat and I saw him wink as he leaned back into his seat, my mind ranged out touching the minds of all those except James in the room and erasing the past few minutes from their brains.

The class bell rang before I was ready for it to be, and noticed how as soon as James had left his seat, I felt an urge to pull him back and hold him with me here and to kiss him and feed from him, I followed him ignoring my next lesson, he walked through the corridors searching for something before he found the bathroom and I followed him in turning to see him leaning against the nearest wall with a smile on his face.

Even though I had only met him but an hour ago I found myself warming to him in ways I had not thought possible, I moved towards him dropping my backpack on the floor ignoring everything around me except James.

I moved towards him and leaned in towards his face seeing the flush in his cheeks as I got closer, I gently kissed his cheek seeing the flush of heat.

I pulled his arms from his sides and placed them above his head pinning his wrists together with one of my hands, he smiled as I moved closer and moved my face towards his, I leaned in and touched my nose to his jaw bone and ran it along it towards his cheek bone, I felt the muscles contract as his smile grew wider, I ran my cheek against his and felt the heat as his face flushed I looked up and caught his gaze I leaned in using my right hand to secure his wrists above his head and my left to secure his face, my lips gently brushed his and I felt him respond eagerly his lips moulding themselves to mine ignoring the slightly colder temperature of my skin, he shivered under my touch as my left thumb caressed his cheekbone, my lungs unresponsive to the lack of oxygen gave me little knowledge of his need for air, he broke away turning his face away unable to back away since his back was against the wall, I ran my lips down his face pressing them against his throat a dangerous move since I was already resisting the urge to rip of his pants and fuck him up the wall, he shivered again and I pressed my body against his, my right hand released his wrists and he eagerly moved them down to the small of my back pulling me closer against him.

I moved my face up unable to resist him any more and pressed my lips against his once again, his hands grasped against my t shirt as his muscular arms tried to hold me against him, I breathed in his scent once again lost in the sweetness of his blood, my hand moved down his chest gently squeezing the muscles through his t-shirt, I reached the crotch of his pants and felt his cock already hard through the material and gently squeezed causing him to moan into my mouth, I was so lost with the feeling of his lips against mine that I did not hear the door open, I grew angry at being disturbed, James was mine and now when I had him alone some stupid little fucking human chose to disturb me.

I broke the kiss with James and he who slumped against the wall his eyes closed as he gasped trying to catch his breath, the boy was in manavgat escort a lower year he looked angry though and I could smell rather than see the disgust that mingled with his scent, he squared himself up to me, I laughed and smiled showing my teeth he moved forward and I felt my my fangs involuntarily descend elongating my canines, he gasped and moved backward into the other wall of the small bathroom, I moved forward grasping his mind with my own, I erased the last ten minutes from his memory and placed a command in his head to leave and act as though nothing had happened.

He left his eyes unfocused, I turned around to see James standing right behind me I leant in for another kiss and felt his tongue enter my mouth fear filled me as his tongue gently ran up one of my canines, he broke away and looked at my face seeing my fangs which I had forgotten to retract, I reached into his mind seeing his fear, I moved closer taking his face in my hands, he quivered at my touch I did not use my powers as I spoke to him “James please, this is what I am, I know you are scared but, you…you have no idea how long I have lived and you are the only one who had ever been able to make me feel like this”.

He shook again before he broke away from my touch I saw him run from the room but I could not move I was locked In place as I saw him leave, my heart which had been still for 228 years thudded quietly as he left the room, my eyes pricked as a single tear of blood rolled down my face, I had opened myself up and had been stabbed in the heart, I recovered with a rage in my heart the boy!!!!!

he had alerted James to what I was, he would suffer for his blunder, I would drain him of his blood slowly watching as the colour drained from his face as he slowly fell into death.

I moved slowly through the halls smelling the scent that had belonged to me but five minutes ago, he had left the school and I could smell the trail that his car had left the school grounds, I felt an urge to follow and did not notice as I easily moved fast enough even in the sunlight to reach James’ home before he did, I moved towards his house and found that he lived but a few blocks away from my own home, his house was old and I heard no heartbeats on the inside of the house and I moved towards the back of his home and located an old window which I opened easily.

I moved to the front door and listened as James’ car approached, he opened his car door and slammed it slowly, I heard the air hitch in his throat as he approached the door the jangle of keys as he unlocked the door, he opened the it and closed it behind him he rested his head against the wood and I again heard the air hitch in his throat, my eyes pricked and drop of blood trickled down my cheek, he turned and looked shocked when he saw me, I looked up at him and his lips twitched when he saw me.

I smiled before I spoke “James I know I scare you, but what you do not understand it that I am over 228 years old and in all of that time I have never felt anything like I did for you today, if you do not want me I can understand, if you do not want me I will leave and you will never see me again, no matter how much that will break my heart though it does not beat, but if you want me to stay know that I will love you and give you more than any human man could”.

He looked down and I closed my eyes and felt another drop of blood roll down my cheek, a soft pair of lips pressed against mine and I jerked a little before realizing that it had to be James, I returned the kiss and wrapped my arms around his muscular frame, he broke the kiss and I stared into his eyes as he leant forward and with his tongue gently licked away a droplet of blood slightly smeared by our kiss but it was still enough, he gasped.

I knew what he was tasting, the sweetness of my blood, to humans the blood of vampires does not cause them to become like me but even the smallest drop will cause them to become extremely aroused and grant them increased strength and also meant that I would always be able to find him, now no-one will ever take this human away from me, he would be mine soon as would his blood.

to be continued…

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