My Cousin Tom: Part 2

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At 16, I’d always considered myself mildly attractive. Just short of 6 feet tall with constantly tanned skin and a head full of black hair, my appearance fell somewhere in the middle of things. After our first experience with each other, my cousin Tom and I continued to get along quite well. It was not until several months afterwards, however, that things picked up again. Tom’s parents asked me to babysit him and his 6-year old brother John. Always in need of money, I agreed. His parents would leave be gone until afternoon Wednesday, so I would be there overnight.

I got there Tuesday and knocked on the door. Tom’s parents let me in, and they quickly told me that while friends were ok, the boys would have to have a bath (Tom and John had to share baths) and were to stay either at the house or at the neighborhood playground. After briefing me, they left; leaving me to my rambunctious cousins.

As soon as their parents were gone, both boys wanted to watch a movie. After the 3rd full length movie, I told them that if they watched another I was kicking them out of the house and locking the door. John got up and started to get something from the kitchen. He never saw Tom sneak up behind him and pull his pants down. John gave a little scream and started yelling at his brother. I intervened, saying: “From now on, ya’ll have to keep it tied. Tom, if you pants John he can pants you.” This set off a wild round of “pantsing” that ended with both boys and myself having ended up naked numerous times. Every time their pants dropped my eyes were drawn to them. Tom’s cock had grown nicely since before and he know had a much fuller set of hair. John was still small and barely developed. The game ended when John decided to simply remain naked. Tom, after trying and failing to get my pants down (I had added a belt after the first three times) gave up and ended up on the couch playing a game. “I hafta go to the bathroom” said John, who oddly at age 6 still asked to have someone with him whenever he went to the bathroom. Taking him to the bathroom and half-shutting the door, I sat down on the side of the bathtub while he peed. John had the habit of dropping standing fully naked to pee. As he did his business, I found my eyes checking out his small butt and penis. While my better sense wanted me to look away, some irresistible force drew my vision to his privates. By the time he was done, I too had to go. After making sure he had wiped properly and washed his hands, I took my turn. I thought John had left the room. When I glanced up briefly, however, I saw John standing there, eyes fixated on my cock. “You have a big pee pee” he said childishly. Embarrassed, I finished my business and hustled him out.

When I came out, I found Tom on the couch. He jumped up and asked if he could have some friends over. “Sure,” I said. “So long as they’re good.” I took the two of them to the playground, where I could see Tom going around to invite several of the neighborhood kids over. John, always the shy one outside of toilet matters, stayed with me. I spoke to several of the parents and all agreed to let their kids come over, so long as I brought took them home before 11. At around 7, we left the playground, neighbors in tow. Getting to the house. they played in the backyard until dark, when I called them in. As kids always do, they soon got bored and were getting mischievous. Tom came up to me and asked if he and his friend’s could play games. I agreed. Since it was around Johns bedtime, I put him to bed. We were left with Tom, 4 girls named Amanda (13), Chelsea (12), Katy (13), Jessica (14), and 2 boys: Ricky (11), and Terrence (12). Amanda escpecially got my attention. She came dressed in a pair of worn-and-torn jeans and a slightly too small t-shirt, which accented her young breasts. Glanceing at her, I had to canlı bahis turn away to conceal my slight hard on.
As it became dark, they calmed down and were soon sitting around playing games. “I have an idea” said Amanda. “Why don’t we play spin the bottle?” The boys quickly voiced their agreement, and I decided to let them play. I knew how special a first kiss was and could not bring myself to deprive them of that. Katy and Jessica joined quickly, and all eventually convinced Chelsea to join as well. They quickly came up with rules. If you landed on someone of the same sex, kissing was optional, and the kiss had to last at least 10 seconds. I gave up a coke bottle I had in my bag, and they started. Soon Amanda and Ricky were kissing, to the cheers and wolf calls of the others. I laughed, glad they were havening a good time. Tom turned to me. “Hey Jake, can you play too?” Surprised, I didn’t answer. Jessica eagerly chimed in: “Yeah, we can’t play right with only 3 boys!” After several minutes of this, I gave in and sat down next to Tom. The bottle was spun, and Tom and Chelsea ended up together. As the game progressed, the kisses were longer, the embraces tighter, the hands of the boys placed lest modestly. Finally, a spin of the bottle landed on me. I wasn’t sure what to day. Tom, seeing my petrified stance, gave the bottle a spin and it landed on Amanda. Grinning, she quickly came over and sat beside me. I looked at her apprehensively. At 16, I’d never had a girlfriend and had never kissed a girl. I had only some doubts, which vanished as soon as I saw her young cleavage through her shirt. Her breasts were still small, developing lumps- my favorite. Seeing my lusty gave, Amanda pulled me close to her and our lips touched. The effect was like magic. Unconsciously, my arms wrapped around her back and I pulled her close. Several seconds passed, which seemed to me to have been hours or even days. This girl’s lips were some of the sweetest things I had ever tasted, and I felt a bulge growing in my jeans. Feeling it, I quickly let her go. I was surprised to see a happy yet disappointed look on her young face. She sat back down and the game continued. Eventually, Katy took a place in Terrance’s lap and they kissed passionately. The game broke apart at this point as everyone found a partner and got busy. The room was soon filled with soft slurping sounds. I was shocked to find Amanda in my lap, an excited look on her face. She pulled me close, and again we kissed. Our lips met, and a surge of electricity seemed to pass between them. I felt her tongue pressing at my lips and opened them. Part of my brain screamed that this was wrong, remembering the possible illegality of the matter. But lust won over this logic. I sucked her tongue, tasting her sweet saliva. Her hands traveled my back, and mine slowly drifted lower and lower until I found her young butt. I gently squeezed it, and she seemed to moan into my lips. She brought herself fully onto my lap and my fully erect cock beneath my pants. Feeling it, she grinned at me. We fell over onto the floor and made out in passionate bliss. After 10 minutes had gone by, she got up. Worried that she was mad, I did as well. Surprisingly, she took my hand and led me into Tom’s bedroom. My heart was now pounding from fear, anticipation, and lust. She locked the door and we again began to kiss. I felt her hand on my back and mine on her juicy butt. We fell into the bed together. I broke our kiss and laid behind her, fondling her tiny young breasts through her shirt. She moaned approvingly, urging me to continue. I squeezed them lightly and heard her softly gasp. My hand felt the bottom of her T-Shirt and I asked for permission. “Yes, please yes…..” she whispered quietly. I tugged it up and off her head. My hands traveled down her smooth young chest. My hands found those sweet bahis siteleri little breasts, and I was shocked to find that she wore no bra. I carrased her soft skin and squeezed ever so slightly. “Mmmm…yes….oh..” she moaned quietly, her eyes shut tight. My fingers found her tiny nipples, and I played with each one, swirling and poking them. I felt her shaking in my arms and her breathing pick up. I climbed out from behind her and laid her down. She gave me a look of disappointment, replaced by one of pure pleasure as my lips found her breasts. I softly kissed the sweet skin around them, them kissed a path to her tits. I took one into my mouth tentatively and sucked it gently, licking it with my eager tongue while playing with her other nipple. I switched back and forth between the two, then gave her another passionate kiss on the lips. My hands found her pants, and I gave them the slightest of tugs while looking for her permission. Eyes closed, she mumbled a brief “yes……..please……oh yes….” . Pulling her to her feet, I unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off her. I was now face to face with a pair of soft pink panties. I pulled them off as well. Her clothes now formed a neat pile in the corner. I surveyed her entire body for the first time. Her sweet face, those gorgeous breasts, all down to her almost hairless pussy. Her skin was soft and slightly tanned and seemed to glow in sheer beauty. I was in love with her beauty, all resisting parts of my brain were long gone. I now lived my ultimate fantasy. My lips found her virgin pussy. I sucked her outer folds softly, then got hard. My tongue reached out, into the depths of her tight pussy. I drank her taste, a sweet taste that seemed to be the very nectar of life, the greatest thing ever to pass my lips. She was now moaning passionately, her hands on my hair, urging me on. I grew more and more enthusiastic, eventually fucking her small pussy with my tongue. She feel onto the bed and rested her legs on my shoulder, moaning and squirming. Suddenly, I felt her hands seize my head, pushing me away from the object of my greatest dreams, my sweetest desires. She pulled at my shirt, pulling it from my chest. Kissing my chest, her hands found my pants and she removed them. Then, I felt her hands slowly pushing down my boxers. The feel of her hands on my waist made me shiver in disbelief and anticipation. My cock sprung out eagerly, hitting her lightly on the wrist. She gasped, a look of indescribable wonder on her face. “I’ve………..never seen one……….before..” She said quietly. “Can I….touch it.?” I gasped a “yes, please!”. Her small hand found my cock, and I almost lost it right there. The feeling was incredible, indescribable. I felt her pulling it slightly, and looked down to see her move her mouth around it, swirling her tongue around it. I gasped, my eyes rolling into my head. Her hands felt around to my butt and started to move me back and forth.I was in paradise, softly fucking this tiny girls mouth. My balls started to churn with bubbling cum, and I moaned a warning to her. She began to suck me head so hard I gasped. She pulled me faster and faster, harder and harder. I grew more wild the closer my orgasm hit. I felt the cum coming and buried all 6 inches of myself up to the hilt in her mouth. I felt the first gobs of cum shoot from my dick and into her mouth, felt her tongue lapping up every last bit of it. I fucked her mouth until my supply was gone. I collapsed onto the bed, her beside me. “That was….incredible” I whispered. “Hell yeah……. my pussy feels so good now…” she replied. We laid there in each other’s arms for several minutes. My hand found her pussy, and I began to finger her. Her body shook and she moaned louder and louder. The louder she was, the harder I pressed. She came on my fingers in a blast of sweet girl bahis şirketleri cum. I liked one off and offered her the other. She sucked it, tasting herself for the first time. She feel asleep in my arms. I woke her around 10:30 We both wanted so desperately to continue, but we were exhausted and there was simply no time. We put our clothes back on and kissed for the final time that night- a kiss I have no words for. Then, we left the room. I gathered up all the neighbor kids from their various posts- most of whom were making out, none had gone nearly as far a Amanda and I- and took them all home. Amanda’s house was last. Before she left me, she hugged me tightly. “Will we do more one day?” I whispered, praying the answer was yes. “Of course” she said, and with a smile disappeared from my arms and into her home. I watched her as she left, my eyes focused on that sexy butt of hers. I walked back and roused Tom from a state of semi-sleep, reminding him that he needed to wash up. I asked him if he wanter a shower or bath, and to my surprise he vouched for a bath. I turned to leave him to his bath when his voice came from behind me. “Please….can you help me?” Shocked, yet remembering our past experience, I agreed. He stripped naked in front of me. His penis again caught my attention. It was now fully hard at around 3 inches and deep red. I helped him into the warm water and bathed him. I started with his back, chest and legs. My hands brought the washcloth up his legs and towards his crotch, and he shivered involuntarily. I washed his penis carefully massaging his sensitive balls and doing nothing to aid his raging boner. I ran the rag from his base to the very tip of his head, and he gasped. Lust took over for the both of us. I took his penis in my hand and began jerking him off. His moans and gasps propelled me. My hand got faster and faster, until his wild thrashing threw water everywhere. I felt his cock begin to twitch in my hand and new he was about to cum. I lowered my lips to his cock and sucked his sensitive head. This was simply to much for Tom. With a desperate yell of pleasure and last magnificent thrash, cum erupted from his cock into my waiting mouth. I reveled in its sweet taste and sucked every drop of it. Since he was so young there really wasn’t much, but I didn’t tell him that. Taking off my clothes, I joined him in the tub. I stopped to drain some water to keep the thing from overflowing and settled down next to him. His hand found my cock and began jerking my off. His was too sensitive from its wild ride earlier. My hand found the base of his ass below his balls and rubbed it slightly. His wild pumping increased as I slid my finger into his soft young crack. I did not know what I was doing, only that it was great for both of us. My little finger found his tiny asshole and slipped in. He shouted in pleasure and his hand became a blur on my cock. I fingered his asshole until I felt the familiar churning in my balls. I eased my finger out of him. Tom quickly realized what was happening and bent over my hips. My cock almost exploded as the second pair of young lips that night touched it. He sucked me passionately for the next few minutes until I blew my load in his mouth. It wasn’t much, thanks to Amanda, but some leaked out of the side of his mouth anyway. I wiped it off with my finger and let him suck it off. We stayed long enough for me to wash his ass and wearied hole, then dried each other off. I put him to bed with a careful pat on the stomach. I returned to the couch and dozed off, my mind a flurry of thoughts over the two people I had experienced that night. Only one thing was for certain in my mind: I was sure as heck going to babysit more often!

This concludes the “Tom” series, at least for now. My next story will have much to do with this one- thats all I’m saying. As usual, PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS. I always want to do better. I appreciate the time taking to rate my story and leave comments, and I thank every who does in advance.

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