My Brother, My Lover Ch. 09

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The loud ringing of the telephone woke Callie up the next morning. She laid there naked asleep with her brother and reached over him to answer the phone. Nathan moved around stretching his arms over his head.

“Hello?” Callie answered quietly.

“Callie, sweetie, I just wanted to let you know your car is in the shop now. They are still checking it out and seeing what the problem is.” Callie heard her father announce in a loud voice.

“Oh any idea of how much it’s gonna cost yet?”

“No not yet sweetheart. Don’t worry, for now you got Nathan to take you to work right?”

“Yeah. I just would like my car back Dad, I feel so strange without a car.”

Mr. Adams laughed. “Oh honey, you’ll survive. Well I gotta head off to work now. Love you sweetheart. Send my love to your brother as well.”

Callie held the phone until she heard the phone go dead. She hung up and laid back next to her lover. Nathan has his eyes already fixed on his gorgeous sister.

“How do you feel after last night?” He asked stroking her hair.

“Well I haven’t gotten up to walk yet,” She said playfully.

He held her close smelling the sweet scent of her shampoo. Her body was warm against his own naked skin. He didn’t want to leave her side ever. She was a precious gift that he had all along and never realized until the past few weeks. How could he have never seen that? The whole time he was spending looking for the “right” girl, she was in his own house. His own sister. This beauty had stolen his heart. He was hooked on her and now it was too late to turn back.

“I better get up to get ready. Did you want any breakfast?”

Nathan nodded. “No love it’s OK. I’m gonna grab something at work.”

Callie got up fine until she took her first step. The slowed down feeling her ass hurting like hell from last night’s erotic encounter. She squeezed her eyes trying to bypass the pain. Nathan looked at her concerned.

“Callie? Baby are you OK?”

Callie looked at him laughing. “Yeah I’m fine, those few first steps were hard though but I’m fine.”

Nathan watched his sister slowly walk out of the room. Her naked behind had made his cock harden again. He wanted to be inside of her anally again soon.

Callie arrived just on time to work that day. She was rushing upstairs and heard someone calling her name out. She turned to look and saw Rebecca. Rebecca was wearing her usually short skirts and tight tops. Callie sighed hoping she wouldn’t want to hang out again.

“Callie, hey so did you and your brother have a good time last night?” Rebecca asked.

“Yeah we did. Thank you for having had us over.”

Rebecca shot her a huge smile. “No problem! We should do that again soon. Maybe this time I can go out with Nathan alone and you and David can hang out alone?”

Callie felt her heart sink. Never in a million years would she ever let Nathan be alone with this nymph. “I don’t think so Rebecca, besides he’s already got a girlfriend.”

Rebecca frowned. “Yeah I know he told me. Well I still want to try to win him over. He’s so cute!”

Callie just felt like slapping the girl. “Well I gotta get to work. I’ll see you around.”

Callie walked away as fast as she could. Rebecca was in a daze thinking about Nathan. Amber sat in her desk watching the whole scenario. She couldn’t believe Rebecca was acting so stupid. It was obvious that Callie didn’t want Rebecca seeing her brother. Why? It was a strange question.

Amber turned to her computer as it flashed Callie’s information on the screen. Her parents home showed as the address. Amber couldn’t wait to go there and spy on her family hoping to get some kind of dirt on little Ms. Perfect.

“Amber! Hey what you doing?” Rebecca said loudly startling Amber’s concentration.

“Nothing much. So how’s it going with Callie’s brother?”

Rebecca sighed happily. “OH well right now, we are just slowly getting to know one another. Pretty soon I’ll have him in bed like I do to any guy I want.”

Amber rolled her eyes. “Look I suggest you better hurry up. I’m ready to get Callie fired.”

Rebecca stopped and looked at her friend. “Amber don’t you dare try to get Callie fired. She’s my only hope of getting Nathan.”

Amber glared at Rebecca. “You said you were going to help me out on this. I don’t wanna waste any more time Rebecca.”

Rebecca shrugged. “Well too bad. Look if I even hear you tried to do anything here to get Callie fired, I’ll be sure you get fired as well. Which means you won’t work with David anymore.”

Amber’s eyes widened in shock. “You wouldn’t.”

“Oh yes I would. Just leave Callie alone. Besides, David has already made it clear that he doesn’t want to date you. I’m sorry Amber but it’s the truth.”

Amber felt every word that her friend was saying like a slap in the face. Rebecca could be cruel, but she’d never been this cruel to her. Amber wasn’t going to let her friend have her way like she usually did. She was still going to pursued her research on this bitch and destroy beşiktaş türbanlı escort her any which way she could.

“So my cousin really digs your brother,” David suddenly said as he and Callie sat in her office going over the new programs that needed to be added.

“Y-yeah I suppose so but he’s got a girlfriend David.”

David sneered. “Well you don’t know my little cousin too well. She doesn’t stop until she gets what she wants.”

Callie scowled thinking she’d never met anyone as persistent as Rebecca and David. She wished she could just come out and tell them both that her and Nathan are together. This was just getting too complicated, and for now she had to continue keeping it a secret.

The day was almost coming to an end and David and Rebecca had gone home early that day. Amber and a few others including Callie were left. Callie knew Nathan would be picking her up soon. She tried to hurry and finish the rest of her work.

Nathan had gotten out of work early that day and wanted to visit with Callie at her work for a while. He’d never gotten to see her office that she kept talking about. He rushed out of work and headed over to the college. His heart still raced knowing in a few minutes he’d be able to hold Callie in his arms.

Amber rested in David’s office. She had an extra key that he didn’t know about and she usually went in there to look at the pictures he had on his desk and just to be in the atmosphere that he was in earlier that day. She felt her eyes tear up as she thought about never having him again. Why did he have so much damn control over her? She’d let herself fall in love with him and now she was paying for it. She went over to turn off the lights and sat on his large leather chair. She closed her eyes remembering the last time she and David had sex. God he had been incredible giving her more orgasms than any other guy she’d been with. He was good with his hands and his mouth that was for sure! Amber was lost in her recollection of love memories when she heard some voices. She peeped through the blinds in David’s office. It was just Nathan, Callie’s brother coming to pick her up. Amber stared for while. She knew it was nothing interesting to look at but or at least that is what she thought.

She had to admit herself, that Nathan was quite a good-looking young man. She didn’t blame Rebecca for crushing on him, but still he was the brother of her enemy. The siblings seemed like they were very close. Nathan put his arms around his sister as if he hadn’t seen her in a while. Amber found that strange but figured that’s just the way they were. Amber was about to go back to her reminiscing, when her jaw almost dropped to the ground as she saw Nathan and Callie engaged in a kiss. Not just any kiss, a hot deep kiss!

“What the fuck?” Amber said to herself. She blinked her eyes still in disbelief. No it couldn’t be could it? Was little Ms. Perfect involved in incest? This was just too unbelievable like something you read off the tabloids. Amber watched the siblings continue their kiss. Nathan ran his hands up and down Callie’s body and she had her arms wrapped tightly around him.

“Mmmm nice kiss,” Callie said to her brother.

“I’ve been wanting to kiss you all day. I couldn’t wait any longer.”

“No problem. No one is here anyway. Just don’t do it to often,” She said teasing.

“Are you ready to get out of here?”

Callie nodded and getting her things and soon they both left. Amber still in shock sat back almost numb. She still couldn’t believe what she had witnessed. She knew that would definitely destroy Callie’s perfect reputation with David and everyone else. She smiled wickedly knowing what she had to do next. She felt like laughing knowing Rebecca was going to look like a dumb ass for having fell head over heels for a guy who liked his own sister.

Amber ran out the building hoping to catch up with the siblings. She was going to follow them, and find out more information. As much as she could. She watched Callie and Nathan get into Nathan’s sports car and they took off fast.

“Huh! They’re probably in a hurry to fuck those incestuous sickos.” Amber said as she geared her car to drive.

She was riding smoothly following them. Suddenly she remembered that Callie lived in the suburbs, or at least that’s what she put in her application information. Amber moaned knowing it was going to be a long drive. She followed them closely but was surprised when they got off on the next exit. She was unsure where they were going but she kept following them.

They finally turned into an apartment complex which Amber was familiar with. She used to live there herself a few years ago. She parked her car still being able to see the siblings. They walked into an apartment together and closed the door behind them. Amber was still puzzled not knowing exactly what was going on. She was going to go ahead and drive off but then she got an idea. She went to visit one of her old neighbors named Gabriel. He used to beşiktaş ucuz escort sell her drugs a while back and they had messed around as well. She knew he still lived there since she’d gotten some cocaine from him a month ago.

It was dark outside by now and Amber nervously knocked on Gabriel’s door. The young twenty-something male opened the door smiling devilishly. Amber knew she’d have to get right to business.

“Well, well, well. Amber What brings you here?” Gabriel asked with his green eyes looking drowsy.

“Listen Gabe, I just got a question to ask.”

“A question? Are you sure that’s all you came here for? Or did you maybe wanna buy some candy?”

Amber nodded desperately. “No, no, no. I need to get some information about some people that live right over there.” She pointed to the apartment where Callie and Nathan went in.

Gabriel poked his head outside. “Oh yeah. I know the guy who lives there. Well I don?t really know him but I’ve seen him around.”

Amber raised her eyebrows.” Really? Does he live alone?”

Gabriel shrugged. “Uh yeah I think he did but lately I’ve seen a pretty brown haired girl going in there. They look almost like brother and sister,”

Amber was now discovering more information. This was great! Her plan was gonna go so well and she didn’t care anymore if she got fired or not. She was getting sweet revenge on Callie Adams.

“Thank you so much Gabe. Oh and by the way I would like to buy some candy,” She winked and entered the young mans apartment.

“God I love you. I feel like I’m dying when you’re not here with me Callie.” Nathan laid next to his sister after having made sweet love to her.

Callie moaned cuddling close to him. She loved the warmth of his strong body and how it made her feel so good. “Nathan, how long do you think we can keep this up? I mean Mom and Dad know that I have to move out of here in a few weeks.”

Nathan kissed her forehead softly. “No you don’t have a car remember? Now you really need my help.”

She giggled. “Oohh you’re so good. I love you so much. Not just as a brother, but as my lover.”

Nathan looked down deep into Callie’s eyes. “Callie I want to spend my whole life with you. I know it sounds crazy or bizarre but I do.”

Callie raised herself kissing her brother hard. “I want that too Nathan. I mean I’ve never felt so much love for anyone before. I love you and I never want to give you up.”

“How would we ever tell Mom and Dad?” Nathan asked in a serious tone.

Callie wasn’t sure how to answer that. Their parents had brought them both up very well and Callie wasn’t sure how they’d take something like this. They’d probably not take the news well just like any normal parent would.

Amber made sure to get to work early the next day. She smiled for the first time in a long time. David would be back with her as soon as he finds out that Callie is an incestuous slut. She wouldn’t tell Callie to her face. She had to find the ultimate way to embarrass Callie.

Callie arrived a few minutes late to work since traffic had been extremely heavy that morning. She hurried to her office almost running into the students in the library. When she arrived she saw Amber at the front desk like always. Only this time she seemed different. She looked more alive and actually happy. Callie didn’t care; she just wanted to stay away from the girl as much as possible.

“Good morning Callie,” Amber said as Callie was passing by.

Callie stopped in her track shocked that the girl was actually talking to her. “Morning Amber,” Callie replied politely.

Amber scoffed.Oh what a fuckin’ idiot. She thinks I’m actually being nice!

Amber continued to smile deviously. “So Callie, are you dating David now?”

Callie looked surprised. “No. Who said I was?”

Amber shrugged. “No one. I was just wondering since you two are always together. You both make a nice couple actually. I know I gave you a hard time at first, but you know I have to get over David. He obviously likes you so I just wanted to let you know that I’m ready to be friends with you if that’s OK?”

Callie couldn’t have been more shocked. Still something deep inside told her not to trust this girl. “Well that’s fine Amber. I appreciate you coming out and telling me this.”

Amber sighed. “Oh well I’m seeing another guy now so it’s OK. Pretty soon you’ll be dating David and he’ll finally be able to be with the girl that he really likes.”

Callie laughed. “No he knows I’m already seeing someone.”

Amber narrowed her eyes. “Oh really? Well then you should probably let him see you with your boyfriend, otherwise he’ll just assume you’re making it all up. I know David.”

Callie hesitated to answer. “Yeah I may just do that. Well I gotta get to work. See you around.”

Amber watched Callie walk away feeling she wanted to burst out and laugh hysterically. Callie was definitely involved with her brother. Now Amber had to just play a few mind games with Rebecca beşiktaş üniversiteli escort and David to get her revenge on the people that have hurt her the most.

In the morning the phones were constantly ringing and Amber was getting tried desperately wanting a break. She knew David was in his office and couldn’t wait to get up there and play games with him. The last call she got was actually not an information call from a student or staff member but from a woman who claimed to say her name was Gloria Adams. It was Callie’s mother!

“Yes hi Mrs. Adams. My name is Amber. Amber Wilkinson and I work here with your daughter Callie. I believe she’s busy at the moment. Did you need for me to leave her a message?”

The woman’s voice sounded pleasant. “Yes could you please let my daughter know that her car is actually already fixed. Her father is going to park by the library rear exit today after lunch.”

Amber rolled her eyes. “Yes sure Mrs. Adams. I’ll give her the message.”

She hung up the phone and went upstairs to give Callie the message. Callie was reading her e-mails when Amber knocked on her door. She relayed the message and took off to torture David. David was busy printing out the e-mails of staff members that need programs added to their computers.

“Hey David!” Amber squealed.

David sighed. “What is it now Amber?”

She hummed suspiciously. “Oh nothing just came by to say good morning. You know I know I’ve been a real bitch to you and I’m sorry.”

David raised his eyebrows in disbelief. “You’re sorry? Yeah right. Amber you’re more devious than the devil himself.”

Amber’s smile faded. “I’m being serious. I mean I still love you and I don?t think I’ll ever stop loving you, but I have to get over you.”

David nodded. “What kind of game do you think you’re playing with me Amber? I already know you by now. You’re cruel and mean.”

“Oh and you and your precious cousin aren’t?” Amber yelled back.

“Look just stay away from me Amber. I don’t even want to be friends. We are co-workers and nothing else.”

Amber knew she wasn’t getting away with anything. She would just have to come right out and tell David about what she saw between Callie and Nathan. She was losing him everyday and she knew it was because of Callie.

“David I have to tell you something.” She said quietly.

David looked up from his stacks of papers. “What now?”

“I know who Callie’s boyfriend is.”

David’s eyes widened. “You do? Who?”

Amber paused for a moment taking a deep breath. “It’s Nathan. Her own brother.”

David’s jaw dropped open. “Oh my God. I can’t believe you’d stoop so low Amber.”

Amber tried to protest but David cut her off. “Do you hate Callie that bad? Amber I think its time you leave this job.”

Amber was speechless. Why didn’t he believe her? How could anyone make something like that up?

“David, I’m telling you the truth! Please believe me!” Amber begged.

David nodded. “No way. Your psychotic and you need help Amber. I’m gonna make sure to tell my uncle about you.”

Amber felt angry tears rise. “Fuck you. You don?t have to tell your uncle to fire me, I’m quitting!”

She ran out David’s office in tears. She should have known better than to come out and say it. She should have let him catch that bitch with her brother. It was too late now. She was leaving and she knew what she had to do. Callie Adams had destroyed her life now she was ready to destroy hers.

“Sweetie I’m not gonna need for you to pick me up. Dad’s gonna drop off my car after lunch.” Callie was talking to Nathan over the phone.

“Oh Ok. Will I just see you at home then?”

“No I was gonna go to Mom and Dad’s after work to drop off some money for having my car fixed. I got paid today you know.” Callie said proudly.

“Hey well congrats babe. I’ll see you at home then. I love you Callie.”

“I love you Nathan. Bye Babe.”

She hung up the phone sighing. Just knowing her brother would be waiting for her when she got home made her feel so good. Callie went back to her paperwork not knowing what was next to come.

Amber stomped out of the building angry and hurt. She noticed everyone staring at her as she walked past the students that stood outside. She was trying to hurry and get in her car, when she bumped into Rebecca.

“Whoa! Slow down Amber!” She shouted at her.

“Get out of my way Rebecca. I’m leaving this fuckin’ job and all the fucked up people that work here!”

Rebecca stopped her. “Wait a minute! You’re quitting? What about David? You gave up so easily? I told you to give me some time to get to Nathan first.”

Rebecca scoffed. “Ha! Good luck on that one Rebecca.”

Rebecca looked confused. “What do you mean good luck? Amber what do you know that I don’t?”

Amber didn’t answer. Just glared into her ex friends eyes and walked away. She turned back and screamed out, “Just ask you cousin.”

Rebecca was still baffled. She needed to find out what happened.

“Hey Callie?” David asked poking his head in Callie’s office.

Callie looked up. “Yeah?”

“Look I just want you to be the first to know that Amber quit today.”

Callie looked shocked. “What? Why? She was being so nice to me this morning.”

David shrugged. “I don’t know. She’s been saying some nasty things about certain people.”

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