My BFF, Her Dad and Her Mom

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Mom was on a weekend getaway with a few of her friends and Dad was doing his every Saturday evening bowling thing. My best friend, Peggy, and I had talked about going to the local watering hole in hopes of getting picked up and maybe laid, but the truth was there aren’t too many guys that usually frequent the place that either one of us would really want to fuck. And, from past experience, most of the local guys are so cheap they wait until almost closing time, buy you one draft beer, and think that ought to get them at the very least a blow job, if not a good fuck!

Neither one of us was exactly rolling in cash, so a night of buying our own drinks in hopes of getting laid by a half drunk cheapskate just didn’t measure up! We opted instead for an evening watching on-line porn videos in my room. It’s a sad commentary on the guys in our town!

We scanned the categories on my favorite site and started out watching teen lesbian videos. A few of those were actually just one teen and a mature woman, as close to a mother daughter as you could get. From there we went to casting videos. We watched girls who thought they were doing porn screen tests get fucked by fake agents. Then we went to videos of babysitters sucking and fucking the fathers of the kids they were hired to watch.

At some point our panties came off, our skirts were pushed up and the vibrators were turned on. We both came watching a good looking red head get fucked by the dad while she ate his wife’s pussy! We sat there catching our breath, skirts around our waists, vibrators off but still in our pussies, for the last five minutes of the video.

“Oh my god, Cher! That was intense! We need to do this more often! Next time we need to do some three-some videos or maybe some girls getting double penetrated or doing anal!”

“That does sound good, Peg, but now we should get cleaned up. Dad will probably be home soon. We wouldn’t want him to find us like this!”

“I don’t know. That might be fun!”

“What! You might think so, but I don’t want my dad to walk in on me with a vibrator sticking out of my pussy! You wouldn’t want that, would you?”

“I don’t know, Cher. I mean your dad is hot!”


“But I guess I’d really rather have his cock in me than this vibrator!”

“Enough, Peg! We need to clean up.”

We walked into the living room ten minutes later just as Dad came through the front door.

“Hellooo, Mister Gee!” She shasayed past him and flipped her skirt high enough that, if he’d been looking down, he would have seen that she wasn’t wearing panties. She blew him a kiss and slipped out the front door.

“What was that?”

“She thinks you’re hot, Dad!”

“She what?”

“She wants to fuck you, Dad!”

“No shit. Really? Are you serious?”

I looked at him. He had a look that said …

“Oh shit, Dad! You would, wouldn’t you! You’d fuck her, wouldn’t you?”

“Come on, Cherrie! What 46 year old guy wouldn’t take a good looking 19 year old girl up on an offer like that!”

“Oh, wow! Maybe we should set you up for next weekend! I’ll bet Peggy would be happy to come over and ride you for a while!”

He laughed! “Thanks, Baby, but I think your mom might not be too happy about that!”

I thought about that for a minute or two. “I’m not so sure, Dad. I think maybe if we invite Peg and her parents over for dinner or drinks, Mom might not even notice that you and Peg were missing from the room!”


“I think Mom might take Peg’s mom to “see her sewing room” and leave the rest of us to do whatever we want!”

“You think your mom and Peg’s mom — noo, I can tell you for a fact your mom is NOT a lesbian!”

“No, not a lesbian, Dad. But she might jump at the chance to try a little girl – girl with the right woman. And I’ve seen her look at Peg’s mom! I’ll bet we can set this up!”

“Okay, but what about you — wait, you little slut! You want to fuck Peggy’s dad!”

“Damn right I do! He is hot!”

Dad laughed. “So you think Peggy’s dad is hot, she thinks your dad is hot and you think your mom and her mom would like to hook up. You have it all worked out, don’t you. Keep it all in the family!”

“Yeah, I think that might work. An entire evening of family fucking family! It really sounds hot, doesn’t it!”

Monday morning after Dad left for work I started executing the plan. When Mom came down I asked about her weekend with the girls. “Did you have a good time, Mom?”

“Oh, yes! We always have a good time when we get together!”

“So, did you and Peggy’s mom share a room?”

“Yes, Karen and I had one room and Carrie and Sue had the adjacent.”

“I guess you and Karen are getting pretty close after sharing rooms like that for the last five or six years.”

“Well, yes, we’re good friends. Why?”

“Well, I just wondered if maybe you two were sometimes a little more than ‘good friends’.”

“Wait, are you asking if we have sex? No! Heavens no! Why would you ask that?”

“Well, Mom, I’ve seen you look at her and I’ve seen her look at you! And she is good looking. And so are you.”

“Yes, beşiktaş masöz escort she is good looking, but we’re not lesbians! You should know that!”

It was my turn to laugh. “I know Mom! I’m not a lesbian either, but there are times when Peggy and I are together, watching porn and masturbating, that I think it might be nice to, well, help each other. I mean we aren’t lesbians, but sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have her make me come.”

“I never thought about that, Cherrie, but you’re right, Karen is very attractive. But sex? And what makes you think she would want to have sex with me?”

“Really, Mom? You need to ask that? Do you not realize how good looking you are? You have a great body, Mom! And I’ve seen Karen look at you! I bet if you made anything like a pass at her she’d have her face between your legs before you could get your panties down!”


“Ok, so the question, Mom, is if you had a chance to hook up with Karen, would you?”

“Well, I guess, I don’t — I guess I might. I mean why would you ask? Do you have something in mind?”

“Yeah, I was thinking about asking Peggy and her parents over for drinks next Saturday evening. After we have a couple of drinks, you could offer to show her your sewing room. If you wound up in your bedroom instead, no one would know. You could spend a couple of hours kind’a exploring.”

“Yes, but what if Karen doesn’t want that?”

“Let me talk to Peggy. I think this might be a great thing for both of you.”

When I called Peg later that morning, I found that she had had a similar conversation with her mom at about the same time. And the result was the same! Karen would be willing to see what sex with my mom would be like if we got together Saturday. The only unanswered question was if her dad would want to fuck me.

“Are you kidding, Cher? You never noticed the tent in Dad’s bathing suit when you walk past in the white bikini? Or the lust written all over his face when you wear one of those tight tank tops with no bra? The only surprise is that he’s kept his cock in his pants this long!”

“Oh, shit, Peg! Let’s do this! I’ll tell Mom you’re coming over Saturday at 7! What about tonight? Can you come over? I am so fucking horny! I want to turn on the porn and watch you work that vibrator! I might even want to help you tonight! Can you come over?”

“Oh shit, that sounds hot! I have to work from 2 to 10. I’ll be there by 10:20! If you help me I’ll help you! I think I’m just as horny as you are! I think by the time I’d convinced Mom that she would enjoy making out with your mom, I was just about ready to come over and shove my tongue into your cunt! Does that weird you out? I mean we’ve never touched each other! But right now, if I didn’t have to go to work –“

“I know! I have to work, too. But I’ll see you after work. Mom and Dad will be asleep by then. I can’t wait! I think I want to eat you out, too!”

Work was soo slooow! It was all I could do to keep my hands out of my panties! I kept thinking about touching Peggy’s tits. And sucking on her nipples. Peg has got the most incredible tits! I haven’t really spent a lot of time studying them, but we’ve changed clothes in the same room often enough. Usually when we’ve done the porn we just pull skirts up and panties down. Tonight I’d actually get to touch those tits and suck on those nipples! And then I’d eat her pussy! I’d never done that before, but I knew what mine tasted like from licking my fingers when I masturbated and I couldn’t wait to taste Peg! I couldn’t wait to make her come! I couldn’t wait for her to make me come! God, I was so horny!

I got home at 9:30 and had a hard time acting normal until Mom and Dad turned in at 10. I was afraid to mention that Peg was coming over. It wasn’t unusual, but I knew if I said anything at all, my mom would pick up on my excitement and know that tonight was NOT usual!

Somehow I managed to stay sane until Peggy showed up half an hour later. I had changed into a pale green, nearly see through, baby doll. Peg let herself in and came quietly to my room. I had the computer on and the porn site ready.

“Oh, shit, Cher! You look hot! Let me borrow something like that!”

“Why? So I can take it back off?” I laughed and pulled a blue see through from my dresser. I really didn’t want her to put it on! I watched as she stripped and pulled the nightie over her head. “Damn, Peg you are so — Damn, I want you! Wait, the porn — What do you want, DP, anal, or –“

“No! Just shut that thing off! I don’t want any distractions! Tonight I just want you! Damn, girl, I am so horny! Come here and let me take that night gown off!”

“Hmm. That sounds nice! I don’t know why you insisted on putting that gown on! It’s coming back off, like right now!”

We spent the next hour and a half sucking each other’s nipples and eating each other’s pussies and coming, over and over and over! I honestly lost track of how many orgasms I had and Peg had just as many as I did. We finally collapsed side by side, naked, on the bed, around midnight.

“Cher, beşiktaş otele gelen escort I have to work tomorrow or I’d spend the night sitting on your face! That was the most incredible sex I ever had! The only way I know for sure I’m not les is that I still want your dad to fuck my brains out Saturday!”

“I know, Peg! I don’t think I ever had that many orgasms in a week, before! You have a really talented tongue. But I’m still looking forward to spending an evening with your dad’s cock in my mouth and my pussy! So I’m not les either! But, damn, you are an incredible lover! You can sit on my face anytime you want!”

I laid in bed and watched as Peg pulled her clothes back on.

“Peg, I think I’m going to tell Mom about our time here in the morning.”

“Really. Are you sure you want her to know we did this?”

“Yeah, I think I do. I mean, not that I think she needs to know all of the details of my sex life, but she was just a little hesitant about Saturday. It would not be good for our moms to decide at the last minute that they weren’t going to do anything and walk in on us with their husband’s cocks in our pussies. I want to be sure Mom doesn’t back out, and I can now convince her that a couple of hours with your mom will be earth moving!”

“I see your point. I’ll talk to my mom, too. By Saturday evening, they’ll be almost as horny as we were a few hours ago!”

It was a really long week. My schedule and Peg’s didn’t mesh again until Saturday evening, so I got to be very friendly with my computer, my fingers and my vibrator! I’ve named it Fred. And thought about how badly Fred needs a sister! Several hours searching sex toy websites convinced me that I just couldn’t buy a replacement for Peggy’s tongue.

Saturday evening finally came. I showered early to be sure I had time to shave. Every girl is probably accustomed to shaving their arm pits and their legs in the shower, but it takes a lot of extra care to shave your pussy! I’m very thankful for the bench built in to the end of our shower! I started shaving my pussy three or four years ago and now have a very neatly trimmed landing strip that looks like an arrow head pointing down to my clit.

Next, I needed to decide what to wear. I picked out a short, pale tan, wrap around skirt. It was about a one and a half wrap of very soft cotton that fastened with two very small velcro dots on the waist. It was just barely long enough to hide my crotch. Next a blouse. I picked a sleeveless cream colored one that was also a wrap. It had a pair if tie strings that make it fast and easy to take off and the material was almost as see through as plastic wrap! That made it easy to decide that all of my bras would stay in my dresser drawer! My nipples would be on clear display! Then I had to choose panties. I thought about basic white cotton that might look innocent. But with the see through blouse proudly showing my tits, innocent seemed like a hard sell. So I started pulling out thongs, different colors, different materials, smaller and smaller yet! I finally went with panties to match my bra, that is, none!

When Mom came down I realized she had been just as thoughtful about what she wore. She looked absolutely stunning! We got out wine glasses for the women and Manhattan glasses for Dad and Peg’s dad, Brad. We had the wine chilled and moved it to an ice bucket just as Dad came down. He looked really nice, too.

Peggy, Karen and Brad arrived just a couple of minutes before seven, and it was obvious before the first glass of wine was finished that Mom and Karen were hot for each other. I had sat on a couch beside Brad, and Peggy sat with Dad on a love seat. Mom set her empty glass down, said something quietly to Karen and, without a word, they left for the upstairs. I don’t think they even made a pretense of going to the sewing room, but headed straight for Mom’s room. It was time to get the party rolling!

“You know, Dad, with as many times as Peg has come over to see me, I don’t think I ever showed her our guest room!”

“Really? Would you like to see it, now, Peggy?”

“Yes, Ted, I think I would!”

As they left for the guest room, I kissed Brad gently on the lips and, at the same time, pulled his hand up the inside of my thigh until his finger tips touched my bare pussy. “Would you like to see my room, Brad?”

“Yes, hell yes!”

We quickly joined the others upstairs and shut the door to my room behind us. Brad pulled me to him, crushing my tits against his chest and kissed me the way every girl wants to be kissed, slowly and very deeply, his tongue moving gently between my lips until it began a full scale assault on mine. I started to tug on his belt buckle and a few moments later had his slacks unzipped and realized that I wasn’t the only one to decide on the no underwear option!

Brad’s cock was big and was very quickly getting stiffer as I moved my hand slowly up and down it. As his slacks dropped to the floor, I felt him tugging on the tie strings of my blouse. I enjoyed the feel of his fingertip making soft circles around beşiktaş rus escort my nipple for several minutes before I dropped to my knees and took that awesome cock into my mouth. Brad’s cock was not the first one I’d had in my mouth, but I don’t remember ever enjoying one that much! I moved slowly up and down his pole, sucking it as deep into my throat as I could. I wanted this to last as long as possible, so I was careful not to make Brad come. He finally pushed me gently off of his hard on and guided me to my bed. He tugged on the waist of my skirt and tossed it to the side as he pushed me back onto the bed. Moments later he was on his knees, and I felt his tongue brushing my freshly shaved pussy.

He teased, running his tongue up and down my cunt so softly I almost couldn’t feel it and then slowly pushing it into me so hard it almost felt like a cock! And then he teased my clit, driving me crazy! I wanted to come, but I wanted him to never stop! And then he did. He raised up and showed me that big hard cock.

“Do you want this, Cher?”

“Yes! Oh god, yes! Fuck me, Brad! Please, fuck me!”

He eased the tip of his hard on between my lips and stopped, holding himself above me with just an inch of his cock in me.

“Are you sure?” he teased me.

“Oh my god yes! Please, Brad! I need that cock in me now! Please!”

He laughed and pushed it slowly all the way in, his balls against me and stopped again.

“Is that what you want, Cher? It’s in you now”

“Damn it, Brad! Don’t stop! Please fuck me! Please!”

He finally relented and began a smooth, slow rhythm, pushing all the way into me and pulling out until only the tip remained between my lips. Over and over, in and out, over and over until I finally came! I locked my legs behind his back to pull him as deep into me as possible. And I came, again and again!

“Cher, I need to come!”

“Yes, Brad, yes! Come in me! Come in me!”

He did! And it felt so good! At the time nothing was registering except how damn good it felt! But as we laid beside each other on the bed I realized it was the best sex I’d ever had! Even my evening with Peggy couldn’t compare.

We caught our breath and then I crawled around and, lifting my leg over his face, I offered him my pussy, still full of his cum. He pushed his tongue into me again as I pulled his cock back into my mouth. I could taste my pussy on his pole and seconds later he started spurting into my mouth. He sucked my clit into his mouth and I came again, one incredible orgasm after another! We finally collapsed, totally spent.

“That was awesome, Brad!”

“I have to agree, Cher. But I think right now I need to rest a while.”

“Me too. Wait here. I’m going to see how the others are doing.”

“Shit! I totally forgot about them!”

I laughed and headed out the door, still naked. There was silence from the guest room, so I tapped gently on the door. After a moment Peggy answered.

“How you doing in there, Peg?”

“Awesome! Absolutely fucking awesome!”

I opened the door and stepped into the guest room. Peg and Dad were lying naked on the bed. Peg had the biggest smile I’d ever seen.

“Your dad definitely knows how to treat a girl’s pussy!”

“I hope he’s as good as your dad! I’m gonna check on the moms. You two wanna join us in the family room for another glass of wine?”

“Yeah,” said Dad as he sat up, “let me get some pants on.”

“Why?” I laughed, “No one else will be wearing any!”


I walked to the end of the hall and listened at the door for a moment. I could hear a faint murmur through the door.


There was a brief hesitation before she answered. “Yes, baby.”

I opened the door. Mom and Karen were sitting on the side of the bed holding hands like teenagers on a first date, except they were stark naked.

“I don’t have to ask if you had a good time, do I?”

They both laughed.

“We’re all going to the family room for another glass of wine.”

“Let us pull on some clothes.”

“That’s what Dad said, too! I told him no one else is putting on clothes, we’re just going natural for the rest of the evening. It’s come as you are!”

As we headed for the hall I couldn’t help but notice that both Mom and Karen had full bushes. “Can I make a suggestion? I think you both would enjoy the oral a lot more if you shaved your pussies.”


“I’m just saying, Mom! Peggy and I told you about our night earlier this week. So you know I’m speaking from experience, both as the lickee and the licker, a shaved pussy is best!”

Peg, Dad and Ted had just joined us in the hall. They all three agreed, smooth is best! As we started down the stairs, Mom quietly confided that she would be afraid of cutting herself with the razor, so I promised to help her Monday morning.

Five minutes later we were all sitting naked in the family room with our second glass of wine. For the first time I was able to look closely at Karen. I’d known she was attractive, but seeing her naked I realized that her tits were very firm and just slightly larger than her daughter’s, her stomach was flat, her waist small and her legs very, very nice. I suddenly knew I wanted her, full bush and all! I wanted to suck on her nipples, and I wanted to shove my tongue through that jungle into her cunt. And I want her to do the same thing to me! I looked at Peggy and was startled to see her staring at Mom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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