My Bestfriend Ch. 03

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Author’s note

Hey everyone! I continued to write the third chapter of this story a while back and over time got caught up with other things. I saw it recently sitting in my notes, so I continued. There’s not much sex, and this chapter is pretty short, but very important! (Please read previous chapters first) I will continue their story soon.


“An intense feeling of deep affection” is one of many ways to define the word love. Love is a very special word because you can use it when describing how much you enjoy a dessert, or something as different as the way you feel about your mom. My personal favorite form of love is being in love. Its such a magical thing that luckily isn’t only in fairytales.

“It’s 2015, and I, Mary Jensen stand here at the age of 29 able to coach, counsel, and mentor all of you young ladies on dealing with relationships, finding yourselves, and any other situations you may have to deal with. Don’t look at me as some lady thats getting old and doesn’t know what you’re dealing with cause I mean c’mon, thats bullshit! (I laughed) I’m still young, some of you are around my age, so just come to me with whatever you feel you want to talk about. This group isn’t just about talking about your gender or sexual orientation, but about being with people who are in now or have been in the position in life you’re in. I chose to take leadership in this particular group of the LGBT groups because I’m a lesbian as well as all of you, and as well as my beautiful fiancée Angela (points to Angie sitting across the room).”

The look on Angies face at this moment was priceless. She was sitting there in her tight blue jeans and floral print shirt, long brown hair waved down her back, legs crossed in her chair, and a smile on her face that remained but became a bit of a confused look. My class became silent and all turned to Angie with sincere grins on their faces.

“What do you mean ‘fiancée’?” Angie asked with a bit of a giggle.

“Angie you are my everything. Ever since that night that you took me in 3 and 1/2 years ago I knew you would forever mean the world to me. We’ve had our ups and Lord knows we’ve had our downs, but those have only made us stronger. I love you so much, you’re my real life superhero. So, Angela Nicole Michaels, will you do me the biggest favor in the world and marry me?”

I heard a few gasps in the crowd, but it was mostly silent. Angies face was red hot as she stared at me then around the room with tears in her eyes and a smile on her face. Standing up and approaching me she says,

“It would be the biggest honor in the world to be your bride Mare. Of course I’ll marry you baby.”

My class all started clapping and cheering for us as I hopped into Angela’s arms with joy. We hugged and shared so many kisses in that moment, and as our tears subsided I presented my fiancée with an engagement ring that she’s deserved for years.


Here we are again, another gorgeous autumn season. I don’t know if its just in my life, but it seems as if a new year begins in the fall (September) and New Years eve/day are just another random 2 days off. But anyhow, my life has been pretty amazing, I have no complaints. Angie and I have been engaged for a month now and we plan on marrying on Valentines Day next year. That leaves us with 5 months to not only plan our wedding, but really see how compatible we honestly are. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that I’m in complete and total love with her and without a doubt she’s the one for me, but with any couple about to marry, this is the testing period. You get to find out how well you work together under pressure, bring eachothers stress levels down, and even start living together if you don’t already. The last you’ve heard I was moving back into Angela’s house, but long story short, we needed our space so that we could fix our problems and move forward easier. Obviously we remained a couple, but we just weren’t roommates and haven’t been since.

Now its September 14th and we’re in the process of moving me out of my apartment and in with Angie.

“Babe do you need these things that are in this black tote?”

“Ummm not sure” I called from the other room “just go through it and you decide”.

About 10 minutes passed and Angie was silent the whole time which came as a shock to me so I went to check on her.

“Hey was that tote junk?” I asked,

Ang was sitting down looking at some papers with a faint grin on her face and then looked at me,

“You know what this is?”

I just shrugged.

“Its the emails to David from three years ago” she continued,

I walked over to her, sat down, and sighed heavily,

“Shit” I said.

“We sure have come a long way” she said, I agreed “but why’d you keep these?”

“Well at first I wanted to hold on to them to remind me of how stupid I was and how I almost lost you for good. That was my reason for about a year, but honestly over time I forgot I had ’em” I told her.

She stared at me unknowingly for canlı bahis a moment then states “So lets trash them!”

I wasn’t sure if thats what I wanted, but I feel like that was the best thing to do. We know what happened and we know how we got past it, so why rehash the painful past?

We decided to have a house warming party at the end of the week because I should be all moved in by then. Angie and I kept the email papers along with other papers, cards and pictures that were no longer needed in our lives to burn on a bonfire during our get together on saturday. We invited a few of our close friends, my cousin David, and Angie’s step sister Amanda. I was really looking forward to a great night!


I’m extremely happy because Ang and I are officially moved in together for good and nothing could ruin my mood! Days are still somewhat warm, but the nights are getting chilly, so we set up the back yard accordingly. We hung lantern lights throughout the yard, and since the fire pit was a heat source on its own, we figured we could just set a sort of tent thing up around the deck. Beers were in the coolers all over, and music started through the speakers as our guests arrived.

The doorbell rang and the first to arrive was Amanda. Angie was still out back making sure everything lived up to her standards while I answered the door and invited her sister in.

“Amanda, hey how are you?”

She barged past me, hands me a bottle of champagne while dancing to the music playing and states,

“Oh my God this house is so beautiful!” then turns to look at me “but I’m fantastic how are you?”

I was a little set off by how rude she was being but overlooked it.

“I’m happy” I smiled and then there was an awkward silence “but umm you can follow me, Angies out back.”

We walked through the kitchen and as soon as I opened the screen door to the deck, Amanda shoved past me and damn near jumped on Angie in excitement.

“Sister!” kisses her on the cheek “I’ve missed you so much Angela!”

Angie didn’t look equally as excited, but smiled anyhow, hugged her, and told her “Likewise”. Amanda said a few more things and then took a beer as she went down by the fire pit to answer an incoming call on her cell, so we took that chance to talk before the rest of our guests arrived.

“What the fuck, is she drunk already?” Angie asked me.

“I have no idea shes your sister…”

“Watch it” Angie cut me off,

“…step sister.”

“Oh stop! Anyway, I don’t wanna deal with her tonight, I can tell she still doesn’t like me.”

Angie tried so hard to reassure me that Amanda was over me “stealing her sister” from her 3 years ago and breaking her heart, but I didn’t believe it.

“K whatever” I said and went back inside.

“Fine” Ang responded.

10pm rolled around and everyone we expected to show was here, and the night was going great even though I wasn’t sure if Ang and I were mad at eachother or not. As we all sat around the fire laughing, talking in little pairs and so on, I could feel Amanda’s eyes burning a hole in the side of my face as I was talking to David. I tried not to pay her any mind until I saw her stand up with a beer in hand and tap the side of it as people do when they’re about to toast.

“Hey everybody” her words slurred “I just wanna let you all know that I’m Amanda and Angela is my sister. Ok my favorite sister.”

Someone yelled “we know that Manda, you’re drunk!” and laughed.

“Hey fuck you” Amanda responded “if I was drunk I would tell you all the truth” it started getting awkward “the truth is Angelas always hated me, ever since our parents got together when we were 12.”

Angie stepped in,

“Manda come on, just sit back down and we’ll talk later” she said as she tried to take her beer away and sit her down.

Amanda pushed away from Angie,

“No! Everybody, shes hated me cause I would always fuck her boyfriends then tell them that she was a lesbian” everybody was silent “Yep thats right, BOYfriends, before she came outta the lesbian closet” she laughed and swigged more beer “then when she turned 18 she cut me out of her life and moved and didn’t talk to me for 6 whole years.”

“Amanda please stop! This isn’t the time…” Angie tried to cut in again but Amanda just continued,

“And after those 6 years she tells me about her whore girlfriend Mary” she snarled at me “and how much she broke her heart then fucked the whole country…”

“AMANDA! Thats enough!” Angie screamed “I’m not gonna kick you out right now cause obviously you’re too fucking drunk to drive home, but this party is over for you! Go upstairs to the guest room and you can sleep there, we’ll talk in the morning.”

“But Angela…” Amanda said.

“Thats it Amanda! Go upstairs now!”

Amanda drunkenly walked in the house disappearing from our sight, and everyone still sat there silently and awkwardly not knowing what to do. I sat there like the rest of our guests but only teary eyed as Angie apologized bahis siteleri to/thanked everyone and ended the night. Other than Ang, I was last to leave the backyard and she stopped me.

“Mare” I looked at her “baby I’m so sorry” I didn’t say anything “this is exactly why I didn’t want to invite her. I knew she would bring up all of that if she got drunk and…”

“So why didn’t you limit her drinks?” I asked.

“I wasn’t thinking.”

“Why didn’t you tell her that she shouldn’t drink? Or at least not to bring that shit up?”

“Mary I don’t know, I’m so sorry how this went down!” Angie pleaded.

“Oh and being called a whore was just the cherry on top. So tell me, were those her words or yours?”

I asked and she looked dumbfounded. I bullshit giggled “Wow Angie. I shouldn’t take it this hard, but the fact that you rekindled with Amanda after we started fixing our problems back then makes this 10 times worse.”

“Mary stop! She’s drunk alright and…”

“No Angela you’ve been lying to me” I screamed “and I at least came clean to you about everything I was doing, and you said you were over it but you go and fucking tell your drunken sloppy ass sister behind my back that I’m a whore! Thats bullshit, fuck you!”

“Don’t stand there and say fuck you to me Mary” she started screaming back “I did forgive you, and quickly too! But was I still hurt by it? Of fucking course! And Amanda was trying to make her way back into my life and be a good sister and be there for me, so I fucking vented to her! I vented to her because I had no one else to vent to. I shouldn’t have told her you were whoring around, and I’m sorry about that, but you WERE whoring around Mary. So goddamnit don’t yell at me like I’m the only one that was in the wrong!”

We both stood there quiet until I found something to say.

“Well Ang, since I’m such a whore I wont sleep in the bed with you tonight, on my first night at home with my ‘fiancée’ (i air quoted), I’ll sleep on the futon in the living room. Wouldn’t want to get my whoreness on you. Goodnight I’ll help clean up tomorrow.” I said then walked inside and slammed the door.

I’m not sure what she did with the rest of her night and I really didn’t care.

The next morning I woke up around 9am, showered and decided to go cook myself some breakfast. I was facing the stove which meant my back was toward the entrance to the kitchen, and I heard footsteps coming in. I didn’t turn to see who it was, I just didn’t want to see either one of the ladies that were in the house with me at that time.

“Hey…” I heard Amanda say shyly.

“Hey.” I repeated back without looking at her, “Want food?”

“Sure”she said “hey…um Mary look I’m so sorry about last night. I don’t remember everything, but I do remember saying some fucked up things and I’m truly sorry. I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

I sincerely did not want to talk, but she was apologizing to me so I turned to face her and sighed,

“Its not your fault. I mean all you did was bring to light what was said about me in the dark by my own girlfriend.”

Just as Amanda was about to respond, Angie walked in the kitchen and we all paused. I turned back around to continue cooking and Angie asked for me to come talk to her.

“Not right now I’m busy.” I stated.

“God damn stop being stubborn, just come talk” Angie added.

I slammed down the spatula I was holding and asked Amanda to keep an eye on the food as I walked past Angie onto the deck. We both sat at the table outside looking at one another waiting for the other to speak. Then finally she caved and our conversation was:

“I don’t think you’re a whore Mary.”


“Listen I know back then I said some pretty fucked up shit and I know that saying that was the wrong thing to say to the wrong person.”

“Got that right” I added.

“But I was hurt badly, and drunk. I’ve literally never experienced being hurt like that in my whole life, even after things that she (amanda) did to me. Being hurt and drunk doesn’t excuse the names I called you and I know that, but I loved you so much it was driving me crazy and I love you even more now. I was always the one whoring around, you know how much I loved being with different women. Everyone knew. I guess it was just easy to call somebody else what I’ve always been called.”

I was silent, taking in what she was saying to me.

“I know you love me now and I knew you loved me then. I guess just hearing that that’s what you thought of me is what made me flip last night. I mean I already knew, but to find out that’s what came out of your mouth made me feel terrible. I don’t know Angie…I just wanna get past that time, y’know? And I thought we were.”

“Me too! It just finds a way to keep popping back up, I don’t get it.”

“I do accept your apology, its evident those aren’t your feelings anymore. I love you and I’m also sorry for everything. For last night, for all those years ago, I truly am.”

We decided bahis şirketleri to never let that period in time come back up, all it ever did was bring bad vibes.

After our talk we went back inside, ate, and later on that day Amanda went back home. It wasn’t what I was expecting for a first night, but it did help us scare away one of our demons from the past for good, so for that I’m thankful.

Monday morning crept up on me and all I wanted to do was stay in bed all day cuddled up. Angie’s still teaching down at the highschool and usually doesn’t wake up for an hour after I do. Her job comes with so much stress, so I decided to wake her up in a pleasant way.

Luckily Angie decided to sleep naked last night considering how hot our room was.

I kissed her cheek “Babe?”

No response.

Kissed her neck “Aaannngieee?”

She grunted and turned over.

I laughed and made my way to the bottom of the bed and pushed up the sheet that she was covered in just above her waist. She sort of squirmed probably from the air and then before I could even move her legs, she opened them for me. I peeked to see if she was awake, but still out like a light.

“Thank you beautiful” I said then snaked my way up to her treasure.

Her pussy was pink and glistening, so I dove right in. I planted a soft kiss and shortly after, my tongue danced its way up and down her slit, slurping up any juices that started dripping from her. Angie widened her legs more and the more I felt her start waking up, the faster I licked. I replaced my tongue with my thumb and found her clit. It was bulging and ready to be played with. Angie’s always had a better reaction to hard pressure on her clit. I twirled and flicked it with no intentions on stopping, stuck my tongue in her hole and started fucking her at the same time. She was definitely awake now, writhing and squirming under me and digging her hands into my hair while pushing my face deeper. My air supply was cut off but she needed to cum and I wasn’t ending it until she did. I switched and started sucking on her clit and flicking it with my tongue with little nips here and there, and fucked her with three fingers as hard and deep as she could take it. Her moans became louder and higher as she started to peak and before she could tell me she was gonna cum, she did. Her fruity yet musky juice flooded my face and hands, and her body was spazzing as she tried to push me away so she can calm down. I wasn’t stopping until she came twice and I could taste her all over again.

“Ohh shitt stop I’m cumming again baby!” she cried.

I suckled it up, gave one last kiss to her pussy and went back up to her side to kiss her goodmorning.

“Goodmorning” she said with the laziest smile.

I couldn’t help but stare at her…she’s just so beautiful.

“Hey” I smiled, “awake?”

Angie laughed and sat up,

“if that’s what you wanna call it. But babe, guess who wants to go shopping and then for brunch this sunday!”

Not many of our friends were the type to partake in such activities so I completely had no clue. “Who?”

“Amanda! Isn’t that strange?”

Not knowing how to react I just got off the bed and started getting myself ready for the day.

“Ummm Mare, are you even going to say anything?”

…still no response so she threw a pillow at me,

“Yeah that’s completely strange and I’m not gonna go.” I stated and walked into the bathroom.

“Mary what the hell, can you at least come talk to me…or even look at me for that matter?”

I peeked around the door at her with my toothbrush hanging from my mouth,

“There’s nothing to talk about! What do you want me to say? I’m not going.

“We all squashed this and put it behind us so what’s the problem now?” Angie asked.

“There’s no problem. We did put it behind us and that’s where I’d like it to stay.” she looked confused “Look” spitting the last of the toothpaste from my mouth “Amanda isn’t he type of person I want to involve myself with. I forgave her, she forgave me and that’s that. No need to try and be friends”

“She’s my sister Mary” she pleaded.

“OHHHHHH OK!” I exaggerated “so its ok for you to say she’s your sister but not when I did right?”

“Shut up you know why I didn’t wanna consider her that then, but its different now. And we’ve been in contact every day since the apology”

“Alright well she and I haven’t and I’d like to keep it that way. I’m not going, but have fun.” we concluded the conversation and continued to prepare for the day ahead. The rest of the morning was pretty quiet and on my way out I kissed her on the cheek and we gave our “have a good day” goodbyes.

Now almost December

My day was pretty chill, and all I had on my mind was bowling with Angela later on. We made it priority about a year ago to give eachother a date night at least once a week. No matter what we were going through at the moment I’ve always gotten excited for these nights, and tonight I wanted to give her a long waited surprise!

2pm rolled around, and my cellphone lit up with a text message-

Angie: hey baby the superintendent called a staff meeting tonight, cant get out of it “/ sorry will make it up to u later love u!

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