My Best Friend’s Crazy Fat Sister Ch. 03

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INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER – After a week of sharing a house together, crazy BBW Zoe and seduces love-struck Sean and they become much more than room-mates.

Please be aware that these stories are extremely graphic BBW/fat girl fetish stories, and includes female characters using the toilet and having their periods. If these themes are not your thing, please consider whether you want to read these stories. All characters and events are fictional, with any similarity to real persons living or dead coincidental and unintentional. Only characters aged 18 or over engage in sexual activity.


On Saturday morning, I awoke early to make a start on scrubbing the tiles in the shower in the bathroom. It was a job I disliked and had been putting off, so I thought I would tackle it early to get it out of the way. I put on a pair of yellow rubber gloves and collected my brushes and cleaning fluid, and got to work.

I had only been going a couple of minutes when into the bathroom walked Zoe. She was wearing her long pink pajamas and was barefoot, her long blonde hair up in a ponytail.

“Morning Zoe,” I said cheerfully, trying not to stare too hard at Zoe’s beautiful plus-sized butt looking so good in her pink pajamas.

“Morning Sean,” she said in response. She then pointed at the toilet. “I just need to sit on the toilet for a while.”

“Sure Zoe, I’ll be right out of your way and the bathroom is all yours.”

To my astonishment, Zoe reached behind herself and closed and locked the bathroom door, before walking towards the toilet. “You look really busy there Sean, I don’t want to hold you up so if you just work around me, that’s fine with me.”

“Um — ah — Zoe — I don’t — I mean,” I stammered. I was totally off guard. I wanted to see Zoe on the toilet more than anything in the world, but now it was potentially going to happen I felt my heart racing, nerves sweeping my entire body.

Zoe smiled a brilliant smile on her pretty face. “Sean, relax. All I’ll be doing is sitting on the toilet doing the two most natural, normal things in the world. I’m not worried about it and I’m the one who’s going to be on the loo. You look terrified.”

“I um, don’t know,” I managed to stammer before Zoe cut me off.

“Sean, girls go to the toilet in front of each other all the time. If it makes you any feel any better, you’re a girl for the next 10 minutes or so. Your name is Shauna, Sian or Siobhan. You’re making my job of imagining you as a girl much easier, with those yellow rubber gloves. All you need is an apron and you’ll look the part completely. Now, don’t you know it isn’t very polite to hold up girls who need to use the toilet?”

With that, I could only watch with wide eyes as Zoe stood in front of the toilet and untied the waist string of her long pajama bottoms and slid them down to her ankles, her white full-brief panties now in view. Then she hooked her thumbs into the elastic waistband of her knickers and pulled them down to her ankles too, before lowering her fat bottom down onto the toilet seat and positioning herself so she was comfortable on the loo and reaching to the side to unzip her blue wet bag.

What Zoe had said about pretending I was a girl for the duration of time she was on the toilet I wished was true, because if I really was a girl I would not have had the problem I had now of concealing a raging erection in my undies from the object of my affections as she sat on the toilet.

The problem was that Zoe looked so darn cute on the toilet with her panties and pajama bottoms around her ankles, her pretty bare feet poking out under the hems of her lowered pajamas. On the double-cotton saddle of Zoe’s panties was a cream-colored stain from her vagina self-cleansing during the night. That her long blonde hair was up in a ponytail made her all the cuter. But most of all, I could now see two things that I had longed to see for many years — Zoe’s pubic hair and her vagina, courtesy of her open knees.

As I expected, Zoe’s pubic hair was blonde, a luxurious triangle of curls over her pubic mound. Her pussy was oval-shaped and pink in color, with perfect symmetry. But what amazed me most was how slim Zoe’s pussy lips were, and how tight her vagina looked. If Zoe’s vagina was placed on a prim 18-year-old girl who had never inserted a tampon, much less had anything go up there for sexual purposes, then it would have looked correct. But Zoe was a 40-year-old woman who had been married and given birth to two children to two different fathers, neither of them her ex-husband. Obviously her pussy had seen plenty of action. Yet Zoe’s vagina somehow still looked like the vagina of a virgin.

I tried to concentrate on cleaning the tiles rather than Zoe’s pussy and get my raging hard-on under control, when I heard a sound that was music to my ears — the tinkling, trickling noise of Zoe urinating, her pee splashing into the toilet bowl. I stole a quick glance towards the toilet and could see Zoe’s yellow pee stream as it came out of canlı bahis her urethra and into the loo and felt I might well orgasm in my undies, so intense was my erection. Zoe was actually having a piss right in front of me! I tried to think tiles, scrubbing, cleaning but all I could think about was Zoe urinating.

When her pee stream abated, I saw Zoe reach behind her for her reusable toilet paper and take a square of dark blue cloth — I think it might have been cut from the same beach towel which had the smiling cartoon sun – and place it between her legs, wiping her vagina. Zoe withdrew the cloth, now soaked with urine, from her crotch and placed it into the wet bag.

Again, I tried not to stare at Zoe as her expression changed. Her pretty face showed her straining ever so slightly and from inside the toilet there came a series of loud splashing sounds as Zoe’s poo came out of her rectum and into the bowl. Zoe didn’t need to strain all that hard, her bowel movements seemed to come easily but her expression as she was pooing was so cute, her bare toes curled up on the tiled floor making her all the more desirable to me.

I could feel my heart pounding and sweat forming on my skin even though I felt strangely cold and unable to move or breathe properly. I shivered and felt like I was about to pass out from what I had seen and heard, Zoe pooing on the toilet right in front of me. Was I about to suffer a heart attack or a stroke? However, while I was experiencing all sorts of wild sexual thoughts, Zoe herself seemed totally at ease. I then noticed the strong smell of Zoe’s poo drifting out from the toilet bowl and filling the bathroom with the odor of fresh shit.

“Phew, sorry about the smell,” Zoe apologized with a cute little giggle in her voice as she stopped pooing and reached for the box of reusable cloth toilet paper on the toilet cistern.

“Um, I can’t smell anything at all,” I managed to stammer.

“Liar!” giggled Zoe, her bare toes clenching and unclenching on the floor as she took a square of pink cloth with fairies on it from the box. “If you can’t smell my poo, you’re either lying or you need to go to your doctor because there’s something wrong with your sense of smell.” Zoe looked into the toilet bowl. “I need to cut back on the pizza — all that cheese isn’t so nice when it comes out the other end in my shit. Plus, it does this to me.” Zoe fondled the rolls of fat around her tummy through her pink pajama top and laughed. “You know, some businessman on the train the other day thought I was pregnant. He stood up and offered me his seat, saying I needed it more than he did in my condition.”

“What did you say?” I asked.

“I just thanked him and took the seat,” said Zoe. “I didn’t want him to feel awkward. Now, can you excuse me for a couple of moments?”

I watched in amazement while trying not to stare as Zoe lifted her left bottom cheek from the toilet seat and applied the pink cloth to her anus and between the cheeks of her fat buttocks, wiping her bottom front to back. The cloth emerged from Zoe’s backside covered in smelly, sticky, messy yellow-brown poo, her feces smeared all over the fairy print and pink fabric.

Zoe placed her shit-covered cloth toilet paper into the wet bag, then reached for another cloth — this one green in color – the second cloth emerging from her anal area covered in poo like the first one, before going into the wet bag.

“What’s wrong, Sean?” Zoe giggled, giving me a look with her crazy blue eyes as she farted, more of her poo splashing into the toilet bowl. “You look so scared. Is it because I’m doing my poo-poos in front of you? I’m not uncomfortable, and I’m the one who’s on the toilet with her knickers around her ankles.”

“No, not that,” I managed to stammer.

“Is it because I’m wiping my bottom with cloth toilet paper rather than regular toilet paper?” Zoe suggested. “Are you more comfortable with me using normal toilet paper, like this?”

Zoe reached for the toilet roll and unwound herself four squares of toilet paper, scrunched them up and used them to wipe her bottom, the dirty toilet tissue emerging covered in poo before Zoe dropped it into the toilet bowl.

“No, I don’t have a problem with the cloth toilet paper,” I said in a small voice.

“Well relax then,” Zoe laughed, her legs wide apart showing off her snatch as she took a light blue cloth and wiped her bottom with it, before defecating once more, her poo splashing into the toilet water, the smell increasing in the bathroom.

“Just think how much I’m saving the environment,” said Zoe, as she wiped her bottom with a square of yellow cloth. “You know, living with my brother and that bitch Emily got me back into some bad habits. The other day I came back from my special meeting and I needed the toilet. I sat down and was having a really big poo, but something seemed wrong and I couldn’t place what it was. Then when I’d finished I stood up and pulled up my knickers, I looked into the toilet before I flushed it and saw bahis siteleri I’d used normal toilet paper and not my cloth toilet paper to wipe my arse without thinking. All those months of living by Emily’s rules made me go back to using normal paper. But now I’m living with you, I can use cloth toilet paper all I like.”

To emphasize her point, Zoe wiped her dirty bottom with first an orange cloth then a light blue one with daisies on it, the poo-stained cloths joining the others in the wet bag. Then Zoe’s pretty face took on the look it did before she pooped, and sure enough I heard her anus make a squelching noise before more of her poo splashed into the bowl. She reached for the cloth toilet paper, then stopped and pooped again, more splashing sounds from within the toilet. Zoe got a cloth and wiped her bottom again, then even more poo came out of her rectum and into the toilet.

“Zoe, Zoe, Zoe, cut back on the pizza,” Zoe said to herself, looking into the bowl at her poo. “So nice on the way in, so horrible on the way out. Phew.” Zoe giggled, waved her hand under her nose and got first a blue cloth, then a flowery cloth, a lilac cloth, a turquoise cloth and a green cloth and used them to finish wiping herself clean. The first three cloths emerged from Zoe’s anus and buttocks covered in shit, but the turquoise cloth stains were more like big skid marks and the green one showed only minimal brown poo stains as it went into the wet bag.

Zoe stood up off the toilet seat and flushed the toilet, the water consigning Zoe’s smelly poo and the length of toilet paper she had used to the sewers. I thought she would pull up her panties and her pajamas, but instead she stood barefoot in front of the toilet with her triangle of blonde pubic hair on display, her knickers and pajama bottoms still down around her ankles.

She reached into the container of her reusable cloth toilet paper and took out a pink cloth, handing it to me. “Sean, could you please wet this for me?”

“Huh?” I said, still too stunned by the morning’s events to be coherent.

“Can you please wet this cloth with warm water at the sink and then hand it back to me?” Zoe asked. “After such a big messy poo, I need to use this to wash my bottom.”

Given I had just seen Zoe sitting on the toilet first peeing then emptying her bowels, that I had observed her wiping poo from her bottom with cloths and that the smell of her excrement filled the entire bathroom I had a massive, throbbing erection. I kept thinking about seeing Zoe’s vagina from when she was on the toilet, and now she was still standing with her pajamas and panties down and her full bush of blonde pubic hair totally visible.

I took the cloth and hunching over, I walked over to the sink slowly and awkwardly, this attracting Zoe’s attention. “What’s the matter Sean, why are you walking like that?”

“Um, I have ah — a sore back,” I said. “I was working in a confined space yesterday changing some wires.” While I had in the past had back pain intermittently, I had no such problems at the moment and hoped Zoe would not see through my lie.

“That’s no good Sean, sorry to hear that,” Zoe said sympathetically. “I know what back pain is like, remember how I injured my back playing tennis in New York that time?”

I thought to myself as I wet the pink cloth with warm water that strictly speaking Zoe had not injured her back while playing tennis, but that she had injured her back when in New York to play tennis as she was a drunk who had gotten herself so intoxicated that she had fallen over in the street and subsequently hurt her back. Of course, I did not correct her on this and took the wet cloth back to Zoe, still trying to conceal my groin from view.

“Thank you,’ said Zoe, taking the damp cloth from me and squatting slightly. I again tried not to stare as Zoe applied the cloth to her vagina first, washing her twat thoroughly before withdrawing the cloth from her pussy. Then she turned around, and my erection throbbed as her fat bare bottom came into my sight. My mouth watered at Zoe’s big bum, and I wished I could put my fingers in between her buttocks. But while I wasn’t allowed to go there, the cloth was however and I watched as Zoe put it between the cheeks of her fat bottom and washed first her buttocks and then her anal area, although I could not see her actual anus as she washed herself front to back.

Pulling the cloth out of her bottom Zoe placed it into the wet bag to join those she had used to wipe her bottom, then zipped up the bag. “Please pass me my towel, Sean,” Zoe asked, which I immediately did and watched Zoe dry her bottom. Handing the towel back to me, Zoe bent over, the sight of her tempting twat between her chubby legs looking wonderful.

Zoe pulled up her knickers and adjusted them around her buttocks and her box, then pulled up her pajama bottoms. Walking over to the sink on her bare feet, Zoe thoroughly washed her hands with soap and water, then dried them on the hand towel.

“I feel so much bahis şirketleri better now,” said Zoe, rubbing her over-size tummy and turning and leaving the bathroom, which still absolutely stank of her poo.

I watched Zoe exit the bathroom and was still unable to believe what had happened and felt light-headed, with my heart racing. Again, I felt sweaty and cold at the same time and found it hard to think logically, my erection throbbing. I certainly could not concentrate on scrubbing the shower, so took off my rubber gloves with trembling figures and walked like a zombie into my bedroom, the smell of Zoe’s poo lingering in my nostrils even after I left the bathroom.

Lying down on my bed, I tried to think of something other than Zoe peeing, pooing and farting on the toilet as she sat on it barefoot with her legs open displaying her feminine area, her pajamas and panties around her ankles, wiping her dirty bottom with cloth toilet paper. I tried to get my breathing and thought patterns under control, all to no avail especially when Zoe walked in through my open bedroom door, still barefoot and in her pajamas and jumped her plus-sized body onto the bed beside me.

“Can you believe I’ve been living here a week now?” Zoe asked.

“No, it is hard to believe,” I said, hoping that Zoe would not notice the erection in my shorts which was getting harder and harder now that she was on the bed with me.

“Thanks again for taking me in, Sean,” said Zoe.

“That’s okay, it’s my pleasure, I was just glad to help you out,” I assured her.

“To say thank you, I got you a little something yesterday,” said Zoe.

I blushed a little. “Oh Zoe, there was no need to do that.”

Zoe looked at me with her big blue eyes. “Oh yes there was.” She unbuttoned her pajama top slightly, me trying not to stare at the fair skin of her plump white breasts which were now marginally visible, and pulled out a blue box of condoms, before fastening her pajama top button again.

“What?” I gasped, my heart doing summersaults in my chest.

Zoe smiled a mischievous, slightly crazy smile and sat next to me on the bed, her legs forming a diamond shape, her bare feet together. “You remember how my nephew was asking if we had a baby together whether the baby would be white? If you fuck me without one of those, in nine months’ time we’ll be able to answer Connor’s question as yes.”

“Zoe, I um …” I couldn’t speak properly, feeling like I was about to pass out.

“Sean, I know how much you like me. I’ve always known how much you like me. So now you get to do what you want to do more than anything else in the world. Fuck me.”

“How did you know — how long have you known?” I managed to stammer.

Zoe smiled. “Come on Sean, I know when a guy likes me. All girls know when a guy has a crush on them. I remember when we were kids, you used to come over to play with Adam and you would always be looking at me, then annoy me by following me around saying things like, ‘Do you like stuff?’ and ‘Isn’t it nice weather?’ when it had been raining all bloody week.”

I cringed. “You remember that?”

“Yes, but don’t worry, I’m not annoyed by you now. Far from it. Now years later, I notice that you still look at me. I notice that you look at my feet especially.” Zoe wriggled her cute little bare toes. “Do you like my bare feet, Sean?”

I nodded. There seemed no point in denying it. “Yes.”

“I thought so,” said Zoe. “And I’ve noticed in the last few years since I put on all this weight that you look at me a lot more. So, are you one of those guys with a fat fetish Sean? You want to get into my pajamas and my panties and check out my chubby naked body, don’t you Sean?”

“I think you’re beautiful at any size,” I said.

“Thank you, you’re a gentleman Sean. But I know you prefer me at my current size than at my size when I was young, slim and fit. That’s why you have this, don’t you?”

Zoe reached out and fondled my erection through my shorts, her face showing delight. “Yeah, you’re hard for me, aren’t you Sean? I could see that in the toilet.”

“You knew I had a hard on?” I asked.

“What, you think I believed that bullshit about a sore back?” Zoe laughed. “You had a massive boner you were trying to hide from me, even though I caused it by pulling down my pajamas and my panties, and sitting on the toilet so you could see my vagina. You liked perving on my pussy while I was on the loo, didn’t you Sean?”

“It was um, a little different,” I said, unsure of what to say.

“I know you liked it, you really, really liked it,” Zoe laughed, still teasing my erection with her fingers. “Let’s do something more conventional. Have you ever dreamed about making out with me?”

“I have — a few times,” I admitted.

“And I bet you made a big, sticky mess in bed, didn’t you?” Zoe laughed. “But now, your wet dreams come true, Sean.”

Zoe leaned her pretty, chubby face into mine and kissed me lightly on the lips. I thought I might indeed wake up with sticky boxer shorts as it seemed to me like I was in a dream, a wonderful erotic dream. But this was no dream, and things only got better as Zoe and I French-kissed, working our tongues into each other’s mouths.

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