My Aunt Walks In

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Big Tits

My parents told me my Aunt Jessie was going to pay a visit for a week. Here I was nineteen and I was going to have to play nursemaid when my aunt arrived. When my aunt arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. She was my mother’s younger sister, in her early thirties and she was hot.

Jessie had dark hair to her shoulders and she had big tits. I had to avoid looking at her all the time she was in my presence. Nothing much happened over the weekend and then Monday arrived. I was in bed that morning stroking my cock. My parents had gone to work and I heard my aunt walking around in the house.

I was so horny that morning and I was lying nude on the bed pulling on my dick. I heard a knock on the door and then my aunt barged into my room. There was no way to cover up quickly. I was on my back stroking my erection. Jessie was in her bathrobe looking directly at my cock.

“You don’t need to do that,” she told me.

My aunt walked into the room and then undid the belt on her bathrobe. The bathrobe fell to the floor and there stood my aunt. She had enormous breasts with over sized nipples. Her pubic bush was dark and thick with hair. She walked over to the bed and sat down. Jessie reached bakırköy escort out and took hold of my hard cock and started to stroke me.

I could hardly believe what was happening. Then my aunt lowered her face and started to lick on the crown of my cock. All I could do was throw my head back and let her work on my dick. She was using the tip of her tongue to flick up and down on the underside of my dick. I had to control myself in order not to cum right there.

She then went down on me. She sucked down to the root of my shaft. I can tell you I was harder than I could ever remember. The best was yet to come. Jessie pulled off of me and climbed over top of my midsection. She took my rod in her hand and then she sunk down onto my pole.

Her pussy felt so hot and wet as she worked up and down on my dick. All I could think of doing was to reach out and take those giant tits in my hands. I squeezed them as she was sliding down on my dick. I used my fingers and started to pinch her large nipples. Jessie let out a loud moan.

“Oh fuck Bobby, give me your hard cock!”

I brought my hips up and drove my dick into my aunt’s pussy as far at it would başakşehir escort reach. We got into a rhythm and as she sunk down I brought my ass up from the bed. The bed springs were squeaking as I filled up my hot aunt with my thick erection.

I finally pulled my hands away from her tits and I found her clit with my thumb. I started to rub on her red bud when Jessie let loose. I felt her hot juices squirting all over my dick. I just kept pumping into her oozing pussy when I had to let go myself.

I raised my ass up one more time and then flooded my aunt with my man seed. I had a big load stored up and I gave her everything I had in my tank. My aunt seemed to go crazy when she felt my cum in her pussy. She used her muscles to squeeze hard around my spurting cock. I lost track of how long I blew my load into my aunt. After some minutes she collapsed onto my chest.

We were face to face and kissing each other now. Jessie said she had heard me from the hallway stroking myself. She said she was so horny she had to barge in and see my cock. Jessie said we could never let my parents know what we had done. I was never going to bring that subject up, that bebek escort was for sure.

My aunt and I got up from the bed and went into the bathroom together. We got into the shower and I took my aunt once more. Jessie put her hands on the shower walls and bent over at the waist. I place my hands on her sides and shoved my dick into her again. My cum made it so much easier to fuck my aunt this time around.

I would thrust as deep as I could into my aunt and she squeezed on my dick. I didn’t think I had anything left inside me, but I was wrong. After we fucked under the stream of water hitting our bodies I gave Jessie another load of my cum. I filled her up with my sticky baby seed and we let the water from the shower cool us down after we fucked.

For the rest of the week it was more of the same. After my parents went to work my aunt and I fucked throughout the day. Jessie let me fuck her any position I wanted. I took her on her back with her legs thrown up over my shoulders. Towards the end of the week I managed to slide my dick into my aunt’s tight ass. Oh God did she scream that day! She said she wanted me that way, but she said later my cock was so big that it hurt.

The end of the week arrived and my aunt had to leave and go back home. I have her phone number and we have already decided that I should pay her a visit in the near future. I told her that she was mine now and she agreed with everything I told her. My dick is already aching to be inside my aunt again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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