My Aunt Gomathi With Big Juicy Ass – Part 2

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My Aunt Gomathi With Big Juicy Ass – Part 2

continuation as promised! Thank you all for the amazing feedback. This is a continuation of Part 1 of the story

After the last incident with my aunt Gomathi, there was only one thing running in my mind- to get my dick into her pussy. I knew that she would be coming tomorrow for sure just like she had told my mom. My dick was still rock hard from all the new sensations it had felt in the last hour.

But I didn’t dare to masturbate. I wanted to save myself up for my sexy aunt who told me that she would come back tomorrow to finish things up. I spent the rest of the day in my room itself since I could barely go outside with the big tent in my pants caused by my aunt.

I could barely sleep that night. My mind had never been so active before. I had fucked my aunt in my imagination in every possible sex position that I had knowledge of. It was finally the next day. I had got ready faster than the speed of light and waited patiently for my aunt to come.

It was already afternoon, but there were no signs of my aunt. By that time most of my excitement had turned into impatience. I thought about calling her to check if she was will coming. But I was too scared to hear her voice. So, I asked my mom to do it, and save me the work.

“She said that she would come by evening. I will be going out with your father, so make sure to open the door if it is her,” said my mom. As she said, my mom left the house by 3 pm. It was now 4:30 pm. I had spent the last hour and a half watching i****t porn videos of guys fucking their moms or aunts.

But, throughout those 90 minutes, I didn’t even touch my dick. But still, as a result of a lot of visual stimulation, my dick was fully erect with so much precum oozing out. I suddenly heard a knock on the door for which I had been waiting for. I quickly pulled up my pants and went to open the door.

On the other side of the door was my aunt in her most beautiful pink chudidhar. She wasn’t wearing a dupatta (salwar). I had expected her to come with a more proper dress, with some makeup, etc. But she looked tired and was clearly very sweaty. She seemed to have come straight after she was done with her household chores.

But, this too was a different kind of sexiness. I made her come in, and we sat on the sofa. It was a sofa on which three people could sit. She was sitting on one edge, and I was sitting right next to her. She said she was tired and asked me to bring her a glass of water.

When I returned from the kitchen with a glass of water, I had imagined she would be stripped naked waiting for me or something. But that clearly wasn’t the case. Since she was just lying down on the sofa, fully clothed. I kept the glass of water on the coffee table güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and sat on the other end on the sofa.

She started to reach her legs out and put them near my thighs. She wasn’t surprised that I was already fully hard. She rubbed the bottom her legs up and down on my erection through my pants. While doing that, she reached out and grabbed the glass and started drinking water.

Midway, she sat up and intentionally poured water over my pants. With a foxy smile on her face, she said “Oh sorry. You better remove those wet clothes before you get cold.” I didn’t need any more motivation than that. I instantly removed my pants and stood naked from the waist down.

She immediately ordered me to remove my shirt as well. Within a second, I was completely naked in our living room. She asked me to step closer to her, as she was sitting on the sofa. She took two fingers and held the base of my cock. She held firmly and pulled up, causing a lot of precum to ooze out of the top.

She looked at her fingers dripping with my juices, and seductively put one finger in her mouth and started to suck that finger. Then, in a commanding tone, she said, “Start jerking off.” I was surprised at first. Here I was, thinking my aunt would fulfill my every sexual desire in bed.

But she was asking me to jerk myself off. With all that kind of talk from her, I also became confident and told her, “It would be easier for me if you show something for me.” She said, “Start doing it and you will get your reward.” When I started to jerk off, she pulled my hand away from my cock and spat in my palm.

I understood and made my dick all wet and slippery with her sweet saliva, and started jerking off. The layer of her fresh saliva on my dick felt really warm. Within a couple of minutes, I was reaching my limit. I couldn’t hold off any longer and was about to burst.

The worst part was I didn’t even get to see her boobs yet. I told my aunt that I was really close to cumming. She then ordered me to stop right before I was about to burst. She took my hand and led me to my bedroom. She asked me to lie on the bed. I did just as I was told like a puppy.

She climbed on top of me and sat on my thighs. Then, she began to remove her top. Soon, she was completely naked waist up. She loosened her bottom and with one quick pull, it was removed as well. Now, she was in just her pink panties. She bent down and started kissing my lips.

My dick was getting stimulated again by rubbing against her soft stomach as she was making out with me. I had lost all track of time. We were making out so hard for so long which felt like an eternity. I wasn’t the best kisser in the world or anything. But I could feel that my aunt had canlı casino siteleri some great experience.

She knew exactly what she was doing. It was like her tongue was almost teaching my tongue how to dance- a very wet, sloppy, slippery dance. During this intense lovemaking session, she managed to lift her hip up and remove her pink panty as well. She finally broke the kiss and threw her panty on my face.

Without any discernible expression on her face, she said, “Do what you always used to do with my panties when you thought I didn’t notice.” I felt shy at first. But then, quickly I took her panty and put in near my nose and gave it a strong whiff. It was warm, and the sweat was fresh.

I took the panty inside my mouth and started sucking on the cloth where her pussy would have been. I made it all nice and wet with my mouth and soon, brought it to my dick. I wrapped the soft fabric around my dick and slowly started moving up and down.

I could see my aunt just sitting on my lap and watching me jerk off with her panty with utmost curiosity. Within a few strokes, I was on the verge of an orgasm. I didn’t need to tell my aunt this, as my facial expression was more than enough for her to know. She stopped my hand’s up and down motion but holding my wrist.

She took her panty from my hand. To my shock, she gave it a lick at the same spot that I had previously licked before. Then, throwing away the panty, she whispered into my ears “Now let’s see if you can handle the real deal.” She switched up her position and sat on me in 69 position.

Her pussy was right there in front of me. So close that she could definitely feel my heavy breathing on her pussy. With a softer tone this time, she said, “Start exploring, don’t hesitate.” First, I let my fingers wander around. I could feel how moist and wet she was.

I loved the squishy sound her pussy made as I rubbed my fingers on it. As my fingers worked their way through her pussy, I could feel her mouth go down on my cock. In the act of returning favors, I started to use my tongue on her pussy. The taste and smell overwhelmed my senses.

My tongue started swirling around inside of her pussy. Within a matter of a few unforgettable seconds, the build-up inside dick finally exploded. When it did, my hips instinctively moved up. The full length of my dick went inside her mouth. During this orgasm, I slipped one finger near her asshole.

In the spur of the moment, I pushed it deep inside her. Gomathi didn’t seem to expect this. She suddenly jerked when she felt my finger find its way into this other hole. She swallowed my load in a single gulp and turned to face me. But I was too busy licking her pussy and fingering her ass to notice.

I was unsure whether she canlı poker oyna liked what I was doing until she stopped me from fingering her ass and said, “One more finger.” I was glad to hear that request and did just as she told me. I was going on and on, exploring both her holes, while she was toying with my flaccid dick until it got hard again.

She then told me that it was finally time. She got off me and walked outside to the living room. I was seeing her sexy ass jiggle up and down. The way it did when she slowly walked out of the bedroom made my dick hard. It almost started hurting.

She came back with a condom in her hand and put it on my dick herself. I knew that now it was going to happen. My aunt who I had lusted for ever since I became interested in women, is going to take my virginity. I was lying flat, and she held my dick near her pussy.

Slowly she started to lower herself on my dick. She didn’t move after it was completely inside her. She took both my hands and placed it on one breast each. I started caressing those soft, tender boobs and then she started slowly moving again.

Since I had just climaxed a few minutes before, I was holding out pretty well. I became confident that I could pleasure her. I started to pinch her nipples. I started slowly twisting those dark brown buds, which made her bite her bottom lip.

I swear that if I hadn’t climaxed just a few minutes ago, just that face reaction alone would have been enough to make me cum. Now that I knew she loved her nipples being fondled with, I started pinching them even harder. She started increasing her pace as well. I couldn’t take it anymore.

I pushed her onto the bed and got on top of her. I repositioned my dick near her pussy and pushed in. As so, I started to fuck her missionary style. I loved this position even more than the previous one. I was the one who controlled the pace. Aunt Gomathi’s moaning started to become louder and louder.

Soon, she wrapped her legs and arms around me and started pulling me towards her. In the moments that followed, reached my second orgasm. I became so tired and laid on top of her. She was still hugging me with her arms and legs wrapped around me.

We laid there for about 5 minutes. We both realized that we had better clean up ourselves before my parents come back. We both got up, and she said to me, “Not a single word about this even to your best friends.” She threw her bra and panty into the bag she brought with her and wore just the chudidar.

Anyone who takes a second look could figure out that she didn’t have anything under her thin piece of pink chudidar. After getting dressed, she kissed me on the cheek and broke it off with a nice long lick. She stepped outside. Just before closing the door, she asked me to come to her house.

She said for ‘helping her with some things’ later that week. She would talk to my mom about it in detail later. And boy, was I looking forward to that visit.

I hope you guys enjoyed this just as much as the previous part. It wont be long before part 3

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