My Angry Little Princess Pt. 01

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My lover sent me a selfie, it’s a classic one, taken by holding her phone over her head with her smiling up at it. Blonde hair straightened and make up on, a pale washed out pink top; she’s dressed for going out. The text simply reads, “Miss you!”

“Oh? Going out tonight?” is my response.

“Yasss. My husband is away again on a training course and leaves me here. Fuck him. I’m going out dancing.”

“He’s away? I didn’t know. 🙁 I could have organised something.”

“I knoooow. I thought I told you but you didn’t say you could come.”

“You look gorgeous, where are you going tonight? The Foxes?”

“Foxes and then onto the House. I want you here. I want to you to fuck me!”

“Shit. I’m sorry little one. I’ll find a way to make it up to you.”

“I’m going now. I’ll call you later when I am drunk. You’ll be awake?”

“For you? Yes.”

Another selfie, she’s blowing a kiss to her camera phone. I look up at the departure board, they’ve just announced the gate for my flight, I’ll be in Aberdeen to surprise her in two hours.


It’s a short flight but it seems to take a longer time than usual, there’s nothing like anticipation to make time drag on.

I turn my phone back on and immediately get notifications for two missed calls and a text, all from my lover. The text is after the calls and reads,”Where are youuuuu??”

I text back, “Sorry little one, I was on the metro. No signal there.”

“You’re out tonight?” she always texts when she’s in a pub, rather than go outside to talk.

“Yup. There’s a surprise gathering for someone from the office and I’m on my way there now.”

I walk out the arrivals doors and hail a cab, “How long to Foxes?” I ask the driver.

“Twenty minutes,” is the terse reply as he pulls away.

Another text. “Who is the party for? A girl?”

“Yes. One of the HR girls. Are you jealous?”

“Yes,” is the simple reply. Another text follows, “I want you for myself!”

“So greedy?”

The taxi is coming into town, the new built houses on the edge of it are flashing past the windows.

Another text, “Yes. I don’t want to share your cock! He is mine!”

I reply, “So. You want me to turn around and go home because you don’t want me to have any fun without you? You bitch!”


“Which is it? Go home or you are a bitch?”

We’re in the centre of town now, just across the bridge is the pub. I tap on the glass to get the cab driver to pull over and I pay him. I get out and walk toward the pub.

My phone vibrates again, “Both.”

“I’ve travelled all this way and you want me turn around? No. I’m out for the night now. Call me later,” I send the text as I walk up to the pub door. I nod to the bouncer and walk in.

Foxes is noisy, boisterous, sweaty and a shit load of fun. They have a decibel meter above the bar so that if someone complains the management know and can deny it (when possible). I scan the room and see a familiar pink top and blonde hair combo at the bar, my lover’s a short girl so she’s leaning up and over the rail to shout at the bar staff and points to the drinks she wants.

I push through the crowd until I get behind her, she pulls a phone from her pocket and reads the text. It’s from me, I see her stab out a reply of “Fuck you” and as she sends it, I nudge her on the shoulder and say, “Surprise little one.”

She glances back over her shoulder and then springs round with a squeal of glee.

“You’re here!” as she clasped me in a hug, “You fucking bastard! Teasing me!”

I laughed and looked down at her, eyes alight and a smile on her face.

“As if I could stay away,” I smiled in return.

“I am glad you came, I have not seen you for months,” she slid a hand between us and cupped my crotch, which immediately starts to harden in response, “And him. I missed your cock.”

She drops the hug and looks around, realising that we’re in a public place and her friends will be close by.

“We’re over in a booth here. Grab those drinks?” she indicated to a couple of beers on the bar.

I follow her through the crowd to the booth where a few of her work mates sit. We all work for the same tech company and I know them from previous visits. There’s some friendly banter and back and forth about work between us. Little Anya, the shy girl from the service desk; Big Rudolphus who likes to go walking over the hills; Kasia who loves to sing karaoke; Fiona the local girl; Maria the Italian graduate student, on the fast track programme.

And of course, my angry little princess. She looks at me through hooded eyes as she takes a drink.

“Hey man, what are you up for?” Rudolphus asks.

My phone twitches in my pocket, a text coming through. I notice my princess putting down her phone.

“Three day project meeting next week, but there’s no reason konyaaltı escort to miss a Friday night out in Aberdeen. Speaking of which I’ll be back soon,” as I stand and go back to the bar.

I order a beer and wait, checking my phone the text reads, “I really want to fuck you. I’ve missed him inside me, your hands in my hair, your strong kiss. I am your hot bitch and I want it!”

I send back, “Patience. It’ll happen. Tonight. And tomorrow. You have me all weekend.” I grab my beer and head back to the booth.

The chatter in the booth is good and I start to unwind from the trip up. With a startled noise I realise I’ve been asked a question. “Sorry?” I say in return.

“Are you coming to House? We’re going to get a few more drinks there,” says Anya, with an interested light in her eye.

I notice my lover isn’t at the table.

“Where’s…,” as I indicate across the booth.

“Gregor called and she’s taken it outside,” comes the response.

“Well, I need to get to the hotel and get checked in,” I lift and show my carry on bag, “I can’t take this out dancing can I?”

They laugh and make pretend cries of “shame!”

“See you guys tomorrow for the same again?”

There is a chorus of agreement behind me as I head to the door.

I step out into the evening air, it’s cool but not too cold. I look around and see my lover, on the phone to her husband, I assume. She’s mad and speaking animatedly into her phone.

I catch her eye and make sure she sees me waiting. She holds a hand up to me palm out, she doesn’t like me close when they’re on the phone; she doesn’t trust herself she says.

She hangs up the call and stalks over to me, “He needs me to email some training documents he forgot to take. I need to go to my place and send them. And you? Going to House?” she talks a little loudly, for the benefit of her friends who are piling out of the pub. Fiona hands over my lover’s jacket.

“Not this time. I’m going to go get checked in at The Riverside.”

“It’s on my way, we can walk together.”

She waves her goodbyes to our work colleagues and we head off toward her apartment block, aiming to cut through the park for speed.

We both walk easily next to each other, making small talk. I ask after her sister, she asks after my mother. All politely spoken until we pass through the park gates and into a shadowed avenue of trees.

“Kiss me,” comes the demand and my nerves tingle with anticipation.

I push her back against a tree and bend my head down, my mouth to her mouth and we hungrily kiss. She clutches at the back of my head like she’s drowning and needs a lifeline.

She breaks the kiss and slides her hands down my body to my waist. Looking into my eyes as she starts to unbuckle my jeans, “I want him.”

My cock springs to attention as she frees it from my briefs.

Falling to her knees with a satisfied noise, she runs her tongue around the head of my cock.

My hand buries itself in her blonde hair and I groan.

She gently takes the head of my cock in her mouth and scrapes her teeth on the sensitive flesh.

I give a sharp intake, “Careful!”

She looks up into my eyes, “Sorry,” she says. From her smile as she speaks it’s clear that an apology is far from her mind.

She bobs her head forward, mouth closed around me and tongue running underneath my cock, then she slowly withdraws. She repeats this several times.

I feel myself starting to come close and I grab a handful of her hair to stop her next darting movement forward. She looks up at me, her lips around my shaft.

“Stand up and move into the bushes here.”

She releases me and stands, pouting, “I want your cum!”

“And you’ll have it when I’m ready,” I place a hand on her shoulder and not quite gently push her into the undergrowth.

She stumbles over a root and reaches out her hands to catch hold of a branch. Her back is to me.

“Stay that way,” I tell my lover as I start to undo her jeans and roll them down to her knees, swiftly followed by her underwear.

“You want to fuck me?” she says looking over her shoulder, “Then get him inside of me.”

She half turns and spits onto one hand and rubs it down the shaft of my hard flesh, turning back forward she leans over and sticks her ass out at me.

I step forwards and grip her hip with one hand and guide my cock head to her open slit. I rub the head up and down the wetness there and enjoy the moans she makes.

I pause and line up, then swiftly slide my entire length into her. She gasps and flicks her head backwards. I start to fuck my sweet lover with a steady rhythm, gliding my cock in and out of her.

I hear my lovers soft moans interspersed with, “oh my god, oh my god,” which only makes me want fuck for longer and draw it out. Her head drops forward as she relaxes.

Male kültür escort laughter nearby startles me and I slow to a stop, listening, my cock still buried in my lovers wet pussy.

She looks up and starts to say something, I quickly clamp a hand over her mouth and hush her; the sound of male voices comes closer, three of them by the sound of it.

I see her shift her weight and one hand is lifted from the branch and moves down her body, her head rotates to look back at me with one eye; I feel her hand start to gently stroke my balls and my cock gives a twitch inside of her.

One of the men states he’s going to skin up and all three lean against a wall close by, talking in low voices; they can’t see us but they’re very close.

My lover grinds her hips slowly, deliciously, encouraging me on.

Keeping my hand over her mouth I gently force her head forward again and slowly start to thrust into her. I feel her moans against my fingers, she loves the thrill of this.

I can feel my cum boiling in my balls, a familiar warning of release imminent and I start to thrust faster.

“Did you hear that?” says a voice.

“What now?” says another.

I silently shoot a heavy wad of cum inside my lover, the hot, tightness of her cunt and fingers caressing me is too much.

I find a branch and hang off it by one hand as my orgasm thrashes over me, not the strongest but certainly intense.

The third male voice says, “Its nothing. Just the wind, let’s go,” and they move off.

A sudden chill on my naked skin as my still leaking, twitching cock is exposed when she slides off it.

She turns, crouches to rearrange her clothing and grasping my cock by the base, licks it clean of my cum and her own juices.

“I love it when you cum inside me, I love the smell of sex with you. Come on, my place,” as she waits for me button up and go with her.

She takes me by the hand and leads me across the moonlit park, out the gate and three blocks to her apartment.

Closing the door behind me I turn as my lover pushes herself up against me for another hungry kiss. She pulls my head down to her and jumps up wrapping her legs around my waist. Her lips locked onto mine and holding her up, I stumble through the hallway to the lounge and dump her butt on the sofa.

I turn around to drop my bag and I feel her arms wrap around my chest and her head plant against my back.

“I missed you,” she says simply.

“I missed you too.”

“I wanted you all last week and here you are,” my lover’s voice has a throaty tone when she’s getting her own way and happy about it.

She turns me round and gently pushes me into the sofa.

“I’m your bitch. Your dirty bitch. And I love it,” she stands in the middle of the room, head high.

“How dirty are you little one? Can you show me?”

Holding eye contact with me, she slowly starts to undo her button fly jeans. “Yesss,” she hisses at me.

Her left hand descents down beneath the line of her underwear, the right starts to pull her top up do that her bra is showing. Cupping her breast in one hand and squeezing it, the other hand reappears from her pussy, covered in both our juices, I can see the white smear of cum on her fingers. Looking straight at me, she places the fingers in her mouth closes her lips round them and withdraws them, cleaning them.

“I want you again. In my ass.”

I stand and walk toward her, my hand holding her chin, “Why?”

“I am your dirty bitch and I want you to take me, own me.”

I guide her hand back down into her underwear, pushing her fingers toward her shaven pussy.

“And your husband?”

Her eyes glaze and she bites her lip as two fingers move into herself.

“He loves me, but he doesn’t understand me. I love him and always will…but you fill my needs.”

I nod, satisfied.

“Strip out of your clothes.”

I step back to watch as my angry princess meekly does as she is told, her fire flashing to the surface when she treats me to a strip tease. Holding her top across her chest before dropping it, turning away from me and bending over to peel her underwear off.

“Bedroom. On the bed,” I’m straightforward and clear with her, she adores it.

I take my time, removing shirt, shoes and socks before padding quietly into the bedroom.

The bedside light is on, the top drawer on the cabinet open and a lubricant tube half sticks out of it.

She’s on the bed, facing away from me on all fours, with her head down into the pillows. Ass high in the air.

I click the door closed and smile as I notice a small shiver go through her body. She knows I’m here.

I walk to the bedside and stroke a hand up the curve of her buttock and leave it on the small of her back. She sighs softly, but remains still.

I slip the lubricant tube into my back pocket, markantalya escort where it will take the edge off the coolness of it.

“Tell me again what you want,” I say low enough for her to hear.

“I want you to fuck my ass.”

“But your pussy is so wet and open to me, I can see my cum there already.”

It was true, her lips were puffed open fully and a leak of cum was dribbling from her again.

“No. In my ass. You’ve been in her and my mouth already. Take all of me.”

Saying nothing I unbuckle my belt and slide it from the loops. She takes a sideways look at the sound, she’s no stranger to taking a belt from me. I trail the leather tongue over her buttocks and then up over her back before finally I attach it around one wrist and the top of the bed. Reaching down to find a discarded knee stocking, I tie her other hand to the bed.

Putting the lube on the bed and stripping off my jeans, I kneel up behind her and taking my cock in one hand, slather it in lubricant from the tube. Lining up the head carefully, I push forward slowly until just the bulbous head is inside her.

Inside her pussy, that is.

“Wha?” she says surprised, jerking her head up. “What are you doing?”

“I own you, you tell me and I can’t resist fucking your pussy. Patience little one, your ass is mine.”

I sink my cock into her fully. She moans and rolls her head face down onto the pillow.

I squeeze a generous amount of lube onto my thumb and, making sure I’m fully embedded in her, start to push my thumb into her asshole.

“Oooohhh! Slowly. I want to feel it all.”

I rotate my thumb in her, making the circle slightly wider as it spins. Withdrawing my hand, I re-lube two fingers again and slip them inside her, again rotating them as I slide them in and out.

She’s moaning and pushing back against me now, her hands tied to the bedstead keeping her body low to the mattress. She bunches the sheets with her grip.

“Untie my hand. I need to squeeze my breast!” she gasps the words out.

Withdrawing my hand, I lean over her and release her hands, she shakes the right one free and immediately moves it to her left nipple, pulling on it and pinching.

I slide my cock free from her with a groan of my own, I do love fucking her from behind. I relube myself generously and line up on her wrinkled knot of skin and muscle, I push forward slowly until my cock head is inside; the easy part.

“Slowly,” comes the demand from under me.

Gripping her by the hips, I ease myself forward against her, meeting resistance.

Her phone rings, shrilly intruding on us; the name on the display says “Gregor”, her husband.

She looks up at the smartphone on the cabinet and in an outraged loud voice, declares, “Fuck off Gregor! He is taking my ass right now!”

She bucks her ass in the air, pushing herself backwards onto me fully and shrieks in pain (possibly pleasure?).

I hold still, buried deep in her. I hear her hand move and feel a pressure against my cock, from inside her; she’s started to masturbate with me in her ass!

I slide very slowly out and listen to her moans and wet noises as she works her own body and then I push back in again and start to work a slow rhythm against her fast one.

I hear the familiar sounds of her ascension to orgasm, the “uh uh uh” noise at the back of her throat and fast paced breathing. I slow my thrusts to a standstill, inside of her.

She stiffens suddenly under me, flicking her head to one side, gasping for air with her eyes tightly closed, her muscles flutter around my cock, spasming; a moment that drags on and on…

She collapses to the mattress under me and I wait for her to gather strength.

With a low moan, she pushes herself back up onto all fours. “I want you to fuck my ass like you own it, but let me know when you will cum.”

I don’t need any other words of encouragement from her, I start slow and add some more lube, working up my speed a little.

It doesn’t take me long before I feel a pulling sensation deep in my balls and I know that I’ll cum soon.

“Soon love, I feel it”

She tenses under me and I continue to thrust into her curved ass.

“Fuck! Yes! Mmmmffmh!” My balls release into her bowels, cum jetting into her.

“I feel it! I feel your hot cum in me. I love it! Mmmmmmm,” she wriggles her ass in circles.

I collapse onto her and roll us on our sides, spooning with me still in her. My hands roam her body, stroking and touching lightly.

My lover turns her head, we kiss awkwardly.

“You hurt me, a little, but it felt good. I like the pain.”

“Why do you like it?” I know the answer, but want to hear it from her.

“It means I know you own me.”

My cock softens and frees itself from with a quiet noise.

“Oh!” she says, “I miss him already.”

“Give it time little one, we have all weekend. Now come here”, I open my arms to hold her, she turns into my embrace and rests her head on my chest.

“I love being your dirty bitch,” is the last I hear from her as she snuggles down.

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