Mrs. V’s Legs

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Elizabeth Veldin lingered by the bay window of her house one early summer morning waiting. There was a new landscaping service she’d contracted with to mow her lawn, and this day a new stud was supposed to show up, a college boy hired for the summer. She hoped he would be what she needed.

He was. Around 8:30, the kid lumbered into the yard in a beat-up pickup truck, hauling the mower off the back and onto her lawn. Elizabeth smiled, and her pussy wettened. The kid was about 20, blonde, smooth skinned and built like a college athlete she supposed he was. He peeled off his tight t-shirt and she moaned, his chiseled and muscular torso already gleaming with sweat. In the front of his baggy shorts, she detected a noticeable bulge.

“He’ll do fine,” she said to herself, then patting her muscular thighs, added, “you ready, girls?’

Elizabeth was single, 45 years old, with short blonde hair and bright blue eyes, and a body honed by years of weightlifting, aerobics, working out and wrestling. She stood 5-9 and weighed a stone-hard 130 pounds, most of that in her long, ruggedly lean legs. Tanned and limber, they bulged with noticeable but not overpowering muscle.

Thickish calves bulged from above her slender ankles, her hamstrings were sinewy and lean, her quads etched with just the right amount of muscle tone. She’d get comments on her legs all the time. And she certainly knew what they could do.

She let the boy work his way to the back before she went to her large deck in a stunning white bikini to sun herself – and lead him on. She stretched in the sun, noticing him noticing her, the young boy nervously watching when he didn’t think she’d see, eyes wide as she once bent over to lay a towel on the chaise lounge, those hamstrings stretched taut and inviting. She turned to lay down and smiled at him, shooting him a wave and then telling him to cut the engine for a moment.

“You don’t mind if I lay out awhile do you young man?” she called, eyes hidden behind dark glasses as she eyeballed his sweaty, muscular frame.

“Not at all, ma’am, you’re the boss,” he smiled back, somewhat nervously.

“Yes, yes I am the boss, aren’t I?” she laughed. “You may call me Mrs. V. What’s your name, young man?”

“Bobby,” he said, trying not to look at her but unable to avert his eyes.

“OK, Bobby, keep cutting my lawn,” she sighed. “I may ask you in a bit to oil up my back and my legs, would that be OK?”

Bobby gulped and hunched over a little Elizabeth giggled, knowing the kid was growing wood in his baggy shorts.

He nodded and hurried along his job, cutting the lawn in long strips, watching her intently when he thought she’d dozed off. But she hadn’t. She daydreamed about her thighs wrapped around his sucking face. And then it was time.

She stood and canlı bahis motioned for him to stop mowing and come up on the deck, turning to straighten out her towel, those steely hamstrings roped up in the back of her thighs, her ass completely exposed in her tiny bikini bottom. She heard him on the stairs as she lay on her belly.

“Don’t be shy, young man,” she said sternly, holding up a bottle of suntan oil. “Now be a dear and get Mrs. V. all wet, would you?”

She heard him gulp as he stepped beside her taking the bottle and squirting it on her long, fairly well muscled back. He knelt and kneaded her flesh, supple and hot, caressing the muscles as his large hands worked the oil in. She liked large hands, it bode well.

“Now my legs, Robert,” she said formally. “Start with my calves and work your way up to my thighs.”

“Yes,” he said.

“Yes, Mrs. V.,” she corrected.

“Yes,….Mrs. V.,” he added.

Her cunt tingled the second his big fingers started massaging her muscular calves and she had a mini orgasm by the time the boy reached her thighs, his strong hands relaxing and tensing the muscles there all at once. He kneaded her rock-hard hamstrings and his fingers brushed the cup of her mounded ass. She heard him moan and then he stood up.

She turned to face him, his hands nervously before him.

“I didn’t say stop, did I Robert?” she asked sternly, looking him up and down from over her sunglasses which she held slightly away from her face. “I think my ass needs attention, don’t you? You don’t see any tan lines, right? That’s because I tan my ass, and now I want you to oil it up. Got it?”

“Yes….Mrs. V.,” he groaned.

He knelt again and for five minutes, greased and massaged Elizabeth’s taut but supple ass, his cock in full flower now as she had another tiny orgasm under his ministrations.

“I really gotta finish, Mrs. V., I have other houses today,” he said nervously, standing to turn away.

“Turn around, young man,” she said, sitting up.

Slowly he did, hands before him.

“Drop ’em,” she growled.

He obeyed and sure enough the front of his baggy shorts tented with the magnificent pole inside. She smiled appreciatively.

“You’re going to satisfy me with your cock, stud, but first my thighs need some attention,” she hissed. “Kneel here and put your face in my crotch, I want to squeeze you in my legs.”

“Mrs. V., please,” he stammered. “I’m a v….I don’t want….please, don’t…”

She roared. “You’re a VIRGIN! You’re what, 20?” “Twenty-one,” he said softly. “I’m just waiting for the right girl, that’s all.”

“You’ve found her,” Elizabeth moaned, reaching for Bobby’s belt and whipping it off in one stroke. “Now on your fucking knees or I’ll report you to your boss!”

He looked bahis siteleri nervously around and Elizabeth impatiently thrust a naked foot into his crotch, banging into his bloated balls, forcing him to his knees where she easily captured him in a front facescissors, her thighs slamming shut around his ears, her long calves locked up and resting on his sweaty back, his nose and mouth pinned to the moist heat of her crotch. She leaned up and looked down at him, pulling aside the tiny fabric covering her pussy.

“I imagine you’ve never eaten cunt before, but you’ll learn – the HARD way!” she said, thundering her thighs on his face so hard he cried out in pain. “Now lick me, boy, lick me good and I might not knock you out in my scissor grip!”

The kid did a good job under pressure, she thought, as her thighs tightened on his face and she felt his tongue lance her wet, hairy mound, tickling her clit and then making long, broad strokes up and down her very juicy lips. Her legs quivered as she squeezed, grinding out orgasm after orgasm against his trapped and red face. She ignored his painful moans and scissored him to an endless stream of cums, drenching his face. When she finally let him go, he was nearly out from the crush.

“Very good, young man,” she cooed, sitting back and slipping out of her top and bottom. “Now, let’s see what you have!”

She pulled down his shorts with one stroke and gasped. The kid was boasting 10 inches if he had an inch, a thick, veiny prick with a huge, gorgeous cap.

“My, my, my, where have you been my whole life, stud?” she laughed, caressing his massive balls with one hand as she encircled the girth of his big dong with the other, stroking gently. “Ever have a woman touch your cock before?”

“No, Mrs. V.,” he said nervously, eyes shut as he fought the feeling.

“Then you’ve never had one do THIS, right?”

She leaned forward and gave him the first blowjob of his life, pursing her lips and slipping it inside, sucking him to the balls in one stroke, then bobbing back and forth, gripping the base tightly to keep him from cumming.

“You wanna blow your wad, right, I know you do,” she growled, taking her mouth off to rub the thick head all over her face, leaving a slime trail of precum. “When did you last jack off? Tell me!”

“Last….last week…” he moaned, looking through incredulous eyes down into her sultry blue ones.

“Then we’ll make this one quick,” she said, releasing the grip on his dick and feeling his cum burst up the back of it as she left her fingers loose around it. “You’ll stay hard for more!”

The first splash caught her by surprise, a thick ropy load that bathed her face, followed by others she quickly ingested in her mouth, swallowing the biggest load she’d ever coaxed from a cock. Thick bahis şirketleri rivers jetting into her belly as she gulped him down, the cum on her face dripping in a gooey rivulet to her heaving, sweaty tits. She popped him out of her mouth and used her fingers to scoop up his goop and rub it into her boobs and neck and face.

“Ah, the cum fountain of youth!” she growled, sucking her fingers clean. “Nothing like it for eliminating wrinkles!”

Bobby waved back and forth on his feet, tired from the exertion. Elizabeth quickly spun him around and sat him before her, taking him in a headscissors from behind, her iron thighs crushing his head, those long calves snaked together around his still hard prick. She squeezed both heads.

“You like Mrs. V’s legs on your head, Bobby, do ya?” she hissed, and the boy nodded. “You like Mrs. V’s calves on your cock? It’s the pain and pleasure thing, my young stud, I give you pain…” With that she arched her back and shot all she had into the scissors, making the boy scream. “…and pleasure,” she said, settling back down to milk his wet cock in her sweaty calves. “Now cum again for Mrs. V’s calves, stud. And I might let you fuck me.”

She knew she would, but loved the dominance she so easily exerted over him now as she worked her muscular calves up and down on his trapped cock, the big head slipping in and out of the sweaty grip of her lower legs. It took a bit longer this time, but soon enough, Bobby went stiff and groaned, a thick wand of spew jetting into the air and splashing back down on Elizabeth’s clutching calves, lining her shiny shins with obscene white stripes of his seed.

“Rub it in, stud, like you did the suntan oil,” she growled, letting him go and turning him around.

Bobby moaned, totally submissive now as he worked his load into Elizabeth’s long, dark, muscular legs, every inch shining by the time he got through. She spread her legs and pulled him toward her, his cock poised at the edge of her dripping love tunnel.

“In you go,” she growled, pulling him inside her to the balls, the kid screaming with pleasure – and then pain as she put the legs to his sides. “Pain and pleasure, Bobby, the pleasure of your first fuck, the pain of your first fucking BODYSCISSORS!!”

She rode him hard, flexing and unflexing her long, muscular thighs, working him in and out, making him last. She fucked him blind and scissored him hard for 30 solid minutes until they both were coated in sweat. She finally coaxed his load from him, a smaller but still sizeable load she felt scorch her womb as he plunged it in and out, finally coming to rest against her, her thighs holding him tightly.

“Mrs. V….that was…..” he panted.

“Yes, yes, I know, I know,” she smiled, patting his head as it lay on her heaving tits. “Now, get back to work – and when you’re done, come inside for a little bit extra.”

He finished the lawn in record time, hauling inside the house when he was done. The screams of pain and pleasure followed long into the hot afternoon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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