Mrs Claus Under The Tree

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Authors note: This is one of my entries into the Literotica 2021 Winter Holidays Story Contest. As with most of my works, this one is kind of long. This story includes a wide variety of sexual encounters, including with friends and family. I hope you all enjoy this fanciful Christmas tale, and oh….don’t forget to vote!

No sexual encounters in this story involve minors under the age of 18.


It was just past midnight. It had been a wonderful evening, watching the light snow falling, driving around looking at the Christmas lights after church, watching the grandkids run around and play with the special Christmas presents Santa had delivered while we were gone to church. The house was full, but now quiet, as I lay in bed next to my wife content with my life. Not that there weren’t things that I could change if I could, but all in all, I didn’t have much to complain about. It had been a tough year with all the COVID stuff, but it was almost over. But Christmas was one of my most favorite days and it was hard to be down on your favorite holiday of the year.

I lay, nearly asleep, looking forward to the morning, Christmas morning, when I heard it. It wasn’t much of a sound, just a ‘thunk’ followed by a gentle tinkling sound of glass breaking. I shook my head and climbed from bed, wondering which of my two granddaughters were messing with presents under the tree. I padded barefoot to the stairs, wearing only my sleep shorts. I walked quietly down the stairs, stepping at the sides of the treads to make as little noise as possible, wanting to catch whichever child it was, in the act. I could see the flicking multi-color light bouncing off the white walls, illuminating the room in a flowing, ever changing kaleidoscope of color. I paused on the third step up, looking from the stairs, across the dining room and into the living room.

I could see her standing there, bent over, moving packages about, stacking them higher around the sides and in the back, almost as if she were trying to make room under the front of the tree. She certainly wasn’t three or four or even twenty-four. No, she was quite a bit older. She stood and turned towards me, almost as if she felt me watching her. Her hair was short and curly and gray, a red velvet hat perched on her head, the white fur trim making it look almost like she had on a halo. The long dress, coming well below her knees was red velvet as well, but more a dark red, almost burgundy. The material flowed over her clearly large chest and down her body snugly, ending in a white fur trim just below her knees and above her black leather boots. The dress looked to be ancient, or maybe even older, but exquisitely made with gentle darker deep burgundy patterns that seemed to almost move on the material as she stood looking at me.

“Good evening, Scott,” she said softly, her voice as silky as the dress looked. “Come. It’s alright. I’m here for you.”

I looked at her in confusion, stepping off the last three steps and then walking slowly across the dining room. “Here for me?” I asked as I moved closer. I almost recognized her face, pleasant, smiling, radiant. It took long seconds before I realized that I DID know her face. I’d seen it just the day before at the mall. “Mrs. Claus?” I asked in surprise, realizing she was the same woman that I’d seen when I took my granddaughters to visit Santa Claus while their mother was busy shopping for last minute gifts.

“That’s right. I’m here for your Christmas wish.”

“My Christmas wish?” I asked in confusion, only now realizing she wasn’t alone. Standing near her was another woman, much shorter than she, looking almost childlike. The tight green tights and dress screamed elf. Of course the pointed ears didn’t hurt either.

“This is…Jan. Her elfin name is so hard to pronounce. She’s my favorite helper. She’s the one that convinced me to grant you your wish.”

“My wish?” I asked again in confusion.

Mrs. Claus smiled at me. “You don’t remember, do you? Maybe this will help,” she said before lifting her hand and swinging it slowly in a circle around her head. A circle of sparkling light appeared around Jan’s feet, spinning and swirling as it slowly lifted upward, seeming to encapsulate her in a glowing, twinkling, circular curtain of sparkling white light. As quickly as it appeared, the light disappeared, leaving Jan looking much different, and much more recognizable. Jan now stood a full six foot tall on her bright red six inch high heels, her green tights molding to her sexy shapely legs. Her green dress, barely long enough to cover her butt, hugged her body, showing off her firm stomach and substantial breasts. Her face was creamy white and covered with red freckles that matched her auburn hair. Yes, that was the elf I had seen helping Mrs. Claus at the mall. The one I’d quickly moved to help up when she accidently fell off her high heels. The one I’d murmured to myself that I wouldn’t bursa escort mind finding under my tree on Christmas morning. “I see you recognize her now.”

“I do. From the mall.”

“Well, we’re going to grant you that wish,” she said, raising her hand again. The swirling sparkling circle of light appeared beneath both of them, swirling and circling them as it quickly lifted toward the ceiling. It was only when the glittering curtain had fully engulfed both of them that it disappeared, leaving them both standing completely naked before me.

I took a step back in surprise. Both of them were incredibly sexy. Jan’s big tits were sprinkled with tiny red freckles, each big soft orb sporting a large round pink areola surrounding a protruding rock hard, pink nipple. Her curves below were every bit as sexy, as was her completely shaved mound and pussy lips, which she seemed only too happy to have me see. Mrs. Claus was equally sexy. Though her tits were smaller, but only slightly, her body was no less firm and shapely. She had a small tuft of gray hair on her mound, neatly trimmed into what I had to call a Christmas tree. She smiled sexily at me and stepped towards me.

“Here. Take a bite,” she said, offering me a small Christmas cookie.

“What is it” I asked, somehow more worried about what was in the cookie that I was being offered, instead of the fact that there were two completely naked women in my living room.

“A cookie,” she said, holding it up for me. “You do want your Christmas wish, don’t you?” I looked between her and Jan, not sure what to think. “Come now Scott. I heard your wish almost as loudly as if you’d shouted it from the rooftops.”

“You did?”

“I did. You imagined Jan laying under the tree naked, your mind trying to picture her with nothing on, imagining just how far the freckles went. That image quickly morphed into an image of your wife under the tree. Your wish included a very vivid image of you finding your wife laying under the tree in a very sexy red lace teddy that hid almost nothing of her body, you and she having passionate sex under the tree. Passionate and intense, as it used to be when you were younger. That was what you were thinking when you said you wanted to see us under your tree, wasn’t it?”

I took a breath. It was. I had thought of Jan naked under the tree, wondering just how far the little red freckles went. And my mind did shift to my wife. She’d never wear an outfit like I had imagined, something I saw online, no matter how much I would have wanted her to. And she certainly would NEVER lay under the tree for me in something so sexy. So yes, I was thinking that, as I frequently do when I see women in particularly sexy outfits. “It was,” I whispered.

“And you would like this wish to come true?” she asked, stepping so close to me that her protruding nipples brushed my chest. She let one hand slip between us, pushing the front of my sleep shorts down to expose my growing hard-on. She closed her hand around me and gently stroked my dick.

“I do,” I whispered honestly.

“Then eat,” she whispered back, holding the cookie out for me once more. I took the cookie from her hand and held it, not sure if I should eat it or not. “Go ahead. I promise no harm will come. I am, after all, Mrs. Claus.” I took a bite of the small cookie and felt my head swirl. Her arms looped around me to hold me up while my head stopped spinning. “There. Now we can help you make that wish come true,” she whispered. I felt my sleep shorts being pulled down from behind and didn’t mind at all for some reason. Mrs. Claus backed away, taking me by the hand and pulling me along with her as I stepped out of the shorts that were now around my ankles. “We don’t have much time and there is much to do. You have the power to make this Christmas wish come true, however, we can not do it for you. Only YOU have the power.”

“I do?”

“You do. To make your secret wish come true, you must make your spoken wish come true. You must have us under your tree Christmas morning. You must make the two of us climax under your tree. Then your secret Christmas wish will come true.”

“Make you both climax?” I asked a little stupidly. “I’ve never been with two women at once. I’m not sure what to do, and my wife…”

“Will never know,” Jan said quietly as she stepped around me, sliding down my body so her big tits dragged down my arm. She knelt next to me and reached for my hips to turn me. She opened her mouth and closed it around my engorged head.

“No one will ever know. This is your Christmas wish. No one will come interrupt us, no one will know. If you tell someone, who would believe you? Mrs. Claus and an elf having sex with you? No, you won’t ever tell, and no one will ask,” Mrs. Claus whispered as she reached for my hands again, drawing them to her chest. “Enjoy yourself. That’s what Christmas wishes are for.”

I closed my bursa escort bayan eyes, partly at the sensations that Jan was inducing in my cock and partly from the incredible situation. I felt Mrs. Claus move against me, her hand pulling my head gently down towards her. I opened my eyes and looked in hers as she pulled my face to hers, her lips touching mine. “Mmmmmmmm.” We both moaned in unison as a deep warmth flowed over and through me. Her tongue darted into my mouth as I opened my lips, tasting her breath as she breathed into me. I felt my head swirl slightly before our lips parted. “Remember, you must take us both under the tree,” she whispered. “And you only have an hour.”

I nodded and pulled my face back from hers, suddenly wanting to feel and taste them both. I looked down at Jan, eagerly sucking my dick, her head bobbing off and on my saliva coated shaft. “Who wants it first?” I asked eagerly as I stepped back, pulling my cock from her mouth.

“I do,” Mrs. Claus whispered, stepping back and pulling me by the hand. I followed right to the edge of the tree and allowed her to lay me down on my back.

In moments she was moving to step over me, squatting down over my pelvis, reaching down for my dick. She held it vertical and began to slowly lower herself towards me. I watched her rub my head around her protruding inner labia and then work it between her soft lips. I felt her nestle my head into her vaginal opening and slowly lower herself down more. Pressure built around my head and then suddenly changed, my saliva lubricated dick sliding easily into her as she lowered herself down my shaft. I lay there, watching her as she started to lift and lower herself, each drop slapping her bare ass into my thighs, her big soft tits bouncing and swaying wildly as she slowly increased her pace.

My vision of her sexy tits was suddenly blocked by a pussy lowering to my face. Jan squatted over me, lowering her sexy little pussy towards me. Her lips were full and round with only the slightest amount of inner labia peeking from between her lips. The tiny red freckles extended all the way to her pussy, little pink dots scattered across her full round lips, answering my question of the day before. “God, you look like a teenager,” I groaned as she lowered her pussy the last few inches to my face.

She reached between her legs and used her fingers to spread herself so I could lick between her lips, my hands moving to her bare ass to help steady her. “I should,” she whispered. “I’m barely even a hundred years old.”

“Oh damn,” I grunted at the sudden thought of age. If she was still young, how old did elves live I wondered. Suddenly that thought didn’t matter any longer. I tasted her sweetness and worked to dip my tongue even deeper, her juices almost intoxicating, making my head swirl as effectively as any alcoholic drink I’d ever had. I licked up and down her slit, finding her clit and flicking across and over it over and over, coaxing more and more of her juices to flow, my excitement growing with hers while Mrs. Claus continued to bounce on me. I teased Jan’s clit, flicking my tongue over and around it and then sliding down to push my tongue into her as far as I could. She seemed to most like my attentions to her clit, so I concentrated there, feeling her hips rock slightly as she tried unsuccessfully to hold herself still. I reached up her body, past her legs, and grabbed both breasts, squeezing and twisting her nipples with my thumb and finger as I assaulted her clit.

“OH SHIT!” she cried at the sudden change in sensations, her juices flowing copiously from her, running down my chin and neck as I continued to lick her towards her climax.

“I’m commming!” I heard Mrs. Claus cry out as she pounded herself down onto me, drawing my attention back to her. “Now is the time Scott. Now is the time to come for me.”

I don’t know why, but suddenly I NEEDED to come. I felt the last bits of resistance flow away and my body suddenly wanted to orgasm. I felt my balls tighten and my cock swell as I prepared for the final act. I felt Mrs. Claus start to climax, her pussy clenching around me as she bounced, her muscles strongly pulling on my dick and trying to hold me inside her as she continued to pump herself up and down my shaft. “FUCK YES!” she cried as she slammed herself down on me, feeling the first gush of cum lance from my engorged head. I felt my body buck under her, pumping shot after shot into her, more than I remember coming into anyone else, ever!

I wasn’t done. Far from it. I mean, I should have been after a climax like that, but I wasn’t. I looked up at Jan. With lust in her eyes as she looked back down at me, grinning and waiting, almost as if she knew what was to come next. I reached my hands to Jan’s arms and coaxed her off my face as Mrs. Claus stood up off my still rock hard cock. I rolled Jan onto the floor and onto her back, rolling over escort bursa on top of her as she did. Mrs. Claus looked at me and grinned as I moved between Jan’s legs, holding myself up over her. Mrs. Claus reached between us and guided my cock into Jan’s pussy with one of her soft hands. I felt my head slip into position and unceremoniously I shoved my hard cock deep into her still twitching pussy. I couldn’t believe I was still hard, not after as hard a climax as I’d just had, but my hard dick hadn’t faded one bit. I started to pump into her, driving my cock hard into her over and over. Her big soft tits rolled and moved on her chest with each impact of my body against hers. She reached to her pink nipples and pulled and tugged them as I slammed myself into her over and over. The look on her face was pure ecstasy as I pumped my rock hard shaft into her, banging my head into her cervix with each stroke.

“Oh yes. That’s it. Fuck me. Fuck me hard!” Jan moaned as I pumped in and out of her. I could feel sweat tricking down my body and dripping onto her, but she didn’t seem to care, her own creamy white skin glistening in the blinking colored lights. Over and over I drove my cock into her, feeling her soft tunnel walls teasing me, coaxing me back towards another climax. “So good. Ohhhhh fuck Mrs. C, soooo close!” Jan moaned. “He’s going to make me come. He’s really going to make me come!” she gasped as she lay under me, her hands moving to my hips to coax me to drive into her even harder. In and out I plunged, watching her face, watching her rock hard nipples get harder, her areola puckering and engorging as her climax worked closer. “OH FUCK YES! OH MRS. C. It’s happening! OHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUCK!” she cried as her pussy clenched around me. Her insides seemed to want to pull me deeper even as I tried to continue stroking in and out, the sudden change in tightness driving me past the edge.

“AHHHH!” I gasped as my body jerked, jamming my cock hard into her. I felt my cock pump a gush of cum into her, and another and another. I had no idea how many times I pumped into her before I collapsed on top of her, panting.

“Ohhhhhhh fuuuuuck yesssss,” she cooed softly, moving her hands to my back, and stroking softly along it. “Ohhhhhh Mrs. C. Ohhhhhh. Soooo good.”

“I told you,” Mrs. Claus answered her, sitting on the floor next to us. She looked at me as I lifted my head and turned it to see her. “You did well Scott. Very well. I told you the power was within you, and it was. I can feel the change in you already, the desire for you growing again. The need for you to be inside me affecting even me.”

“The change in me?” I panted.”

She lowered her voice to a soft whisper and moved her face closer to mine. “The sexual juices of a virgin elf are especially strong and it is rumored that it can induce a significant elfin magic spell in a mortal man if they are activated by the co-mingling of their climactic juices.”

“A Virgin elf? A magic spell? Come on.”

“A virgin elf,” she whispered with a nod. “You were her first, elf or man. It was her choice when you helped her at the mall. She felt your strength as you lifted her and sat her on the chair, your kindness as you sought to see if she was alright, your gentleness as you checked her ankle, your willingness to help even though she was a stranger. She felt that you were the one she wanted for her first, even though you were a mortal man and not an elf. She chose you for her first.”

“So what happens? We’re bonded for life or something?”

“Oh no,” she giggled. “But every adult woman in your life will now be sexually attracted to you.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad,” I said.

“No Scott. EVERY adult woman: Wife, Sister, adult children, friends, neighbors, co-workers. All of them. They will ALL want to have sex with you. They will be irresistibly drawn to want to have sex with you. The longer they spend in your presence, the more irresistible that urge will be for them.”

“Just because she and I climaxed together?”

“As I said, she gave something of herself to you while you were tasting her. The juices of her sexual ecstasy. They have special powers, at least when ingested by a mortal, either man or woman. It changes you, your body chemistry, the scent of you. You were drawn to quickly have intercourse with her as well, a desire created partly by the intoxication of her juices and partly by your desire for her. Female elves can be particularly hard to make climax. But doing so, especially after what she gave you already, your climax together, the comingling of your ecstasy, completed a rare magic elfin spell. One that hasn’t been made in many hundreds of years.”

“So, because I did these things, I tasted her orgasm and we climaxed together, every woman I’m around will want to have sex with me? For how long?” I asked, suddenly concerned.

“For a year. Longer if Jan comes back next year and renews it with another mutual orgasm. The decision will be yours… when the time comes.”

I pulled my still hard dick from Jan and rolled onto my back on the floor. Jan rolled on her side, pressing her sexy body against mine. “I still have a hard-on,” I said in surprise, looking down at my glistening cock.

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