Mr Truman Ch. 01

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I had met an older man whilst out walking one afternoon in my Local Park, I had stumbled across him stood in the woods and he was playing with what was quite a sizeable cock it was at least 8 inches long and thick, he was stood in a wooded area just off a well known track were a lot of gay people liked to hang out I guess because they knew it was secluded enough and anyone walking round there would probably be gay also.

I stood and watched him for a while, the sight of his big thick cock being thoughtfully manipulated by his hand made my own cock start to grow and I stood there rubbing it through my jeans.

He caught sight of me but instead of looking shocked or embarrassed he turned more towards me and smiled at me while he continued to play with himself.

A little embarrassed I smiled back at him, he was in his mid to late 50’s in fairly good shape from what I could tell. I being 33 was considerably younger than him but the sight of him still got my cock extremely hard.

The older man said to me, why don’t you get your big hard cock out and come and join me, it would be better than standing there stroking it through your jeans and I wouldn’t mind your company for a while as long as you don’t antalya escort mind that is.

Sure I said, I don’t mind and anyway I’d like to get a closer look at that big cock of yours.

He laughed a little and said, come on over then you can look as close as you’d like.

I walked the short distance to where he was stood, I stood in front of him and un did the button on my jeans unzipped and pulled the jeans down to my knees, I then pulled my boxer shorts down and let the warm summer breeze wash over my already hard throbbing cock. I stood there in front of him and started to play with my 7 inch thick uncut cock all the while watching him playing with his cock.

Do you like what you see then, he said.

Oh yes it looks marvellous, I said

Well then why don’t you take a hold of it for a while, he said.

I reached my hand out without any hesitation and slowly started to wank his magnificent big cock, it felt fantastic. I stepped in a little closer to him so our cocks could rub together while I played with his the pre cum already oozing from the head of his cock started to mix with my own pre cum helping our cocks to glide effortlessly against each other.

While I antalya rus escort continued to play with his cock he leaned in to me and kissed me, our mouths opened up to each other and our tongues flirted in and out, he put one hand on the back of my neck and one hand on my butt cheek and pulled me in even closer to him, the passion being swapped at that time was electrifying, the feel of his lips and tongue and his hand squeezing and rubbing my bum cheeks while his cock rubbed against mine sent a torrent of shivers and tremors shooting through me.

We stayed like this for what seemed like a long time but in reality it was probably only a minute or two.

He released his vice like grip on me and broke away from the kiss, the expression on his face told me that it would not be long before his big cock would be shooting hot yummy cum from it.

Ohhhhh yeah you’re really going to make me cum any minute now, he said.

Good, I can’t wait to make this magnificent big cock cum, I replied.


I quickly dropped my head down and took that lovely looking cock straight in to my mouth, I pressed my lips antalya ucuz escort hard against the swollen shaft and started to run my tongue all over his big swollen throbbing purple head.

Within seconds I felt his hands on my head and his cock start to swell in my mouth and then the first wave of hot yummy cum exploded into my mouth, I started to swallow as the next wave hit my throat and then another and more waves of hot cum until it eventually started to subside.

I kept his cock in my mouth until I had taken every drop of his cum and his cock had started to soften.

I looked up at him and he was stood there with his hands resting on my shoulders and his knees where bent a look of sheer pleasure, fulfilment and exhaustion washed over his face.

He pulled his cock from my mouth and pulled me up to him and kissed me.

As we stopped kissing he looked me in the eyes and said, that was absolutely amazing, I would like to return the favour but unfortunately I have a more pressing engagement I have to attend,

I smiled at him and said, sure no worries the pleasure was all mine, I’m just glad I got to play with your magnificent cock.

As we stood there both of us straightening ourselves before we got ready to depart he handed me a card and said if you’re doing nothing tomorrow night I’d like you to come down to this club I go to just hand this card to the doorman and tell him you are here to see Mr Truman.

We had a quick kiss and then said our goodbyes.

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