Moving On

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Pollianna got a call from Jenkins, at the estate agents early on Saturday morning. She’d been looking for a new flat to rent for sometime. This particular agency hadn’t given her much to view, but she felt she should turn up as promised. Jenkins was rather a dishy guy, she thought as she admired him from afar. Early thirties, quality suit, polished shoes, interesting colour of tie to go with his pastel lilac shirt. It was blue!

‘ I wouldn’t say no to him,’ she thought. Well at least she thought she thought it.

They went in, it was a small two bedroom flat, large living area and separate kitchen.

He smelt nice too, Pollianna remarked to herself as he stood close to her a few times during the viewing. She wasn’t sure, but was his hand touching hers a couple of times?

“Do you like the smaller properties, Ms Richards?” he inquired.

“Oh, yes,” she replied “They are so intimate, don’t you think?” She clasped her hands in front of her as she spoke, smiling broadly, drawing her shoulders up, showing off her lovely breasts under a white blouse she wore, with no jacket. She remembered just throwing on her jeans, blouse and those lovely designer boots, she refused to leave the house without, these days. Was this too much flirting.. He was so very nice, can you do too much flirting?

He went a little pink in the face, she thought it was strange because he was obviously a man of the world, wasn’t he? Mmmmm, now she was intrigued. So feeling a little fruity, she let her arm brush against his lovely pert arse as she walked past him next time, He was visibly embarrassed by it, and moved away. Then in close proximity in the bathroom, she had to squeeze behind him, and allowed her nipples to rub against his jacket, although they weren’t erect, she was sure he would realise what she was up to. She moved in front of him and made a very pronounced bending over to try the taps on the bath. She was so disappointed when he moved back before she made contact with his body. I guess he doesn’t go for older women, she thought, resigning herself to the fact she was going to have another crap year this year.

They moved out of the bathroom, and went into the galley kitchen, He lent on one cupboard, but seemed to stand awkwardly, she lent against the sink, like a brazen hussy, arms outstretched escort kartal behind her, palms on the worktop, pulling her blouse very tight over her firm breasts, head tilted a little to one side, and a devilish smile on her lips. Her jeans were quite tight and showed her body off well, she may be older and plumper, but she could still look good! They chatted a while, and she realised he was more and more uncomfortable, she decided that it was make or break time.

“Is that a pistol in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?”

‘ OH MY GOD, what did I say!’ she thought. Too late, he went bright red, and shuffled about,

“Well, er, act.., actually, I do find you attractive,” he stuttered, “I’m not too good at this, chatting up women, not had many girlfriends. But seeing as you are an older woman, I thought you might be more likely…”

” To what?,” she said in a higher tone , ” To show you the ropes! You think just cos I’m over 40, and single, I’m not getting any, and to seduce a 30 year old virgin, may do it for me! Is that what you meant?”

Before he could even answer let alone regain his composure, she made the step required to get from the sink to his mouth, she planted her lips firmly on his, she felt them quiver a little as she put her arms around his neck, tugging him even closer. She felt him standing strangely, obviously embarrassed that his erection would give him away, so she dropped a hand down, and ran it from his pocket across, to his zipper, stopping at his hard cock. She let out a murmur as she ran her fingers over it, from tip to base, then put the palm of her hand on its length and rubbed in a circular motion. He was murmuring now, and he broke away from her passionate kiss.

“Er, er, um, please not too much.. ”

“You mean you’re going to cum already! What sort of guy are you? A Man or mouse?”

Without letting him answer she moved back, and started undoing her blouse, she had all the buttons undone, and was pulling off her blouse as she watched his reaction when he saw her lacy white bra.

“Would you like to touch these?” she asked, unclasping the bra, and pulling it off to allow her lovely 40DD breasts to swing in front of both of them.

“Don’t be shy. It’s OK, I’ll help you,” she said as she took his hand and laid maltepe escort it flat on her nipples. His warmth sending shivers through her nipple all the way down to that lovely, wet, shaved fanny of hers. Her other hand grab his free hand and she pulled him closer, placing his hand on her bum, with a slap.

“Now you just take you’re time, and we’ll both enjoy, the viewing.” she smiled. Leaning forward she kissed him passionately again, his fingers started to play with her nipples, and that turned her on so much. His other hand just made circular movements on her bum, she turned her lower body to send the message to him, he complied. He moved his hand on round and felt the zipper, then he pulled at it to allow it to unzip fully, he needed both hands to release the button, and giving the jeans a little tug, they moved down her legs a little. His hand felt for the top of her matching white lace, knickers and he slipped a hand in. He moved his hand down, and seemed to become disorientated as he struggled to feel any hair.

“Mmmm, so you’re not that inexperienced?” Pollianna said, realising his predicament.” You were expecting to feel a thick forest of hair. Well big boy, I’m clean shaven, would you like to examine it? ” His eyes opened as he stared into hers.

“Please.” was all he could muster.

“OK, but my turn first”, and with that she undid his suit trousers, letting them drop to the floor, then sank to her knees to acquaint herself with his lovely erection. Pulling the boxers down in one swift movement, it sprung out magnificently. It was in her mouth, and she was loving the slightly salty taste it was creating. Her hand was around the shaft and her other was cupping his balls. She ran her fingers over them expertly, feeling him quiver and shudder as she did. This is going to be so easy, she thought to herself. But she didn’t want him cumming too quick.

“OK, your turn”. She kicked off her boots, pulled her jeans down, pulled her knickers off, and popped them in her jeans pocket, then lying down on the cold lino flooring, she lay there. He stalled for a second, then knelt down in front of her, he held his cock in one hand and started to head towards her wanton pussy.

“OK, I want you to lick me first, you can have me then, but I want that hot tender tongue to pendik escort bayan do its magic on me first.”

He moved his mouth on to her, she felt his hot lips on her smooth skin and then felt him, running his tongue over her lips, up and down, slipping into her moist pussy, occasionally as he moved up and down her. She moved her hands down, to pull the lips apart, and he slipped his tongue into her pussy, he grunted as he tasted her, and licked at the creamy juice. She held his hair and pulled him up, letting him locate the golden orb. Her clit.

His rough tongue, rasping over it, sending shivers through her, as she forgave him his inexperience. She tilted her head back, closed her eyes and imagined this being his first time, She pulled his head against her, to heighten the feeling of her orgasm building up inside.

“Oh, yes, that’s so good.” she whispered. “I want your fingers in me, I’m going to cum soon.” He obliged and as he slipped a couple into that very wet fanny, she replaced his tongue with her fingers and was rubbing herself for England. It took no time at all for her to release her first orgasm of 2010, Certainly wouldn’t qualify for the World Cup of orgasms, but wasn’t it nice, as it rippled out over her body, giving her a level of pleasure that she hadn’t had for a while.

“OK, you can have me now”, She threw a condom over to him. It took a few seconds for him to get prepared, but then she felt his hardness slipping into her wet pussy, and he soon found his rhythm and was pumping her deep and harder.

“Oh, yesss, ” She stammered “Faster big boy, I want it all inside me.”

Knowing he wouldn’t take long, she pulled his head to her and kissed him sweetly on the lips, she felt him change pace, slowing, and tensing up as he groaned out loud through the kissing, as he was filling his little sack inside her. He collapsed on top of her and she felt him breathing heavily. Their bodies lying on the cold lino for a few minutes as he recovered from his workout.

They dressed quickly, and were at the front door. He lent forward to kiss here, but she refused,

“No, sorry, you had your fun, I’m not that free and easy.” He was locking the door as they stood on the step,

“OK, Poll, lovely to see you again, and if you want to see another flat, we’ve got a great one in Walford, Its got a Four Poster, would be great to christen it with you.”

“Don’t push you’re luck Dave,” she said, “I only agreed to see this with you cos I’m not getting much action at the moment.”

And then they were on their separate ways.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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