Movie Theater Fantasy

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Picture me in a tight green summer dress; it goes down to my ankles but has a slit that goes up to my thigh and is tank top style so it shows off my ample cleavage. No bra or panties of course because that would just get in the way. Picture you in a button up top and jeans. We walk into the theater, your hand on my back because even though we have to be careful in public you have a hard time keeping your hands off me (apparent by how your hand keep grazing my thick ass as we stand in the concession line).

We’ve picked a movie that’s been out for a while with the hopes that the theater would either be empty or close to it. As luck would have it there is only a few couples scattered out and they happened to choose seats closer to the screen. We go up the stairs and pick a spot that is towards the aisle but secluded. You pull up the cup holder so that you can pull me close to you. You hand is rubbing up and down my arm, as though you can’t escort kartal wait for the lights to go off and we can have privacy.

The lights go down and the previews start up. As soon as its dark you grab me and kiss me hard, whispering that you couldn’t wait to taste me. Your fingers in my hair as the other hand travels over to my tits. You start caressing the top, feeling how soft they are. You feel me shiver and then slowly run your fingers over my nipples through my dress. Your lips travel down to my neck as you kiss me all over. Then your kisses turn to bites. I bite my lip to silence my moans.

You pull my top down letting my big heavy tits fall out. You look at them, the light from the screen shining on them. You whisper about how beautiful my nipples are and how I have the best tits. You lean down and take a nipple in your mouth which makes me gasp. You suck it, gently at first then harder. As you are sucking maltepe escort your hand snakes it way down my body, lifting up my skirt exposing my dripping wet cunt. Your finger tracing the outline of my pussy, feeling my pubic hair, feeling my juices that are leaking out onto my lips.

You start rubbing my clit, slowly at first. You take your fingers away from my clit and rub my juices on my lips then kiss me hard. Your finger returns rubbing my clit faster, your lips stifling my moans as you rub faster. The sound of my wetness and the smell of my pussy filling the air. I dig my nails into your shoulder and start to cum on your fingers. Kissing you harder to keep my moans down. My thighs shaking. You take my fingers and put them to my lips and I suck your fingers in. Tasting myself on you.

You keep touching my body as I come down; my face, arms, legs, my stomach. My hand moves to the crotch of your pants to pendik escort bayan feel if you are hard for me. I feel a bulge along with a wet spot on your pants. You tell me that your pants are soaked. I undo your pants and pull your throbbing hard cock out. I can feel your dripping even before I look down, feeling it run down my hand. I lean down and run my tongue all over your cock and my hand licking up all your delicious precum.

I whisper and tell you how wonderful you taste and how much I love your reaction to me. I bite your neck then lower down and shove your cock in my mouth. I feel you twitch and your hands tangle in my hair. I don’t go slow as I want to taste your cum quickly. Head bobbing up and down as I lick all over sucking hard. I shove you in my throat fast using my tongue all over. I can hear you panting and I hear you whisper that it feels amazing. I go faster, fucking you with my mouth. I feel you buck and I suddenly your hot cum fills my mouth. I keep bobbing fast, sucking your dick dry. Swallowing every yummy drop. You keep twitching in the after shock and you grab me and kiss me, tasting you on my lips. I bite my lip and cuddle up to your side as you recover for round two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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