Movie Star Mom Ch. 02

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All characters in this work of fiction are over the age of 18

In case you missed it, I encourage you to read chapter 1


Jenna took another sip of her coffee as she watched her sons and husband finish eating breakfast. Her mind wandered to earlier in the week. She had discovered that her youngest son knew about her career in porn and her swinging lifestyle. The bigger discovery was his infatuation with incest and wanting to fuck his mother. The biggest discovery however was the fact that it wasn’t just her youngest son that wanted to fuck Jenna, but all of three of her boys.

It happened by accident. She did not mean to have sex with Tony, but her youngest son’s Tumblr page pushed her to the point of no return. She knew it was wrong to blame a web page, more precisely her son’s jerk off video, but it was true. It didn’t help that her husband gave her a tacit approval when she told him about her discovery.

It’s been three days since she’d first fucked Tony. In those three days he’s rushed home from school, completed his chores and then pounded Jenna’s pussy before his Dad or brother came home. Jenna can’t recall a time when Tony’s room was clean for more than two hours. It’s been three days and his room is nearly spotless.

“Tony, remember that I’m picking you up at school. Before you leave, please bring down your bag so I can throw it in the truck.”

“Sure dad.”

Tony gave his mom a sad puppy look. His dad and mom coaxed him into the weekend trip to Los Angeles to help his dad pick up some items for their business. To ease his pain, Rich promised his youngest son that they could go to a baseball game on Saturday evening. It sounded like a good idea when he agreed to it on Monday, the day before he fucked his mother for the first time. Now Tony was upset that he would not be burying his cock in his mom after school.

“Don’t look so glum kiddo; you get to see a baseball game.” Jenna knew that would not ease his anguish.

Tony picked up his dishes and put them into the sink. He turned and headed to his room.

“Somebody has a stick up their ass.” Will smiled at his dad.

“William, enough of that.”

“Okay Mom, I was just saying that his attitude could be a little better. He’s been acting strange this whole week. He’s taking showers and combing his hair. It’s like he met a girl or something.”

Will laughed as he finished the sentence. Rich laughed as well and smiled at his wife. Jenna had told him what had happen the first night. The pillow talk in bed ended with Jenna getting pounded in each hole and a load in her pussy and ass.

“Leave your brother alone Will. It wasn’t too long ago that you were discovering women. I’ve gone to the mall with you and all you do is look at women. You’re like a damn bobble head watching women between your age and your mom’s.”

“Come on Dad, stop.”

“It’s true; I’ve seen you looking at older woman. I’m just thankful you don’t stare at my bride like that. You stay away from her, she’s mine.”

Rich started laughing uncontrollably.

“Will, don’t let your dad tease you like that. I appreciate it when you look at me and say how lovely I am. I’m proud to have raised a polite son. If we’d left the parenting to your dad, you would probably just drool at pretty girls and be unable to string together words into a coherent sentence let alone ask one out. I think Becky should thank me.”

“Thanks Mom. I love you but Dad not so much.” Will stuck his tongue out at his father and then laughed.

“Are you going out with Becky this evening?”

“No, she is going to some charity event with her Mom and sister in San Diego. She will be gone for the whole weekend. It looks like it’s you and me mom.”

Jenna’s pussy quivered. She contemplated a whole weekend alone with her middle son. In the frenzied fucking of Tony, she’d completely forgotten that her middle son was also infatuated with fucking his mother. She remembered Tony telling her Will had a Tumblr paged devoted to her as well.

“Sounds like a date. That is if you’re not worried about hanging out with your Mom. It will be nice to have someone who appreciates my beauty, unlike your father.” Jenna stuck her tongue out at Rich and then laughed.

“Sure Mom.”

“How about we go to the new gym about three o’clock, will you be back from class by then?”

“I have chemistry until two and then I can come home.”

Will got up and put his dishes in the sink. He kissed his Mom on the side of the cheek as he headed for the front door.

“I can see the look in your eyes. I think you are planning something.”

Jenna looked at her husband and feigned ignorance. Tony came back down stairs with his bag in hand.

“Here you go Dad. I’ll be ready at two when school lets out.”

“Tony, if you give me a second I’ll give you a ride to school. I just need to grab my coat and computer; I’ll only be a minute.”

Jenna was suddenly alone with her youngest son. She eve gelen escort raised her hand to his face, pulling him into a kiss. The type of kiss exchanged between lovers, not a mother and her son. As Jenna’s tongue probed Tony’s mouth her hand stroked his cock through the fabric of his shorts. She only had a minute before Rich returned, so a few quick strokes and she backed away.

“That should hold you over until you get back to Mommy. Remember that I have to go to LA as well on Sunday evening. I have meeting with clients all next week. I’m going to San Diego to visit your brother and I’ll be home a week from Sunday.”

“Jenna, have you seen my wallet?” Rich was walking back down the hallway towards the kitchen.

“Yes, it’s where it always is… by the front door.” Jenna knew the question was more to announce his imminent arrival in the kitchen rather that a genuine inquiry about her husband’s wallet. Jenna took a few steps back as her son started walking towards the front door.

“Bye Mom, I’ll see you on Sunday.”

“Have a good trip Tony. Be nice to your Dad.”

Jenna kissed Rich and pinched his ass.

“No hookers or booze for you old man. You have your son with you.” Again, Jenna smiled at her husband as she teased him about what normally happens on his business runs to Los Angeles.

“I would normally tell you to stay away from black guys and young cock, but I doubt that would help. Something tells me that black cock is not going to be the concern this weekend.” Rich raised an eyebrow.

“I don’t think there is anything to worry about. I doubt that I could find a young cock within a hundred miles that would want to fuck an old woman like me.”

“We’ll be back around three on Sunday. When are you driving over for work?”

“I can wait until you guys get back, if you get here by three. If not, I must leave then. Remember that I’m going to San Diego to see Rob after I’m done shooting on Friday.”

Jenna walked Rich to the door. She waved at her youngest son as he climbed into the cab of the truck. Closing the door, Jenna knew what she had to do next.

She nearly ran to Will’s room. As she was opening the door, she wondered if he locked his computer. It was purely an accident that her youngest son kept his computer unlocked and on her movie. William might not be so careless. Jenna pulled out his desk chair and ran her fingernails across a few keys hoping the wake the computer up. The whining sound of the fan sent a jolt of electricity through her body. Hopes of getting into Will’s computer were dashed when a login page appeared on the screen.

“Oh shit, now what?” She was the only one in the house, so Jenna wondered why she’d said that out loud. She thought for a moment and started typing.

‘B-E-C-K-Y” and then she hit enter. The computer told her that it was not the right password.

“F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L” and the enter button again. Jenna typed in several more possible passwords with no success. She sat there for a moment and wondered if he would use that password.

“I-N-C-E-S-T” her finger hovered over the enter button wondering if that is the password her son would use. Her long fingernail clicked on the button only to have the denial message pop up again. ‘Crap’ she thought to herself. She may not be able to get into Will’s computer like she wanted to.

Jenna stopped to think for a moment. Her son is a 21 year old pervert who wants to fuck his mother, at least according to his younger brother’s blog. He wants to have a relationship with his mother. He wants to have incestuous sex with his mother, his porn star mother. Could it be that simple? Jenna typed out her stage name in the space for the password and hit the enter button. The screen came to life with a picture of Will’s girlfriend Becky.

“Hot damn, I’m in.” Jenna again wondered why she was saying anything out loud when there was no one to hear.

She maneuvered the mouse pointer to the web browser icon and opened up the internet. She pulled down the memory and quickly found the link to his Tumblr page. As she opened the page, she saw that his primary blog was an incest blog. As Jenna used her right hand to work the mouse, she thrust her left hand into her yoga pants and her dripping pussy.

The first thing on the dashboard was a GIF clip of Jenna sucking a young cock. It looked like Will created the GIF from her most recent movie. The caption below it read “There is no way to describe the intense pleasure of your own mother staring into your eyes as she works your cock with everything she’s got. Especially when she gets so into it that she’s forgotten she was on the phone with your dad.”

Jenna plunged two fingers deep into the pussy, as she read more about her son’s lust. There were pictures and GIFs of her in various scenes from her movies. As she read the next caption, her body shook with a tiny orgasm.

After years of longing for her, William could not even begin to fatih escort describe how it felt to be plunging into his mother’s swollen, shaved vulva. He was awe struck as he looked down, watching and feeling her maternal vagina literally sucking his adult penis into her sex organ…

Fearing it would end too quickly, William had to pull his slicked-up cock meat out of his mother’s rapidly pulsing birth canal after a few strokes so he didn’t immediately flood her ovaries with his thick, incestuous semen.

Almost as arousing was the continuous stream of filth coming from his mother’s lips. William’s mother was screaming that she needed his heavy, adult penis to continuously fuck into her maternal cunt, begging him, as her handsome son to bang his oversized cock knob against her cervix. “Mommy needs you to make her cum so hard… Be Mommy’s big boy and stuff that cock I gave you into my hungry cunt, back where it came from!”

As Jenna kept reading she found entries on Will’s blog that talked about discovering his mother is a fairly well-known porn star. He described his older brother making fun of him for starring at their mother’s tits one day as she returned from the gym. Apparently, her oldest son, Rob, sent Will a clip from one of her porn movies. She read as her son described watching his mother fuck a black guy. Will described stroking his cock as he watched his mother’s pussy get stretched out by a thick, black cock. Jenna had another small orgasm as she read her son’s account of cumming the first time while masturbating to a video of her.

As Jenna continued to read Will’s blog posts, she got the sense that her son’s desires moved beyond just her as he mentioned Becky in several entries. She learned that her middle son lost his virginity to his first girlfriend, but it appears that Becky is helping him to expand sexually. Then she found another blog post that shook her for a moment.

I was over at Becky’s house last night. We were fooling around as her mom was on a date and her sister was spending the night a friend’s house. I can’t believe that my girlfriend asked me if I wanted to watch porn and fool around. I asked her what she wanted to watch and she said that she likes to watch movies of older women fucking young teen couples. I teased her about being a pussy licker and she smiled at me and said “maybe”

I tell her fine and then she starts a movie. The scene opens with a young redhead and her boyfriend fooling around making a sex tape. I’ve seen the movie a few times, so I know my mom is in it. I try to tell Becky that we should watch a lesbian movie if she is interested in pussy so much. I can’t believe that Becky says no, we need to watch this movie and that it’s one of her favorites…..Oh fuck, my girlfriend knows my mom is a porn star….and she wants to watch one of her movies with me. Oh God, my cock is getting harder. Becky doesn’t say anything when Mom comes on the screen for the first time; she just strokes my cock through my jeans. We watch my Mom for about 10 minutes as Becky strokes my cock. She suddenly speaks and asks me how long I’ve known my mother is a porn star. I stuttered when I tried to respond. Then she asks me if I’ve ever jerked off while watching my Mom.

Jenna read Will’s description of his encounter with Becky. It turns out that Becky recognized Jenna the first week she was introduced to the family. It also seems that Will’s sweet and innocent girlfriend is a major porn addict. Becky confessed her desire to eat Jenna’s pussy as Will fucks her from behind. Her son described the shock when his girlfriend asked him if he’d ever thought about fucking his mom. At first he denied it and then finally admitted it. The admission came only after Becky confessed her desires to fuck her own mother and sister.

As Jenna continued to scroll through her son’s blog, she found a video. It showed what turned out to be her son and Becky. There were no faces, but the voice on the video was definitely Becky’s. She was riding Will’s cock, and he was holding the cell phone with one hand and her hips with another. Jenna plunged her fingers deep into her cunt as she watched her son’s cock plunge into his girlfriend. Jenna looked at her son’s cock, which was about 8 inches long and she smiled to herself. She feverishly stroked her clit as she watched the teen couple switch positions with Will getting behind Becky to pound her pussy.

Jenna looked at how her son’s cock stretched out the young blonde’s cunt. She suddenly had the desire to be pounded by her son while eating Becky’s pussy. Jenna was getting closer to her own orgasm as she watched her son pull out of his girlfriend and then plaster cum all over her ass. It seemed to Jenna that six or seven streams erupted from the swollen head of her son’s cock. She fumbled to back the video up again to watch his orgasm. Her right hand slapped her pussy over and over as her son orgasmed again. The wave crashed over Jenna and her feet curled and her back arched halkalı anal yapan escort with a massive orgasm.

Jenna was spent. She sat there for a minute contemplating what she’d just watched. If there was any doubt in her mind about fucking her middle son, that left the moment she read the entry about Becky. The question was how could she seduce him? Will was not his brother. She could not use the excuse of finding his blog while cleaning up his messy room. This would need to be much subtler seduction.

An hour before Will came home from the local college; Jenna finally pulled her dildo out of her pussy and headed for the shower. It seemed pointless since she was going to the gym with her son, so in the end she opted for a wet washcloth and a hairbrush. Jenna pulled on a sports bra and yoga shorts. As she admired her attire, she smiled knowing that this will be just the thing to get Will’s blood flowing. As she was pulling on her shoes, she heard Will yelling up at her.

“Hi Sweetie, I’m in my room.” Jenna grabbed a t-shirt and pulled it over her head as she walked out of the room and down the stairs.

“Hey Mom, how was your day?”

“Lonely.” With that Jenna gave Will a hug. “I miss my men around the house.” Jenna held the hug for a second or two longer than usual, nothing too obvious but just enough to give a subtle hint.

“Are we still going to your new gym?” Will eventually stepped back from his mom’s embrace.

“Yep, why don’t you go upstairs and get ready. I’ll go to the kitchen and grab some water bottles.”

Jenna made small talk with Will on the way to the gym. She mentioned that she moved from one gym to another because the trainer she really likes moved to this gym. She also brought up the idea of going out later in the evening. Will initially said that he was just going to hang out around the house and maybe do something with one of the guys.

After a little prodding, Will admitted to never partaking in the Vegas nightlife with his friends or really drinking too much. Will said that he and Becky would go out occasionally to dance, but they really liked hanging out and watching movies. Jenna just smiled, knowing he really mean ‘watching porn and fucking’.

“Well young man, you need to start taking that girlfriend of yours out more. If she likes to dance, then you should take her dancing.”

“Yes, Ma’am!” It was Will’s way of telling his mom that she was being bossy.

“No, I’m serious you need to take her out more. Women want their men to take them out to eat, buy them drinks and dance with them.”

“Mom, seriously we are fine.”

“Nope, a relationship is not built on pizza and movie streaming. I know what we are going to do tonight. We are going out for dinner, drinks and dancing tonight. I want to see if you know how to take a woman out.”

“Come on Mom, I was going to stay home and watch movies and maybe play that new video game.”

“Nope this is what we are doing, and you are going to like it.”

Jenna pulled into the parking lot of the gym, finding a space in the back. Jenna climbed out of the car and pulled off her t-shirt. She could hear her son exhale as he was obviously looking at Jenna’s rack shoved into her tight sports bra. As she grabbed her son’s hand, she mentioned that he can’t call her mom at the gym. The gym was liberal about bringing guests as a way to get new business, but family members needed to pay.

“Just call me Jenna, okay.”

“Sure Mom… I mean Jenna.”

There were about two dozen patrons at the gym in the afternoon, about half of them woman. There were a couple of muscle head guys that Jenna recognized from the gym. A few of the local cougars were there, hunting for young meat. In the corner of the gym Jenna spotted a cute little blonde named Aimee. Jenna started thinking and scheming for later in the evening, thinking Aimee may be able to help.

Jenna and Will worked on chest and arms. She wasn’t obvious in poking her chest in her son’s face, but it was obvious she was being a little flirty. It was also obvious that her son kept sneaking peaks at his mom’s chest and ass. Jenna asked Will to spot her on a triceps extension exercise, knowing that he couldn’t resist the opportunity to gawk at his mom’s ass. She also noticed that her son was keeping an eye on Aimee as she was working out. Standing at five foot six, tan and with a great pair of tits, Aimee drew the attention of a lot of gym patrons.

“She is attractive.” Jenna smiled at her son.

Will turned about three shades of red. “I’m not…”

“Come on William, you don’t have to deny it. She is an extremely gorgeous woman. I think she’s attractive.”

“But, I wasn’t looking. I have a girlfriend.”

“I know you have Becky, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t look.” Jenna whispered in her son’s ear that just because that he’s married doesn’t mean that Will’s dad doesn’t look at beautiful woman.

“I look at attractive guys, and your dad doesn’t seem to mind.”

Will knew that his mom did more than look at guys. Jenna could tell that was what was going through her son’s mind when a voice broke up the moment.

“Hi Jenna and hunky friend.” It was Aimee standing next to them.

“Hi Aimee. I’d like you to meet Will. Will this is Aimee.”

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