Movie Night at the Joy 4

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Disclaimers: This story has been edited by myself, using Microsoft Spell-Check. You have been forewarned.

Also, if male bisexuality offends you, please hit your ‘Backspace’ key now.


Josh was incensed. Monique Brown had agreed that they’d see the western that was playing. Then, as soon as they pulled into the parking lot of the Joy Four, in Elgee, Louisiana, Monique decided she wanted to see the chick flick instead. It was his car, but Josh had no money.

He debated on whether or not to just leave Monique stranded. But Monique knew Joshua Dufour was too nice, too pussy-whipped to do that. So, she skipped on to the ticket counter, bought herself a ticket, and since she didn’t need to buy Josh a ticket, she splurged on popcorn and a large soda for herself.

“That is it; we are through for sure,” Josh thought as he continued to argue with himself, leave or go, leave or go.

“Hey Josh,” Patricia Garret smiled as she and Brandon Lacombe walked past. “Going to the movies?”

“No, Patricia, he’s waiting for a plane,” Brandon teased.

Josh couldn’t help but feel jealous. Patricia was beautiful, with long blonde hair, sweet round face and big brown eyes. She also had a large chest; Monique said her bra size was a 34E. Monique also said the breasts were fake.

Brandon was also blonde, with big brown eyes, a sweet round face and a muscular build. The two almost looked like brother and sister, rather than boyfriend and girlfriend.

And the two seemed to care about each other, about each other’s feelings. Even as Brandon teased Patricia, she laughed and slapped him playfully.

Josh told them what had happened. Patricia screwed up her pretty face in displeasure.

“Okay, home boy, here what you do, feel me?” Brandon said, adopting a ghetto demeanor.

“Oh my God, shut up,” Patricia laughed, slapping him. “You are sooo white!”

She shook her head, smiling at Josh.

“Okay, we’re going to see the western; we’ve seen it twice already. It is soooo good,” Patricia said.

“And you’re coming with us,” Brandon said.

“Absolutely,” Patricia agreed.

“But I don’t have…” Josh argued.

“Want to earn it?” Brandon offered.

“Uh yeah, I guess,” Josh shrugged.

“Okay, my truck’s on the next aisle over,” Brandon said, pointing. “You move your car on the other side of my truck, I’ll pay for your ticket.”

“What’s that going do?” Josh asked.

“Monique comes out? Won’t see your car,” Brandon said.

“She’ll think you left her selfish ass here,” Patricia agreed. “Would serve her right. I can’t believe…”

Josh moved his car, then jogged to catch up with Patricia and Brandon. Patricia looped one arm through Josh’s arm, the other through Brandon’s arm.

“God, don’t I feel special!” she giggled. “Not one, but TWO handsome men.”

Josh was scrawny and short. He had mousy brown hair and was prone to the occasional outbreaks of acne. He did not consider himself handsome, even though Monique told him he was.

“All right, stranger, hold on to something,” Patricia drawled, imitating the catch phrase of the film.

“What you want me hold onto?” Brandon and Josh drawled, imitating the rest of the phrase.

“It better be big,” Patricia responded.

“Boom!” all three exclaimed and laughed.

“And when that scene comes up? You’re like O! M! G!'” Patricia assured Josh.

Brandon paid for their tickets. Patricia did not let go of Josh as Brandon walked to the concession stand and purchased a large buttered popcorn and three waters.

“Like your slacks,” Patricia mentioned. “I mean, school? All we ever see is those dorky uniforms. And as if I could ever get Brandon out of jeans when we’re not in school, huh?”

“Hey, I like jeans,” Brandon said lightly. “Here, Josh, hold onto the waters, huh?”

“”And they’re button fly,” Patricia said, again looping arms with the two eighteen year old men.

“Love button fly,” Brandon agreed.

“They are nice,” Patricia agreed.

Inside the theater, Josh found himself sandwiched between Brandon and Patricia. He did think that a little odd that he would be between the boyfriend and girlfriend. He also found it a little, a lot disconcerting, how Patricia leaned against him, pressing her large breasts into his side. And from what he could tell, from the way they mashed against him, they were not fake, as Monique claimed.

The theater darkened and the loud trailers began.

Patricia leaned over and blew lightly into Josh’s ear. Then she lightly licked her tongue around his ear.

“Brandon’s right here,” Josh whispered urgently.

“I know, remember? We came in with him,” Patricia giggled and kissed him on his lips.

She then leaned her head on his shoulder. A moment later, her small hand began rubbing his thigh.

“I’ll stop if you want me to,” she whispered and again licked his ear.

“Uh,” was all Josh could say.

Then her hand lightly canlı bahis cupped his balls.

“Ooh, that’s, they’re nice,” she whispered.

“Yeah?” Brandon asked her.

“Mm-hmm,” Patricia agreed.

She leaned in front of Josh and she and Brandon kissed softly.

The movie started and it seemed that there was no break in the action. The film opened with guns blazing, and no way of telling who were the good guys, who were the bad guys.

The catch phrase came up then a cannon roared, blowing a hole through the middle of a man.

“And, that, stranger, is how you end a gun fight,” the cowboy said.

“Whoa!” Josh agreed.

Patricia moved the tub of popcorn from Josh’s lap and unzipped his khakis. Josh looked over at Brandon who just smiled at him. Then Patricia was pushing Josh’s slacks and underwear down to his knees.

“I like…” Patricia whispered and reached her hand underneath Josh’s heavy balls.

She slid her tongue into Josh’s slack mouth just as she slid a finger into Josh’s rectum. She timed her thrusts, tongue in, finger out, tongue out, finger in.

Her other hand gently pulled on Josh’s throbbing cock.

“Damn, Josh, that’s a really nice one,” Patricia complimented, stroking his six inches of fat cock.

“Yeah?” Josh moaned.

“Mm-hmm,” Patricia agreed. “You’re almost as big as Brandon.”

She then wormed a second finger into Josh’s ass and began kissing him again. Her small hand continued to stroke his cock.

She now had three fingers probing deep inside of him. Then her hot mouth was sucking on his cock while she kissed him and stroked him.

Josh realized, there was no way she could be kissing him and sucking His cock at the same time. He screamed into her mouth as his semen jetted out.

Brandon pulled his mouth off of Josh’s cock and Patricia pulled her mouth from Josh’s gasping mouth. Then she and Brandon were kissing, sharing Josh’s semen.

Dialogue started again and Patricia and Brandon pulled apart. Patricia leaned heavily against Josh as they listened to the movie. Her hand continued to toy with his rectum, her other hand continued to stroke his cock.

Then there was another hand stroking his hard cock. Patricia pulled her hand from Josh’s cock and began rubbing Josh’s scrawny chest and arms.

Guns again began blazing.

“Rado! Thought you said you wouldn’t never shoot no woman!” one character said.

“Uh huh, and that ain’t no woman,” Rado said. “That’s my son.”

“Need suck Brandon, all right?” Patricia whispered into Josh’s ear.

“What?” Josh said out loud.

He wasn’t the only one to exclaim out loud. At Rado’s comment that the attractive young woman wasn’t a woman, but was in fact his son, there were several that had commented.

“Want you to,” Patricia growled, biting down on Josh’s bottom lip.

“Patricia, he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t have to,” Brandon whispered quietly.

“Uh huh,” Patricia insisted, still biting Josh’s lip.

She licked Josh’s lip. Her fingers continued thrusting in and out of his sore anus, continued massaging his prostrate.

“Please?” Patricia cooed, pressing her large breasts against him.

“I uh, I’ve never…” Josh said.

“Nothing to it,” Brandon assured Josh, sitting back.

“Just wrap those sweet lips around it and lick it like it’s a lollypop,” Patricia whispered.

Brandon had unbuttoned his fly and had his cock sticking straight up in the air. Josh nervously leaned over and gripped the fat cock.

Patricia had been right; Brandon’s cock was just a little larger as his own. It was nice and fat, with a tick vein underneath. The skin was velvety soft, yet felt quite firm in Josh’s trembling hand.

Josh leaned his face closer and opened his mouth.

“Mm-hmm,” Brandon moaned quietly as Josh’s mouth encircled the head of his cock.

Josh could taste Brandon’s excitement. He could also taste Brandon’s sweat and soap. The head slid past his lips, pushing into his mouth. Josh stroked the shaft of Brandon’s fat cock as more and more of Brandon’s cock disappeared into his mouth.

“Fuck yeah,” Brandon hissed.

But because a woman was disrobing on the screen, those around him thought Brandon was commenting on the beautiful red head’s freckled tits being exposed.

Patricia had pulled her fingers out of Josh’s rectum as he bent over. Now, her hands tickled Josh’s still exposed testicles, stroked his dangling cock.

“Damn, here it…” Brandon grunted in his throat.

Josh’s mouth suddenly began to fill with Brandon’s semen. He swallowed the first few jets. Then he remembered Patricia and Brandon sharing his own semen and held the next few spurts in his mouth.

When he sat back, Patricia leaned over and pressed her open mouth to Josh’s closed mouth. They kissed, passing Brandon’s semen back and forth.

“Now,” Patricia said, placing Josh’s hand on her large chest. “Aren’t you glad Monique dumped you?”

“Yeah,” Josh agreed.

His head was buzzing noisily. Underneath the hum and whirr was the thought, bahis siteleri the knowledge that he had just sucked another guy’s dick. And swallowed the other guy’s sperm.

And, if his rock hard cock was any indication, Josh had enjoyed it. He drank some water.

Patricia picked up the popcorn and giggled as she tried to balance the large container on Josh’s rampant erection. She kissed Josh on his lips again.

“I like you,” she admitted.

“Like you too,” Josh agreed.

After a few moments, they’d emptied the tub of popcorn. Patricia put the tub aside and leisurely stroked Josh’s cock. Then Brandon reached a large hand over and began playing with Josh’s cock also.

Then Brandon took Josh’s hand and slipped Josh’s hand along his own hard cock.

“Mm-hmm,” Brandon grunted.

“All right, stranger, hold on to something,” Rado said directly into the camera, facing the audience.

A bright flash of light. Then there was a loud roar and the screen went black.

“Shit!” Josh couldn’t help but giggle; it had startled him.

“I know, right?” Patricia giggled.

“So, where you going from here?” Brandon asked as he and Josh quickly rearranged themselves

“Home, I guess,” Josh shrugged as the credits began to roll on the screen.

“My Parents are out,” Patricia whispered to Josh.

“Oh?” Josh asked, wondering what that meant.

“We can play some more,” Brandon offered.

“A lot more,” Patricia giggled, again looping arms with both young men.

Josh looked at his cell phone while he and Brandon waited in line for the bathroom. The phone had been on silent mode while they were watching the movie. He saw that he had missed three text messages from an unhappy Monique.

The first message demanded to know where Josh was. The second demanded that he come get her. The third message from Monique told him to forget it; her father was coming to get her.

“Aw, that’s a shame,” Brandon smirked.

“I know. Right?” Josh smirked.

Josh followed Brandon’s truck to the Garret home on Cross Circle. It was an impressive three story home of light pink brick and dark green trim. The yard was meticulous, the windows gleamed in the twilight.

Walking up the stairs behind Brandon and Patricia, Josh couldn’t help but watch as Patricia’s nicely rounded buttocks stretched and strained as she climbed the stairs. Her long blonde hair swished back and forth, giving him tantalizing glimpses of her buttocks.

“Here we are,” Patricia announced, entering a room at the end of a hall.

Josh looked around the large bedroom. There was no denying that this room belonged to a girl; everything was pink. Everything was lace.

“Need to catch up, Josh,” Patricia called out.

Josh turned to see a nude Patricia and nude Brandon were kissing passionately. The two stood in the middle of the room, arms around one another.

“Come on, holding up the party,” Brandon encouraged.

Josh quickly divested himself of his clothes. Brandon and Patricia opened their arms and welcomed him into the hug.

Patricia leaned in and kissed Josh while Brandon’s large hand rubbed up and down Josh’s slender back. Brandon’s hand dipped down and began to squeeze Josh’s buttocks.

Then Brandon and Josh were kissing. Josh almost protested; only fags would kiss.

But then he remembered sucking Brandon’s cock in the movie theater. Brandon’s hand continued to cup, squeeze, stroke Josh’s buttocks. Then, as Patricia pressed her heavy breasts against Josh’s front, Brandon wormed a finger into Josh’s anus.

“Mm,” Josh grunted into Patricia’s mouth.

“Go slow, Baby,” Patricia whispered to Brandon.

Then she and Brandon were kissing. Josh became a little emboldened in his own exploration. Patricia shivered as Josh’s hand cupped her buttocks.

“Mm-hmm,” she moaned loudly and Josh continued to rub her buttocks.

“Hey, Josh, what’s Patricia’s favorite number?” Brandon asked Josh, smiling widely.

“I don’t, I mean, how would I know?” Josh stammered.

“Eighty eight!” Patricia crowed.

“What? Eighty eight?” Josh asked.

“He ate and she ate, eighty eight,” Patricia giggled.

“Typical man? Mine’s sixty eight,” Brandon said, gripping his cock in his beefy hand.

“Sixty…?’ Josh started.

“You do me and I’ll owe you one,” Brandon smirked.

“Come on,” Patricia encouraged, pulling Josh to the bed.

She flopped down on the bed and spread her legs wide. Her pretty pussy was covered by a mat of blonde curls. Spreading her legs opened her cleft and Josh could see that her light pink lips were puffy and wet.

“You’re not like Brandon, huh?” Patricia asked, using her hands to pull her lips open. “He won’t eat me.”

Monique had taught Josh how she liked to have her pussy eaten. That was the deal; Josh had to eat her to at least one orgasm before he would be allowed to stick his condom covered cock into her heavily furred pussy.

Josh smiled and crawled in between Patricia’s spread legs. She stopped him with her small hand.

“No, bahis şirketleri no, Sweetie, put your, need swing around,” Patricia urged.

“So she can eat you too,” Brandon explained, hand on Josh’s buttocks.

“Oh,” Josh got the message and swung around so that his cock was dangling over Patricia’s face.

“Mmph!” Josh grunted as he felt Patricia’s hot mouth encircle the head of his cock.

“Mmph!” he protested as he felt Brandon’s thick finger pushing into his tightly clenched rectum.

Unlike Monique’s sterile, almost flavorless pussy, Patricia had a musky aroma and taste. It was not an unpleasant flavor and Josh delved his tongue into her open pussy, seeking the source of her wetness.

“Oh,” Patricia moaned around the cock in her mouth.

“Mmph!” Josh protested when Brandon added a second lubricated finger to Josh’s rectum.

“Oh God yes!” Patricia called out as she began to shudder in orgasm.

Patricia renewed her attack on Josh’s cock, slurping noisily as she worked her throat muscles around the head of Josh’s fat cock.

“Aieeh!” Josh cried out as Brandon stuffed his cock head into his anus.

And he began pumping a torrent of semen into Patricia’s hot mouth. Brandon’s powerful hands held Josh in a fierce grip as he steadily pushed himself into Josh’s virgin ass.

“Mm!” Patricia moaned as she sucked on Josh’s cock.

“God yes!” Brandon crowed as he fucked his first ass ever.

“Hurts, fucking hurts,” Josh whimpered and whined.

“Baby, eat me, please,” Patricia encouraged Josh.

Josh hung his head down and struggled to catch his breath. Then, as he could feel Brandon’s pubic hair pressing against his burning anus, he did begin to lick and suck at Patricia’s pussy again.

“Shit yes,” Patricia encouraged and again began to suck Josh’s still hard member.

Brandon closed his eyes and shivered in pleasure. Patricia’s pussy was nice and tight. But this was a tightness Brandon had never experienced before. Josh’s ass squeezed and strained against his invading cock. Brandon could actually feel Josh’s heartbeat pulsing around his cock. He could feel Josh’s struggling muscles.

He looked down and relished the sight of his hard prick buried in between two pasty white globes of flesh. He began to pull out and watched as Josh’s reddened anus pulled alongside his thick shaft. Then he pushed back in, watching his cock invading, pushing into a sweet, beautiful ass.

Patricia shuddered through another orgasm; Josh was a good pussy eater. Monique might be a selfish bitch, but she did teach Josh right.

“God damn, aw shit!” Josh cried out and again began pumping a stream of semen into Patricia’s gulping mouth.

“Fuck, aw no, aw damn it,” Brandon protested as he suddenly began jetting his sperm into Josh’s bowels.

Brandon was the first to move, pulling his shrinking cock from Josh’s slimy bowels. Then Josh clambered off of Patricia. He had seen a bathroom in the hall and sprinted for that room.

Patricia then got up and wobbled to her own bathroom. She wet a face cloth in her sink, then came back into her bedroom and lovingly cleaned Brandon’s cock.

“So Baby, it good?” she cooed, kissing the still weak Brandon.

“Un-fucking-believable,” Brandon grunted.

Josh wobbled into the bedroom and Patricia and Brandon smiled and pulled him back onto the bed. Silently, Brandon and Patricia wiggled Josh around and formed a daisy chain. Josh licked and sucked Patricia’s pussy while she swallowed Brandon’s cock. Josh felt Brandon’s mouth begin to nuzzle his own cock and redoubled his efforts to please Patricia.

After Patricia stiffened in orgasm, she wiggled around and spread her legs again.

“Come on, Josh, fuck me,” Patricia invited.

Josh groaned as he sank his cock into Patricia’s tight pussy. Whenever he fucked Monique, she always made him wear a condom. So sinking his bare cock into Patricia’s hot pussy made him shiver.

He reached a hand up and squeezed Patricia’s large breast, then tugged and twisted her nipple. Patricia wrapped her sleek legs around Josh’s waist, holding him deep inside of her.

Brandon knee-walked around, holding his cock in his hand. He then presented it to Josh’s mouth.

“Mm-hmm,” Brandon moaned as Josh swallowed his cock.

The angle must have been right; Brandon’s cock slid down Josh’s throat. Josh’s eyes opened wide as he realized he had all of Brandon’s cock in his mouth.

“That’s it, Baby, fuck me,” Patricia encouraged Josh, stroking his chest with her hands.

Monique hated calling it ‘fucking’ and insisted it was called ‘making love.’ But as he pumped his cock in and out of a gasping, groaning Patricia, Josh had to wonder just how much love was in Monique’s making love.

Brandon yelped, then grunted as he began to pump his semen into Josh’s throat. He then pulled his wilting cock from Josh’s mouth.

“Shit, oh yes Baby,” Patricia cried out in orgasm.

“I’m about, Patricia, I need to pull out,” Josh suddenly whined.

“On the pill, fuck me,” Patricia cried out, locking her legs tightly around Josh’s waist.

Josh shuddered and groaned as he pumped his semen into Patricia. He lay, gasping and shuddering on top of Patricia. He weakly smiled down at her as she smiled up at him.

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