Motivating Her Son Ch. 04

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Friday morning and Brenda anxiously awaited for the text from her teenage son. Randy’s grades have improved a whole lot since that day several months ago when she first confronted him about his failing grades and all of the porn on his computer. With his hot blonde mother’s help he had gone from getting D’s and F’s to mostly B’s and A’s.

The horny blonde mother was having the time of her life showing off her body to her son. In fact, young Randy barely ever spent any time on his computer anymore! Randy’s time was spent at home with his face buried in his schoolwork every afternoon, then every evening the blonde mother would give him a very special treat. The youngster’s favorite thing was watching his gorgeous blonde mother fucking her dildo. The live show he was getting from his mother every night was way way better than any porno site on the internet!

This morning at school Randy had a huge biology test. This was by far his worst subject, and if somehow he got at least a B on this test, combined with all of his other classes, he would have enough to make the honor roll. A few weeks ago, Brenda had deep throated a dildo for him and promised the youngster if he ever made the honor roll, she would deep throat her baby boy’s cock!

Tomorrow was the first day of spring break. Brenda had planned to just hang around the house with her son for the whole week. In fact her son was doing so well in his classes that she had decided than she was finally going to give her baby boy his first blowjob, maybe even tonight! Maybe just maybe she would even let her boy sleep in her bed! She had fantasized for awhile now about someday spending the night cuddled in her baby boy’s arms and waking up with his young cock in his mothers hungry mouth.

Brenda heard her phone go off. It was a text from Randy! The text was nothing more than a picture. Randy had sent his mom a picture of the list posted at school of the honor roll. Her baby boy had gone from flunking out to making the honor roll!

The horny blonde mother was wet from excitement. She immediately wondered what its going to be like, when she finally gets her boys young cock in her mouth! She had fantasized about it for months now, and now its finally gonna happen! Brenda wanted tonight to be special, so she texted her young son.

“Mommy’s so excited! If its alright with you I thought we can spend spring break at the ocean. I just booked us a special suite at that new resort that just opened! We are gonna spend 7 whole days at the ocean…and our suite has only ONE BED! I hope you’re going to be okay with sharing a bed with your mother. “

“Mom…I can’t wait! You mean the whole spring break? In a hotel room?”

“Yes baby…SEVEN whole days…and nights!! I’m packing our clothes right now. Its a two hour drive so hurry home so we can spend this afternoon at the beach.”

School was letting out at noon for spring break.

“Then tonight…with your big cock in your your mother’s mouth!”

“Mom…you are making me hard as hell! I will be home just after noon.”

“Your mother will packed and ready to go…!”

When the bell rang at school the youngster hurried home where his mom was waiting. She had gassed the car and loaded 2 suitcases for the week long adventure. The drive up the coast had a lot of great views but nothing like the view the teenager was getting from his horny mom!

Brenda had pulled her top down, exposing her round hungry melons to her son. Also pulling her shorts down just a bit so that her son could get a great view of his mom’s dripping cunthole. Her wetness had started to soak into the seat cover of her car seat.

“Sorry baby! I can’t take it all off right now, just in case a trucker passes us!”

“Yaaaa, don’t want some horny trucker to lose his concentration and drive off the road!”

The two hour drive seemed agonizingly long as they were both excited to start their spring break adventure. Soon though they pulled into the resort and went to the front desk to register. The female clerk at the front desk greeted them with a big smile.

“Hi! I’m Brenda Moore. We had a reservation for the next 7 days.”

“Yes Mrs Moore. Here it is! You two are all set for up for one of our luxury suites. I see you ordered the special couples package as well.”

“Yes. Special couples package. That’s correct.”

The clerk looked at the two of them and knew right away that this sexy older woman has a really good looking young boy for a week! He’s young enough to be her..son!

“Mrs Moore, as you can see we have a nice lounge with music every night and a 4 star restaurant. And also I just want to let you know that our special couples package includes complimentary champagne in your room, 24 hour meals delivered to your room, free…lets say “adult” movies, and a private spa area. The ocean has been really beautiful lately so hopefully you will also be using the beach.”

The clerk thought that if she had this delicious looking young boy for a week, she wouldn’t let him innovia escort out of bed!

“Also, the public beach is right out the rear entrance, but during spring break it will get very crowded. Don’t tell anyone but I think that the two of you might enjoy…a private beach.”

“Private beach? That really sounds nice.”

“Well, if you get into your car, and drive out to the city limits, then turn left when you get to the 4 way stop., there’s a gravel road that takes you right to a private beach. There’s a few people that know about it, so once in awhile you might see another couple but that’s about it.”

“Sounds great! I think we’ll head out there right now. “

The two of them head up to their suite. The main room has a heart shaped king bed. The young teenager looks at his mother and she smiles at her boy.

“I hope its okay if I ordered a room with only one bed. Are you going to be okay, sharing a bed with your…mommy…for a whole week??”

“Shit yes mom!”

She kisses her son…she opens her mouth and in a second mother and son are holding each other and making out. Brenda can feel his young hardon and grinds her pelvis against his stiffness.

“MMMM!! Baby!! Mommy likes…what she feels…I wanna spend 7 whole days…with your cock ..! In fact you’re gonna wake up every morning with your cock in your mother’s mouth!”

The kiss again and Brenda suggests they they get into their swimsuits. Randy can’t yet see what kind of bikini his mother is wearing as she has put on a short hot pink coverup.

They get into the car and drive the short distance to the secluded beach. The clerk at the resort had steered them right! They grab a blanket and the bottle of tanning oil and pick a nice flat spot close to the waves. Brenda takes off the coverup and Randy’s teenage cock gets hard looking at the spectacular sight of his sexy blonde mother in a red slingshot bikini.

“Baby…You…wanna rub some lotion on mommy, so she doesn’t burn?”

The young boy rubs the lotion on every square inch of his mother. Randy thinks that the last time he got to do this, he ended up fucking his mother between her tits! Brenda spreads her legs so that the youngster can rub the lotion on the insides of her thighs.

“MMMMM! Baby! Go ahead baby, and oil me up!”

Soon the two of them are kissing, making out on the secluded beach. Brenda grabs Randy’s hand and pulls his hand towards the tie of her suit. She had decided its finally time her son gets to take her suit off. After all no one else is around…THEN she looks and off in the distance she sees another couple.

“Randy…baby, LOOK Down that way!!”

The youngster looks and sees the other couple. The lady looks to be a dark hair woman , maybe around 40. The man? Shit, he looks…like a LITTLE BOY!

“I see them mom.”

The woman and the boy(?) are kissing. In a minute she pulls his trunks down and in an instant his cock springs into view. She licks his cock and in a minute she has his cock in her mouth.

“Look! She’s sucking him off! Baby…he looks like’s really young!”

The young boy is flat on his back and the woman is licking his cock. Soon she goes down and licks his ballsack.

“Baby! Look at these two! She looks like she’s maybe 40 or so and he’s just a teenager! Look! It looks like she really loves his cock!”

“Mom…this is way way better than watching a stupid video on the computer!…Mom, do you think?… He’s gonna FUCK her? …Right here on the beach?”

The two of them are really excited watching this other couple on the beach, wondering out loud what is going to happen next! Randy looks at the couple and thinks he just might recognize the young boy. Shit it looks like Billy Smith! From his school! And he’s seen the lady before. Its Sandra Smith, his MOTHER!

“Mom!! I recognize them! Its Billy Smith, from school!”

Billy was the field goal kicker on Randy’s football team. He was too small to play one of the regular positions on the team. In fact a lot of the guys called him “little squirt.” But he could really kick a football!

“He’s gonna fuck his…he’s gonna fuck…his MOM!”

Right away Brenda recognizes the brunette lady as Sandra Smith. She has even been on some PTA committees with her. Sandra was a full figured woman but Brenda always thought of her as sexy, especially for someone with a few extra pounds. She had heard that Sandra had recently separated from her husband.

“Baby! Yes…its definitely Sandra Smith! And Billy!”

In a minute the woman gets on her back, pulling off her bikini bottoms. She spreads her legs as the boy climbs on top of her. She grabs his cock as she desperately tries to guide it into her hole. The young boy pulls away, seeming to enjoy teasing the brunette woman. Brenda was surprised that the little boy had such a big cock! She hears the woman scream.

“Billy! Don’t tease mommy!! PLEASE!! Fuck me!! Fuck your mommy!”

The sight of Randy’s friend from school istanbul escort on top of his sexy mother turned Brenda on big time! In an instant he slowly puts his cock inside her cunt and she screams in delight.

“Baby, there’s your answer! Yes, he’s fucking her! He’s fucking his mother!”

Brenda looked over and saw that her boys cock was going to burst out of his little swimsuit. She wanted to take the young teenagers cock right now and suck him off, but to be honest the two of them were enjoying the show they were getting on the deserted beach, but not loud enough so that anyone would hear them. The two of them started cheering them on.


“Mom!! Mrs Smith looks like she really loves it!”

Brenda’s cunt of dripping hot wet fuckjuice as she watches young Billy Smith give it to the dark haired woman. Her legs are spread wide then wrap around his young torso as he thrusts his young cock deep inside her. Soon Brenda and her son can hear the mother scream his name as the her son obviously climaxes on top of his mother. It seems obvious that the two are no beginners at this, that the two of them have done this before. In a couple of minutes the boy pulls out and his mother kisses his young cock and licks it clean.

“Shit mom!! Watching Billy…fuck his mom like that…Mom, that definitely was way way better than watching people fuck on the computer! Mom, do you think…he jizzed inside her?”

“Baby…it looks to me like Billy’s fucked his mother a lot! You can tell that she loves it too! See how his…sperm is oozing out of her? Yes, he…jizzed inside her.”

Brenda sees the couple look around checking out to see if anyone saw them. Brenda tells her son to try and not look conspicuous. Try to act like they just got there! In a few minutes Sandra Smith and her son walk towards them, not knowing if the other couple on this deserted beach caught them screwing on the beach or not. Soon they can see that its Randy Moore from school and his mom Brenda.

“Hi there! I recognize you from school. It’s Sandra right?”

“Yes…and you’re Brenda…and you must be Randy, right?”

Randy and Billy say hi and talk about the biology test at school. It seems that young Billy can’t take his eyes off Randy’s gorgeous blonde mother.

“It’s sure a nice day to be at the beach.”

“Yes, it’s certainly a hot one out here. Did you guys just get here?”

Brenda decides to lie, not wanting to let on that she and her son saw everything!

“Yes, we just got here. The clerk at the resort told us about this beach and we decided to check it out.”

Sandra seems relieved. Maybe Randy and his mother didn’t see Billy fuck his mother! Brenda notices that the brunette mother is wearing the same gold necklace with the MF necklace that her friends Andrea and Michelle had been wearing the other day.

“Well Brenda, Billy and I actually have to get back on the road. We just decided to come up here for a few hours of sun. Are you two staying here in town, or you heading home this evening?”

“Randy and I are staying at the resort. He’s been working really hard at school…and I just thought he wouldn’t mind hanging out with his mom for a week.”

“Well, Billy’s little brother and sister are going to spend spring break with their father, so actually I tried to book a room at the resort but someone grabbed the last vacancy this morning. So the two of us are driving up the coast to see my sister. She’s going through a bad divorce and Billy and I are going up there to visit her. She hasn’t seen Billy in months so I’m sure Billy will do his best…to cheer her up.”

Brenda is actually relieved that they weren’t staying at the resort all weekend. That would have been…uncomfortable to say the least! She decides to lie.

“That’s too bad! It looks like the weather’s gonna be fabulous all week.”

“Well, Billy and I have to leave now. His aunt has been dying to see Billy. She has plans for this evening. You two have a great week up here.”

“And you and Billy have a great week too!”

“Yes…we plan to!”

As they walked away back to their car Brenda found the sight of the little boy and his slightly overweight mother quite exciting. As the neared their car she saw young Billy grab his mothers ass, and they playfully wrestled before they got into the car. Brenda decides to turn her complete attention to the young boy next to her.

“Darling, well THAT was certainly something! Now…it’s just the two of us on this beach! Lets see, where were we before we were interrupted?”

“Well mom, we were kissing and I was rubbing oil on your tits. You were gonna take off your suit.”

“Ah yes!! The suit was going to come off! I hope you were planning to rub some oil on my little cunt! I don’t want it to get sunburned you know!”

“Mom you know I was going to do that! And oil up your ass too, if you would let me!”

“Let you? MMM!! My honor roll boy will kadıköy escort certainly get to oil up mommy’s little cunt and her ass! Darling, comon, lets go for a little walk on the beach.”

“Okay mom.”

The blonde mother and her son walk the beach holding hands.

“Darling, I see that Mrs Smith was wearing a gold chain with the initials MF. I saw the other day that Michelle and Andrea were wearing the same necklace. Do you know, whats that about?”

“Well, mom, yes I do. They belong to a club at school.”

“A club?”

“Yes mom. Its called the motherfuckers club. All of the moms wear those gold chains when they become members. Last I heard there were 12 members.”

“So…a motherfuckers club, where your friends…fuck their mothers? I saw that Andrea and Michelle were wearing those chains too! So that means…?”

“Yea mom. It means that Peter and Jason are…fucking their moms.”

After seeing Andra and Michelle at the sex store the other day she knew that they were fucking their boys, so she wasn’t totally surprised.

“So Randy, how do become a member of the club?”

“Well. mom, you have to be invited to join. Then you have to fuck your mom…in front of everyone. They have parties every couple of weeks where a guy gets to fuck a different mom every time.”

“So…darling…have you been invited to join…the club?”

“Yea mom. The guys have been after me for a long time. As you can guess all the guys…they all want to fuck you. They call you the ultimate milf.”

“So…why didn’t you ever tell me…about the club?”

“Mom…I know…that you aren’t like all the other moms. You are special. I mean lately…I’ve kinda been thinking of you as…almost my girlfriend. Mom…I really really don’t want any of the guys…fucking my mom.”

“Wow! You feel that way, about me? My baby boy…you know how to say all the right things! But I just want to let you know one thing. If you had really wanted to join that club, and it was that important to you, then I would have done it for you! I would have let everyone watch you fuck me. And I would have fucked…Jason and Peter…and Billy…if you wanted me to.”

“Wow! You would have done that…for me?”

“Yes I would have. But to be honest, I’m glad you didn’t. I’m glad…that you want your mom…all to yourself!”

“Yes mom…just you and me…”

“Darling, again though, I have to be honest. All of a sudden, your mother feels really bad.”

“Mom? You feel bad? About us? Or what?”

“Darling, you just watched one of your best friends fuck his mother. And I can tell that they both loved it! It was obvious that he has been fucking her for a long time. It was really hot to watch that. Yes better than any porno video. But watching them…and then you tell me that Jason and Peter are fucking their mothers. It kinda makes me feel bad.”

“Why’s that mom?”

“Well, all of your friends are fucking their mothers and all you’ve gotten so far is to to fuck my tits and watch me masterbate. I won’t let you…fuck me.”

“Mom, Like I said, you are special. I mean you have kinda become…my girlfriend. So I am just fine doing whatever you want to do.”

“MMMM!! My baby boy! Your mother…loves you…so much! Darling, please kiss me!”

Soon their arms around each other as the waves crash at their feet. The horny blonde mother grinds her pelvis rubbing her hungry cunt against her sons stiffness. The two of them are swapping tongues, kissing like no tomorrow. Brenda gets caught up in the moment and decides that her young boy has waited long enough…

The hot gorgeous blonde mother gets on her knees in front of her youngsters massive bulge. The two of them make eye contact as she slowly pulls down his swim trunks. She looks at the teenagers throbbing meatstick. They both know it’s finally going to happen!

“Mom!! Are you going to…”

She looks into his eyes as the gently guides his stiff cock into her mouth. She moans as the blonde mother wraps her lips around her sons penis. She can feel his blood throb inside her hungry mouth.


She sucks on her sons engorged dick for awhile, then tells her son…

“Darling…go ahead…grab the back of my head…go ahead and fuck my mouth…I want it…in the throat!”

The teenager does what he’s told. He gently grabs the back of his mother’s head and pushes his cock deeper into her mouth. A second later he feels her throat muscles relax and the young dick slides down her throat. Brenda has his cock so far down her throat she can feel his young pubic hairs tickling her chin! She looks at her son and not being able to say anything, smiles and nods her head yes.


The drop dead gorgeous blonde mother grabs her sons ass and pushes his dick as far as she can down her hungry throat. The teenagers is a bit unsure exactly what to do but starts a gentle fucking motion with his hips. Brenda nods and moans making sure her son knows this is exactly what she wants!

In a minute the youngster is fucking his mother in the mouth! Every few strokes she takes the stiff cock down to his pubic hairs and holds it there, until she has to gag. Brenda knows that the horny teenager can’t last another second.

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