Mother’s Red Shoes Ch. 05

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*Special thanks to my wonderful friend Kristin for being my advisor and editor!*

“Really, Katherine, this wine is superb!”

Katherine Peterson poured more of the excellent wine into her friend Elizabeth’s glass. Elizabeth smiled appreciatively. She then poured Christina another glass too.

These were new friends of Katherine’s, they’d met through the same strange, marvellous boutique that Katherine had received her red high heels, purposefully made to arouse her Son, Alex, who she now fucked regularly. Tonight he’d chosen to go and meet friends and so, Katherine decided she would ask Elizabeth and Christina over. All three had been introduced by Ginette, the owner of the Boutique and they had become firm friends through chatting online.

*Swishhh* Elizabeth recrossed her long legs, sheathed in black Wolford stockings and dangled her black court shoe as she sipped the wine. She was in her fifties and head of an investment company. Divorced a long time ago she’d decided that younger men were to provide her sustenance in life. She was currently fucking a man named Owen in his thirties, a marketing manager with a wife to boot. However, they both craved Mother and Son roleplay and she provided him with that release. In return he was the best pussy-licker she’d ever met. Elizabeth brushed a speck of dust off her charcoal grey business suit and turned to Christina.

“So, how is Jeff getting on at University?”

By contrast Christina was a blonde, married housewife. She’d married young, but smartly and meant she could live a life of domestic luxury. She leaned forward, her legs encased in Oroblu shiny tan stockings and black heels, reflecting her smart black suit and skirt. Christina had harboured taboo desires about her Son for several years and last year ended up acting on them. Inspired by Ginette’s wonderful footwear naturally. Through a long process of teasing him, she’d snared her Son right under her husband’s nose. Now, when he was home from university, they fucked as often as they could while her oblivious hubby worked.

“Well, you know I went to see him, the other weekend? I booked us a nice little country hotel just a few miles from campus. It was very romantic, we pretended to be a couple!”

Katherine nodded appreciatively as Elizabeth took another sip of wine. Christina reached for her glass.

“He was so excited to see me, it was soooo cute! He got dressed up in a smart shirt and slacks, quite the good looking young man. All for his own Mother! Mind you, I was no slouch. Hair done, nails done, new lingerie from La Perla, golden heels – real boy-hardeners and, some new stockings from Ginette!”

“Oh, what pair?” asked Katherine.

“Golden Jocastas. Golden lace trim, with the word ‘incest’ sewed into the tops. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when I picked him up from the car park.”

“You gave him the flash?” asked Elizabeth, she had given plenty of boys the ‘flash’ too, that glimpse of stockingtop, that aroused their cocks and promised hidden treasures beneath.

“Oh yes! As soon as he got in the car I hiked my skirt up. I made him wait until we were driving out in the country before he could get his cock out. I almost blew him there and then!”

“You didn’t?” prompted Katherine.

“No… I made him wait, I wanted him to blow a big load with Mummy, seeing as how good I looked, so I let him wank while I drove but he wasn’t allowed to cum. He practically raped me when we got to the hotel room!”

“Mmm, yes,” nodded Elizabeth. “They’re so eager at that age.”

“He bent me over the dresser and fucked me like it would be his last. He screamed when he came in me.”

Katherine hummed understandingly “All those weeks away from Mummy though.”

“I know, I know. And I did send him all those phone pictures of my legs.”

“Oh that reminds me!” Elizabeth reached down to her handbag and fished out her BlackBerry. “Let’s see if Owen’s been a good boy… Ah yes!”

Elizabeth leaned forward with her BlackBerry and showed Katherine and Christina the screen. There was a picture of an erect penis, wrapped in a nylon stocking.

“He’s wanking into a stocking for Mummy while his wife sleeps upstairs. What a good boy!”

Katherine and Christina laughed as Elizabeth asked “Shall I call him now?”

Both of the women giggled and urged Elizabeth to call her ‘son’ and lover. She nodded and dialled the number. Christina and Katherine looked on expectantly.

“Hello, Owen… no, don’t say anything. Just listen to Mummy, got that? Now Mummy is very happy that you sent her the pic of your little winkie. It made Mummy want to touch her pussy too… But guess what? I am sat here with two of my lady friends… two naughty Mummys and they are watching, yes, watching. I’m fingering my pussy, skirt up around my waist, dreaming about having you inside me. You’d like that wouldn’t you, Son? Yes, being inside my velvet pussy, where you came from, pumping away inside Mummy…”

Katherine and Christina stifled giggles as Elizabeth spoke. The older woman winked at them.

“I bet you need to cum very badly now, innovia escort don’t you? Well Mummy’s going to let you, cum in Mummy’s stocking, cum like you’re deep inside me… yes, that’s it, cum now, Son, cum for Mummy!”

And then, abruptly, Elizabeth pressed the Off button.

“He does like it when Mummy phones out of the blue, and gets oh so beautifully frustrated when Mummy hangs up suddenly. Good to keep them on the edge, dont you agree? ” she laughed as she put the phone back. “Now Katherine, what did you need to ask us?”

This time, Katherine recrossed her legs with a pleasing nylon *swish* as she collected her thoughts and smoothed her own cream skirt, that framed her black stockings. She took another sip of wine and began.

“I want to do something special for Alex. He’s been so sweet to me, he’ll be twenty soon and I think he would enjoy something different. The thing is I’m not sure what.”

Both women nodded and leaned back in their chairs. Christina then turned to Elizabeth.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“I might be… I take it we’re thinking about our mutual friend?”

“Yes, I am.” Christina smiled at Katherine. “Katherine, what do you know about Janet?”

Katherine blinked. “Janet? Who’s she?”

Elizabeth grinned and put her glass down. “She’s someone who only comes out on special occasions. She’s what you’d call an alter-ego…”

Frowning Katherine reached again for the wine bottle and told the pair they’d lost her.

“Janet is someone you become, for your Son, on special occasions,” Christine explained. “She’s a sex goddess or a domme or a slut – it’s your choice – but she’s so totally different to the normal everyday you that your Son is surprised, aroused and devoted to you more than ever before.”

Elizabeth picked up the thread. “Janet allows you the opportunity to say or do things you might not have considered. Owen, for example, sets me little ‘Janet missions’. I wear an outrageously short skirt with stupidly tall heels and go and tease young men in bars. I then have to write an email to him explaining how humiliating and arousing it was. Of course, after I do it, I’m rewarded with the most gorgeous climaxes as he laps my pussy, over and over… But yes, that’s what it means to ‘become Janet’ something out of the ordinary.”

“When I’m Janet, for Jeff, I tend to dominate him. We wait until hubby is at work and then I text my Son and tell him Lady Janet requests his presence. He knows to crawl to my bedroom. Last time I greeted him like this-” This time, Christina held out her phone to Katherine. The Mother was dressed in thigh-high black leather boots with a spike heel, black stockings, a black corset. Her hair was a deep red. In her hands was a riding crop. “See? A completely different woman for him and as Janet I can do things with Jeff, that Mummy wouldn’t usually do.”

Katherine’s eyes were wide with surprise as she looked at the picture. “You- you look amazing!”

“Thank you!”

“And you all do this?”

“Ginette encourages Mothers and Sons to roleplay and experiment. She was the ultimate Janet. Three Sons, and she’s a different Janet for all of them. It’s amazing dedication.”

“And of course,” interjected Christina. “She has the shoes to match. You need to ask her for a pair of Janet’s Specials.”


“Oh yes,” said Elizabeth. “Very powerful sensations from those shoes, you’ll think things you never would have dreamed of. You’ll cum… well… let’s say like never before!”

Katherine’s pulse was now racing. Could she become Janet for Alex? What would drive him wilder with desire than he has ever been? What persona would be the best “Janet” for her son? Would it be to dominate him? He had loved it when she had gagged him during their emergency at that wedding. But be someone totally different?

She deliberated for a few days after her threesome drinks with Elisabeth and Christine. It was quite a big step to take, but one that sounded like a lot of fun too! However there was an unshakeable feeling at the back of Katherine’s head that told her she was going to go through with it. The lifestyle, making her Son so happy, not to mention making her own pussy as sated as it ever was. It was addictive. It was a powerful aphrodisiac and she wanted more. She wanted to continue.

Therefore, a week after Christine and Elizabeth had spoken to her, Katherine found herself back in Ginette’s exclusive boutique.

Katherine looked down at the box in her hand, her fingers ran over the nylon of the stockings that lay in the tissue paper. The touch shook something inside her, she shivered.

“Golden Jocastas,” said Ginette, perched on the edge of her desk in a black and white skirt suit, the skirt had a split in it that ended just below her hip. Her blouse was clearly a size too small. “You’ll forgive the classical conceit of the name, I couldn’t resist. The good news is your Son won’t be able to resist either. Here are the shoes.”

Ginette sauntered over to Katherine with a shoe box. She opened it for Katherine and showed istanbul escort her the contents. She gasped. “Wow, those are… very nice!”

The shoes were shiny, black leather peep toe heels. The heels themselves were tapered into a sharp point, four inches in length. The insides of the shoes were deep red and stitched on to the backs of the insides were the words ‘MOTHER’S HEELS’.

Katherine quivered at the site of them. So pretty and exquisitely made.

“Thank you, Ginette. These are something else!”

“You, my dear are going on a very special journey. Your Son is going to have such a special day! If only more Mothers were as considerate as you.”

Both Mothers smiled at each other and then Ginette leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. “Good luck,” she whispered.

That afternoon Katherine arranged to have her hair and nails done. When the receptionist had asked her a name she had paused for a moment and then replied “Janet Peterson”. The plan was set. She had booked a hotel room and sent a text to her Son. She had tried to be as brief as possible and simply told Alex he was to go to the Regal Hotel at 4pm, In ‘The Maitresse Suite’.

Katherine’s heart was pounding as she wheeled her suitcase down the corridor and towards her room. She hoped it would work, she hoped her Son would be happy. Taking a deep breath, she entered her key card into the lock and walked inside.

Two hours later and Katherine’s Son Alex was standing inside a lift at the Regal Hotel. He felt nervous and excited. His Mother had rented a hotel room for them both! There was something very naughty about the thought, like they were a couple having an affair, a dirty weekend away. His cock was beginning to harden at the thought of his sexy Mum in her lingerie when the lift pinged.

Alex stood in front of ‘The Maitresse Suite’ and coughed, he straightened his hair and knocked.

“It’s open,” came a voice from the other side. It sounded like his Mother, maybe a little deeper. Alex opened the door.

Inside the hotel room was a large bed, covered with soft satin sheets. To the right of the bed was dresser next to which was a fireplace with two chairs. The fireplace glowed and crackled. In one of the chairs sat Katherine, but Alex could barely recognise her.

Her hair was blonde, platinum blonde. It was curved into a perfectly straight bob just above her shoulders. Her lips coated in red lipstick. Her body was wrapped in a short, silk black gown, it’s long sleeves covered her arms. Her legs were crossed in front of her, encased in the sheer black of her stockings. On her feet were a pair of black, peep toe heels. Between her fingers, her nails long, sharp and red, she held a cigarette holder inside which was a black Sobranie cigarette. She looked Alex up and down.

“Oh my God, Mum…” Alex began. “You look… I mean, you’re smoking?!”

“Shut the door, Alex.”

Without even thinking about Alex did as he was told. He returned back to face his Mother. She looked amazing!

“I’m afraid Katherine couldn’t make it tonight, Alex. My name is Janet. I’m going to be your Mummy tonight.”

Alex looked confused and then nodded. Katherine- no, Janet, smiled, a wicked smile that caught Alex off-guard. His breathing became shallow.

“Strip for me,” she commanded.

He quickly unbuttoned his shirt and threw it on the floor. Janet continued to smoke the cigarette, elegantly pinching the holder, as she watched her Son strip down. He got down to his trousers and she crossed her legs. The sound of the nylon *swisshhing* made the blood rush to Alex’s cock. Janet put out the cigarette and flicked it into the fireplace. Alex pulled down his boxer shorts and his cock sprang out in front of him. Janet grinned at the sight.

“Come here,” she told him. Alex walked towards his Mother and stopped in front of the chair. “Hands behind your back,” she reached out and grabbed his cock. Alex let out a small yelp as Janet squeezed the cock between her fingers. “Just think, I made this. I created this. Naturally it should belong to me.”

“Yes, Mum.”

Her hands moved down to his balls. Once more she squeezed. “These seem to be filling up nicely. Have you been thinking wicked thoughts, Son?”

“I- well I…” Alex didn’t quite know how to answer. He felt her fingers tighten.

“I see.” Janet stood up, in her heels she stood a few inches over her Son. Her hand moved back to his erect dick. “Come over to the bed.” She tugged at his penis and lead him slowly towards the bed, her gown billowing behind her. Janet’s heels click-clacked on the bare parquette of the hotel room. Alex shuffled behind as best he could. Janet sat down on the bed, crossing her legs once more. Alex quivered at the sight. She told him to fetch her cigarettes.

Alex did as he was told, still amazed to see his Mum smoking, but aroused by the action too. He passed them to her with an ashtray.

“Mum, are you really smoking, I can’t believe-“

WHACK! Janet quickly raised her heeled foot and smacked into Alex’s balls and dick. He immediately doubled-over and kadıköy escort let out a groan of pain.

“Did I dare say you could question me?”

“No… no, Mum.”

“Get on your knees, Son.”

Alex quickly did as he was told, he didn’t want another high heel to his balls again. Janet leaned over and blew smoke into his face through her perfect red lips. Alex blinked as it stung his eyes. This made Janet giggle and taking another drag, she stood back up. Placing the cigarette between her lips she undid the cord of her robe. Alex looked up at his Mother as the robe came off. She wore a very tight, black corset that pushed her body into a classic hourglass figure. Her breasts looked magnificent and the corset ended in silver metal clasps that held the black stockings in place. The stockings had a bright gold band around them and Alex thought he could make out writing.

Janet moved her hips slowly from side-to-side. “You like my stockings, Son? Read what’s written on them…”

“It’s… ‘incest’, Mum. It says ‘incest’.”

“Are you the sort of wicked boy that thinks about incest, Alex?”

“Well, I-AHHH…”

Janet pressed down one of her high heels into his thigh. “Do you think about incest with Mother, Alex? Do you?”


Her heel came away. “I see. Get over my lap please.”

Janet sat back down on the edge of the bed, stubbing out the cigarette. Alex moved towards her gingerly, but Janet was fast. She grabbed him, with strength she didn’t know she had and pulled his naked body down over her lap. She quickly clamped her nyloned thighs around his penis and squeezed. Alex gasped as the stockings touched his cock, the feeling was incredible, intense. All he could think about was humping his Mother’s thighs, but he tried to resist.

“I cannot believe I raised such a dirty little pervert!” WHAP! Janet’s hand cracked on to Alex’s backside. He yelped. “A dirty little boy whose cock gets hard at the sight of his own Mother!” WHAP! “I should have started spanking you the minute you started touching that dirty little prick of yours.” WHAP!

Alex tried to apologise, but all he could do was squeal, he needed to fuck, needed to cum! His hips began to gently buck up and down and the grazing of his cock on her thighs felt like ecstasy. Janet noticed his bum bouncing up and down and the thought of her Son getting himself off in her lap made her very wet and needy. She’d let him continue a little longer…

WHAP! “I bet you jerked off into Mummy’s panties, didn’t you? Or was it her stockings? Did you wrap Mummy’s soft, silky nylon stockings around your cock and make your mess in them?” WHAP! “Well? Did you?!”

Alex was now banging his hips against his Mother’s lap, his balls smacking against her thigh. His balls felt so tight, he was so close, he needed relief! “Yes, Mummy, I did! I did!”

Janet felt his body tighten and simultaneously opened her thighs and pushed her Son off of her. Alex collapsed by the side of the bed looking hurt. She wagged her finger at him. “No, no, you bad boy, you don’t get to cum yet.” She moved her legs apart even wider. “You know what Mummy needs. Crawl here and give it to her.” Her hands moved down her thighs and her red fingernails drifted over her steamy pussy.

Recovering from his fall, Alex crawled on all fours towards his Mother. His lips found the tops of her stockings, his head pushed against her thighs.

“That’s it, baby. Eat Mummy’s pussy, like a good boy should…” His lips found her sex. Alex began to lap for all he was worth, his tongue ran up and around her labia, finally flicking over her clit. Janet groaned with deep pleasure, her whole body was on fire, it felt incredible. “That’s it baby, show your Mother the respect she deserves. Show her how a Son should behave, pleasuring the Woman that loves him most in the world, giving his adoration and devotion to her. Ohhhh yes, my darling, lick Mummy harder, be a good boy and lap at her, make her cum!”

Alex’s hands gripped his Mother’s thighs and pushed his mouth firmly against her cunt. She leaned backwards, waves of enhanced pleasure pushing her body in different directions. The cum was growing inside, yearning to be set free, to engulf her body. Her fingers clawed at the bedsheets. Alex renewed his eating of her pussy, pushing and lapping and flicking with his tongue.

“Oh fuck yes, make Mummy cum, be a good little pussy eater and make her fucking cum oh–OHHHH, SHIIIIT!” Janet cried out, screamed even, as the climax ripped through her. She grabbed at Alex’s hair, holding him to her pussy for as long as she could. Expletives, pain, pleasure, she coloured the air blue as she came, it was overwhelming. She pushed Alex’s head away and collapsed backwards on to the bed.

For a few minutes, Mother and Son lay in the hotel room, wrapped in ecstasy and astonishment. Alex had never heard his Mother climax like that before. Janet lay on the bed stunned, stars in front of her eyes. Alex’s hands drifted back to his cock. He began to masturbate, hoping to relieve some of the intense pressure in his balls. It was then he felt something cold and hard on his cock. Opening his eyes he saw his Mother’s high heel pressing down on him. She was sitting on the edge of the bed once more. Her other heel joined the first, trapping his cock between the two shoes. Alex moaned as Janet began to lift the shoes up and down his rigid prick.

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