Mother Initiates Son to Manhood Ch. 03

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Dildo Ride

Paul and Ashley not only make out as if they’re boyfriend and girlfriend instead of mother and son but also have sex.

This time when Paul leaned in to kiss his mother again, she put her arm around his neck. A good sign that she was allowing him to have his wicked way with her body, as if giving her permission to feel her breasts, she gave him free access to her nightshirt and bra clad tits. If it wasn’t sexually exciting enough to kiss his mother, French kiss his mother, it was even more sexually exciting to touch, feel, and fondle her tits while kissing her and fingering her erect nipples.

As if her nipples were prisoners of her bra and cloaked behind her nightshirt, if only by their hardness and erectness, they seemed intent on busting out of her bra. This time, as soon as his hand felt her breast and fingered her nipples through her nightshirt and bra, instead of forcing his tongue in her mouth, she parted his lips with her tongue. Instead of him French kissing her, she French kissed him. Instead of him showing her the passion he had for her, she was showing him the passion she had for him. Never has he felt anything as sexually exciting as French kissing his mother while feeling her breasts and fingering her nipples, albeit through her clothes.

With one hand feeling her breasts, he reached his other hand around her to feel her ass through her nightshirt. In the same way she was when he felt her breast and fingered her nipple for the first time, she seemingly was okay with him feeling her panty clad ass through her nightshirt. Then, when he lifted the back of her nightshirt to feel her ass through her panties, she stiffened in the way she stiffened the first time he felt her breast and fingered her nipple through her nightshirt and bra.

“Paul please don’t,” she said. “I don’t mind you feeling my ass through my nightshirt but I’m not comfortable with you lifting my nightshirt to feel my ass through my panty. If you don’t mind, I’d much rather that you don’t go beneath my nightshirt to feel my panty clad ass,” she said. “Okay?”

What was he supposed to say? He had to agree with her. He had to give in to her. Even though it was so much more sexually exciting to lift the back of her nightshirt and feel her round, firm ass through her panty, he had to stop when she said stop. Not wanting her to pull the plug on making out with his mother, those were her rules for him to be in bed with her while making out with his mother.

She was in control of what he could touch and feel and what he couldn’t touch and feel. If it wasn’t enough that she was kissing him, French kissing him, he couldn’t believe she allowed him to feel her ass through her nightshirt. He couldn’t believe she allowed him to feel her breasts and finger her nipples through her nightshirt and bra. He couldn’t believe she said it was okay for him to feel her ass through her nightshirt. He couldn’t believe he felt his mother’s round, firm ass through her panties. What an ass? She had such a great ass. He couldn’t wait to feel her ass again even if he was relegated to feeling it through her nightshirt instead of her panty.

“Okay,” he said. “Sorry.”

He couldn’t wait to touch and feel her again while French kissing her again. Now with Paul French kissing his mother while feeling her breasts, fingering her nipples, and feeling her ass, albeit through her nightshirt, bra, and panties, he continued kissing and kissing her. With his birthday wish realized, indeed, he was making out with his mother. Something he could only imagine before was really happening now.

Only, wanting more, he moved his hand down from her ass to feel his mother’s shapely, naked thighs. As if she had a fever or was on fire, her naked thighs were so warm to his horny touch. Just as he’s never touched her nightshirt and bra and panty clad breasts and ass, he’s never touched his mother’s naked thighs. Building up the courage, he was intent on feeling her in the place where he emerged when he was born. Determined to touch her there, where no son should ever touch his mother, he wanted to feel his mother’s cunt not just through her nightshirt but through her panty.

While kissing and kissing her, slowly and stealthily, he moved his horny hand to the front of her. Moving his hand higher, he felt the front of his mother’s panty through her nightshirt. With him committing no foul there, so long as he didn’t go beneath her nightshirt, she allowed him to touch the front of her panty albeit through her nightshirt. Then, gradually, ever so slowly, he moved his hand lower and lower while kissing her more passionately. Then, he touched her panty clad pussy with his fingertips, albeit still through her nightshirt. Following her rules, apparently, so long as he only touched her through her nightshirt and through her bra and panty, she allowed him to feel and fondled her body, even her pussy.

Touching her panty clad pussy over her nightshirt, he kept his hand in place while moving only his fingertips along the innovia escort front of her mound. Finally, moving his hand more forcefully, with her nightshirt acting as a condom for his hand, he parted her thighs and slipped his hand between her legs. In the way she put her arm around his neck to give him access to her breasts, she parted her legs to give him access to her pussy. So long as he didn’t lift her nightshirt out of the way, she was okay with him touching her anywhere and everywhere while kissing and kissing her.

With him being so boldly inappropriate in touching and feeling his mother’s body, he was cupping his mother’s panty clad pussy in his hand, albeit still through her nightshirt and panty. Albeit still feeling her through her nightshirt, he couldn’t believe he was feeling his mother’s panty clad pussy while French kissing her, feeling her breasts, and fingering her nipples. Daring not to move his fingers, thinking better of it than to push his luck, he so wanted to go beneath her nightshirt to trace his mother’s slit through her panties with his fingertips.

With her panties so sheer and so thin, even with her nightshirt playing interference, blocking his progress, and adding to his sexual frustration, he could feel quite a lot of her pussy. While still with his touches all through her nightshirt covered panty, he touched her dark brown pubic hair and traced her pussy lips through her thin nightshirt. As soon as he touched her where no son should ever touch his mother, she squirmed her sexual excitement. Immediately, with her getting more sexually aroused, he could feel the change of her in his arms and with her kiss.

She felt firmly soft. She felt seductively vulnerable. She felt sexually willing. As if she was the suddenly the seducer instead of him being the charmer, her kisses became more passionate. Her breathing became shallower and her pulse quickened. Warming her to a hotter temperature, turning her on, he was getting her in the mood for sex.

* * * * *

Then, in the way he lifted the back of her nightgown, with her seemingly lost in his kisses, he lifted the front of her nightgown. With her panty clad pussy now fully exposed to his horny hand, she didn’t resist his fingers touching her brown, trimmed pubic hair through her panty. Seemingly, in the way she didn’t mind him feeling her tits, and in the way she was twirling her shoulder length brown hair with her fingers while talking to him earlier, she didn’t mind him twirling her pubic hair with his fingers, albeit through her panties.

Just as she was seemingly okay with him touching her pussy beneath her nightshirt and through her panty. Seemingly she was okay with him feeling her panty clad pussy beneath her nightshirt until he took it one step further and stuck his hand between her shapely thighs again. This time, instead of feeling her pussy through her nightshirt and panty, he felt her pussy through her sheer, thin panty. This time he wanted to feel her warm wetness. This time, he wanted to finger his mother’s cunt.

The dirty dog that he is, he felt his mother’s vaginal secretions with his fingertips through her panties. Her panties were moistly warm. She was hot just as he was hot. She was wet just as he was hard. She was ready just as he was horny.

Then, as if he was a second story burglar unlocking the combination to her safe and to open her vault, he moved her panty aside with his fingertip. He was touching his mother’s naked cunt. He couldn’t believe he was touching his mother’s naked cunt.

Having the soft, subtle touch of an expert pickpocket, when he traced her pussy slip and parted her pussy lips, he delved his finger in deeper to feel his mother’s vaginal secretions. Slipping his finger right inside of her, she was so wet. She was sticky wet and the tip of his finger was filled with her sexually secreted slime. It was when he moved his fingers to rub her clit that she stopped him.

“Paul no. Don’t. Please don’t. Stop,” she said breathlessly while feebly pushing him away. “You mustn’t. I’m your mother and this is wrong.”

“Mother please,” he said.

“I don’t mind you kissing me, really I don’t. I quite enjoyed your kissing me while touching me and feeling me but you mustn’t masturbate me,” she said.

He couldn’t believe he just touched his mother’s naked pussy. He couldn’t believe he just fingered his mother. He couldn’t believe she was stopping him just when the fun was beginning.

“Okay, Mother,” he said moving his finger away from her pussy and out of her panty.

In the way that his cock was so very hard for his mother, perhaps she was embarrassed that she was so sexually aroused and wet for her son. Perhaps, no doubt, she was awkwardly uncomfortable with her son fingering her pussy. Maybe he was wrong to touch her where he emerged 18-years-ago. He had made his mother wet by kissing her, feeling her breast, fingering her nipple, feeling her ass, and now touching her pussy. With her istanbul escort ready for sex and with her ready to accept his hard, erect cock in her warm, wet pussy, it was then that he realized that she wanted him as much as he wanted her, that is, until she said otherwise.

“You mustn’t touch me there in that sexual way Paul,” she said.

With him receiving mixed messages, he was confused. He didn’t know what to do next. As if she took his toy away when he was having so very much fun playing with it, he didn’t want to stop fingering his mother’s pussy. Yet, fearing that he’d ruin everything and she’d no longer allow him to kiss her while feeling her, he hoped that she’d eventually relent and allow him to screw her. He didn’t want to stop kissing, touching, and feeling his mother’s beautiful body.

“What?” Continuing to sexually tease her, he looked at her while fingering her nipple through her nightshirt. “Did I do something wrong?”

With the sexual fragrance of his mother all over his fingertip, she looked down at his fingers playing with her nipples through her nightshirt and bra. Her nipples were so hard. Her nipples were so erect. Her nipples were so big. She was so ready to make love. She was so ready for him to mount her and make love to her before fucking her and figuratively screwing her.

“No, I mean, yes. I don’t mind you touching and feeling me through my nightshirt and through my bra and panty but you mustn’t lift my nightshirt to touch and feel my naked body. It’s enough that I’m in bed with you. It’s enough that I’m French kissing you. It’s enough that I’m allowing you to touch and feel me only where you’re father has touched and felt me,” she said.

“I understand mother and am grateful for you granting me my birthday wish,” he said.

“You mustn’t feel me inside of my panty Paul. My private place is just that, private and reserved only for your father. I’m uncomfortable with you fingering my pussy. Okay?”

Now that he was already here, as if telling an explorer that he could no longer explore, he wasn’t about to stop his sexual albeit incestuous exploration of his mother’s shapely body. Nonetheless, Paul was sexually excited hearing his mother use the word pussy. Never having heard her say pussy before, he couldn’t wait to hear her say cock.

“Okay,” he said. “I’m sorry.”

* * * * *

Having only imagined kissing his mother, he couldn’t believe he was not only kissing her but French kissing her now. Having only imagined touching and feeling his mother while masturbating himself, he couldn’t believe he was touching and feeling his mother now, albeit through her clothes. Having only imagined what it would be like to have sex with his mother, never has he seen his mother as sexually aroused and as helplessly vulnerable as she was now.

With color to her cheeks that even glowed in the dark, she was even more beautiful when she was sexually excited. His father was such a lucky bastard to have such a hot woman in his bed. If he was to mount her now, he suspected that she wouldn’t resist him. He suspected that she’d allow him to make love to her. He suspected that she’d allow him to screw her before fucking her, really fucking her hard.

He’d love to know what it would feel like to be on top of her. He’d love to know what it would feel like to be inside of his mother. He’d love to know what it would feel like for her to be naked and with her arms and legs wrapped around his naked body. He’d love to know what it would feel like to hump her, really hump her fast and hard.

“There’s no reason to be sorry. You’re just doing what any healthy, young man would do with a woman, perhaps not with his mother though,” she said with a dirty laugh.

They fell silent while looking at one another.

“May I still kiss you?”

She smiled and kissed him lightly on the lips.

“Of course,” she said.

When he moved his hand to her breast, she put her arm around his neck again to give him access to her breasts.

“Can I still touch and feel you through your nightshirt?”

She touched the side of his face with her hand and lightly kissed him.

“Yes,” she said resting her hand at the top of his thigh and only mere inches from the tip of his cock.

He took her hand by her wrist and moved it to his penis.

“Would you touch me through my pajama bottoms?”

She pulled her hand away but still left it at the top of his thigh.

“Paul, I don’t think that I should,” she said. “My touching your penis is sexually inappropriate and doesn’t correspond with my lesson in instructing you how to kiss a woman. Isn’t it enough that I allow you to touch and feel me?”

He took her hand and moved it back to his cock again.

“Why not?”

This time, not moving her hand away and not moving her hand and/or fingers at all, she kept her hand there in contact with his pajama clad penis.

“You’d get too excited if I was to feel your cock, kadıköy escort wouldn’t you?”

Surprising him while sexually exciting him, she ever so lightly made slow circles around the head of his cock through his pajama bottoms with her fingertips. He couldn’t believe she was touching his prick. He couldn’t believe how seductively good it felt for her to touch him without even her stroking him. No doubt she was teasing him but he didn’t care. She was seducing him in the way that he imagined he seduced her by fingering her nipples before fingering her pussy.

“Perhaps I would get too sexually excited if you were to feel my cock,” he said. “But I need to know what it feels like to have a woman touching me.”

He gently took her by her hand again. This time, holding her hand in place, he tried wrapping her fingers around his cock through his pajama.

“Okay,” she said. “I’ll touch and feel your cock but only through your pajamas. Okay? You mustn’t remove your penis. In the way that I wouldn’t allow you to touch and feel my naked body, I mustn’t touch and feel your naked penis,” she said as if scolding him and instructing him not to touch a hot stove.

Baby steps, continuing to take baby steps, he was getting all that he wanted from his mother and would soon, no doubt, get even more. Not wanting to force his mother to touch his erect prick, he let go of her hand to see what she’d do.

“Okay,” he said.

* * * * *

Paul returned to kissing his mother while feeling her breasts and lightly fingering her nipples through her nightshirt and bra. He continued feeling her ass, and touching her between her legs through her nightshirt and panties. Availing her nightshirt clad body to her son, Ashley returned her son’s kisses while touching and feeling his engorged prick through his pajamas.

With his mother fingering the head of his cock through his pajama bottoms, it didn’t take him very long to have a raging erection. As soon as his cock stiffened even harder than it was before, as shocking as it was surprising, it didn’t take his prick long to find its way out of his pajama pee hole. As soon as his cock emerged out of his pajama bottom, touching his exposed penis with her fingers, she stared down at his cock. Then, without him having to pull her hand to his exposed prick, Ashley wrapped her fingers around her son’s naked cock. He couldn’t believe his mother was holding his cock in her hand. He couldn’t believe his mother was ever so slowly stroking him.

When she did that, when she started masturbating him, he buttoned her nightshirt, one slow, nervous button at a time while stopping to look all that he could see of her before unbuttoning the next button. Cooperating with him in undressing her, she removed her arms from her nightshirt. Now dressed in only her panty and bra, he continued kissing her while feeling her through her panty and bra while she continued slowly stoking his cock. Seeing how far she’d allow him to go, he unsnapped her bra, a front snapping bra. Feeling his mother through her sexy underwear, his horny hands were all over her big bra and thin, lacy panties.

With most of her breasts now exposed to his horny eyes, but for her nipples and areolas, not wanting to rush the first time feeling her naked tits, he continued kissing her while feeling her ass and pussy through her panty. He wanted to arouse her more before he felt her naked tits and fingered her nipples. Then, slowly pushing her bra cups aside, he exposed her big tits. Even in the dark, he could see her breasts, her areolas, and her nipples. With her nipples fully erect, even in the dark, he could tell that his mother sexually wanted him as much as he sexually wanted her. He couldn’t wait to feel her big tits. He couldn’t wait to finger her nipples. He couldn’t wait to suck her nipples.

As soon as she tightened her gripe around his cock and stroked him a little faster, he cupped her pussy through her panty. Prick for pussy, with her stroking his prick, he pushed her panty aside to finger her pussy. This time, she didn’t stop him. This time she seemingly wasn’t embarrassed that he could feel how wet and sexually excited she was. This time she didn’t stop him from rubbing her clit and sticking his finger deep within her cunt.

While fingering his mother, she continued stroking him as they kissed and kissed. Then while still fingering her, with his other hand, he explored the fullness of her C cup breasts. He helped her remove her bra. He felt her fondled her big tits while fingering her nipples. Then something he always imagined doing while masturbating himself, he leaned down to take his mother’s big tits in his mouth, first one and then the other. He hasn’t sucked her tits in more than 20 years. He removed her nipples from his mouth to stare at her breasts and to peer down at her panty clad pussy.

With her obviously enjoying kissing him while stroking his cock as he sucked her big tits, he stuck his hand down her panty. Just as she was masturbating him harder and faster, he was really masturbating his mother now. Rubbing her clit harder and faster, he fingered her pussy deeper. He couldn’t wait until his cock was inside of her instead of her finger. He couldn’t wait until he was making love to his mother before fucking his mother.

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