Mother in Law – The 5 Senses

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I got off work early for a weekend to myself, the wife was away with her dad to visit some distant family members, neither of them really wanted to go but for the sake of possible future falling out it was the easier option. I had nothing planned and that was the way I wanted it. 3 days, 2 nights of me time, wake up when I wanted, get ready if I wanted and do what I wanted. It was a red hot summers day, so the plan was simply sit in the garden, soak up some sun and have an afternoon of relaxation. Normally I’d be in training at a time like this but I’d also given myself the weekend off that too.

Just as I was about to settle the phone rang, it was the Mother in Law, she caught me off guard ‘Hi Tyler, What are you doing this afternoon?” my fatal reply was “nothing.” Before I even knew what I was doing I was in the car driving to her house to help move some things in the garden.

Chapter 1. Sight

How to describe the Mother in Law. Late 40’s, about 5ft7, brown hair, I’d put a guess on a bra size of 36b, maybe a c cup, long legs (which I always thought had nice shape) and a slightly olive skin tone often associated with darker haired people. That is as much as I can describe as her choice of dress was mainly tight jeans and layers on top which makes it hard to work what is actually under there.

I arrived at hers. Sure enough she was in the garden, wearing an old pair of jeans and a baggy jumper that was covered in mud. She thanked me for coming and put me to task, there were a bunch of stones and paving slabs needed moving, and she wanted me to do some cutting of a tree she couldn’t get up but I could ‘easily climb’ so away I went, thinking to myself sooner I get done here sooner I get my weekend of nothingness back on track.

She disappeared to take a break as I worked away. It was red hot, sun was shining, so I took this as a perfect opportunity to get some sun to my body and removed my top. Luckily the pair of shorts I had on weren’t new as I was already covered in garden dirt.

I didn’t even notice her return, she was lying on her sun lounger in nothing more than a bikini. Wow, I’d never seen her like that. To be honest I couldn’t see much as she was reading a magazine but her legs were shining in the sun. I was right about those, long, tanned, very nicely toned legs. I’ll admit I was kinda distracted but this was my Mother in Law and I wanted to get done and away soon as I could.

I noticed her glancing over on numerous occasions, I had been working out a lot recently and had numerous comments on how well I looked at the gym so just assumed she was not ‘checking me out’ but like I hadn’t seen here in a bikini she hadn’t seen me topless recently. She called me over to look at something in her magazine. Now, as I approached I was conscious she had just a bikini top on, small pert breasts I could see as I approached, not a huge cleavage at all but they were a nice ripe shape and were showing no signs of sagging at all. But, in my head I was saying to myself ‘keep eye contact’ over and over again.

However, what happened next shocked me. Shocked me so much the fact she was lying right by me just a bikini on was no longer an issue. In this magazine she showed me what she was reading, an article about cock sizes and shapes. “Can you believe the things they print” she said. I agreed, but I just couldn’t believe the fact my Mother in Law is pretty much talking about cock sizes to me! As I returned back to the garden I jokingly said to her “oh, and by the way, the biggest one, of course” cheekily grinned, she just laughed.

My last duty was to cut some branches off the tree that required ladders. She came over and held the ladders for me as I cut the branches down. These were step ladders, I was half way up then she was opposite me holding them, as I was cutting I realised her head was at waist level and only about 12inches away. It felt like eternity I was up there, in reality it was probably only a minute or so. I was just thinking any error or slight movement and I could be in more of an embarrassing position than the magazine conversation. As I leaned and reached over I knew I was getting closer, probably about 6 inches now, she made no attempt to move her head and when I glanced down I’m sure she was staring right at it. It was turning me on, especially as the view I had down her bikini top was a great one.

I finished the cutting and got down from the ladders, lets hope she didn’t notice the slight movement in my shorts. As she turned away and walked back to her sun lounger without even turning or looking back she said in a quite even guilty sounding voice “you weren’t wrong”.

Chapter 2. Hearing

I’d really seen the Mother in Law in a new light, different to how I’d ever seen her before. And because of that is the only reason I agreed to staying over night and continuing some work for her in the morning.

We were shattered so an early night was in order and both in bed before 11pm. I stayed in the spare room, it had worked out fine as the main room where she was sleeping was en suite so I had exclusive use of esenyurt otele gelen escort the main bathroom.

I woke what felt was the middle of the night, it was only 1am, as I went to the bathroom for a drink. I hadn’t planned on staying over, I didn’t have any spare clothes with me just my grass covered shorts and t shirt I’d hardly worn. I was sleeping naked, I’d been given a robe to wear earlier for after I showered. I thought id take the risk and just go straight to the bathroom with nothing on.

On route to the bathroom I heard a noise coming from her room. It wasn’t a snore, or even a loud breathing, it was different. I don’t know why I did this but I approached her bedroom and listened. She was moaning, sexually moaning, this was enjoyment, pleasure. Quite moans, with a loud groan, quicker breathing. Was she dreaming. The door was open I quietly walked in making as little noise as possible, she was covered in her blanket with one leg outside with just about the top couple inches of her leg covered up.

Her eyes were shut, she was sleeping, dreaming she was having sex. I’m not sure why but forgetting I was completely naked and the fact my cock had started to respond to the horny noises coming from the Mother in Law I entered the room and got closer. Her moaning was getting louder, her legs were moving the covers riding up a little higher revealing a bit more of her leg. I was standing at her head side of the bed, I was so fixated on the noises she was making it wasn’t until I felt her warm breath on now my rock solid cock I realised once again there were about 6inches between her head and my cock. Only this time nothing was in between. The thoughts going through my head now were all wrong, firstly what was I even doing in her room, secondly I was naked with a rock hard cock and now I was thinking I could move my cock down and touch it on her lips, or as her mouth was opening better still, I could put it in. Why was I even thinking these things. At that moment she stirred, broke from her dream I was now wishing I was in, my initial reaction was I’ve got to get out, imagine she sees me he, her son in laws cock casting a shadow on her face. For some reason I ducked down and rolled under her bed.

And just in time too, she woke up and got out of bed and walked to the other side of the room. I couldn’t see what she was doing, I could only see as far up as her calves. She rummaged in her drawers, I was thinking is she naked now, is she getting something to cover her up, is she going to check in on me, but I wouldn’t be there I’m here under her bed. In fact the opposite happened, I watched her thong drop down her calves to the floor and she stepped out of them. Was she now naked, as she stepped out of her thong I heard a long ‘mmmmmm’. She then went back onto the bed. Then within a second of her lying down I heard a buzzing. Then a moaning. She had gotten a vibrator out. She was being rough and vigorous, the bed was creaking on top of me, she was moaning louder and louder, wow. She was on her bed naked with a vibrator, playing with herself, fucking herself hard. At the same time I was under her bed naked. I started stroking my erection, softly, silently although the noise she was making I could have gotten away without being so careful. As she was working away on herself was she thinking of me? What if I reappear from under the bed, would she just tell me to fuck her right there? What was certain my hand was on my cock because of her, because of the noises she was making. I couldn’t see a thing, only the of her groans, sounds of heavy breathing, her vibrator buzzing, the bed creaking – she was having a good time. She let out very load scream come moan, I would have heard that even if I was in my room, and again, she started going softer and letting out satisfied moans. She had cum, she had cum on top of me but she didn’t know it. She got out of bed and went to her en suite bathroom. I took that opportunity to make my escape and return to my room.

Chapter 3: Smell

Lying back in bed, thinking over what had just happened, trying to get back to sleep but my imagination running wild. Was she thinking of me, was she missing her man, should I have even been there, did she know I was there, so many more thoughts keeping my mind active, how was I ever to sleep, should I go back through and as the thoughts went on I did eventually drift off to sleep.

I dreamt of what just happened, but it felt so real, the smell of her pussy was vivid, like I was there all over again. As I drifted into a lighter sleep and about to wake as my eyes were just opening I noticed her standing there. I didn’t open my eyes and pretended to sleep. She just stood there, I could smell the sweet scent of her pussy just hours after it had seem some action. The aroma was getting stronger I couldn’t help but half open my eyes to see her bending over, her arse and pussy right there in front of my face as she continued to remove her soaking wet thong she must have put back on. What was she doing, I didn’t care, I had the view I wish I esenyurt rus escort had a couple hours ago. I could see the hole that had recently been filled. I shut my eyes again continuing to pretend to sleep, I should have just made it obvious I was awake but in the back of my mind this was still my Mother in Law it was wrong and still felt strange even though how horny she was and was making me feel. I heard her leave the room so I opened my eyes and noticed her thong was still lying on the floor.

I could help but reach down and get it, it smelt of her, her pussy, I could believe what I was doing I was sniffing my Mother in Law underwear. That was wrong. I was turned on, I don’t think I had turned off from earlier so put the thong down on my hard cock. My cock now in contact with what had been on and probably inside her pussy just moments ago. I rubbed my cock up and down with it. At that point I heard her approach the room again. Quickly I shut my eyes and pretend to sleep again. Then realised her thong was no wrapped round my cock, luckily under the covers, but, ultimately her thong was no longer on the floor where she had left it. She had a walk round the bed, I was pretending to sleep, I could smell she was near again, I didn’t know what she was going to do next, I was hoping she wouldn’t move the covers, why would she, I’m sleeping, but her thong had gone I must have it. I lost the scent of her pussy opened my eyes and she was no longer there, at that point I threw the thong back to the floor and went back to sleep.

I woke to the smell of coffee and cooked breakfast, I got out of bed, put on my robe and headed downstairs, noticing on the way that her thong had in fact disappeared again.

Chapter 4: Touch

We exchanged good mornings, after the surreal night we had, but in each others mind the other person wasn’t aware of each others involvement. She didn’t know I was awake or under her bed when she cum, or I don’t think she was aware. Either way, I had to play the innocent son in law this morning.

I joked with as I entered the kitchen that it was a nice robe she had on. It was the same as the one she let me wear, taken from a hotel, that cheap material and to be honest not much of them. I was conscious of how short it was as I didn’t have anything else with me to wear. She gave me a big hug which was unusual, she never hugged me, I hugged her back which pre-longed the hug and actually pulled us closer together. From our knees to our chest our whole body were in contact with each other, especially our legs that the robe only really covered our decency, and I could feel her pert breasts tight in her robe against me, now was not the time for my cock to come alive due to how close we were and how little clothing we had on. As we released from the hug, her hands were down by my waist and as I turned her hand brushed over my cock, an innocent accident, no one mentioned it.

The day went by in a similar fashion to yesterday, I got messy in the garden and she was bikini clad sunbathing. I had my old shorts on so was filthy before I even got started except with no underwear on so a little less comfortable. She called my over and said she was going to sun her back so could I put some sun cream on her. I said I would, she lay on her front and I started by her calves, as I was rubbing it in her firm calves I looked up the back of her thighs to her arse, thinking to myself I’d seen that naked, it was right in front of my face, I now have the opportunity to touch it, or do I? I slowly massaged the sun cream up the back of her legs, up to the back of her knees, running my fingers round to the front of her knees too. Then a little higher the the back of her thighs, slowly going higher up her thighs, running my hands round the inside of her thighs, to the outside of her thighs as I slowly moved higher up her legs. I was enjoying this too much, I was supposed to be putting sun cream on and I felt like I was giving her an intimate massage. Her bikini bottoms weren’t thong style just your standard bikini bottom, although they were a little small so didn’t cover her full arse. I thought I’d play safe and sun cream the uncovered parts. I started by putting cream on the outside of her thighs and work in to her arse, then down to the top of her thighs, then moved the opposite way back up, my fingers cm’s away from her pussy, holding her arse cheeks firmly in both hands, my thumbs practically toughing her pussy from behind. I’m sure I heard a discreet moan as I was doing this. One slip and I’d be inside her. I then had to remind myself I was applying sun cream to my mother in law. I moved up to her lower back, round to her sides and up to her bikini top strap, at that point she told me to undo it, of course this was innocent, it was common sense right. I undone her straps and they dropped either side of her, and I again ‘massaged’ sun cream into her back, doing my best to avoid the side of her breasts although I made sure my finger tips did reach them.

In typically British style the sun soon clouded over, the sky’s got darker esenyurt türbanlı escort and the rain came down. We both rushed inside, her minus a bikini top, she found it funny and as she covered herself with one arm as I commented on her top outside in the garden. As she covered herself one of her breasts was being pushed up with her nipple being covered by her forearm and her other being held in her hand. It was a great view and I couldn’t help but look, wanting her to move her arm, wishing it away with my eyes. I composed myself and said I was going in the shower.

It was one of those walk in showers, spacious for one, but wouldn’t call it a double shower, as I was washing myself I was thinking of the the the day & night before, then massaging her, her standing there topless and once again my cock was rock hard. At that point I heard her voice asking if I would like her to wash my back and before I knew it she was in the shower standing behind me. She said she’d came to return the favour and wash off the dirt on my back, this must have been for me putting her sun cream on. Before I even had the chance to say anything I felt to hands on my shoulders and running down my back. It felt so nice, her soft hands on my back her nails dragging down to, scratching but not digging in, then her hands over my arse cheeks, and to the top of my thighs and both hands rubbing slowly down one leg at a time. I was naked in the shower with my mother in law, she was rubbing her hands up and down my body, as her hands worked back up my legs her finger tips caught my balls, what a feeling that was my whole body shivered just with that slightest touch. I asked if she would like me to wash down her back too, as it was caked in sun cream as I got carried away earlier.

She agreed, I turned around and to my shock she was still facing me, but naked. I thought she’d have her bikini on, but she had undressed, I was speechless. I froze, I didn’t know what to do, we were both fully naked, this was my mother in law. Yes I’d had thoughts before, I’d listened to her cum but it didn’t feel real. This was real, she was there standing right in front of me. She said she hadn’t washed my front, so again starting at my shouldered she washed down my chest, to my stomach both hands down either side of my cock, my rock hard cock, then down my legs. On the way back up when she got to the top of my legs both hands made there way inwards and held my cock. One hand massaged my balls whilst the other moved slowly up and down my shaft – was she wanking me or washing me? After about 15seconds she continued up my body, to my chest then shoulders and finished there. At that point she stepped forward and gave me a big hug. Her hands sliding down my back to my arse, my hands doing the same. He breasts pressed against my chest and my hard cock pressed against her. She then told me to go and get dried off when she finished off showering.

It was early evening we were both in the lounge relaxing with a coffee. My ‘work’ here was done, I was gonna fish my drink and make my way home. Or was I prolonging the drink, did I want another night here after the last? Did she want me to stay, thinking back over the last 24hours, was she innocent in all this, she didn’t know I was under her bed, but she dropped her underwear in my room, I didn’t imagine that. We were naked in the shower, she gripped her son in laws cock and stroked it whilst massaging my balls. Or was she just washing me? An air of innocence yet totally sexual. But nothing was ever said. But now was it time for this innocence to come to an end once and for all?

Chapter 5. Taste

She offered to make me a meal before I left as a huge thank you for spending my weekend helping her out. I politely declined but she insisted it was her special meal and that I would love it. I had no choice, besides, she had washed my clothes and they were still drying so I did actually have a bit time to kill. We went into the kitchen dressed in our matching hotel robes, the kitchen was small, so on numerous occasions our bodies rubbed passed each other and again the back of her really firmly pushed on my cock. I didn’t mind this time round.

She reached up to the top shelf to get some ingredients down, on her tip toes I couldn’t help but notice how toned her calves were then as my eyes followed the rest of her legs up I could see she wasn’t wearing any underwear, her robe had ridden high up exposing the bottom half of her arse. I could see her pussy from behind. What a view, also being naked under these tiny robes any growth for me was going to be obvious to her so had to do my best to hide this. Luckily she kept her back to me as she worked on the bench mixing the food.

She asked me to come over, as she seductively sucked her finger, with her eyes closed and when removing it licking the tip with her tongue, ‘mmm tastes good’ she said. She turned away as if to dip her finger into the mix again and asked me to try it. Her finger was wet, she had just been sucking it, but didn’t look as if anything else was on it. I done as I was told and put her finger in my mouth, sucked her finger and licked it inside my mouth. That wasn’t any sort of food mixture, that was her, that was the smell would taste like, she hadn’t dipped her finger in any mix, she had dipped her finger in her pussy. It tasted good, I kept her finger in my mouth longer than I should of. She removed her finger telling me she knew I’d like the taste of it.

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