Mother-In-Law Surprise

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For many years Jon had kept a couple of secrets from his wife – that he “likes” lingerie, and that he fancies her mum. After a while, he managed to broach the lingerie subject with her, she was never fully happy with him wearing her bra’s, but put up with it on occasion. He never ever dared tell her of his other secret.

A couple of years back, Jon’s wife and her mum were going to Portugal to visit family. Jon managed to tag along at the last minute, and all 3 ended up sharing a hotel room (Jon on the sofa). One night, after a game of cards, Jon retired to the sofa and turned off his light. To his surprise, his mother-in-law started undressing in front of him. He wasn’t sure if she knew what she was doing and pretended not to look, but managed to glimpse her beautiful breasts. Ever since then he has wanted to touch them.

A year later, Jon and his wife were asked to house sit while her mum went on another holiday. One day, on his way home from work, Jon took the chance to pop in, and knowing no one would disturb him he carefully searched his mother-in-laws bedroom until he found what he was looking for – her underwear draw. He slowly worked his way through the entire collection of bra’s and negligees before retiring to the bathroom and relieving himself. Having made sure he put everything back how he found it, he then left.

Later that summer, his mother-in-law asked him to come round and help her in the garden. After a day of digging flower beds, moving rubble and cutting down trees they were both very tired and bizimkent escort very dirty, so when they were finished they both had a shower. When Jon came out of the shower, he heard her call him from her bedroom. Wrapped in just his towel, he knocked on the door and she beckoned him in. “My back and neck really hurt from all that work, do you think you could give me a massage?” she asked. Jon readily agreed, and suggested it would be more effective if she removed her blouse so he could rub in some lotion. To his astonishment she agreed, and with her back to him she took off her blouse and laid face down on the bed. Jon felt a slight twitch under his towel and he knelt on the bed behind her, straddling her as he did. He reached forward to pick up the bottle of lotion on the side table, allowing his stiffening cock to press against his mother-in-laws bottom, and apologised for squashing her and not picking it up first. She replied that it was okay and he squeezed a small amount of lotion out of the bottle and started gently, but firmly rubbing it into her neck, shoulders and lower back whilst maneuvering around her bra straps. It was then he got his next shock, she said he could undo her bra if it would make it any easier. Jon eagerly did so, trying hard to pretend he was embarrassed at the thought.

After about 15-20 minutes of an invigorating massage she suggested she return the favour, and somehow she extracted herself from underneath him and was round behind him in a flash. She took the bostancı escort bottle of lotion and started rubbing it into Jon’s back, pushing him into the bed as she did so. It was then Jon’s cock became rock hard, because as he hit the bed he felt something dig into his chest and immediately recognised it as the underwires from her bra. His brain raced, that meant that she was topless behind him, he thought. He glanced sideways into the mirror on the side table and sure enough, she was straddling him with nothing on above the waist. Slowly she leant forward, until her nipples were grazing his back. He couldn’t help himself and let out a little moan. Just then, she moved closer and started to whisper in his ear. “I know you fancy me” she said, “I can see it in the way you look at me, constantly trying to sneak a peek down my blouse when I bend down. Don’t deny it,” she continued, “I know you watched me undress in Portugal, and I felt how stiff you were when you bent over to pick up the lotion.” Then she said “I had an interesting conversation with your wife the other day…” Jon just lay there, his cock fit to burst with his semi naked mother-in-law straddling him, “… she told me that you liked her lingerie, is this true?” She asked, and at the same time grabbed both ends of the bra and fastened behind Jon’s back. Shocked, Jon tried to answer but couldn’t speak – his mother-in-law had just tricked him into wearing her bra in front of her. “It’s okay Jon,” she said, “I thought you might be a little büyükçekmece escort lost for words. If what your wife tells me is true, then put your arms through the straps and wear my bra with pride.” Jon was unsure of what was happening, but didn’t need telling twice and eagerly slipped his arms through the bra-straps. It was only now he really noticed the bra properly, a very sexy deep purple lace balconette. She reached round and gently massaged his nipples through her bra, “What does it feel like to wear your mother-in-laws bra? Does that feel good?” she asked. Jon just nodded and moaned lightly. And then she dropped the bombshell. “I know this isn’t the first time you have worn my bra’s” Jon’s heart stopped. “It’s okay Jon,” she continued, still caressing his nipples, “you should have asked me though. Alright, I suppose it isn’t the easiest thing to ask your mother-in-law if you can wear her underwear. But you didn’t ask when you rifled my through draws when I was on holiday. And before you try and deny it, I set up a motion sensing camera before I left.”

“Now,” she continued, “It is time for your punishment!” She ripped Jon’s towel from around his waist exposing his rigid member. As she gently caressed Jon’s cock she whispered in his ear “If you are a good ‘girl’ mummy will let you fuck her, but you must be a good ‘girl’!” She squirted some lotion on his backside and slipped a finger in his anus. Jon winced slightly, but didn’t fight. “You should have searched the room more thoroughly Jon,” she said menacingly, “if you had you might have found this…” and she lifted her skirt revealing a large double ended dildo, that was already inside her as far as it would go, and instantly pressed it into Jon’s bottom. Jon winced a bit more, but all he could find himself saying was “Fuck me, fuck me hard!” and she willingly obliged.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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