Mother in law pantyhose

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Mother in law pantyhoseMother-in-Law in Pantyhose

My wife’s mother is a beautiful lady. Ever since I met her, we would flirt lightly with each other, many times right in front of my wife. My Mother in-law also is in a position at her work that requires her to dress very classy. She wears pantyhose nearly everyday and I often wondered if she had some sort of fetish for pantyhose, since she often talked about them.
My wife puts up with my fetish for pantyhose to a certain point. She wears them during sex but frowns on me wearing them myself. After reading some of the articles on your site,. I used the excuse of having to wear them under my pants during the winter and fall and once in a great while I would keep them on during sex, but my wife would give me crap afterwards, even joking that I was gay, which I wasn’t at all, I just like the kinkiness and feeling of nylon.
Once at a Christmas party, my wife and her mother had a few drinks in them and they began talking about sex like they often did…then my wife brought up the fact that I wore pantyhose to try and embarrass me. My mother in-law asked me “Is that right…you like wearing pantyhose?”
A bit embarrassed and ashamed, I admitted I did and protested that I only wore them for comfort, but she only smiled and began talking about how she thought it was sexy. She went on about how she liked them too and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My wife scolded her mother for saying such things in front of me, but I was blown away for the rest of the night from her comment.
A few weeks later, my mother-in law called and asked if I could stop by and take out her Christmas tree. It was a very cold day and I slipped on a pair of white tights under my pants to keep myself warm.
When I arrived at my mother-in-law’s house, she was still dressed from work in a short black dress, black pantyhose and high heels. I commented my mother-in-law on her attire and proceeded to get right to work on taking down her Christmas tree. While I worked at pulling the tree from the base, she began to talk about how cold it was and mentioned it was really snowing outside, She then mentioned that she should have worm tights to work that day since it had been cold at her office, but all her tights had runs in them and she hadn’t had time to go to the store that week for new ones. She then commented about my white tights I was wearing and I looked back to realized my pant leg had ridden up exposing my tights covered leg. I got out from underneath the tree and she smiled and made a remark about how more men should wear tights and pantyhose to keep them warm.
She made me an espresso and I dragged the Christmas tree out to the end of the driveway for pick-up. By now the snow had turned to freezing rain and the road was covered with a thin layer of ice. I returned and joined her at the kitchen table while we watched the news report on the weather. I noticed that my mother-in-law kept her long legs out to the side and I could tell she was teasing me. I tried to keep my cool but when she slipped her feet out of those heels and started to massage her feet, I was now helpless. She slipped her feet into my lap and had me give her a foot massage and when I looked at the clock, I realized I was already late and told her I should get home before the storm got worse. My Mother-in-law suggested I stay there batman escort for the night, but I knew there would be no way I could keep my vows if I was to stay there alone with her in pantyhose.
I didn’t get a mile down the road before my car went into the ditch and was stuck in a snow bank. I ended up walking back to my mother-in-law’s in a downpour of sleet and freezing rain. By the time I made it to her door step, I was completely soaked and frozen to the bone. She was surprised and delighted to see me again and welcomed me in, but stopped me at the door so I wouldn’t get her hard wood floors wet. “You are going to have to strip” she told me, I’ll be right back, I was a bit hesitant to strip out of my clothes but stripped down to my tights and T-shirt when she returned with a towel. She smiled seeing me in tights and commented I should get out of those too and she would throw them in the clothes dryer to dry.
She handed me a towel and gathered up my clothes then waited for me to take off my wet tights and T-shirt. She stood back and took great interest as I slipped off the tights and tried to get the towel onto my naked cold body as quick as I could. “I’ll get these clothes of yours dry and I’ll call my daughter and tell her you’ll be spending the night here because of the storm.”
I went up to the bathroom and began to run the shower to warm it the water up and noticed she had hose hanging from the shower rod to air dry. I pulled those down so they wouldn’t get wet and placed them on the closed toilet seat, but not without checking them out first.
No sooner did I get into the bath, when the lights went out from the storm. I was left in the dark in the shower. I heard my mother-in-law call for me and she came into the bathroom with a candle. “The storm knocked out the power, so your clothes are going to be wet until they air dry.” she told me.
“Well, I better get out of the shower before all the hot water is used up, do you have anything I can wear?”
She thought for a moment and said, “Nothing I have will fit you , but I have an old night shirt that might fit you, and I have a pair of Queen-sized pantyhose to keep your legs warm that I bought by mistake and never returned if you want to wear that?” she replied to me.
“Sure, sounds good to me”
Before long she returned with a pale blue night shirt and a package of L’eggs sheer to waist tan pantyhose. I got out of the shower and quickly got dressed in the nightshirt and sheer tan pantyhose and went downstairs to the living room where my mother-in-law was making a fire in the fireplace.
I offered to help but she said she had already had the fire started. She told me to relax and she would get us something to drink.
When she returned, she carried two glasses of wine with her and handed a glass to me and then sat on the couch and kicked off her heels and threw her feet into my lap asking me “How about finishing my foot massage, I would really appreciate it.”
I smiled and took her feet in my hands and began massaging her toes and the bottoms of her feet in those sheer black pantyhose she was wearing. The combination of her little pretty feet in hose pressing on my own cock wrapped in pantyhose just under the thin nightshirt was making me stiffen by the second. The harder I rubbed escort batman her feet, the more she rubbed her feet against my cock until I started to get a raging hard-on making a tent in the front on my night shirt.
I looked up and noticed her legs had parted slightly and her skirt had ridden up exposing her pussy in the sheer pantyhose, but what really set me off was the fact she wasn’t wearing panties. “I couldn’t help but stare and she cleared her throat to command my attention. I looked up to see her smiling “Would you like me to give you a foot massage too?” she asked me. How could I say no? I threw my feet into her lap and her hands began to rub my hose covered toes. She then took both her feet and grabbed hold of my cock through the nightshirt. She looked at me funny and then asked “Is that you?” Being a little embarrassed of having my mother-in-law feeling my cock, I reluctantly answered “Yes”
She held my feet up and asked if I liked the feel of the pantyhose. “They are nice pantyhose aren’t they” she said smiling.
“Do you like tights or pantyhose better?’ she asked me
“Tights are warmer, but I really like the feel of the nylon pantyhose”
Her hand slid down my leg and back and my cock jumped in my hose. “Ohhh you like that? I really like the feel of nylon.”
We then began talking about how I got into wearing pantyhose and why she liked pantyhose and the fact she had never met another man that would put them on, all the while rubbing my cock with her feet through my nightshirt and pantyhose. At one point her feet pulled the nightshirt up enough to expose my entire length of my cock and she stopped for a moment to admire my stiff prick through the sheer pantyhose. We both smiled at each other and she wrapped her feet around my cock and started giving me an incredible foot job as she pulled my feet down into her crotch and began rubbing my nyloned covered feet against her swollen hosed clitty.
We rubbed each other like this for awhile, not speaking a word and just enjoying the feel of nylon on nylon until she stood up and took hold of my hand and led me up the stairs to her room. At the entrance of her bedroom, she stopped me and put her hand on my shoulder and pulled me towards her. Grabbing the back of my neck and with her other hand grabbing my hose covered ass, she pulled me within inches of her lips and said “You have to promise not to say a word to anyone, and I mean ANYONE about what we are about to do,……. deal?” she looked into my eyes and I knew right away what she meant and what WAS going to happen. I nodded and started to smile but she only pulled my head closer and we locked into a deep French kiss with her little tongue probing deep into my mouth as she grabbed my ass tighter. Slowly we moved to her bed while she unbuttoned her shirt. Once on the bed she kicked off her heels and slid off her skirt until she was now only dressed in her silky black full length slip and those sexy sheer black pantyhose. Grabbing me once again she pushed me back onto the bed and slid up on me so that our hose covered crouches rubbed against each other. My cock was now rock solid as a steel pole and I pushed my pelvis up against hers as we began a slow rhythmic motion, grinding our pantyhosed sex together while she sucked on my neck and probed her tongue into my right ear.
I pulled batman escort bayan up her slip a little so I could feel her pantyhose covered ass with both hands and began to rub her soft hosed butt for as long as I could before she moved down on me. She began licking my chest and stomach till she slid down to my cock.
Taking my hose covered member in her hand, she inspected my fat long cock and looked up and said “My daughter is a lucky lady I see” I was well endowed with a 9 inch cock and my long hose in hose was getting some much needed attention by my wife’s mother as she slowly began to lick the head of my nyloned circumcised cock and she fondled my balls and stroked lightly on my nylon covered shaft. Before long she was really getting off sucking my cock, deep throating me deeper then anyone women had ever done. I think we were both getting off by how kinky and forbidden the act we were committing. The site of my mother in-law sucking me off had put me over the top. I pulled her off for a moment, only to rip a hole in the pantyhose I was wearing so I could pull my cock back out through it. I then took hold of her hair in my hands and began to push her head deeper onto my cock until I took great pride in watching my mother in-law gag on all 9 inches of my pantyhosed cock. She loved ever minute of it and looked up at me, to see me staring down at her with pride and pleasure. I pulled her off my cock and I rolled her over onto her back and tore out the crotch of her pantyhose with my teeth, sliding my tongue deep inside my sexy hot mother-in-laws steamy wet hot pussy. Spreading her legs farther and parting her hot pink lips, my tongue made small little circles deep inside her, only stopping now and then to suck the tip of her clitoris deep inside my mouth with as much suction as I could generate.
She slid her hose covered legs around me and began to beg me to fuck her. I rose up and put the head of my cock on my hot mother-in-laws pussy and began to wiggle it in. She threw her legs around my back and pulled me into her while she moaned hard and backed up against my cock. Her face contorted by an expression of pain and pleasure as I slowly began to fuck her. I bent over to suck her tits till I had fully penetrated her. She was very vocal and began begging me to fuck her hard. I pulled out and positioned myself on my knees and began thrusting harder and faster up into her till we were fucking like wild hot sweaty a****ls in sheer nylon. The feel of our pantyhosed thighs and legs rubbing together as we fucked only heightened our pleasure.
I pulled her over on top of me and began to buck up into her pussy, giving her a great pantyhosed bucking bronco ride for at least 20 minutes. She had at least 2 really intense orgasms and a very vocal orgasm. After her second orgasm, I looked down and pulled out my cock just long enough to notice is was covered with large amounts of her thick white cum. I slid back into her, but the site and thought of my mother-in-law cumming all over my cock was too much and I pulled out and rolled her over just in time to release a stream of jism all over the front of her pantyhose and across her tits. We ended up falling asleep in each other arms and in the morning I awoke to the smell of brewing coffee and looked up at the blinking digital clock to realize the power was back on.
When I came downstairs to join my mother-in-law at the kitchen table for breakfast, she smiled and we began talking as if nothing happened the night before.
We still flirt massively and after 2 years, but I haven’t been in the position to repeat the scenario again….but you never know

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