Mother and Daughter Pay the Bills

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My daughter is a porn star. When she first told me, I was deeply upset. I thought something horrible had happened to her in childhood that led her to sex work. I thought maybe the divorce had caused it, or I hadn’t been there enough for her. Kaylee assured me I had been a good mother and it didn’t have anything to do with me or her father. She said there really wasn’t an explanation, it was just something she had always wanted to do. Growing up, she had said she wanted to be an engineer. She certainly had the grades for it and had even enrolled in the engineering program at UCLA. At the time I was so proud of her for going to college and chasing a sensible degree. But her third year she dropped out, and less than six months after that, she moved in with me.

I’ll admit we weren’t as close as I would have liked to have been when she was growing up. There was always a distance, one that grew massively after the divorce, and expanded even further as I started taking double shifts at the hospital. I was a nurse on third shift meaning I rarely saw Kaylee at all in high school. I made good money and gave her a comfortable living, but missed quality time with her. As far as the talk goes, I basically explained to Kaylee that all the boys who show interest in her were only after one thing. I took her to get birth control and showed her how to use a condom. I was trying to be a sensible and progressive mom. Kaylee assured me the talk had nothing to do with her career choice, but still I couldn’t help but feel guilty.

Kaylee was a beautiful child, and is still quite a catch. She has dark hair with a big splash of platinum blonde in it. Her skin is a healthy golden color. She’s much thinner than me. After getting pregnant with her, I had put on serious inches. My butt grew in circumference and I went up two cup sizes. The last time we went bra shopping for her she was an AA cup. Some might call her scrawny, but she stays fit and takes very good care of her appearance. Ideally she would meet a guy who made enough money she wouldn’t have to do this anymore.

When Kaylee moved in, I didn’t know she was doing porn at the time. I only found out later she had been skipping classes to go to shoots with no intention of finishing her degree. I thought she was doing porn to pay for college, but she assured me it was a career choice she wanted. I just couldn’t understand it. She tried to explain it to me, but the idea of my baby girl being used like a piece of meat filled me with dread. All those men seeing her. I knew I could search her stage name online and find videos of her doing lord knows what. Kaylee assured me everything was safe and on the level. She even emailed me some files to show what her job was like, but I could never open them. She started paying $1000 a month rent without being asked, and I could hardly argue with her after that.

Now get it straight, I don’t endorse my daughter doing porn, but I don’t condemn her. She is a proud, modern woman who can make her own choices. She’s a very sweet girl and always helps out around the house. She also promised me she doesn’t do sex work at home (to my great relief) though admits she could bump the rent to $1500 a month if she could webcam with her fans. I think she knew the idea stressed me out, so she never brought up it again.

Ironically, after finding out my daughter did porn, we grew much closer together. Our relationship had matured from a mother and daughter to two adult women living together. We connected more and talked more. We got to a point where I could bear to hear about her job. Apparently she was semi-famous as Randy Rose. She was known for her girl-next-door looks and her vanilla library of movies. Fans liked her because she only ever did solo or hetero-couple shoots, and didn’t get plastic surgery. I was very proud she didn’t resort to plastic surgery as she was a very beautiful woman despite not being the most busty or curvy. Her fans often clamored for her to do more hardcore content, but she refused. She had a business strategy. Kaylee had started with solo photo shoots to build a small following. After a year, she did her first video with a man. halkalı eve gelen escort According to her, most porn stars went from solo, to lesbian, to hetero, to hardcore. Her plan was to build the girl next door appeal and then do a lesbian shoot. I had to ask if she was a lesbian, and all Kaylee said was, “girls are fun”.

I dreaded the idea of her doing anything degrading, but Kaylee said the entire process is very clinical and would hardly be considered sex. A five minute scene can take an hour and there are fifteen people in the room each getting every aspect of the shoot right. She said girls never squirt for real, and guys only come like 25% of the time. The rest of the time it was just icing and edits. Though I never watched porn, I found these behind the scenes secrets fascinating. She mentioned I could make a lot of money doing porn, as hot, confident MILFs without plastic surgery were rare. I laughed and said maybe if I lost my nursing job I would consider it.

Well, knock on wood, I lost my nursing job. The hospital was bought out by Cleveland Clinic and major staffing changes were made. Anyone close to retiring age was fired. I was completely distraught, but Kaylee was there for me, cuddling me on the couch as I cried. She promised to handle the bills and told me I should think about retiring. I hadn’t planned on retiring for another twenty years and certainly didn’t have the savings. The following months were lean, but Kaylee stuck to her word, covering all the bills and the mortgage. Porn had really saved our home and family. It was hard to find work as a fifty year old RN with no four-year degree. Most hospitals wanted a four year degree just to take care of patients, and the younger, more educated nurses had pushed out the old folks still working. I dreaded the thought of returning to college. I had been a nurse for twenty-five years!

In those months I spent a lot of time throwing myself around the house, lamenting my career choices that had seem so safe at the time. To kill the twenty-four hours in a day I threw myself into exercise and lost fifteen pounds. Kaylee again joked her agent could represent me, and I said I would consider it. At that point I really did consider it. I had insider knowledge thanks to Kaylee, but I didn’t think I could ever do porn for real. What would my friends think? What if someone recognized me? I pushed the idea away and looked at online courses for nursing students. Even accelerated programs were eighteen months and I was at an age where I was confident I was through with school.

After the third college website, I decided to check the porn avenue instead. I looked up the email Kaylee had sent me, downloaded the video and played it. On screen was my girl, a few years younger wearing normal clothes. She really did have that girl-next-door look down. The scene was pretty generic, the male porn star was clipping the hedges and they had some clunky dialogue which led to sex. The entire time my heart was pounding, knowing what would happen. Kaylee was extremely comfortable in her body and frequently walked around the house naked after showers. I had become used to seeing her petite, tanned frame. But watching her in the context of a movie…I became excited knowing what would happen. She undressed, and without thinking, I touched myself. The scene started with her co-star licking her pussy. She had two beautiful pussy lips which hung out of her vulva, just like her mother. The man’s tongue played over her clit and labia, and Kaylee moaned. A shameful fantasy of licking Kaylee’s pussy conjured in my mind, and I nearly came before pausing the video.

I skipped ahead and the man was inside her. Her little breasts barely moved as he fucked her. She was on all fours as he took her. By the end he came inside her and splashed cum on her small butt. Part of me wanted to clean her up. I came suddenly, gasping as I had never cum so hard with my husband, and shamefully closed my laptop. It must have been the depraved nature of it all. Maybe Kaylee had destroyed my inhibitions with her work talk. She was so sexually self-confident, halkalı grup yapan escort and I deeply admired my daughter for that. Before I knew what I was doing, I found pictures of her online through a search engine. She certainly took a good picture. and I could see why she had so many fans. I didn’t think I could ever do nude photography, let alone porn. Shamefully, I found a picture of her squatting with her lips spread and masturbated to my daughter. Her vulva was toned and smooth with just a hint of pink. I could imagine her little coo’s as I licked her.

The next day I was overcome with guilt over masturbating to Kaylee. We had such a strong relationship, and she was so wise when it came to sexuality, I decided to tell her what happened. To my shock, she grabbed my hand and held the biggest grin of her life. She assured me it was hot, and I was allowed to masturbate to her. I didn’t know how to react. She said she had an idea she wanted to pitch to the studio she was working with, but I needed to be on board first. I told her I absolutely could not do porn. She said “I” wouldn’t be doing the porn. Kaylee’s plan was to do her first gangbang, and to have me there to watch. She said I wouldn’t have to interact or anything, just sit there and watch her act.

I told Kaylee she could float the idea but I couldn’t promise anything. The next few weeks was a flurry of legal work. The studio offered me $125,000 to participate if I could produce two forms of government ID and Kaylee’s birth certificate proving I was her mother. To be honest, I wasn’t anticipating actually going along with this, but $125,000 for one day’s work was too much to ignore. Plus, it wasn’t like I would have to act in the scene. We exchanged a metric ton of legal documents and got tested for transmittable diseases. I signed everything I was supposed to. It was a huge help having Kaylee there, walking me through the process. I have no idea how she did it alone when she started.

Eventually the day came. An Uber picked us up and drove us to a beautiful home in Beverly Hills. I was expecting some small movie lot in the valley, but this house was absolutely gorgeous. Apparently rich people simply rent out their summer homes for just such an occasion. At the shoot, everyone was very friendly. All of Kaylee’s co-stars were very nice and handsome. They clearly spent a lot of time in the gym. I met the director and all the technicians and was shown where the scene would take place. After we were situated, we began to get ready for the scene. Kaylee and the director spoke to me about what was expected. The director loved I was doing this and promised the movie would make a ton of money. All I had to do was sit in the easy chair and look mildly amused as Kaylee did her thing. That was it. They said I would be in the shot but wouldn’t have to participate or act at all, though if I wanted to say something cute like, “You’re doing great, sweetie” that was fine. I was told to have fun with it as they would be doing many takes.

Kaylee left for a bedroom which served as wardrobe, and returned in a plush white robe. Under it, she wore a tiny pair of denim shorts and a black camisole. Her co-stars all wore jeans and nothing else. Everyone on the film crew took their places, and the director said, “Okay! Everyone is very much in love, and ACTION!” which made the crew and me chuckle. The scene played out like every standard porn shoot—some contrived story about our car breaking down and needing five straight men who just happened to share a home and not wear tops. I was very nervous with the camera rolling, but most of the action was focused on Kaylee. Just as things were getting going, the director yelled cut and made some adjustments to the light and sound and gave Kaylee instructions to act more naive and innocent. Action resumed, and the men began to undress my daughter. Her little body was perfect, and I was proud of how much confidence she showed in front of all these people. No wonder she had no problems walking around naked at home.

Just as Kaylee moved to her knees to blow the men, the halkalı masöz escort director yelled cut. He explained the next few minutes of the scene and rearranged the men behind Kaylee. Again we continued, and I tried to look amused as my daughter blew these strangers. It was hypnotic watching her act. At home she assured me that it was 95% acting and 5% actual sex, but I knew Kaylee long enough to know she was enjoying this. I despised giving her father oral sex, and he certainly never returned the favor. But Kaylee was a true professional, sucking each of the men in turn. They certainly had beautiful bodies and impressive genitals, but my focus was squarely on Kaylee. At one point, one of the men asked, “What do you think, mom?” And I could only nod and smile.

The scene continued for a few minutes as Kaylee took turns blowing each of them. The scene ended, and the director explained the next scene. When filming resumed, Kaylee was positioned on the couch, bent over. Each of the actors took a turn inside her. She was a very good actor and sounded like she was enjoying herself. The men pawed at her little breasts, and the camera panned to catch my reaction. I nodded slightly as if asked for my approval. One of the men stood at the back of the couch and put his cock in her mouth. Kaylee was spitroasted between the two of them, and I found myself leaning in to see better. The action continued like this for hours. The simulated sex didn’t last five minutes before the director would interrupt and adjust something. There were giggles between the cast and we even took a lunch break.

The entire scene was just as clinical as Kaylee described. The men were very attentive and made sure Kaylee was comfortable. She seemed happy, and I know she made good money from it. By the end, only two of the five men ejaculated. One came inside her bald pussy, and the other in her mouth. She was happy to show the camera the loads before she waddled over to me on her knees. With cum stuck to her face and hair, she showed me a considerable puddle of cum on her tongue. Someone said, “Well, mom?” and my pussy took over. Against my own will I leaned in and french kissed my daughter. The cum played between our tongues. Kaylee held onto me as I kissed her. Someone asked, “What do we do?” and the director said, “Don’t stop filming.”

I climbed off the chair and on top of Kaylee as she lay on the floor. I had stolen most of the cum from her mouth and let it drip back into hers. I touched her small, firm breasts and pulled her nipples. She pawed at me in return. Overcome with erotic excitement (later, Kaylee would explain I was cum drunk which is apparently something that happens to porn stars when they get too horny and can’t control themselves), I removed my top and unhooked my bra. My considerable breasts bounced free and sagged. Kaylee’s eyes lit up, and she suckled on my teets. I stroked her hair as she nursed. My hand slid between her thighs and I touched my daughter’s pussy which was slick with cum. With my head spinning, I moved between her legs and licked her pussy. I could hear Kaylee whisper “mommy” as my tongue dragged over her clit. With no experience pleasuring another woman, I focused on her clitoris. Her vulva was so beautiful draped in cum, with two flower petal lips. I spread her delicate lips open and licked the cum out of her. She whined and writhed on the floor as I ate her. She squealed as she orgasmed.

Kaylee bolted upright and kissed me with an open mouth kiss. Our hands fought to touch each other. Kaylee overpowered me and pushed me down to remove my bottoms. Peeling my panties away, she fingered my wet pussy. Her fingers were magical. She must have had the same sensitive places as me. On my back, I just then realized how many people were watching us. Twenty sets of eyes were on our naked bodies, but I was too enthralled to care. Kaylee forced me to orgasm and I squirted into her hand. I didn’t even know I was capable of that. She licked my juices off the floor then devoured her mother’s pussy. I was cast aside by the intense pleasure of her tongue, losing my bearings. Somehow we moved into a 69ing position, eating each other out. I have no idea how long we ate each other together, but the director said it was nearly an hour. Afterwards we kissed, tasting each other. When the movie came out, it was the most downloaded video on the studio’s website for 56 consecutive weeks.


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