Motes of Dust

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I drifted through a still lake where everything was cloaked by a clinging fog. I was sitting in a boat that sliced through placid waters. All was silence.

As I glided through the mist, I came to realize more and more. I wasn’t moving. I was laying down. It wasn’t silent, there were birds chirping intermittently. I wasn’t awake, was I? I opened my eyes.


I looked up at the stucco white ceiling. I blinked the sleep out of my eyes, and laid there, listening to the birds chirping. They seemed far away. I lazily turned my head, looking out an open window. Sun poured through at a steep angle, motes of dust wafted in the air, suspended by an invisible force. Gauze-like strips of fabric danced, a cool breeze directing it.

My eyes drifted to the digital clock on the otherwise bare bedstand. Shit. We slept in rather late, didn’t we? It was already after noon. We must have been more wiped out than either of us wanted to admit. It was understandable… we’d moved all of our belongings and boxes in yesterday, and one could only unpack and arrange, and re-arrange, and re-re-arrange for so long before deciding to call it a night. There had been a perfunctory champagne opening (a gift from friends), and a glass or two tipped back. But the day had taken its toll, and we laid down (or rather collapsed) on a hastily made bed surrounded by stacks of cardboard boxes.

I turned my head to the other side, and found you by my side. You were still dozing, your eyes closed, lips parted just so. You were so peaceful, not a care in the world. I smiled and shifted my body to face you, my face even with yours. Watching your girlfriend while she slept next to you was one of the best parts of the boyfriend experience.

I laid there blissfully, studying your angelic face as you slept. Your shoulder-length raven hair with signature dyed streak (this month a striking cherry red) disheveled from tossing and turning. Dark bangs fell down, partially obscuring your closed eyes and eyebrows.

Somehow, you must have felt me spying on you, and your eyes fluttered a bit, then opening. You smiled a bit bashfully, and peeped out a not-yet-fully-awake “hiii…” in your typical high pitch.

“Good afternoon” I responded warmly (with a touch of teasing), smiling back.

You squinted your eyes and furrowed your brow dramatically, half moaning and half yawning out an “Afternooooon? Noooooo…” of protest.

I leaned in, pecking you on the forehead and then moving face to face once more. “It is, though.” You took a breath and shifted a bit, blinking a few more times, apparently fully awake, but content to lounge in bed. A few seconds passed, distant birds singing their song. “Hey…” I ventured, waiting for your eyes to meet mine. “…we’re homeowners.”

A smile spread across your face, like sunshine covering a valley as clouds blow away. “Yeah. We are.”

We looked at each other, the moment washing over us. Before we knew it, we were kissing. It seemed right. We started gently, a few soft pecks, but it all quickly escalated. Your fingers interweaved in my hair, pulling me closer. My tongue flicked in your mouth, our lips parting as we melted against each other under the sheets.

My hands slipped down underneath said covers, fingers spreading and caressing your body. I thrilled as our kiss grew more passionate and as our skin pressed kartal escort bayan together. You lifted your knee, rubbing your thigh up against me, my boxers and your panties the only barrier between us. As the passion of our kiss kept us connected, I felt myself grow hard, beginning to strain against the fabric of my undergarments.

As I pressed hard against you, taking the kiss to new heights right before feeling you pull away. Your voice cooed out coyly “mmmm now what do we have here?” You looked into my eyes with a mischievous grin, your hand vanishing under the covers, hand casually slipping under my boxers and grasping my member, causing me to moan deeply.

“Oh that?” I thought quickly… “Just a housewarming present.”

“Ohhh… you shouldn’t have.” You grinned, stroking my cock lightly, and brought your lips to my cheek, then my jaw, then my neck. I was beginning to sense a pattern, and let you kiss down my bare chest, your hand still stroking my cock lovingly, digits gliding along my length. You moved down my body, your hair tickling my body, your body displacing our sheets. As you moved down my body, I laid on my back and looked to you. The sheets fluttered behind you as you pulled them away, and I took your entire form in.

Your pale form was curvy in all the right places, your hips flaring out, straining against your panties. You wore a simply designed matching pair of bra and panties… pale blue with white horizontal stripes; they were so simple, and yet so fetching. Your bosom filled out the cups of your bra snugly… each a little less than a handful.

“Mmm… time to unwrap my housewarming gift and see what it looks like.” You slowly crept backwards, hips fluidly swaying back and forth. Your fingers hooked the waistband of my boxers, tugging them down, releasing my cock. You paused, making a show out of admiring my cock, which was such a tease… prolonging the moment before contact while simultaneously building up my anticipation of it.

You placed your hands on my hips, pressing me down and bowing your head, bringing your lips millimeters from my head. “I think it’s time for me to break in my new toy.” I shivered as I felt your breath wash over my sensitive cock. I loved every moment, eagerly waiting with anticipation for the moment I would feel you.

You kept your sparkling green eyes glued to mine as you parted your lips, taking the head of my cock into your mouth, sucking slowly, your tongue flicking back and forth, driving me crazy. Your head bobbed and you hummed along low “mmmmmmm” of satisfaction, sending miniscule vibrations through my erect member.

The next few minutes are so hard to recall. Your skilled movements and voracious sexual appetite served to reduce my body and mind into so much quivering pleasure. I remember key details. Your hot mouth engulfed my cock, your head bobbing up and down. You always did love sucking my cock… you weren’t ashamed to admit it either. That was part of your mystique that captivated me. You knew what you wanted, didn’t apologize for it, and went after it.

And my god, you were going after it that afternoon. I reached down, grabbed a handful of your hair and bunched it up, both to see your cute face as you fellated me, and to slow your pace, wanting to make our interlude last.

You caught my gaze as I directed your head up and down, escort maltepe your eyes smoldering with lust. I pulled you off, a small strand of saliva linking your lips to me for a moment, before distance proved to much of a strain. I pulled you up to my mouth, with you crawling on all fours back up the bed obediently following my lead. My fingers combed through your hair as I pulled you into a kiss, my tongue invading your mouth to dance with its counterpart. The passage of a few seconds found us rolled over, with you on your back, my body pinning you down as we kissed passionately.

I pulled back from the kiss. “Time for me to open my gift…” I intoned, earning a nod from you, your cheeks flushed.

“Oh yes, please do…”

By the time the words escaped your mouth, I was already kissing down your neck, raining down small kiss after small kiss as I traveled. My lips brought me into the gentle valley between your breasts, your nipples standing erect at the top of each hill (albeit covered by the cups of your bra). I slipped my hands around you, and you arched your back as you had done so many times before, assisting me in the quite important task of getting you naked.

You raised your hands up while I pulled your undergarment off you. We worked so well in concert. I paused for a split-second, enjoying the sense of wonder in our interaction… but the time for musing passed, as my eyes took in the sight before me. I could see the want in your eyes, translated to your mouth as you bit your lip. I palmed your breasts and squeezed softly, kissing on either side of your valley, before moving one hand to clasp yours… and moving it to your breast. My other hand mirrored the action, and you began to caress your breasts.

I kissed down your abdomen, lips straying to either side as I descended, giving your hip a light bite, feeling your body tense and slack, responding to the sensations I gave you. You moaned in a delectable mix of desire and impatience with my teasing. I smirked… teasing you was so much fun… but you knew I always delivered on it…

I kissed my way along the low-cut waistline of your panties, and then suddenly dipped my head lower, nuzzling against your mound. You moaned. I truly loved the reactions I could coax out of you. In a fitting echo of your earlier actions, I hooked my index fingers on your waistband, tugging your panties down, revealing your neatly-trimmed pubic mound.

I wasted no time.

My tongue flicked along your lips, up and down your already wet pussy. I pressed my tongue harder, parting you, tongue entering you, lapping, spiraling, and undulating in your hot core. You responded instantly, your hips bucking. I felt your fingers splayed in my hair, tugging lightly on my head, urging me on. My sturdy hands slipped up your bare inner thighs, parting you gently as I focused myself on eating you out. My mouth open wide, sucking on your lips, taking you into my mouth as my tongue flicked back and forth in ever-evolving patterns.

Soon enough, it was all I could do to hold you down, your hips bucking powerfully as I stimulated you more. I broke away from your sweet mound, taking a breath and then releasing it, letting my breath wash over you. I bowed my head down between your legs once more. My fingers snaked around your hips, fingers reaching for your pussy and spreading you, searching, pendik escort and swiftly locating your clitoris. My lips pursed around it, and I gingerly sucked on you, occasionally interrupting the aching rhythm with a few lightning-fast flicks of my tongue. And then back to the sucking, harder now, stronger now. And then a few more unpredictable flickers of tongue. The pattern continued just like that, each iteration building on your wildly escalating pleasure.

Your hips bucked wildly, orgasm after orgasm wracking your frame. Your speech devolved to a stream of consciousness, the words “please,” “fuck, and “oh god” being recurring themes. You yanked hard on my hair, pulling me off, the utter pleasure and sensation finally proving to be too much to keep building upon.

I kissed the inside of your thighs for a few moments while you caught your breath. A few minutes later, you tugged on my hair once more, guiding me up. I crawled up the bed, crawling over you. As soon as I got within reach, you kissed me with a surprising strength and passion, clutching my head tight and not letting go. I kissed back, still feeling so fucking hard and on fire for you, knowing that we weren’t done.

The mind-numbing kiss finally subsided, our bodies still singing for each other. “Mmm… now, please… I need it.” You cooed plaintively.

“Hmmm…? What do you need?” I couldn’t help myself, and you capitulated to my desires instantly, willing to say and do anything to get what you wanted.

“I need you to take your cock and fuck me silly.” I moaned and bit my lip, relishing your voice, urging me on. I hastily moved the throbbing hot head of my cock to your pussy, stroking a few tortuously pleasurable times, and then slowwwwwly slid my cock into you.

Each and every inch was pure ecstasy. I felt pieces of my identity falling away, leaving only intense desire and base hunger. You reached up with both hands, linking them behind my head and pulling me down to you, kissing me intensely again, the pleasure of our union driving you to new heights of need. I began to pump my hips, taking you just as I wanted you. There was no more finesse or calculation left in our agenda… only unrestrained desire and instinctive animal lust.

“Oh god yes god yes fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck your slut!!!” you exclaimed, your pussy constricting in hot waves around my girth. Your legs wrapped around me and you clung tight, closing your eyes as words kept tumbling out of your mouth. “Oh godddd your cock is so thick! Fuck! FUCK! Give it to me!”

At that moment, I had no use for words. Only action, as I gave you everything I had, feeling the familiar pressure build, realizing my release would occur soon. I held nothing back, and pounded away at your tight cunt savagely, driving all of myself into you, eliciting a long guttural moan from you. I kept going, racing for the finish. “Mmm baby I’m going to cum… where do you want it? All that cum?”

The challenging, driving glint in your eyes vanished in an instant, replaced by an open-mouthed cooing moan… my declaration must have pushed you over the edge. “Oh fuccccck inside baby inside. Cum inside me, please please!!” And just as my words set you off, your words pushed me over the edge, and I erupted inside you, pumping my cock wildly as I filled you. My movements slowed to a halt, until I laid on top of you, cock resting deep inside you, your pussy milking it for all it was worth.

Your legs and arms were still wrapped around me, and as we each caught our breath, we listened to the whispering breeze and the song of the birds.

“I think I’m going to like it here.”

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