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There’s a glass of water by the bed and as I sip out of it, I hold the last drink in my mouth without swallowing. As you lay on your back, I crawl on top of you and pull your nipple into my mouth, swirling my cold wet tongue around it. Opening my mouth a little, I allow drops to leak onto your chest, dripping down your sides. I trail my lips down your stomach, letting water out of my mouth slowly, watching it all pool into your bellybutton. This is so cold against your skin, you’re writhing in the sheets, gasping each time the wetness reaches a new place on your body. I cover every inch of your torso with my wet tongue, moving the water around with my lips, kissing and licking and tasting all of you. Well, almost all of you.

As I creep down your body, I’ve saved the last little bit of wetness for your balls. Taking one in my mouth I grasp your shaft in one hand, lovingly touching and caressing you. Gently I suck on your balls, swirling my tongue, humming in my throat, so tenderly letting you touch my teeth for that little jolt of excitement.

“More..” you say almost breathlessly as I let you out of my mouth for a moment to slicken the head of your dick.

With my other hand I begin to knead the muscles of your thigh, stroking down over your knee and shin, beneath to your calf and up to the back of your thigh. I Grasp and grope and pull you closer to my body with more intensity as I continue to lick you, getting you so wet. As you requested, I move back down to take your balls in my mouth again, and with your dick now wet with kartal escort bayan my saliva, I begin to use my other hand to pump up and down. Slowly at first, cresting up over the tip and down again, squeezing to simulate vaginal muscles holding you tight.

I move my head back and forth, covering your entire area with my mouth, devouring you as if I’d never taste you again. I pump your dick up and down in my hand, placing my lips just at the head, twirling my tongue around the tip while my body begins to dry hump you between your legs, my breasts and hardened nipples pressing harder against your thigh, my hips gyrate against your legs.

“More..” you say to me.

I slowly crawl up your body, leaving no area untouched by my soft full lips, my hands gripping your skin so passionately and intensely, my nails almost hurt you. I reach my lips to the sides of your stomach and your ribs, sensitive areas that don’t always get constant attention, moving up over your nipples to your biceps, I nibble. Moving to just inside your arm where it’s also very sensitive, the whole time grinding my pelvis against you. You can feel the wetness from between my legs brushing up against you, hot and sticky and inviting.

“More..” so this is what Joe was singing about.

With one hand under your chin I force your face away from mine and trace my tongue just under your jawline, at the same time I sit down hard on your hips, my wet pussy right against your throbbing erection. Instantly your hands fly up to my waist and you escort maltepe breathe in sharply at the sensations overcoming you. Sucking and biting on your neck, taking your ear in my mouth, moaning loudly, I then whisper to you

“What do you want baby?”

As I may have suspected, you uttered only one word, “More.”

Nibbling and kissing your cheeks, I finally reach your mouth where I waste no time and thrust my tongue in between your lips. Your body reacts to this and you sigh heavily, grab onto me, pull me down to you, wrap your hand in my hair, and kiss me hard and passionately. My hips are moving in circles against you, tempting you badly, leaving you wanting to feel my pussy wrapped around you. You’ve begun to pump your pelvis upwards towards me, meeting my circular motions with perfect rhythm. My breathing quickened, my heart pounding, my desire mounting, I want nothing but YOU.

I begin to arch my back and move back and forth against you, attempting to fit you into me. When the tip touches my spot I slowly push back onto you, fitting just the head inside of me before I pull back again. I know you hate this teasing. Five times I do this, in just a little, then out, pulling even farther away when you try to push up into me. You’re becoming frustrated with me and just when you’re about to beg, I sit down on you all the way. The unexpected move catches you off guard and you grip me so hard I’m sure there’s fingerprints in my hips. Your eyebrows furrow together in an almost painful expression, your eyes pendik escort glaze over as you stare at me, your mouth wide open for a second before you bite your lip, close your eyes, and your head falls back. For a moment I’m immobilized, the pleasure so intense.

I then begin to move on top of you, back and forth, around in circles, up and down. You grab my arms and pull me towards you so our chests touch, our kisses are sloppy, our moans are loud and sexy. I throw my ass up in the air, catching just the tip of you and then bring it fully back down so our hips connect on all sides. After a few minutes I can feel your body begin to tense up, I know you’re trying to hold onto your nut, you don’t want to let it go just yet. I have something else in mind.

I take you by the wrists and hold your arms above your head, moving frantically upon your dick, fucking you like an animal, up and down in steady motions, grasping you tightly with my muscles. I sit down on you deeper than ever and grind my pelvis against yours. This sends us both over the edge and you begin to grunt in the back of your throat, voicing profanity, sweat shining on your forehead. Your breathing becomes more and more rapid, my screams get louder, my muscles contract on you.

Finally you break my hold on your wrists and push my hips down against you, your hips bucking up against mine, exploding hot cum all up inside me while at the same time my own cum drips down, coating you. Damn. I fall on top of your chest, panting, sweating, kissing you. You wrap your arms wrapped around me, and you can feel the mixture of our cum dripping down out of me onto your balls. When our hard breathing subsides, we kiss softly, yet still so passionately. I pull away to look into your eyes and after a few moments you smile and say to me


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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