More Than She Bargained For

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The night was as black as the coffee in his cup. Tom wiped a hand across his face and forced his eyes to focus on his surroundings. He was in some run-down coffee house on the edge of some tiny little nothing of a town in the Midwest. He had been up for the past 24 hours hauling in some oranges from Florida and all he wanted to do was sleep. The waitress came up to him then.

“Hey, darling.” She said, flashing him a big smile. He looked up groggily at her. Holding out his cup, he spoke.

“More coffee, please.” Another big smile.

“Sure. Would you like cream or sugar?”

“No. Black. I have to get back on the road soon.” The waitress frowned and looked out the window.

“It’s snowing, baby. You’re stuck here for the night.” She grabbed his cup and walked away and Tom watched as her jeans hugged every inch of her magnificent bottom as it waggled away. When she returned, he asked for a piece of paper and a pen.

“Ya going to write me a love note?” She put her hand on his thick, muscled shoulder and winked. Suddenly, he didn’t feel that tired anymore.

“What’s your name, honey?” Tom’s voice was deep and masculine. The waitress dropped her hand from his shoulder.

“I’m Sandy. Well, truly I’m Sandra Ann, but everyone round these parts calls me Sandy.” Tom smiled and she smiled back.

“You’re not from around here.” He said, reaching out and touching her hand. Sandy allowed it. “No, sir. I’m from Alabama.” Tom took her hand in his and still Sandy said nothing.

“I can tell by that accent.” He said, rubbing his large, calloused hands over her soft ones. She seemed drawn into some spell that was being played out between them. She leaned in.

“Can you know?” She said.

“Yes.” Tom replied. “Now, I need that pen and paper.” Sandy, seeming to remember herself, took her hand away and walked over to the counter and brought back the items and then went away to help other customers. Tom felt his baser instincts getting the better of him. Tom quickly scribbled a message on the paper.

“Fuck it.” He said to himself.

“All done, darlin’?” She asked, flashing yet another brilliant smile. Tom stood and noticed that Sandy only reached about to his chest. Her small body would feel so good against his, he thought to himself.

“What time are you done tonight?” Tom asked. Sandy seemed suddenly skittish.

“Right now.” She answered quietly. “You are my last customer to cash out.” Tom flashed an award-winning smile at her.

“Good.” He said. “Then this is for you.” He handed her the money and the piece of paper he’d written the note on. The money was to cover the bill and an extra $100.

“I’m confused, sir.” Tom smiled down into her eyes.

“Don’t be. Read the note.” Sandy smiled and looked down. The note read,”be mine tonight.”

“Sir?” Sandy asked, confused.

“It’s simple. You are a beautiful, sexy little thing and I want to watch you get naked and have sex with you all night long in my truck. If you agree, that $100 is for you. If not, when I get back from the bathroom, leave the money under my coffee cup.” Sandy stared at him in disbelief.

“You want to have sex with me and pay me for it like I am so prostitute?” Sandy asked. Tom moved in closer and put his big hand on the small of Sandy’s back.

“You can do it for free, honey. Now look. You are what? 20 years old?”


“OK, 18. I am 30 years old. I am too old to go chasing a woman for one canlı bahis night when she might turn me down. You like the look of me, I can see you are practically wetting your panties as your standing here with me.” Sandy gasped and pushed him away. Tom laughed and walked away to the bathroom without another word. When Tom got into the bathroom, he went into the bathroom stall. He undid his pants and pulled them down along with his underwear. He sat on the toilet. He had not had sex with any woman since his divorce over 6 months ago. He was sorely tired of jacking off over porno mags and wanted a real life woman. He pulled a paper from his jacket pocket. It was a centerfold of the last porno mag he had bought. He looked at it, but thought of Sandy. He wanted to make sure he could please her right and not cum as soon as he entered her. The old saying stuck in his head, “get the first nut out of the way before you go on a date.” Well, he wasn’t going on a date, but it was still true. He began to stroke himself, thinking of what Sandy’s little body would look like undressed. Her perfect little breasts, with pink little nipples. Her small waist and tight virginal pussy. At the thought of her tight, hot little pussy, he stroked himself harder. He was moving faster and faster until he felt the orgasm start to overtake him.

“Oh, Sandy!” He hissed out, fucking his hand hard as he thought about plunging his seed deep within her. As he came back to reality, he took a ragged breath. That was the best jacking off orgasm that he’d had in a long time. When he was composed, he stood and got dressed. He left the bathroom stall and saw that Sandy was standing there!

“You were jerking off thinking of me?” She asked, a blush crossing her delicate features. Tom blushed in embarrassment. To cover his embarrassment, he washed and dried his hands.

“I didn’t want to pop my nut right away,” He said, throwing the paper towel in the garbage, “it’s been a long time since I’ve been with a woman.” Sandy nodded. She held out a bag.

“What’s this?” Tom asked, taking the bag and peering inside.

“A camera and some toys. I want you to do all sorts of naughty, nasty things to me and I want to have pictures to look at later. That’s my compromise.” She smiled at him, but this time her smile was hungry and lustful.

“How long were you in here?” Tom asked. Sandy blushed.

“I came in just after you. I waited to see if you would come right out and when you didn’t I came it. I heard the sound of your hand sliding up and down your cock. It got me so hot.” Sandy took him by the hand.

Come on, stud. Let me take you back to my place.” Sandy led him out to the entrance where they put on their jackets. Stepping outside into the cold, Tom watched as Sandy’s nipples poked through the white top of her work shirt.

“It’s cold.” Sandy commented, walking briskly across the street to a string of old, run down homes and hotels. They walked up to the last room of the first motel they pasted.

“You live in a motel?”

“For now.” Tom took the key from her hand.

“Let me.” He said as he opened the door and peered in. There was no one about. He turned on the light and checked under the bed and in the bathroom. Satisfied, he went back and locked the door.

“Paranoid much?” Sandy giggled. Tom took off his socks and shoes and dropped them by the front door.

“You are just like a little girl.” Tom said coming up to her.

“I am. Hey, you know my name, bahis siteleri but I don’t know yours.”

“It’s Tom, but tonight, it’s master.” He pushed her down to her knees and took out the camera. He took a picture.

“Unbutton my pants and take them off.” He commanded softly. Sandy did as he commanded, and Tom snapped pictures. When his pants and underwear were off, he helped Sandy to stand. He handed her the camera.

“Take pictures of me, while I ready myself for you.” Tom took off his jacket and shirt and got on the bed. He began to pose in various sexual poses before taking his limp dick in his hand.

“I need motivation.” He said softly. Sandy handed him the camera and he took pictures while she stripped nude. Oh, the reality was better than anything he could have imagined! Her breast were tiny rosebuds that begged to be suckled. Her white skin gleamed in the light. Her pussy was clean shaven and Tom wanted to bury his face into it. He felt himself getting hard.

“Now climb on the bed, ass to me, and assume the doggie style position. Let me see that pussy before I take it.” Sandy did as she was bid and Tom groaned and almost came right then and here as her perfectly little pink pussy came into view. Tom vigorously pumped his cock.

“Take the camera. Take pictures of me.” Sandy turned over on her back so that Tom could still see her pussy and took the camera. She took pictures of him jacking off and took pictures of her own naked body.

“I am going to cum!” Tom shouted. He shoot up and Sandy took pictures as he pumped his cock to orgasm and also as hot cum splashed all over her tits.

“Rub it into my skin.” Sandy purred, completely turned on. Tom did and then took the camera and took pictures of the filthy little girl before him. He knelt by the edge of the bed and his face was in her pussy, licking it and making Sandy moan.

“Now, you are to lie there and enjoy this and we are not moving until you cum.” Tom winked at her and then said, “multiple times, I want you to come multiple times.” Sandy felt his rough beard on her sensitive pussy lips and it made her shudder in desire.

“You like that?” Tom asked, rubbing his bearded chin against her little nub. He let it get sensitive before moving his tongue there. Sandy moaned and screamed in pleasure and delight. Tom slipped his index finger all the way into her and he felt as she orgasmed around his finger. He didn’t remove himself. He finger fucked her until she came again. He climbed on the bed with her, his finger still deep inside her. She was whimpering from her orgasms. Tom pulled her head back by her long black hair and bared her neck. He bit it and she squirmed. He nibbled and she moaned. He kissed and thrust a second finger into her hot tight pussy. She came again.

“Oh, I must have you!” She cried out. Tom left her on the bed and got the bag she had bought. He emptied its contents onto the table. A dildo, a paddle, and handcuffs came out. He saw something on the bottom. He shook the bag again and a blindfold feel out. He took the handcuffs and handcuffed her to the bed. He put on the blindfold and then took out the dildo. He went over to her.

“Open your mouth.” She obeyed. He slipped the dildo it.

“Suck it like you are going to suck my cock.” She began to work the dildo around her mouth as well as she could. Tom mounted over her and replaced the dildo with his cock. She eagerly sucked his cock until he was stiff and ready for action. He pulled bahis şirketleri away from her and she frowned, and it almost seemed as if she was sorry to have him leave her. He positioned himself over her tight little cunt that was just begging for him. She thrust her hips and he gladly accepted the invitation. She sank deep into her and they both moaned. He began to ride her, harder and harder. He took the dildo and shoved it back in her mouth.

“Suck it!” He demanded through gritted teeth. He was so close, but he wanted to wait. He pulled out, his body and cock protesting. He undid the handcuffs, but kept the blindfold on. He moved her to the table and had her lay her belly on top of it. He spread her legs and then grabbed the handcuffs. He handcuffed her to the table and took out the paddle.

“A dirty little girl, that’s what you are. Taking money for sex. A dirty little girl who needs to be punished.”

“Yes.” She mumbled.

“Yes, Master.” He commanded in a loud voice. He took the paddle and smack her bottom with it. Stopping for a moment, he retrieved the forgotten camera and took pictures of her handcuffed to the table.

“A dirty little girl, needs punishing…” He muttered to himself, stroking himself a few times. He set the camera on a table and set up the timer on it. It would take eight continuous shots. He pushed the button and got back in place. As the flash exposed them, he whacked her bottom, pulled her hair and wacked her bottom, put his finger in her mouth and wacked her bottom and grabbed her tits roughly for the last picture. When the camera was done, he undid the cuffs and lifted her ass onto the table. He dropped the paddle, and kissed her. He hadn’t intended on doing that. He had only meant to have his filthy way with her and be on his way. He kissed her and then set up the camera again. This time, 10 pictures. The camera started going off and he began to fuck her hard and deep. She threw her head back and moaned and screamed out her orgasms, one after another. Tom grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples hard. He thrust deep. He was so close to cumming! He picked up the camera and had Sandy follow him to the bed.

“Now it’s my turn to cum.” He said. He put the camera down and set it up to take pictures again. He handcuffed Sandy back to the bed.

“Hey now, I want to touch you.” She protested. Tom got up and found a washcloth. He balled part of it up and shoved it into Sandy’s mouth. He put the blindfold on as Sandy struggled with the gag.

“Yeah, I like this.” Tom said. He got on top of Sandy, who seemed not to be enjoying this game anymore. She spit the rag out.

“Let me go. I’m finished.” She said. Tom slapped her across the mouth and she cried out.

“You’re done when I say you’re done.” He pushed her head back down onto the pillows and rammed his rock hard cock into her. She gasped and Tom began to ride her again. He took his fingers and placed them around her delicate neck and watched as she gasped for air. Tom was so hot right now, as he pumped as hard as he could into her, the final picture showed his orgasm. He let go of Sandy’s neck and it showed large red hand prints. He smacked her across the face again for good measure and got off her.

“Well, are you going to undo these cuffs?” Tom picked up her clothes and rummaged around in her pocket till he found his $100. He put on his clothes and stuffed the money in his pocket. He grabbed the camera and any evidence that he had been in the room. He had taken her clothes, her money and her self-respect. He grinned.

“That’s what you get for being a whore.” He said as he walked out the door.

Hope you enjoyed it. If you didn’t too bad!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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