More than Friends

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Big Tits

**All the characters in this story are over the age of eighteen and participating in sexual acts legally.**

*This story describes my first time going all the way with another male and with the exception of some minor erotic embellishments it’s a completely true story.*


Danny groaned in mock agony not for the first time tonight. We’d been playing Super Smash Bros since we got back to his house shortly after school. I was grinning smugly not for the first time today, having crushed both him and two level 9 computer players all at the same time.

We were sequestered in his basement with his mother upstairs happy to have a guest as always.

“Give it up dude, you just can’t beat me at this or at Halo, no matter how much you try.” I declared confidently, though I had reason to be. I may not have been a video game master, but in those two particular games my skills far outpaced those of any of my friends and they’d often challenge me two or three on one trying to get even a lopsided win in their favor.

“Fuck you, dude. I’ll beat you this next one, you watch.” Determined to avenge his repeated losses he grabbed his controller and began his character selection.

“Come on, man, you know you’re gonna get your ass beat again. It gets old whooping your ass over and over, you gotta make it interesting for me somehow.” I teased him, content to keep the same character. That was one of his big downfalls, rather than sticking with a single character and mastering them he kept changing between them hoping one of them would somehow give him the magic ability to beat me.

“Fuck you, me and two computers on the same team versus you, none of this free for all shit. If you still win…” He paused trying to think of something to entice me. “If you win I’ll suck you off.”

That raised my eyebrows. “What, seriously?” It’d been over a month since my break up with Karen, my ex, and admittedly things were backing up. I’d never told Danny either, but I’d had forays into guy on guy territory before as well, both with porn and in person.

“Yeah, fuck it, I’m not letting this go until I win.” I wasn’t sure if he really knew what he was betting or if he was serious, but I picked up my controller and nodded.

“Alright then, one match, three on one, ten lives, loser sucks off the winner.” I leaned over with my hand out. “No backing out.” He stared at my hand for a long moment before shaking it. “Deal.”

We selected Hyrule Castle, my favorite level, giving me a lot of room to maneuver and making it harder for them to team up on me all at once. The match was actually pretty tough for me, but three on one that’s to be expected. I focused on running around and timing my attacks for when the three enemies were separated so as not to leave myself open to counters and even though it took time and patience Danny was soon staring open mouthed at the screen while I was declared the winner with three lives out of ten still left.

“Welp, it’s my lucky day!” I declared with a broad smile. “I’ve really been missing Karen’s enthusiastic blowjobs nearly every day.” I didn’t wait for his reply, instead standing and dropping my basketball shorts, revealing my already hard cock that had been distracting me with anticipation throughout the match.

Danny was stunned, clearly not having expected me to want him to follow through for real or be so enthusiastic about it, but this wasn’t my first time and I was horny as hell.

“Come on dude, you can’t be serious.” He protested, but his eyes were locked on my cock as I sat back down and spread my legs.

“I’m very serious, we shook on it, you’re the one who placed the bet anyway, so lets do this.” I wiggled my dick from side to side playfully. “It’s just between us anyway, no one has to know. I keep secrets well, you know that by now.”

Reluctantly he nodded, clearly wanting to say more, but I took his hand and started to guide him over in front of me. He didn’t protest and slid off the couch.

Danny got on his knees in front of me, taking hold of my already painfully hard cock, glancing up at me once last time hoping for me to laugh it off and say I was just fucking with him. I wasn’t. I wanted my prize, that hot mouth working up and down my cock.

He swallowed hard and slowly leaned forward, engulfing the head of my cock in the wet heat of his mouth, pausing for a moment, but slowly lowering himself down further on it before letting it slide back up from between his lips.

“See?” I said, with a grin. “Sucking a dick ain’t the end of the world. Just have some fun with it, I know I will.” Danny glared at me from between my legs, but even with my cockhead still in his mouth I could just make out a sheepish grin on his face before he leaned forward and swallowed more of my length again.

Danny’s reluctance slowly faded the longer he sucked me, his speed and depth increasing along with, dare I say it, a hint of actual enthusiasm to his sucking. His hand worked up and down my shaft türbanlı escort bayan under his lips, twisting and stroking using Danny’s increasingly sloppy (in the best possible way) blowjob to lube his hand.

His tongue swirled around my head and his lips descended far enough on my shaft that he had to open his hand to let his mouth sink lower.

“Holy shit, dude. You’re fucking amazing at that!” I groaned out with pleasure, my hips sliding forward and my legs spreading wider to give him better access.

Danny let my cock slide from between his lips, but kept stroking me. “Really?” He asked blushing with a grin he couldn’t hide.

“Fuck yeah, dude! You’re a thousand times better than Karen ever was!” I exclaimed, meaning every word of it.

Danny bit his lip trying to hide his smile, but I could see the pride showing through in his eyes. This may have started as a reluctant fulfilling of a bet, but as he licked up and down my cock with his tongue out, looking up at me, I could tell he was not only starting to get off on pleasing me, but now actively trying to turn me on.

“So, you like my mouth better than a girl’s huh?” He asked teasingly before descending back down my length, bobbing more vigorously than before, staring up at me with those big eyes now brimming with lust.

The teasing question almost me made laugh, him teasing me for liking a guy’s mouth as he knelt in front of me and clearly enjoyed sucking me. It would have been easy to take a shot at him in that moment, What about you? Clearly you liking sucking cock more than being sucked. But I held it back, not wanting to threaten this new found pride in pleasing, counting on it in the back of my head for many more such blowjobs to come.

“Hell yeah, how can I not when you’re this good?” I replied encouragingly in place of my mental jab. I ran my fingers through his hair, letting my hand rest on the back of his head, but didn’t try and control his movement. “I’d much rather do this with you again than Karen, Tracy, or even Jenna Marx. You’re incredible dude.” Karen and Tracy were ex-girlfriends and Jenna was a girl Danny and I both lusted after on a daily basis.

I could see him blush from the unusual compliment, but his eyes lit up even brighter with pride and pleasure. It must have been odd for him, a guy who was often down on himself about how much people seemed to not want his company, in his head at least, to be desired in this way by his closest friend. “Thanks, man.” He mumbled, pulling off my cock for a moment, not meeting my eyes as he said it.

“Is this really your first time?” I asked, genuinely curious. Danny smiled pulling off my cock.

“My second. You know Mike Robinson?” He paused to suck hard on my cock, clearly getting into it. “Well, when we did that trip to DC over the summer we shared a hotel room and…well, experimented.”

I couldn’t help but laugh heartily. Danny looked embarrassed but I held up a hand to try and show I wasn’t laughing at him.

“Mike was the first guy I ever experimented with too. We sometimes sneak off during weightlifting and swap head.” I kept laughing, finding the whole thing terribly funny.

“Seriously?” Danny asked, his embarrassment fading quickly.

“Yeah, for over a year now. He’s not bad, but he’s no where near as good as you.” I said trying to encourage my friend.

“Glad to hear it. Maybe later I could see how good you are?” He asked playfully.

I laughed softly grabbing my cock and smacking it lightly against his lips and then his tongue when he stuck it out. “Sure, man. I enjoy giving too, just be ready for it since I get pretty hungry.”

Danny laughed with me, smiling broadly clearly pleased with himself. “So, what else do you like to do then? I’m discovering a whole new side of you today.”

It was my turn for sheepishness though as I cleared my throat and determinedly studied the patterning of the couch. I decided to take a chance, figuring if we’d come this far there was no sense in trying to be modest. “Well, uh…do you mind…maybe…sucking on my…you know, balls?” I took a shaky breath, feeling his eyes on me. “And uh…licking my ass? Karen used to do it…felt pretty great. I showered after gym last period, so I’m clean and all.”

I did my best not to look Danny in the eyes, instead staring to the right at the basement door, it only just now occurring to me that his mom was still upstairs and we could be caught any moment if she decided to come downstairs to do laundry or grab something from the big freezer.

That train of though derailed at high speeds though when I felt Danny’s free hand collect my low hanging balls and wordlessly feed them into his mouth while he kept stroking me.

My moan of pleasure was louder than I’d expected, my hips bucking involuntarily a few times as he rolled my orbs around in his mouth before sucking hard on them, slowly pulling back until they popped out of his mouth with a wet ‘shlorp’ ulus escort bayan sound.

His hands found my hips and pulled me forward on the couch until my ass was just over the edge of it. Neither of us said a word as he pulled my balls out of the way and pushed his face into my ass. His tongue found my hot pucker instantly and without really thinking about it I grabbed my legs behind the knees to pull them back and give him better access to my hole.

He hummed into me, his tongue pushing firmly against my ass running circles around the rim before pushing hard against the center, he did this over and over, each time getting a bit further into me. I silently thanked the vigorous cleaning habits I’d developed as a result of Karen performing this on me, making sure I was clean inside and out all the time.

Danny’s mouth found my balls once more, giving my ass a reprieve, or so I’d thought, until a slick finger began to firmly run my rim and slowly push inside. I could feel Danny’s eyes on me, questing for my approval, but I was too embarrassed about my positioning to meet his gaze.

“Good?” He asked simply after a long moment. I nodded sheepishly, staring hard at the door when my eyes weren’t shut tight with ecstasy.

After several minutes of Danny switching orally between my cock and balls, feeling like I’d cum any second, he added a second finger to my ass along with plenty of his spit.

His mouth found me less now, instead he was intent on his anal workings, staring intently between my legs, working his fingers in and out, side to side, around the rim and back in again. I could see his cock out and him stroking it slowly now. I was surprised by the size of it, with as hard as he always was on himself I’d have expected him to be small, but much to my chagrin he was significantly larger than me and I found myself oddly aroused by the size difference.

Finally after several minutes he withdrew his fingers and stood, telling me to stay there as he dashed over to the basement bathroom quickly. I had expected him to need to pee or something, we had been at this for awhile now, but he dashed back a few seconds later. A jar of vaseline in his hand, the cap already off as he smeared it on his cock.

The implication was obvious and we stared at each other for a long moment, I felt a bit ridiculous in my current position, legs pulled back ass exposed on the couch as my friend with his obviously larger cock stood over me and lubed himself up clearly intent on taking my anal virginity. How did I let myself lose the position of power in this situation? We’d started off with it all about him pleasing me and now here he was getting ready to fuck me instead.

“You alright with this?” He asked with genuine concern. Embarrassment made me flush red, I could feel my face growing warm, as I nodded fractionally and he got down between my legs again.

As he lubed up my ass with the thick vaseline a thought occurred to me and made me feel rather stupid for being so embarrassed. This wasn’t about power or who was manlier, more hung, more dominant, this was about us just finding new ways to express our lust and our love.

Of course that brief cloud of fuzzy feelings faded fast as I felt the engorged head of his cock press up against my now well lubed ass and realized I’d gone from top to bottom in no time at all and my best friend was about to make me his bottom bitch.

I’d expected pain as he entered me, discomfort and the immediate destruction of the treacherous lust that put me in this position, but instead his hips pushed forward and his cock sank painlessly into me. Well, that’s something of a lie too, it wasn’t simply painless, my guttural moan of pleasure only a natural born bottom could feel was loud enough to most definitely alert anyone listening upstairs.

I could feel Danny’s broad smile without even looking at him. “Like that, huh?” I could definitely hear the cocky smile in his voice as he leaned over me and forced me to look forward with a free hand. “Hmm?”

I’d thought Karen’s and Danny’s fingers had felt good inside me, but the genuine article blew them both away. His cock was touching pleasure zones I didn’t know I had and my own was leaking a steady rope of precum on my stomach now.

“Yes…I like it…” I mumbled embarrassingly. Danny’s new found confidence and assertiveness shocked me, but some part of me was deeply enjoying his borderline gloating.

“What do you like?” He asked, grinding his hips into my ass, making me moan in pleasure. “I want to hear you say it.”

I bit my lip to stifle my submissive moans, the part of me that liked this new Danny only seeming to grow bigger and stronger inside me. “I like your cock.” I mumbled weakly, doing my best to avoid his eyes despite his face only being inches from mine now.

“What about it do you like? What do you want me to do with this cock you like so much?” He asked gloatingly, throwing in a few sharp thrusts into me yenimahalle escort bayan to punctuate his words.

My resistance crumbled along with my fragile young masculine pride under the pressure of the pleasure he was giving me. “Oh god, I love your cock! It’s so fucking big! It feels so fucking good! I want you to fuck me! God, fuck me, please!” I nearly shouted.

Danny laughed in a forced hush, covering my mouth with his hand. “Jesus, dude. Take it easy, my mom is still upstairs!” He laughed nervously, but his pleasure was evident and I’d have wagered he was getting off on the taboo and risk as much as me. “Damn though, never thought you’d be so submissive dude…I like it though.” He felt more like his old self at his last words, sheepishly looking to the side before leaning forward and placing his lips against mine.

I was shocked at first, even while his cock was working it’s way back and forth in my ass I was not ever expecting this kind of romantic intimacy, but soon I melted into the kiss. Letting go of my legs to wrap one hand around his neck and another around his back I pulled him closer to me. His tongue found mine and they danced clumsily together, neither of us especially experienced kissers, but doing our best to make it good for the other.

Whatever we’d been up until that point, friends or fuck buddies, we both felt it shift to something much deeper in that moment.


Genuine lovers, not the simple casual usage of the word many people bandied about, but something intimate and real.

Pulling apart we smiled at each other. We both wanted this now, both acknowledged it openly. My view of Danny had been transformed in just a few minutes, where once he’d seemed like a shy and awkward kid lacking in self-confidence, now I saw him as a powerful masculine top. My top, if I had anything to say about it, since I definitely wanted to do this again.

My ass radiated pleasure as Danny pounded in and out of it, my cock was only half hard, but it constantly leaked onto my belly and there was a growing pleasure inside me far more powerful and wide spread than anything I’d achieved with my cock alone.

“Fuck, harder. Fuck me harder, Danny!” I outright pleaded with him. I was so close, I could feel that coveted prostate orgasm just millimeters away, my body just so inexperienced with anal that it didn’t know how to reach it. “Fuck me with that huge dick, make me cum. Oh fuck, please, Danny, make me cum on your cock!”

“You want me to fuck that ass? Make you my bitch?” He asked teasingly. I bit my lip and nodded with a grin, knowing I should be mortified, but loving the dirty talk. “Good, you’re my bitch already.” He said with a laugh, giving my ass a hard slap that I loved.

Somehow Danny had held off cumming this entire time, whether from nervousness, not being that sensitive, or just an impressive amount of self control he’d held back his orgasm. Now though, he leaned back, grabbing me by the top of my thighs, effectively putting my legs over his shoulders, and started hammering into my ass with everything he had.

Wet slapping filled the room and I was certain his mother had to be able to hear us upstairs with how hard he was fucking me and how loud our dirty talk had gotten.

What little I’d cared about her hearing us vanished though as Danny’s jackhammer pounding of my ass finally gave me the orgasm I’d been begging him for. Pleasure hit me like a tidal wave, radiating deep inside me and instead of my normal orgasm which largely focused on my groin and legs, this orgasm extended from the tips of my toes all the way to my fingers.

I could tell I was talking, but couldn’t even tell what I was saying, though Danny helpfully told me later it was a long string of expletives and pleading/praise for him and his cock, which I embarrassingly believed given just how submissive I’d become.

More surprisingly my orgasm wasn’t fading. My normal orgasm peaked quickly and then came crashing back down like a wave cresting, this was more like an avalanche, the longer Danny fucked me the more intense it got until I couldn’t think about anything, just at the mercy of his pounding cock keeping me in perpetual orgasm.

Finally though I was allowed to come down from my orgasmic high as Danny slammed his hips into me and held them there. He thrust fractionally back and forth and I could distantly feel his cock pulsing inside me and knew I was being filled with his cum for the first time, though far from the last.

He let go of my legs and nearly collapsed forward onto me. I held him to me and despite being completely out of breath and exhausted he leaned forward to kiss me once again. I moaned into the kiss happily and contentedly, his still pulsing cock throbbing inside me, while I savored the intimacy of his kiss.

For a long time we stayed like that, him buried inside me as I held him against me, our kiss only deepening with time, not just physically but emotionally as well.

After many minutes we at last pulled apart, Danny’s still mostly hard cock sliding out of my heated and delightfully sore hole. I tried to stand up and found my legs too weak to hold me, but Danny was there to catch me as I pitched forward unsteadily and held me to him as we knelt on the floor and stared into each others eyes.

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