More Than A Desk Job

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I have been writing erotic stories for a few years now. I’ve always felt compelled to write down my fantasies and while I’m at it, share it with others. All my stories have been based on fantasy and real people that I have met through life’s many experiences. I never felt the need to discuss personal matters and let it be viewed all over America. However, I recently had an incident that was just too good to be kept a secret…..

I have been single for quite a while now. It has it’s ups and downs. I usually go out on dates every weekend, but nothing really serious ever progresses. Even though I’ve been with other guys, there is always one guy who seemed to stand out from the rest of them all. Jimmy. I knew the first time I met him that there would be something between us, and boy was I right. I can remember the hot summer nights, sticking to the front seat of his leather car interior. Pressing his body against mine and feeling how warm his hot cock felt inside me. I was always amazed at how wet he could make me, by just a simple suggestion or gently stroking my thigh with one finger.

He is nothing short of amazing and incredibly hot. His short brown spiked hair is soft and is always lightly scented with clean shampoo. He always seems to smell like a cool sea breeze in the summer. He has a slim build and firm muscles. His reckless tattoos hug his biceps and curve all the way down his arms. I am always turned on by strong arms with tattoos. His perfect face and sly eyes pierce through my body every time I fuck him. It is almost as if our bodies complimented each other. We knew how to fuck each other and that’s why we couldn’t wait till our next fleeting moment of reckless and uninhibited sex.

It was a Thursday night and we both couldn’t get the thought of each other out of our minds. We chatted online as we usually did on a weekly basis.

“Come over tonight.” He typed to me.

How could I resist that?

Than I was intrigued when the next sentence he typed was, “I want to take you to my new office.”

I smiled just thinking about the possibility kartal escort of that. Jimmy worked 24/7. He was so extremely into his job that he hardly had time for anything else. He busted his ass opening up his own business and finally he had his own office and it was newly furnished and decorated to his liking. I couldn’t wait to go there.

I picked him up at his house at 12am sharp and we drove into a little deserted town filled with antique barber shops and random Java huts. I parked my car on a side street and as we stepped out, only the echo of my heeled boots filled the night air. It was so dark and empty and somehow extremely erotic. I watched Jimmy move like a sleek cat over to the door. The smell of his leather jacket and warm cologne filling my senses. He took me upstairs to what seemed to look like a police precinct. I glanced down the hallway, it was so empty, yet you still got the feeling of busy offices crowded with wheelers and dealers. He took me to his office and slowly slid the key inside the lock. He opened the door and closed it behind him. It was very nicely decorated. Not too cluttered, just the way I liked it. Two large desks with two computers. Several large windows that hugged the walls. A huge fish tank with two tiny fish swimming around.

A big screen TV resting on a black cabinet that was filled with glass elephant figurines that shown like colored crystal by the blazing lights that hang above. Random posters hung on the walls and seemed to add character to the place. I watched as Jimmy showed me around, yet I was too distracted by his body to think much of anything at that moment. He closed the shades a bit so that only the glow of the street lamps seeped through the cracked shades. He turned off the lights as suddenly the luminous glow of the blue computer screens flooded our view. As my eyes focused I saw him drawing closer to me. He took my hands and gazed into my eyes. Ahh..his eyes would always get me. They were so beautiful, so dreamy and so blue. They spoke to me without saying a word. He then quickly grabbed maltepe escort bayan me and placed me on his desk. He pulled me in and kissed me. I drank in the taste of his lips mixed with his hungering tongue.

His kiss was amazing and I felt my panties get soaked as we ran our hands up and down each others backs. He pressed my back into the desk as he lifted my shirt up and began to lick my stomach very slowly, teasing me. He quickly pulled off my shirt and bra, pushing me closer to the edge of the desk as I wrapped my legs around him. The sharp and breathless moans escaped our mouths in between kisses. We couldn’t hold it back any longer. We became each others own personal sex slaves. He leaned my back into the desk and playfully sucked at my nipples, drenching them with his wet mouth. I felt so at ease with his play that I just melted into him. He teased each nipple, sliding his hands over the edge of my tight fitting jeans that pressed against my wet pussy. I sat up slowly and pulled his shirt over his head, letting my hands slide up and down his warm chest.

God he was hot. The blue light from the computer screen bounced off his body as his strong arms held me closely. I crashed my tits into his chest, kissing him more passionately. He lifted me off the desk and back onto the ground. He slid me on his chair and kneeled down, letting his tongue slide down my stomach and over the edge of my jeans. He unbuttoned and then unzipped and slid each pant leg off. He moved his hand over my panties, feeling how wet I was for him. He pushed them aside and gently flipped his tongue over my clit as I bucked my hips. I couldn’t take this feeling of lust and need anymore. I quickly stood up and pulled my panties off. I grabbed his belt and slid it out of his belt hoops. With great ease I unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped them, sliding them down with his underwear so his hard cock stood straight up.

I pressed him against the desk and started to slide my hand up and down his cock, jerking him off. His sexy moans drove me wild as I couldn’t take another escort pendik minute not feeling him inside me. He must have felt the same thing cause he seemed very forceful in the next few moments. He grabbed me, shoving all his papers off his desk. He laid me down on the desk and pressed his body against mine. He slammed his cock deep inside my wet cunt as we began riding each other with fury. Faster and harder he pumped me, our moans echoing in the empty office. The desk creaking with every motion our sweaty bodies made.

“Oh you fuck me so well. I love how wet you feel.” He said to me breathlessly.

“You make me so wet baby.” I cooed back.

This was what good sex was all about. Just going at it like wild animals craving sexual attention. I suddenly wanted to be in control as I motioned for him to switch places with me. He seemed excited at the prospect, I know he loves when I’m on top. I pressed my body against his, as I felt my legs contact the smooth wood of his desk. I moved my body with short and hard strokes like it was on fire. I bucked my hips against his, flipping my hair wildly behind me. Our friction felt so good I couldn’t take it anymore.

Then, as he sensed I was getting tired, he started to get up slowly as my body followed. He laid me down on the table and stood before me. His face sweating and filled with lust. He grasped my slender legs in his firm hands and wrapped them around his body as he plunged his fuck stick into my pussy. Harder and harder with each thrust. Our loud moans echoed through out the office as the table shook back and forth with every thrust.

He gripped my legs tighter as my pussy hugged his cock. I could feel the tension build for both of us as I exploded over his fuck pole and he pulled out, splashing his cum all over my hot skin. It felt like hot wax against my skin. I collapsed back on the table as he leaned down and sucked my lips dry. We were both spent. We cooled down a bit and had a little chit chat before we left to go back home. It was definitely an evening, or shall I say early morning, neither of us would ever forget.

Needless to say that was a very amazing experience for me. The best sex complemented by a terrific setting. So now you can understand why I had to share this story, it was just too good to keep a secret. And the rest my readers is history…

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