More Dutch , Rosa Ch. 17

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Chapter 17

Formerly 41 of The Gathering

The Nipple Piercing


Rosa bit into her doughnut and grimaced with the knowledge that although the doughy morsel was delicious, it wouldn’t do either her figure or her heart any good. Rolling her eyes, she swallowed it with a gulp of coffee, managing to spill some that dribbled in a thin line down her chin.

“Christ, I’m not very lady-like this morning, am I?” she asked herself as she wiped her chin with a napkin. “What the hell, after being with the Rourk’s and those super-hung guys the other night my hands are still not steady.”

Still, she laughed to herself as she disposed of the doughnut, reflecting that her pussy was still sore after the marathon fuck-fest that she and the others had had at the Rourk’s. She laughed again as she recalled fending Dutch off last night. ‘Now that was a first,’ she thought, remembering his hands being all over her and how she had resisted his best efforts, pleading soreness for the first time in their relationship and persuading him to accept a blowjob instead.

‘He was a prince among men’ she told herself.

‘With a cock that was . . . stupendous? Well, what could she say about him and/or it? It was a magnificent weapon, if indeed it was a weapon.’

Feeling randy for the first time since the orgy, she waltzed into the office, ignoring the stares of the boorish guys already at their desks and sat down at her desk and began to thumb through the pile of prospective clients that might or might not be dropping by or calling in that day.

Soon she was lost in the mundane activities of the realty business. Cynthia, the receptionist at the office, came in late as usual, with a loopier than normal expression on her face. She looked as if she had a secret and it was a good one.

Rosa noticed this right away, but had no time to waste wondering, she guessed it might be an illegal substance of some kind, but really didn’t care all that much, she needed to sell a property and soon if she were going to win the latest contest among the sales force.

Some forty minutes passed and after hanging up the phone with a good prospect, Rosa took a good look at Cynthia.

“All right, I can tell that you’re dying to tell me something. What is it?”

“I got another one,” she giggled inanely.

“You got another —?” Rosa made an awkward hand gesture, waving it as if to say — What?”

Cynthia put thumb and forefinger together, as if gripping a needle and thrust forward. “A piercing,” she said in a loud whisper.

How was Rosa supposed to notice? The girl already had both ears pierced to the hilt, not just the lobes, but all up around the outside of the ear, with a little gold circlet for each hole. And, inevitably, there was a faux diamond stud in her nose, which Rosa hoped Cynthia would live to regret. Because barring an overdose of Ecstasy, or a losing bout with some STD, Cynthia would wake up and find herself a fifty-year-old woman with fallen arches and varicose veins and a fucking ring in her nose.

She studied the girl. What had she added? Nothing in her eyebrows . . . God, not a tongue stud?

“Not your tongue,” she said, and Cynthia extended the organ in question and no, it was whole and untouched, and from their past sexual dalliances it was just the least bit provocative.

“Okay I give up,” Rosa said.

Cynthia giggled, and yanked down the front of her scoop-necked blouse; exposing two plump and pert breasts and one of them had a gold stud in the nipple.

Rosa looked around in alarm, but no clients were in the office at the moment. Rosa knew that could change at any time and told Cynthia, “My office, now and close the damn door.”

Cynthia calmly tucked her treasures away and went into the office and after Rosa entered, closed the door.

“When did you —?”

“Friday, right after I left here.”

“How the hell —?”

“I know, I know,” Cynthia said, “I didn’t think I could go through with it. I thought, oh shit, this is gonna hurt like a motherfucker. But it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.”

“But why?”

“Well she puts ice on it first, and that numbs it up a little, and —“

“No, that’s not what I meant. Why do it? Why even have it done?’

Cynthia appeared to have a problem with Rosa’s question. “I don’t know,” she said, “I’ve been wanting to do it for ages. And I heard about this woman, that she’s really, really good, and like the person to go to if you’re serious about piercing.”

“You’re not concerned about infection?”

The girl gave Rosa a dumb look. “I never had any problems before.”

“But the location . . .” Rosa found herself thinking about Kathy and how close she was to wanting to do something similar and made a mental note to talk to her about it.

“You just turn it once a day,” Cynthia prattled on, “same as with an earring and, you know, put alcohol on it. It’s easier than the earrings ’cause you can see what you’re doing.”

She let it go at that, but casino oyna later, just before closing, she told Cynthia she still couldn’t understand why she had this urge to get her nipple pierced in the first place.

“It’s exciting, Rosa. It’s like this secret thing. It’s like a sex secret.”

“I see,” obviously Rosa did not, but felt she had to respond.

“Plus,” Cynthia went on, “It’s just plain hot.”

“Like a turn on for all the guys?”

“Probably . . . but what I meant is that it’s . . . ” she paused and brought her fingers to her breast, “You know how it feels when someone plays with your nipple and it gets hard? Or when you do it yourself?

Rosa nodded.

“Well, that’s how you feel all the time.”


Rosa was at a stage in her where from which she didn’t want to miss anything. Now that she had met Dutch her sex life was soaring to new heights. They had tried it with another couple — Alice and Robert; they had seduced Cynthia during one of Dutch’s office visits — well it was more like inviting her to join in with them. And the others: Doctor Sharon and her nurse; and Molly; and picking up that poor woman who was murdered later the same night; and Marilyn, Dutch’s ex-wife . . . doing her under the table . . . and so much more.

Cynthia had said, “That’s how you feel all the time,” and those words had provided a jolt to Rosa’s loins — almost as though Dutch had licked her there. Her horniness was almost overpowering and she was tempted to seduce Cynthia then and there.

But her sense of survival warned against it. Too many people nearby, anyone of whom might walk into her office, which she was not allowed to lock.

And so it was that she began to think about it. Why shouldn’t she get her nipple pierced?

How painful could it be? If she didn’t like the result, she could take the ring out and let the nipple heal. And if it really had you excited all the time . . .

Minutes later she had made an appointment with the woman who had done Cynthia’s piercing and left the office, ostensibly to meet with a client. Cynthia was so overcome by the situation that she couldn’t refrain from teasing her pierced nipple and was forced into the stall of the ladies room to masturbate in order to calm down.


Rosa didn’t have to travel very far, perhaps 5 city blocks before reaching the building where Cynthia had gotten her piercing. She was surprised to see it was an apartment building and then told herself that piercing was not that big a business and why couldn’t one do it from home?

Rosa was buzzed in and rode the elevator to the fourth floor. A woman about Rosa’s age answered the door and extended her hand.

“I’m Nicki,” she said with a slight smile.

“Rosa,” Rosa said accepting her hand and finding it smooth and firm, shook it twice and released it. “Pleased to meet you.”

“You, err, were recommended by Cynthia Bongiavano?”

“Yes, she . . . she’s an employee of mine. I sell real estate.”

“You two don’t appear to have a lot in common . . . taste wise, I mean, fashion type, age and of course I expect you ear a great deal more than she.”

Rosa chose to ignore Nicki’s opening and said, “How is it you don’t have any piercings?” And, when Nicki put a finger to an earlobe in reply, “Besides that. I mean, everybody has pierced ears.”

Nicki gave her that slight smile again and said, “The others don’t show.”

“Your nipples? You’ve done your nipples?”

“Would you like to see?”

Once again there was the slightest smile on Nicki’s full lips, and Rosa sensed that the woman was playing with her. She knew that she could resist, or she could let herself be played with. And what on earth would resistance gain her?

And so, she nodded.

Nicki reached behind her neck, unfastened a clasp, and let the white shift fall to the floor. She stepped out of it, and she was the same golden brown color all over. Rosa was sure that some of the color came from the sun, because she could almost smell the sun on Nicki’s skin.

The woman’s figure was exquisite, slim at the waist, just full enough at the hips to be feminine. Her breasts were as firm as a girl’s and of a size to fit the hand, and both nipples were pierced, sporting gold studs identical to the one’s in her ears.

Rosa felt lightheaded, felt a tingling in the palms of her hands and the soles of her feet. She had never been so moved by the physical beauty of another human being. She felt foolish staring at her like she was, but sensed the woman was willing to be stared at. This was confirmed when Nicki raised her arms over her head and pirouetted slowly around, like a slave girl displaying herself in an Eastern market.

Nicki had no body hair at all. Not on her legs, nor under her arms, not at her crotch. There was the faintest trace of sun-bleached golden down on her arms, but that was all.

“I’d recommend studs,” Nicki said, touching her own for illustration. “Certainly at first and for general wear. They don’t show until you want canlı casino them to. And you can always switch to hoops for special occasions. Do you like the way they look?”

Rosa’s mouth was dry and it took a second for her to work her voice.

“Very much.”

“There’s more, if you’re interested.”


“More piercings.”

But she’d seen the woman, front to back, top to bottom. How could there be more piercings?”

‘Were there tongue studs?’ She thought, ‘but wouldn’t she have noticed it? And wouldn’t she have simply stuck out her tongue?’

She thought for a second, ‘No it wasn’t a tongue stud, it couldn’t be.’

“Are you interested?’

Rosa nodded.

“You have to say so. You have to ask to see it.’

“Please,” she said.

“Please what?”

“Please show me.”

Nicki backed up, sat down on a carpeted ledge, a pillow beneath her bottom. She opened her legs to reveal gold hoops half an inch in diameter affixed to her labia. The sight was not a complete surprise for by this time Rosa had guessed what she’d see and where she’d see it. But there was something so intimate about the display that emotion flowed over her like a wave. She thought she might cry, or cry out.

“Rings,” Nicki said, “because studs would sort of get lost here. And so you can do this.”

And she took a ring between each thumb and forefinger and opened herself up.

Rosa stood there. Her heart was pounding, tolling like a bell in her chest.

“Go ahead,” Nicki told her.

Rosa sank to her knees and gingerly started running her hands over Nicki’s bronzed thighs eventually closing in on her pussy. The seated woman barely stirred at the touch. In an almost desperate move to elicit a positive reaction, Rosa lightly brushed across Nicki’s clit causing her to draw in her breath in a delicate gasp. Having restored her confidence, Rosa worked her middle finger between Nicki’s ringed labia reveling in the familiar heat of a woman’s loins.

Nicki’s legs moved further apart.

The finger delved inward, rubbing against the inner walls, skimming against the wetness that was increasing with every passing moment.

“Does that feel all right?” Rosa asked with some concern.

“Another finger would be nice,” the woman said calmly.

And a second finger followed the first.

They stared at one another briefly and when Nicki smiled that slight smile once again, Rosa doubled the pace of her thrusting.

Nicki’s hips gave an involuntary lurch toward Rosa and then began moving in rhythm to her thrusts. An almost inaudible grunt passed her lips and her smile grew wider.

Rosa withdrew both fingers from her center and pushed Nicki’s legs further apart and then bent her face into her cunt, licking long and lasciviously along each of Nicki’s larger lip, making sure she tugged lightly on each ring in turn.

“You’re all I had hoped you would be,” Nicki gasped.

When Rosa looked up she saw the woman biting her lower lip, as if willing Rosa to do the same down below.

Rosa did bite her then and felt her entire body quiver with delight. And after hesitating briefly she bit harder and quickly changed tactics, sending her loving tongue into Nicki’s slit and licking round and round, tasting the woman’s juices as they began coating her tongue.

She kept licking and sucking on the woman’s pussy, almost overwhelmed by her taste. It was the most exquisite pussy she’d ever had and she wasn’t sure if she would ever get enough of it.

Nicki shuddered and groaned as Rosa’s tongue flicked her clitoris. And she cried out when Rosa’s fingers caressed a breast before closing down on her pierced nipple. Rosa’s mouth descended upon the cunt in front of her and covered it in its entirety, sucking voraciously upon it.

Nicki bucked up at her, her hips taking on a life of their own as they rose to meet each deep swipe of Rosa’s tongue. Rosa knew the woman was enjoying the fact that she was proceeding at a pace that would ultimately provide her with a stupendous orgasm and would in all likely hood do the same for her.

“You’re my angel!” Nicki moaned and clamped her thighs tightly against Rosa’s ears.

“Ease up!” Rosa cried out and Nicki immediately forced her thighs to relax somewhat, willing herself to hold off her pending release.

Grateful that her head was no longer in a vise-like grip, Rosa concentrated her efforts on Nicki’s protruding clit, sealing her lips around it and pulling on it, over and over and over. Nicki’s arms began to jerk up and down as she started to lose control.

Her face a grimace of lust, Nicki cried out, “I’m tryin’ to hold back . . . please don’t get me there to soon.”

“But you’re so hot!” Rosa managed after releasing the stiffened nub for a second.

“You think you’re hot!” Nicki snarled as she pulled hard on her nipple piercing, stretching her nipple out and additional inch. “Oh, God . . . I’m so fucking . . . you are good! You are so fucking good!”

Rosa took her to the very brink of kaçak casino orgasm and then backed off until she felt Nicki’s tension ease somewhat and then she began again, pressing her hips down, sliding a finger into her and seeking out her “G” Spot and circling the area as Nicki’s orgasm built up to the point of no return.

The room was filled with one long, continuous moan, coming from Nicki’s taut vocal cords. Nicki’s whole torso vibrated each time the finger reentered her cunt — each time Rosa’s tongue licked her tuning fork of a clitoris.

Rosa intensified her efforts.

Nicki’s head was now rocking from side to side. Her eyes were open, but unfocused.

“Come for me, baby,” Rosa cooed and smacked Nicki’s pussy with her hand.

“Come for me, baby,” she repeated and again smacked the pussy, this time a little harder.

Suddenly Nicki’s whole body arched off the chair and she screamed out in delirious joy as she gushed a piss-like stream from her cunt directly into Rosa’s face.

Nicki trembled, groaned and tried to breathe, taking short gasping gulps of air. And when Rosa clamped her mouth to Nicki’s pulsating pussy in order to capture the remaining juice spurting at her, a second climax took Nicki and slammed her back into the chair, breaking the suction of Rosa’s mouth upon her. Rosa climbed into her lap and held her close, stoking her face, shoulders and arms, helping Nicki to calm down and sink into a rapturous state of sexual bliss.

Rosa took a moment to admire the woman and the sexual flush residing in her beautiful face and the halo of hair spilling over her shoulders before kissing her on the lips.

They remained in place, allowing the sensations of Nicki’s orgasms to defuse.


Afterward, Nicki made coffee and they talked about themselves. Actually Rosa did most of the talking and when some forty minutes had passed Nicki smiled that peculiar smile of hers and motioned for Rosa to stand and led her into the next room where the piercing was to be done.

To Rosa it looked like an operating room, with white walls and a white tile floor. There was a padded table and a high-backed chair. There was a shelf of books and a copy of Gray’s Anatomy open on top of a small metal cabinet.

Rosa undressed in this other room, her eyes averted for some reason as Nicki donned the white shift again. Rosa could have left her slacks on, but she took everything off, blouse, bra, slacks and panties.

And then waited for Nicki to indicate where she was to sit, but the woman made no sign. Just as a puzzled frown formed on Rosa’s face, she noted that the far wall was curtained and something made Rosa ask what was behind the curtain.

“Sometimes it’s difficult to keep oneself still,” Nicki said as she sorted in a carton for various implements and lotions she would be using, “Fear, pain, excitement — one moves, and its better not to move.”

“I can keep still.”

“Then too, sometimes it’s better to be able to let go.” That said, Nicki drew the curtain and behind it stood a black metal frame in the shape of an X. There were wrist and ankle cuffs attached to the four arms of the device.

Wordlessly, Rosa backed up to the device and allowed Nicki to fasten the cuffs. Nicki added a hood a moment later and Rosa’s mouth was covered preventing her from crying out. Only then did she realize she’d forgotten to tell Nicki which nipple to pierce.

Worse, Nicki hadn’t asked, so it would be her choice. Suddenly all the tension that had mounting up in Rosa dissipated. She was calm and without fear.

Then Nicki was touching the tips of both breasts at once. Rosa found her touch feather light. Both nipples were already firm and fully extended and a pleasant tingle went from the aureole to her dampened pussy.

The touching finally stopped for a moment and then Rosa felt Nicki’s mouth descend on her left breast and then the right. Making her choice, Rosa thought and her body flushed as she thought, “And I didn’t.”

Nicki chose the right breast and a moment later, Rosa felt fire there; and then realized that it was really ice. “Odd,” she thought, “how you could mistake one sensation for its opposite, cold for hot. Odd, how the ice, numbing her nipple, sent a current of energy coursing through the rest of her body.”

Something brushed her nose. It had the scent of oranges. Then she felt the sensation she had planned to steel herself against and forgotten to do. And Nicki was sending the needle through her nipple. Rosa opened herself up to the sensation, thinking, “God, it was too much,” and just as quickly told herself, “but no, it was not too much. It’s only pain.”

Suddenly the hood was off and Rosa could look down and see the gold stud that had been thrust through her right nipple. There was a little gold bead showing on either side.

Through a kind of mind fog Rosa heard Nicki asking how she felt.

It took her a moment to realize that she could now speak. “Good,” she said. “What was the orange for?”

“To stick the needle in, otherwise I might stick myself.”


Nicki leaned close and kissed the other nipple.

“Do that one too,” Rosa said knowing she would come with the touch of the needle.

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