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Sitting on an elevated place and looking down at the small stream gushing down with force due to copious Monsoon rains Seema was recapturing the 40 odd years of her life.

What was there for her in those 40 years she thought? Other than Brute her son there was nothing to fall back and ponder upon. (She used to address her son Vicky as Brute for his prank’s.)

As she recalled those 40 years the only pleasant thing which came to her mind was her childhood. Then as she grew up to be a charming woman fate stuck her so hard that she could not come out it, she had got married. She had got married to a person twice her age.

After leading a life with him for 20 years she lost him. He died a natural death leaving behind a property worth millions and a son born by a miracle. It was a miracle as he was impotent. Seema used to feel cold sweat run down her spine imaging how it would have been if Vicky was not born. Vicky was the only reason she had survived all along.

While her eyes dampened recalling those days it felt nice to feel the cool rain come down. Lifting her face she let the drops cascade down her cheeks and feeling its chillness brought immense relief to her.

As the light drizzle gained momentum and started pouring she enjoyed it and by the time the wind blew away the clouds and it stopped raining she was totally drenched and without a bother she walked back to her farm house.

Her son Vicky was aghast on seeing her totally drenched. He did not try his pranks and when his mother turned back to reason it out she saw his eyes were glued on her. Without knowing the reason she went in to change and when she came out she heard him say ‘why did you not call me Mom.’

‘I did not as I know what your reactions would have been,’ letting out those words she smiled at him.

‘No I wouldn’t have played any pranks on you, not when you were …’ He did not complete the sentence.

‘Why is it that you always try your tricks upon me,’ she asked.

‘Its because you want me to and l love to,’ he replied.

‘Come on no sane woman would like your pranks,’ said she.

‘Who said you are sane. If you were you would not have got drenched,’ he replied looking at her soaked body.

‘You don’t understand how much I loved lt. I wish the rain had not stopped,’ she replied softly.

‘You know something you looked cute in those wet clothes Mom. You looked as if you are a child,’ he said.

‘How I wish I was a child,’ said she as her mind raced back to that golden period.

‘Thinking of getting wet again,’ asked Vicky on seeing her dreaming.

‘No, not with you . . . . you are a brute,’ she replied smiling again.

‘Well don’t tell me I did not ask you,’ saying this he went out.

Later the front bell rang and knowing it to be his pranks she neglected it. The second time when it rang she fumed and on the third attempt opening the door as she lifted the pan she was carrying she found it to be the weatherman at the doorstep.

‘What did I do ma’am,’ asked the puzzled weatherman.

Hiding her smile ‘I am sorry I thought it was Brute,’ she said.

‘Brute?’ he asked.

‘Yes Brute,’ she replied smiling again.

‘Well I came here to inform that there will be power cuts due to monsoon,’ said the weatherman.

‘Thank you,’ she replied and on shutting the door wondered how easily she had got fooled. It brought a huge smile on her face thinking even in his absence she was fooled by his pranks. What would I have done if he was not there, she thought. Then suddenly her vision drifted to the morning when she had come home after being drenched. What had made him or what had he seen that had him so engrossed she wondered. However hard she tried she could not find an answer. Shaking her head she went in.

That night Vicky had a bad dream and as he opened his eyes he felt his body trembling. The first thing that came to his mind was to call his Mom. Then changed his mind thinking what if she thought this to be his prank. This made him sit straight on the bed and what he saw made him more nervous. He saw that he was aroused.

Pulling the heavy rug over he closed his eyes and did not open till the suns rays penetrated his room. As morning dawned and he stepped inside the kitchen Seema sensing his presence stiffened thinking either he would tickle her or try some thing to scare her. When nothing of that happened as she turned to face what she saw of him puzzled her. She saw that he was in some sort of a trance and his vision seemed to be blurred.

Reaching out and holding him ‘are you okay dear,’ she asked.

Grasping her tightly ‘It was a bad dream Mom,’ he said.

Embracing him ‘its okay dear cool down cool down,’ she said and when he came out of her arms and sat down she fetched him some coffee.

It was only after having a cup of coffee that normalcy returned and looking at her ‘Mom I need some fresh air shall we go out,’ he said.

‘But it’s raining dear,’ she said.

‘Its okay lets go while it is raining,’ he replied.

‘Okay bizimkent escort fine but no hanky panky,’ and seeing him smile ‘Brute I love you,’ she said blowing a kiss.

As they stepped out it was drizzling and soon it gave way to bright sunshine. ‘Look this is what happens in monsoon, the weather is unpredictable. When you want it to rain it does not and when you don’t want it pours heavily,’ said his mom.

‘What do you want Mom, do you want it to rain,’ asked Vicky.

‘Yes I want it to rain cats and dogs,’ she replied excitedly.

‘But will you not be scared,’ he asked.

‘Not in the company of a 19 year old brute,’ she replied.

‘Oh Mom you are so sweet,’ he said.

‘Sweet? Don’t I look cute,’ she asked.

‘You look cute when you get drenched,’ he shot back.

Lifting her eyebrows ‘its very difficult to understand you men. At one point you are ready to help us on the other you want us to be drenched but why,’ she asked.

‘Because you said you enjoy when it rains,’ he replied..

‘Yes I love it and look it has started raining,’ she said spreading her arms wide and looking up at the sky.

Vicky’s eyes took to her. Though he saw his Mom getting soaked in the rain he felt there was something missing. No matter how hard he tried he could not get to the point. Seeing her the other day was totally different from this. Though he was watching her from a closer range the urge the excitement of seeing her earlier was missing and he could not reason it out.

Not satisfied with the days outcome Vicky returned back and on reaching home ‘did you enjoy it Mom,’ he asked.

‘Yes more so being in your company,’ she replied.

Pleased by her reply ‘how about going tomorrow,’ he asked.

‘If you don’t mind getting wet then I would love to,’ she replied.

‘I would love to watch you get drenched,’ he shot back.

Lifting her eyebrows and smiling at him ‘how nice so tomorrow we get drenched,’ saying it she went in.

Vicky was delighted by her words and in the privacy of his room he recalled the previous days sighting of his mother frame by frame. It was while she moved away that he was floored on seeing her voluptuous back draped in a wet sari like a second skin. It had exposed the curves, the valleys and this was what that had haunted him in his dream. Now he felt bad as it had him aroused. No this is not right. How can I think of her. However hard he tried to reason out he failed and that scene kept flashing in his mind and when he woke up he felt that he was again aroused.

After having a bath as he stepped into kitchen inadvertently his gaze fell on his Moms back and he found it difficult to shed it out of his vision. Seema having heard him come was worried on seeing him stand silently behind her. It was the second day that he had not tickled or pulled her hair. She missed his pranks as they where the ones which motivated her.

Shaking her head when she turned to face him she found him to have stepped closer. This was unexpected as he had never stood so close to her earlier. Smiling at him ‘breakfast is ready,’ she said and sat opposite looking at him.

Seeing her staring ‘what’s the matter,’ he asked.

‘Yes what’s the matter is what I have to ask you. You seemed to have changed a lot,’ she said.

‘What makes you think so. Is it because I have stopped teasing you,’ he asked.

‘Yes though you take me by surprise I love your pranks,’ saying it she patted his thighs.

‘So you love them you better think twice before we go out,’ he said leaning forward.

Pushing him back ‘you don’t scare me anymore,’ saying it she went in.

Seeing her leave his eyes followed her and once she was out of his vision ‘Mom you are gorgeous,’ he said.

Those words had not fallen on deaf ears. Seema on having moved out of his vision had hid to find out if he planned any pranks but what she heard took her by surprise. Moving inside the four walls of her room she sat on the bed and started bisecting his words.

‘Gorgeous,’ she had not heard anyone utter those words to her. Though many a times one of her friend used to say you look great but gorgeous none had uttered. The second point was his proximity of getting closer and many a times she saw him engrossed in looking up at her. His getting close was welcomed but his stares were frightening. Thinking on those lines she decided to check on his behavior before drawing any conclusions. Unknowingly draping a light colored sari she stepped out of her room.

The sky was clear when they stepped out and Seema moving close allowed Vicky to slip his hand on her waist which he had been doing ever since she could remember. Holding his hand they walked towards the stream.

As they neared the stream hearing the sound of gushing waters Seema moving out from his grasp ran up the small hill. In her excitement she had fallen prey to his prying eyes. This was what Vicky was waiting for and the moment she started climbing the hill his eyes took to her bostancı escort body. The sight of her rich curvaceous back was mind blowing and as his vision reached down it took the wind out of him when his eyes fell upon her voluptuous buttocks. However hard he tried he could not tear his eyes away from those stimulating curvaceous mounds of flesh. With his stare glued upon them he moved up and coming to stand behind her and slipping his hands on her waist ‘is this not a magnificent place to live Mom,’ he asked.

‘Yes and in Monsoon its beauty gets enhanced,’ she said sliding back and cozying herself in his arms.

‘I would say it is one the most romantic places,’ uttering those words he tightened his hold on her.

‘Yes but with whom would you romance,’ she asked getting excited.

‘why with you.’ He replied.

‘Me???????’ she asked.

‘Why? Can I not romance with my Mom,’ he asked as he nuzzled his face on her nape.

‘Yes you can but do you have any idea as to how old your Mom is,’ she asked in her excitement.

‘What has age to do Mom. You are one beautiful woman and it is quite natural to fall in love with you,’ as he said it he pressed his lips on her neck.

His words and his closeness brought some cheer and swaying in his arms ‘from when do you consider me to be romantic,’ she asked.

‘It’s from a long long time Mom and coming back from Boarding Home it has reached its zenith,’ he said as his lips continued the upward journey and planting a kiss on her cheeks ‘you know you are very beautiful Mom,’ he said again.

‘I think you are teasing me. What do you see in me that you consider to be beautiful,’ she asked.

‘Everything about you is beautiful, it is blissful. Holding an exciting woman like you in my arms I consider myself fortunate and it would feel heavenly just to kiss you,’ he said as his lips pressed on her shoulder .

Hearing his words her body trembled ‘I don’t believe you. I think this is also one of your pranks,’ she said as she snuggled closer.

‘Why don’t you believe me? Look it has started raining and does it not make it more romantic and what’s wrong if I crave for that one kiss,’ he said brushing his cheek on her.

‘I don’t know what makes you want to kiss me. Is it because of this rain,’ she asked blushingly.

‘I would like to kiss you because you are one gorgeous woman and as you are getting wet you look more romantic,’ saying it he grabbed her in both arms and bit her cheek.

‘Gorgeous’ that word made her melt in his arms and turning to face him ‘you are a real Brute, why did you bit me,’ she asked.

‘It was an instantaneous reaction of having you in my arms,’ he said as he bit her again.

‘Then you may not stop from biting my lips too,’ she said softly.

Excited by her words ‘do you want me to bite these lovely lips,’ he asked placing a finger on them.

Taking hold of his hand and biting his finger ‘its not only you who can bite,’ said she.

‘So you agree,’ saying it when he tried to grab her, shaking her head and moving out of his reach ‘for that you have to catch me first,’ saying it she ran away from him.

Vicky followed her. He knew she would not be able to cover much distance in this downpour and finding her standing underneath a tree totally drenched he came to stand in front of him.

‘No, no,’ shaking her head she started hitting him with her fists.

Moving closer and pinning her hands to the tree ‘I have been dreaming of you Mom,’ he said and on seeing her biting her lips ‘they are very promiscuous Mom,’ saying it he pressed his warm lips on her succulent ones.

As his hot lips met hers throwing all caution to the wind she hugged him and when he held her head and looked deep into her eyes, unable to fathom the desire engulfing in them she kissed him back and taking hold of his hand ‘shall we go,’ said she.

Hand in hand as they walked back in the rain ‘I wish Monsoon does not get over soon,’ he said.

‘Yes it is a pity as it rains only for few weeks,’ she replied.

‘How many days have passed since it commenced,’ asked he.

‘A week and it may last another two,’ she replied.

‘Two weeks is what that remains of my vacation,’ he replied.

‘Will you be going back so soon,’ she asked.

‘Yes have to attend coaching classes,’ he said tightening his hold on her.

‘I had thought you would be staying for a couple of months.’

‘No I have to go and I wish we will have few more outing before this monsoon gets over,’ he said caressing her waist.

‘Sure we will,’ saying it she remained thoughtful.

Seeing her in a pensive mood and allowing her privacy Vicky walked to his room leaving her alone to ponder over.

Slumped on the sofa without bothering to change Seema recapped every scene that had taken place between them. Recalling it again and again she found not a single instance wherein her son had taken advantage of her. It all had happened at the spur of the moment and both had drifted büyükçekmece escort down in the stream together. At first she thought she was to be blamed as she did not curtail her emotions then debating over the events she felt nothing wrong had taken place and it was quite natural for them to have some fun. Reminding herself to have more control in their next venture she got up to go to her room.

As the rain continued pounding both were busy playing cards and as the game was getting interesting the lights went out leaving them in pitch darkness. Having sat side by side both were excited and when Seema did not move to light a candle Vicky taking hold of her hand ‘does the power break down regularly Mom,’ he asked in a soft tone.

‘Only during monsoon electric lines snap and this morning the weather man too informed me ,’ he said.

Holding her hand firmly and caressing it ‘don’t you think the snapping of power in one way is helping us,’ he asked.

‘I don’t see any reason how sitting in pitch darkness would help us,’ she said hiding her smile.

Pulling her up and nuzzling his face on her nape ‘don’t you see that it’s easy to embrace you while it is dark,’ he said as he took her in his arms

‘On the contrary I find it not to be so,’ she replied inching closer.

Knowing very well that she was teasing him nibbling her ear ‘what’s there that you don’t like,’ he asked.

‘I don’t like to be bitten,’ she replied.

‘Why would you not when it’s a way of showering ones love,’ he said pressing his cheek on hers.

‘Do you think this is the proper time and place to shower ones love,’ she asked.

‘Yes I think snapping of the power was a blessing in disguise,’ he said as he bit her rosy cheek.

‘It may be for you but for me it’s annoying,’ she replied.

‘What if the bites turn into kisses? would they be still annoying you,’ he said taking hold of her face and caressing her cheeks.

Getting excited by his words ‘instead of running around bushes why don’t you say you want to kiss me,’ she said.

‘If I had said so directly then it would not have been so pleasurable,’ saying it he kissed her with passion.

Coming out of his grasp and panting heavily ‘is that how you kiss your mother,’ she asked.

‘Who said I kissed my mother I kissed a gorgeous woman,’ saying it he kissed her again.

Excited on being kissed by her son inside the house ‘would you have kissed her if you had known her to be your mother,’ she uttered those words and waited with abated breath for his reply.

‘Why do you think I took so long to kiss her. Why do you think I had to move cautiously before I could kiss her. Had it not been my mother that I wanted to kiss then it would not have taken so much time and so much patience,’ saying it he sealed her lips with his and did not let go till such time it took his words to seep into her brain.

Coming out of an dream like situation where her own son had confessed that he wanted to kiss his mother an excited Seema walked slowly to her room in the pitch darkness.

Next morning Vicky seeing his mother standing near the window peeping out ‘how is the weather Mom,’ he asked.

‘It looks pleasant as it is drizzling lightly,’ she replied.

‘Would it not be great to step out,’ he asked.

‘Yes by now the gushing stream would have turned into a river,’ she said.

‘Do you intend to go for a swim,’ he asked.

‘Along with you no way,’ she said.

‘Then how about wading in the waters,’ he asked.

‘I may consider but that depends on how you behave,’ she said.

‘What if I behave like a dutiful son,’ he said.

‘For how long is the question,’ she said resigning from negotiating any further.

‘Well you can see for yourself shall we go now,’ he said pulling her arm.

Giving him a quizzical look ‘why you are in such a hurry,’ she asked.

‘Come on Mom I have just two weeks to enjoy this monsoon,’ he said.

‘If that’s the case let’s go ,’ she said taking hold of his hand.

As they stepped out in the rain looking at his mother’s face glowing with pleasure ‘have never seen you so happy Mom,’ he said.

‘Yes I am very happy as I don’t remember when I enjoyed so much,’ she said lifting her face and letting the rain cascade down her face.

‘You look so pretty,’ he said as his eyes took to her wet body and moving closer he held her by her waist.

Placing her head on his shoulders ‘its because of you that I am having some good time, otherwise . . . . . .’

‘Don’t talk about it Mom,’ he stopped her.

This made her melt in his arms and hugging him she let her body do the talking.

Vicky was on cloud nine. He was excited on having his mothers body so close. Caressing her waist and feeling the heat from her soft belly ‘it feels so good to be with you that I wish it does not stop raining,’ he said.

‘Why what has rain to do with it,’ she asked softly.

‘I fear I might not find you in such humor if it is not raining,’ saying it he slipped his hand on to her hip and drew her.

Accommodating as much as she could into his embrace ‘you need not worry,’ she said shyly.

Seeing her shy and feeling her warming up to his gestures ‘yes now it gives me enough courage to hold you in my arms,’ he said coming to stand under the shade of a tree.

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