Mom’s Strange Friends

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This is a total work of fiction. The day dreams of my somewhat unsettled mind.


Hello, my name is Gerald. I am attending a Community College in town. I just the turned 20 looking forward to my next birthday when I can drink beer and worse.

At present I do not have a steady girlfriend so I am “in the wind” so to speak. I’m not a Brad Pitt nor am I the “Hunchback of Norte Dame” looks wise. Just an average guy.

Late one Saturday afternoon I am watching the The University of This playing the That State University of That when mom came in the room.

“Come with me son.”

“Where are we going?”

“To see some friends of mine.”

“Okay.” So I get in the car. We’re a good ways out of town when she leaves the highway to go down this old State road then take a right onto this County Road we make a couple of more turns until we are on the access road leading to an old Victorian era farmhouse which was in excellent shape.

Mom knocks in this Morse Code like series of knocks. A 30 something attractive woman answers the door.

“Hi Hilary.”

“Hi Jeannette”

“Is this our new acolyte?”

“Yes, meet my son Gerald.”

“Hello Gerald come right this way.” Jeannette says to me.

“I’ll be in to see you shortly.” My mother say as she takes off in another direction.

I am led down this passage way then off to the right into what must have been a bedroom in the day.

“Disrobe dear and put this on. Your mother will be along shortly to explain things.”

It was a purple jump suit like thing except it zipped up in the back not the front and there was a hole in the front to expose my cock and balls.”

“Hello dear.”

I do a double take because my ma had on the cape which fasten at the neck then has a cord belt at the waist. It was red in color. It exposed my mother’s tits and pussy.

“What the h…”

“No swearing or cursing Gerald.”

I finish undressing till all I have on is my birthday suit then don this jump suit with my cock a balls hanging out.

“This is what will happen.”

“Is this some godless Satanism wacko thing!” I ask.


“Now listen without interruption. Two attendants dressed like me will escort out to the sanctuary. There the High Priestess will be standing behind an alter. She has a cape like this only white.

“You well then be brought up to the alter during which time you’ll hear the chant, “Phallus, Phallus, Phallus” repeated until you reach the alter. You will then face out, the High Priestess will come a round the alter and suck your cock until you are hard.

“You will then show your erection to the rest of us. Then you will be led back to the alter will ascend a lay on your back. If you need stiffening, the High Priestess will suck you till you are. She will then mount you and impale herself on your cock then ride you. The rest of us will circle the alter watching the two of you fuck until you fertilize her. She will expose the cream pie to all of us.

“You will then be cleaned by two women’s tongues.

“Are you following me so far?”

I nod yes.

“A cock ring will be put on your cock so it stays hard. Two members will mount the alter consecutively and who are selected by lot whom you will fuck until each has a cream pie. After that, you will roam the members fucking those you want to or by eating their pussies. The ceremony ends when you walk back into this room.

Between meetings, if a woman shows you her charm like this one and hands you a card like this one, what she is doing is calling in a fuck or a pussy munching. You will follow her and service her.

“”Do you understand it now.”

“Yes. It looks like I’ll be getting all the pussy I want and then some.”

“Yes you will.”

After Mom explained the ceremony I calmed down considerably. I was even looking forward to this sex cult thing mom and her friends had going erotik film izle to pleasure themselves with a male’s hard cock which I was supplying.

Time passed away as I waited patiently for the show to begin. I was beginning to think that they had forgotten about me then the chant, “Phallus. Phallus. Phallus.” began as mom said with two very lovely women dressed in red cape came to the room to escort me out to the sanctuary. Both of them held a hand on my ass to steer me in the right direction which they squeezed now and again.

There were between 14-16 women in the room chanting plus the priestess. I was turned this way then that so the gals could see my member and balls hang out of the jump suit. The alter was a raised platform with a thick mattress laid on top.

My escorts stood me in front of the alter putting the cock ring on my shaft. The High Priestess comes around and faces me then ask, “Are you will to give pleasure to the daughters of Venus?” My answer was affirmative.

“Sisters we have a male willing to please our pussies with his phallus filling our empty cavities with with his seed. I will be getting him ready to service your desires.”

The High Priestess didn’t waste any time going for my penis with a relish. Her mouth enveloped me going slowly up and down my cock whit her tongue slid along the shaft. At the top of my tool her tongue circled the head while her hand gently stroked the shaft cupping my my swollen acing balls when it reached the bottom. The ladies were mesmerized as my boy toy grew and hardened saying phallus or groaning as they play with their clits or whispering “fuck me” under their breath.

After a bit the Priestess looks up into my eyes which were full og passion asking, “Are you ready to give me your seed?” “Yes, I want to fuck you.”

I am assisted to lay on the mattress facing up. My lover mounts to straddle me and with a skill born of practice she guides my hard aching member into body. As they see my cock disappear into her pussy they ladies shut “Fuck Her! Fuck Her!” Te woman riding me needs no encouragement as piston like motions coat my sausage with her juices which were plentiful to the point I could see them drain out of her when she opened her lips to accept me even if her vagina was clamped snuggly around my shaft.

“Aha a” and “OOO” were to be heard as was the sound of fingers going in and out of very wet pussies. The girls had gathered round us gazing in ecstatic wonderment as we fucked. I recognized some faces in the group some of which surprised me like Mrs. Miles the neighbor three doors sown, the head teller from the bank, the Librarian from the college and there was my English Comp professor crazed with lust and I nearly swore when I finally recognized who the woman was who’s cunt I was fuck was, Mrs. Brandon the wife of the owner of manufacturing plat which was the town’s main employer. There were other women who I had seen around town including the mother of my current girlfriend.

Then there was my dear mother rubbing her clit for and fingering her pussy carried away with the lust which predominated in that room. At first I was grossed out at the sight about ready to tell her off; but upon further reflection the sight of her enjoying herself coupled with the memories of her crying right after dad bolted with his 20 y/o intern six years back, the looks of anexity i often saw in those years when she worked her ass off trying to keep our standard of living the same without dad’s salary, and as she was always there for me even when her own pain had to be intense softened my initial disgust.

Then the frosting on the cake during my reflections were the memories of how I was a less then perfect son being willful, disobedient, hard, stingy, callous and mean to her and of how she still loved the creepy little man who was her son. I couldn’t deny her pleasure and I resolved to be more loving with her even film izle if she wanted to take me to bed to fuck me.

I was brought back to reality when Mrs. Brandon picked up the pace by fucking me harder and faster. I began to fall in love with her holding my arms out as an offering for her to kiss me, a proposal she quickly accepted.

The taste of her lip was very pleasing and when she whispered in my ear, “Your cock feel so perfect in me. I could fuck you all night,” my confidence soared at having so classy a lady loving my loving and we continued to have sex for a bit longer. She came down to whisper, “I am going to cum. Are you ready?”

“Yes I am ready to flood your pussy with semen.”

I felt her tense up and I felt the pressure in my balls crying for release so that when I felt her pussy convulse and her voice announcing she was having an orgasm, I shot my load into her. After the last string entered her, she went to all fours showing the ladies my cream pie draining out of her. That was met with a lot of shouting and hooting.

The attendants came in to clean me with their tongues and one of them even licked my asshole and I noticed that Mrs. Brandon was also being cleaned as well. When the attendants finished cleaning us, the High Priestess was given a sheet of paper with that the assembly became very silent. “Ladies the winners of this meeting drawing are members numbers 6 and 23. Ladies come forward so our stud can please you.

No. 6 was a woman I had no knowledge of. She was blonde with a full blonde pussy. She was a little bit on the plump side with a look of lust written all over her and she figuratively jumped on the alter. Evidently there were stirrups hidden under the altar’s mattress which came out so the woman could open up for me to mount and mount I did.

Not unsurprisingly her pubic hair was somewhat stiffened by her dried pussy juice but that didn’t hinder my cock from entering her easily. She gasped when the head of my tool opened her vagina for my shaft. She was very tight making it very enjoyable to feel her ribbed birth canal teasing my cock head and it wasn’t long before the semen in my balls wanted out fortunately she was ready as well so her organism came quickly and I filled her pussy.

Lady 23 was none other then my girlfriend’s mother. The mere sight of her made me want to fuck her brains out. Her daughter, Samantha, and I have a great chemistry we’ve been dating for 6 months and been having sex for about a month now. Were close friends since the 9th didn’t see her as a women until fairly recently grade but I saw her as one of the guys taking her for granted. Then one day when she was walking down the street I called out Sam and went to talk with her. For whatever reason I suddenly saw a very attractive young woman not a tomboy and immediately I wanted to know her better.

Now here was her mother spread out and ready to fuck. I know Sam would have a fit if she knew I was fucking her mom but I am and here my cock goes into her.

The daughter was a lot like her mother. Mom was an awesome fuck and rather loud talking dirty as my cock plowed into her.

“Fuck my cunt.”

“Screw me like there in no tomorrow.”

Even dirtier then the above. Thank God Sam didn’t talk dirty like her mom but both were sizzling hot fucks. when mom reached organism a piercing cry accompanied her bucking which almost knocked me off the table and would have

if her legs didn’t have me in a strong hold pressing my pelvis into hers so her womb could take all the semen I gave her.

“Not a word to Sam before I talk to her.” she whispered in my ear as we held each other in the after glow. I dismounted her only to find a crowd of horny women wanting to be fucked. I was getting very tired and my cock hurt but I did manage t fuck a couple more before making it to the dressing room and collapsing on the chair.

My mom appears out of nowhere seks filmi izle in her street clothes with some salve for my arching cock and some bottled water to rehydrate me.

Mom hovered over me like a mother does with her sick child. I tried to get up only to be pushed down. “You will get up when I say you can.”

I think I dozed off because the sun had gone down and it was dark outside. Mom had redressed me in to my street clothes walked me to the car. Those horny women nearly killed me.

When I awoke on Sunday my cock still ached but not as bad as the previous afternoon. It was the smell of mom making breakfast which awoke me as the fragrant scents of bacon, eggs and hash browns made it up to my room not to forget the hunger awakening smell of homemade biscuits.

I found mom multi-tasking in the kitchen wearing her apron and nothing else. The site of her firm round ass got the blood pumping into my cock so it started rising to the occasion. Mom heard me descend the stairs then turned to say “Good Morning” her eyes immediately fixed on my stiffening cock.

“Good morning dear. How do you feel today?”

“Rested and viral.”

“So did I do that?” Pointing to my hard on.

“Yes you did. The sight of your lovely ass and legs was all it took.”

“It isn’t right for a child to have carnal thoughts about their parent.”

“Mom I want to take you after breakfast.”

“You what!”

“I want to have sex with you after we eat and tidy up in here.”

“You are offering to help me tidy up?”

“Yes I am.”

“Who are you and what did you do with my son?”

“It’s me, your baby.”

“Gerald what happened to you yesterday after fucking many of those horny w?”

hat a bad son I’ve been to you.”

“I just thought about how I’ve never thought of your needs. Especially your need for companionship and the fulfillment of your sexual needs as well as your other needs like a son who is a true son.”

She stared down at her plate thinking about how to respond.

“Gerald you have been a good son to me a bit rebellious but essentially a good boy.

Yesterday I was so proud of your performance and how you behaved like gentleman even thanking the women for offering you their charms. All your partners called last night praising you. My mother’s heart fluttered as the praise for my baby entered my mind.

“We’ll discuss have sex after we’ve tidied up.”

The sight of her ass and the view of her pussy when she bet over got me hard in no time. Her tits hung down with her nipples looking turgid. I wanted to fuck her over the kitchen table but I fought down the urge knowing it would make her angry.

When the last cupboard door was closed she took off the apron exposing her black furry pussy.

“Do you have anything to discuss about fucking me?”


“Then let’s go up stairs.”

She grabbed my cock and led the way to her bedroom. She told me to lay in the center of the bed as she had to use the bathroom. I heard water running and the scent of her perfume found it way into the room. In a bit she was out all dolled up coming to the edge of the bed she stood there then spoke “Do you like me?”

“You are a dream lover mom.”

“Do not all me mom but address me as Hilary. That way I shouldn’t get freaked out.”

“Yes Hilary.”

She lay right beside me. “Kiss me darling.”

After our foreplay was played out and I was getting ready to penetrate her she looks up at me, “I have not had a man since our father deserted us. So be gentle with me darling.”

When I was balls deep I the fucking began. We fucked a total of three times in various positions. Finally we feel asleep in each others arms.

It was the door bell which awoke us. Hilary told e to get into my lounge pants and a tee shirt while she went to answer the door.

“Sam! What a pleasant surprise.”

“Hello Misuses Milner. Is Gerald at home.”

“Yes dear he is.

“Gerald! Gerald! It’s Sam to see you.”

When I get to her she grabs me by the shirt dragging me to family room saying, “We need to talk mister.”

To be continued…

The End.

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