Mom’s New Look

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Adam was the apple of his mom’s eye. He had turned nineteen a few months ago, and was a fine young man. He was always very close to his mom, and sided with her much more than with his father. His mom, Beverly, was always willing to try something new, and was a fun person to be around. His father, Neil, was a true stick in the mud, always on the grumpy side, and a real bore.

Beverly was soon to be forty, and although she looked, and acted much younger, she wanted to try a new look. Neil was less than happy to hear this. He was very content with things the way they were. Why change something that works? Adam was all for his mom having some fun with whatever she wanted to do.

Beverly left the house early on Saturday, and came home just before dark. She stood before Adam and her husband, doing a slow turn around so they could get the full effect of her makeover. Instead of her light brown hair, she had a deep red head. Her hair was shiny, and well styled, and she had on a very short black skirt, with a tight, white knit top, showing her slender leg’s, and firm tit’s, making her look very sexy.

Neil was upset that she looked like a tramp. He wanted her to wash it out or something. “I don’t want my friends to see you like this Beverly, you look cheap.”

Adam was captivated with his mom’s new look. “Mom you’re beautiful, wow!” Adam found himself getting aroused.

His mom and dad just kept up with the arguing. Finally his mom had enough. “Like it or not Neil, I’m keeping my hair red, and if you really don’t like my new clothes, I’ll take them off and walk around naked. Would you like that Neil would you?

Neil knew when he was beat, and it was better for him to shut up. Neil sat down and acted like he was reading the paper. The battle was over for now. Beverly picked up the packages that contained several new outfits she had picked out. She was going to show her husband all the new things, but decided it was a waste of time.

Adam helped his mother with the parcels, following her up the stairs, and into her bedroom. As Adam put the packages on the bed, he told his mom that he was eager to see all the new clothes. Beverly turned to face him, and planted a big kiss on his cheek.

“Thank you honey, you always say the right things. I wish your father had your thoughtfulness. I’ll show them some other time honey; I just want a long hot bath now.”

Adam left his mom, and headed back downstairs, sitting near his dad. Neil was still reading the newspaper and didn’t pay much attention to anything else. Adam thought about how his father never paid much attention to him or his mom. Adam was thinking his mom was trying to get over this turning forty years old thing, with a little flair. Adam knew his mom liked compliments; in fact Adam knew most of his mom’s, buttons, and which to push when he wanted his way.

Several days went by before Beverly got into her new clothes mood again. Neil was working, but Adam was home, and anyway, he always did appreciate her attention to him. She went through her new inventory looking for the right look. Pulling out a white hot pants bottom, and a white stretchy top, she tried them on. NO, no, no, you can’t wear panties and a bra with these, she though to herself. She removed her bra and panties, putting on the tight fitting outfit. “There, no panty line, no bra outline showing.” However she did notice her nipples were well outlined, as well as her puffy little mound.

Adam was sitting on the couch when his mom came downstairs. With a double take Adam saw the unmistakable outlines on his mom, causing him to be highly aroused. Adam let out a wolf whistle, to his mom’s delight. Beverly made an entrance into the living room, fooling around, like a model. Adam clapped his hands, saying, perfect, beautiful, hot. Beverly was laughing at his enthusiastic comments.

As Beverly did a small curtsy to Adam, she noticed the obvious bulge in his pants.

“I wish I could get that kind of reaction from your father.”

Adam felt his face turning red. Adam tried to shift around to cover his growing erection. “Dad would have to be crazy not to be effected by you, mom. In fact any man that didn’t feel something has to be crazy or dead.”

Beverly laughed. “I thank you for the sweet words honey, but I’m not quite sure you’re right.”

Beverly’s birthday came, and went, with just a small dinner at the local steak house. Adam noticed his mom and dad were not on the best of terms. In fact, his father was paying even less attention to his mom than ever before, he even moved into the guest room. His mom was still standing her ground about her new looks, and was getting compliments from a lot of people. His mom was going to do what ever she wanted, and the sooner his dad understood this the better it would be for all. Dinners were so quiet, that Adam avcılar rus escort didn’t want to eat with his parents, telling them he would get a burger with his friends later on.

Beverly noticed that Adam was a little down, and wanted to bring his spirits up. “Adam honey, what’s the big problem you’ve got? I know you’re in a funk about something.”

“Mom, I hate to see you and dad acting like this. I get angry about you two arguing over nothing.”

“Honey, do you think I should go back to my old look?”

“No mom.”

“Adam, your father and I… aren’t as close as you think we are.”

“What do you mean, mom?”

“Honey, you’re nineteen years old, I don’t want to upset you, but…I think you’re mature enough to understand. You’re dad and I have been drifting apart for some time. I tried to heat up the fire by getting a new look, hoping to attract his attention. Nothing seems to work on him. In fact, he seems to grow even colder towards me.”

“Mom…I can’t believe you don’t turn dad on. Damn, you’re hot enough for any man.”

“Adam, I haven’t had sex with your father…or any man, for over two months. If your father doesn’t change soon I’ll go crazy…or worst.”

Adam stood up and gave his mom a hug, pulling her close and being rewarded with that sexy red hair against his face. He was eagerly hugged by his mother’s tender embrace, her firm breasts pressing into his chest, the fragrance of her hair, the softness of her skin, all this fire, and sex for the asking, his father must be crazy.

“Mom, if I can help in any way, I will, honest.”

“Thanks honey. I’ll keep that in mind.”

Adam didn’t notice any change in his father in the following days. He did notice that his father was more involved at work. Adam’s mom on the other hand, was changing. Beverly wore her bra and panties less, and less often. Her blouse was often opened enough that a full breast could be glimpsed. Sometimes Beverly would brush a breast against her husband’s cheek, only to be ignored. Adam didn’t miss these subtle moves, he envied his father for them, but he also was appalled at his father’s reactions. Didn’t his father know what he was loosing out on?

Adam felt he had to talk to his father, before it got any worse.

“Dad, can we talk?”

“Yes son, what’s on your mind?”

Adam told how he was upset about the way his parents were acting. He told about the way his mom wanted the love from his father, the love that she should not have to beg for. He told of his disgust for the treatment his father had been giving his mother for the last several months. Finally he told of his love for them both, offering any help he could give to keep them together, like the old days.

His father was staring deep into Adam’s eyes, searching for the right words, but finding only more questions.

“Son…try to understand. Your mom and I don’t have as much in common anymore. We stayed together until you got out of school. Truth is, I don’t have the…stamina to please your mom, hell, I don’t think anyone can keep up with her. I haven’t told your mom yet, but I’ve accepted an offer to train new staff in another city. I will be gone for at least a year. Your mom will get enough money to live reasonably well on, the house is all paid for, and the car is paid off. I’ll think over the situation while I’m gone, and maybe your mom and I will come up with a solution. Sorry son, that’s the best I can offer.”

Later that day Adam heard his parents talking. He knew his dad was telling her about his leaving. Adam could only make out a word here and there. Words like, useless, have fun, I don’t care, feel free, all coming from a closed door to his mothers bedroom. Adam went to bed early. As he lay in bed, not being able to sleep, he thought of what the future might hold. His mom would need support, and Adam felt it his duty to give his mother any, and all, the help he could. Adam made a silent promise to himself that he would keep his mom’s spirits up, no matter what.

The next morning Adam was surprised to hear his mom singing as she made breakfast. As he entered the kitchen he halted. His mother was radiant, she absolutely glowed. Next he noticed what she was wearing, a mostly see through night gown, that hid very little. As his mom turned around to say good morning, Adam got an eyeful of his mom. Two perky, just over a mouthful, breast, tipped with hard pointy nipples, about a half inch in length, A well shaved, bald muff, and overall, a body that any twenty five year old female,( or male), would kill for.

“MOM, what are you doing?”

“Making breakfast, silly.”

“I mean dressed that way.”

“Well, honey, your father left the house last night, after our talk. I told him to take a hike, I’m done with all his bullshit, pardon avcılar türbanlı escort the language. Anyway, I thought, what the hell, I might as well start a new life style too. Get use to it Adam; I plan to have all the fun I can from now on.”

Adam smiled at his mom. “OK mom. You won’t hear me complain. Just please be careful you don’t burn yourself, I wouldn’t want you to damage any of the goods.”

They both laughed at this. Adam was happy with his mom’s choice of clothes, and Beverly was happy he accepted her new life style.

Adam and Beverly grew closer together as the days past. Adam and Beverly would shop for sexy clothes for her. Beverly would come out of the dressing room and shamelessly model them, waiting for Adam’s approval. Adam now called his mother by her first name, and they were always together. Adam was at ease holding his mom around her waist, or grabbing a handful of her red hair, holding it to his nostrils and breathing in the fragrance that made him lust for more. Beverly knew what was happening between them, and was sure it would only get more sexual as time passed. Beverly was sure her son would jump at the chance of bedding her. She wanted to push this lusty desire to the limits. As a mother she wanted to keep her son safe from all harm. As a woman, she wanted him to be aroused at the mere mention of her name, and to whimper at her presence.

Adam was masturbating every night. He lusted for Beverly. Any sign of guilt for these feelings about his mother were driven into the deepest darkness of his mind. He didn’t want to drive his mom away with his begging for sex, but how would he be able to contain his feelings any longer was a mystery he could not answer.

One night after a fine dinner out, they arrived home. After talking about the day’s events, like the heads that were turned when Beverly entered a room or the looks they would get when they kissed as they danced, Beverly said it was her bed time. Adam knew he would be jacking off in the next half hour.

Beverly told Adam she had a gift for him, something she had ordered on the internet. Adam was a little puzzled by the mystic that she was implying. Beverly left the room briefly, returning with a professionally gift wrapped box.

“Here you go honey. I want you to enjoy these, but please learn from them, you never know when this information will come in handy.”

Adam opened the box. Inside were a DVD and a large book. The titles on both were the same, “SEXUAL POSITIONS of the KAMA SUTRA”.

Adam looked at his mother. “I’ll learn them quickly.”

“That’s a boy; see you in the morning honey.” Beverly gave Adam a very sensuous kiss, sucking his tongue deep into her mouth.

Adam followed her with his eyes until she was out of sight. He flipped through the pages in the book, pausing on any position he found interesting. Adam thought most of the positions to be too physically demanding. Sex was supposed to be fun. After about an hour of flipping, Adam took the material into his room. He inserted the DVD into his portable player and watched the positions that he liked.

The next morning Adam came down to breakfast, as Beverly poured a cup of coffee for herself. Adam was intent on his mothers short robe, showing a hint of ass when she bent over. Adam was still getting hadrons when looking at his mother’s bare flesh.

“Good morning Adam. Sleep well last night?”

“Good morning Beverly. Yes I did, once I got to sleep.”

“Lets eat our breakfast honey, and then I have another surprise for you.”

Adam wolfed down his food. He helped Beverly clean up the dishes, and waited for her to finish her coffee.

“Well honey, you look a bit anxious. Don’t worry, your surprise won’t run away.” Beverly chuckled at her choice of words, as she finished her last sip of coffee.

Taking Adam by the hand, Beverly led him upstairs to her room. Once inside she had Adam sit on the bed. Beverly slowly removed Adam’s clothes, putting her fingers to his lips when he tried to speak.

“Honey I thought about how I’ve been giving you blue balls, and I didn’t know what to do about it. While lying in bed last night I came up with an answer that I’m sure you’ll like. So your surprise is… me.” Beverly opened the robe full, and then pulled it down and off her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor in a heap.

“You have the whole day to do whatever you want with me. Don’t worry about getting me pregnant honey, I can’t have anymore children. Get all of the sexual frustration out of your system. Any hole, any position, any way you want, whatever I have is yours for the taking. Call me any vulgar name you want, I will answer. Tell me any command, I will obey. We can fuck all day, and all night if you want, but tomorrow, no more fucking.” She avcılar ucuz escort saw a sad look come over Adams face. “Starting tomorrow I expect you to make love to me.”

Adam perked up at hearing this. Fucking was just sex, but love was an art. Adam was a willing student at his mistress knee. Adam was also a very horny young man.

Adam reached up and grabbed a hand full of Beverly’s hair, pulling her down to his face. He kissed her hard, sucking her tongue into his hungry mouth, fondling both her breast as she pressed her open mouth hard against his. Adam sucked in as much of each tit as his mouth would hold, savoring the texture of her nipples, as he sucked, and nibble the erect buds as they grew and harden. Adam leaned back, bringing his erect cock into full view. Instinct made Beverly move her mouth to his rigid cock. Adam was not especially large, seven inches, maybe. Beverly could not encircle it with one hand, so she smiled at this very sexy appendage, as she stuffed it into her mouth for her first taste of her son, how splendid; she thought.

Adam had another plan. He didn’t want just a blow job from mom. Adam pulled her onto the bed, beside him in a sixty nine position. Beverly was blissful at the attention her son was giving her clit. Adam sucked and licked at the little nub, running his tongue up and down the full length of her slit.

Beverly licked and sucked at the feast between her son’s legs. The harder she sucked, the more he ravished her cunt. Beverly came twice, before Adam released his hot load down her throat. Adam was still hard. They got into the missionary position, kissing each others cum covered face, mingling their juices as they lapped each others face and mouth. Pure lust was the only thing on their minds. They both needed a good fucking.

Adam wasted no time entering his mother’s well lubed opening. With one good push and a little grunt, Adam’s cock was buried to the hilt, deep in his mothers sucking cunt, Adam rolled his ass in small circles as Beverly mewed to the sensual feel of being stuffed full of young cock. Again she came, as Adam pounded her ass into the mattress. Never had her husband been near this good. Beverly was more than just pleased by her son’s techniques.

Adam felt the pressure building in his groin, ready to ebb at any second; he would try to hold it back until the right moment. Beverly arched her back, puffing shallow gasps of air as she heaved her body into an arch, finally releasing a flow of juice, that soon became a froth, erupting from around Adam’s cock, as he rammed it in and out her love box.

Adam could no longer hold back. He spewed the hot gooey liquid deep into his mother’s womb, flooding her tunnel and mixing it with her love juices, making a wet slushy sound with each thrust he made. As his cock softened he pulled it out, letting it rest on his leg. Adam was sated for the moment. Beverly was still coming down from her last orgasm.

Adam buried his face in his mother’s red hair, still smelling so sexy, that his cock gave a little twitch. “I love you Beverly.”

Beverly tried to talk, but her mouth was too dry. She licked her lips. “I love you Adam.”

As the two lovers lay entwined on the bed, kissing each other lightly, both smiling, both glowing, both knowing that no force on earth could ever pull them apart, they both knew, they had just made love. No fucking, no KAMA SUTRA, no pornography needed. Just a bonding of two souls, a true passion. No games, no bull stories, no pretense. This gift of love is offered to many, but accepted by only a few. Adam felt right with the world, and truth be known, Beverly felt the same.

Several weeks passed, and the lovers were still going strong. Adam had tamed his mother’s lust, with a strong dose of his own lust. Adam and Beverly were a perfect match in bed. His father was so overwhelmed with Beverly’s energy that he had given up and now only called once a month. Beverly made sure she had Adam’s cock in her mouth, or, Adam was hammering her ass into the mattress, while she tried to talk on the phone to him. More often than not, Beverly would set the phone down next to the action, making sure her husband got an ear full. She would never answer any questions about her lover to him, but told her husband that she was being well cared for.

Divorce papers were served on her husband, and Neil didn’t contest anything. The settlement was very generous and Beverly was content with the whole situation. Her husband, Neil, had hired a detective to find out who the mystery lover was, thinking it would help him in court. The detective told Neil that unless it was their son, Adam she was screwing, no one else was ever seen with her. Neil fired the dirty mouthed SOB, for saying such a thing, but deep down, Neil had his suspicions that it might be true. Neil knew that if it ever came out that Adam was a motherfucker, Neil would be shamed to death. All further attempts were stopped and Neil just faded away.

Adam and Beverly still live in the same house, sleep in the same bed, drive the same car, and love the same way. Adam still has the KAMA SUTRA book and DVD, maybe they can get some ideas together.

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