Moms Against Public Drunk Nudity #03

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Jennifer strips naked and gives her son a hand job.

To get the sexually incestuous ball rolling, Jennifer, a dark haired, tall, shapely, and pretty woman with big brown eyes, and C cup breasts, chose a different strategy than did her sister Audrey used to flash her son. Instead of passively flashing him and submissively teasing him, taking a more aggressive route, she played more of an active role in his seduction.

“Robert would you do me a favor?”

Jennifer rubbed her back and shoulder while grimacing.

“Sure Mom. What do you need?”

She continued massaging her back and shoulder while giving her son a pained look.

“My back is really hurting me. Could I bother you to give me a back massage? It’s been so very long since you gave me one of those,” she said. “I’m so tight,” she said moving her arm around in her socket as if she was winding up to pitch slow softball.

“Sure,” he said looking at her as if he was already undressing her with his eyes and in the sexy way she always looked, no doubt he was. “Go change into something, um, less confining and more comfortable. I’ll meet you in your bedroom.”

“Okay, give me ten minutes to get ready and knock first please,” she said. “I don’t want you catching me naked,” she said with a dirty laugh and a sexy look.

After the sexually laced, incestuous conversation she had with her mother, her sisters, and her childhood, family friend, she was horny for her son. Something she never wanted or even thought about before, she now wished her son would abruptly enter her bedroom without knocking. She’d like nothing better than to be standing there without a stitch on while staring at him as if a deer staring at headlights. Taking her time, she fixed her hair and painted her lips. Not such a difficult thing for her to do being that she was already as sexy as were all of her sisters, she wanted to look sexy for her son.

‘What to wear? What to wear? Maybe this. What about that? Oh, this might do the trick.’

Pulling out nightgown after nightgown, she tried on half a dozen nightgowns before she found the most revealing one, a sheer, sexy, pale yellow form fitting one that clung to her shapely body and that wore like colored Saran wrap. For the sake of flashing him her trimmed, dark brown pussy, she decided against wearing panties. Without even having flashed him, just the thoughts of her flashing her son her tits and her pussy was enough to sexually arouse her. She could already feel her nipples hardening and erecting.

As her sister Audrey did with her son Gary, Jennifer slipped into her sexy nightgown, the one that was sheer enough to show everything for the sake of the sexual excitement of her son, Robert, and for the sexual arousal of her too. She fixed her hair and reapplied her makeup while paying special attention to her lipstick. Lipstick on his dipstick, she couldn’t help but think of coating his cock with her bright, red lipstick in the way that she’s coated the cocks of so very men before she was married. Only, not totally a slut, instead of putting on the bright light of the bedroom, she put on the dim glow of her nightlight on her nightstand next to her bed. Giving the room a sexy, soft ambience, with her red lips, dark hair, and abundant breasts, she looked like Cleopatra waiting for her Mark Antony or Elizabeth Taylor waiting for Richard Burton to come make love to her. She looked like a sexy goddess resting upon her bed while waiting for her arrival not of her lover but of her son.

Yet, having an ulterior motive by putting on the dim nightlight, she knew that her energy unconscious son would turn on the brightly revealing overhead light as soon as he came in her bedroom. Not wanting to be blatant about it, wanting to make flashing her son appear accidental, she didn’t want to be the one to put on the bright spotlight of a light overhead. With her knee positioned up and her nightgown pulled down not to prematurely reveal anything of her nearly naked body just yet, already laying on her back, she looked as if she was posing for a sex scene in a movie. As soon as he put on the bright overhead light, she’d give him an eyeful of her trimmed dark pussy and C cup breasts through her the sheerness of her sexy nightgown.

“Mom?” He knocked on her closed bedroom door. “Are you decent?” No doubt hoping to catch her naked or topless, he peeked his head inside without waiting for her to respond.

Decent? With what she was about to do with her son, no decent mother would have the incestuous thoughts that she had now. Already following in her mother’s footsteps, this was her first step to becoming an incestuous slut. Wishing she had a mirrored ceiling or could have an out of body experience to see all that her son would soon be seeing of her, she wondered what and how much he could see of her. Just the thought that he’d be seeing the dark shadow of her nipples and trimmed patch of pubic hair through the pale yellow of her nightgown made her want to masturbate herself with the sexy thoughts of flashing bakırköy türbanlı escort her son.

Just as she’d love to watch him masturbate in front of her, she’d love to masturbate in front of him. Wondering what sexual sounds he made while stroking himself, she’d love to watch him cum. She’d love to give him a masturbation show too. While feeling her breasts and fingering her nipples, something she was embarrassed to do in front of her husband, she’d love to do that in front of her son. She’d love for him to watch her fingering her pussy not only with her fingers but also with her vibrator and dildo.

Sure enough, just as she expected, as soon as Robert entered her bedroom, as if he were the attending surgeon in an operating room, he turned on her overhead light. As if her bedroom light was the sun and she was a jellyfish, or if she was being interrogated under the bright light at a police station, she knew that he could see right through her nightgown. As if she was something to be examined and/or someone to be desired, he stared at her as if she was the top shelf of a bar and he was deciding what his poison was.

“Honey, that light is so bright that it hurts my eyes,” she said shading her eyes while not making any move to cover her nakedness with her hands or with her arms.

Especially in the way that he was leering at her as if she was a stripper on stage, she knew that he could see her nipples and possibly even her areolas too. Definitely, with her pubic hair so very dark and her nightgown so very transparent, she knew he could see the dark shadow of her trimmed pubic hair too. She knew that he could see a lot of her and more of her than any son should ever see of his mother.

“Wow Mom! You look so sexy,” he said using his compliment as his excuse to really ogle her nearly naked body. “You look so hot?”

Without a doubt, just as she would be masturbating too, she knew that he’d be pulling his prick over the thought of seeing her naked and having sex with her. She wondered if he thought about her sucking his cock as much as she sometimes thinks about sucking his cock. It’s been a long time since she’s had a cock in her hand, in her mouth, and in her pussy and with him always walking around with an erection, he sometimes made her horny for him.

“This old thing? It’s just something that I threw on to cover myself,” she said while knowing she was already so nakedly exposed to his horny eyes.

“You should wear that more often. It’s a beautiful nightgown,” he said staring at her as if she was already naked. “With your dark hair against the pale yellow, your nightgown really contrasts and enhances your complexion,” he said as if he was a fashion designer.

With her dark pubic hair against the pale yellow of her nightgown, no doubt he was referring to the complexion of her pussy and not of her face. Without a doubt, she suspected that he was referring to her trimmed, dark pussy and not her cheekbones. Jennifer knew that Robert was no gay fashion designer. If anything, she knew that he was a horny, young man who, obviously, by his lustful leer was ready to have incestuous sex with her, his mother. All she needed to do was to give him the least bit of encouragement and he’d be all over her as a drunk would be drinking cheap drinks during happy hour.

“Damn, you’re such a MILF. You’re a real cougar.”

“MILF? Cougar.” She laughed. “So, being that I’m old and you’re young, I’m a cougar of a mother that you’d like to fuck.”

“Oh, no, um, I mean. Sorry, Mom. I didn’t think before saying that,” he said turning red.

“That’s okay. As a 42-year-old woman who seldom receives compliments anymore, I’ll take what you said as a compliment,” she said.

Eager to flash her son her nearly naked body, only she didn’t want to be blatant about it. Besides, leaving something for his imagination, showing him less is always not only showing him more but also enticing him to come back for more while making him continue to stare longer and harder. Now with the shine of that bright light, she felt totally exposed. Reluctantly obeying his mother’s wishes, he took his sweet time turning off the light while staring back at her. As if she was a stripper on stage and he was asked to leave by a big, burly bouncer, he took one last, long look of her nearly naked body before he extinguished the light.

Feeling her nipples grow hard and erect under his constant leer, she felt a familiar wetness between her legs in knowing that her son was looking, staring, and leering at all that she was showing and at all that he was seeing of her. She wondered if he thought she was pretty. She wondered if he thought she was sexy. She wondered if he really did think that she was a MILF. In the way that he was attracted to older woman, she wondered if he really did think that she was a cougar. She wondered if he thought about having sex with her in the way that he always thought about having sex with older women and in the way that she bakırköy ucuz escort was thinking about having sex with him now.

“I have some scented oils that you may like Mom,” he said. “Only you’d have to slip your arms out of your nightgown so that I don’t stain your beautiful nightgown.”

“Okay, let me get comfortable on my stomach first,” she said rolling herself over and slipping her arms out of her nightgown. Leaning up as if she was sunning herself while wearing an unhooked bikini top, she deliberately flashed him the entire side of one of her big breasts in the process removing her arms from her nightgown.

“Do you just want me to do your back or do you want me to massage your legs too?”

“Oh, a leg massage would be wonderful,” she said. “I haven’t had a leg massage in years. Your father used to give me wonderful leg massages. Yes, please, Robert, I would love a leg massage.”

“I can give you a foot massage too,” he said.

“Seriously? A foot massage? I’d like that very much,” she said.

She couldn’t help but remember the dialogue between Vincent Vega, played by John Travolta, and Jules Winfield, played by Samuel L. Jackson, in Pulp Fiction when Jules admitted that he routinely gave his mother foot massages. She couldn’t help but think of Howard Wolowitz played by Simon Helberg in The Big Bang Theory giving his mother foot massages too. Something that most sons would never do, give their mothers foot massages, she wondered if Justin Bieber, Brad Pitt, or Leonard DiCaprio gave their mothers foot massages. No doubt, with their money, they could afford to send their mothers to a swanky, beauty salon.

With her not wearing any panties and with him giving her a leg and foot massage, she knew that she’d be flashing him her son her naked pussy any minute now. Just the thought of flashing her son her cunt made her horny. It’s a good thing that her nightlight was so dim. Nonetheless thinking more about flashing him her pussy, just by the mere thought of flashing Robert her cunt, she could feel herself getting sexually aroused and wet again.

Wondering where and when he was going to stop, she felt him pull her nightgown up higher and higher. Feeling much like Alberta Watson did as Susan Aibelli in Spanking the Monkey, when her son was massaging her broken leg high up above her cast, she enjoyed being touched by a man even if that man was her son, especially if that man was her son. Finally, with her nightgown collecting just beneath her buttocks, feeling a bit of a draft, he raised the hem of her nightgown up to the bottom of her ass cheeks. As if she was now wearing a wrap around her ass and waist, that were the only parts of her covered. Already flashing him the bottom of her naked ass, with him standing at the end of the bed, she knew that if she parted her legs even just a little, she’d be flashing him not only her ass crack but also her dark, brown, trimmed pussy.

He warmed the massage oil with a candle and, as if he was leaking warm cum on her back from his cock, he dripped warm oil on her one tiny drop at a time. Then, when he had accumulated enough warm oil, he rubbed and massaged his mother’s back while taking a slow, purposeful detour to the sides of her naked breasts with his long, errant fingers. Copping cheap feels of the sides of her breasts under the pretense of massaging her back, she couldn’t believe her horny son was feeling her big, firm tits. There was a silent incestuous code between mother and son. With her not saying anything to stop him massaging the sides of her breasts, he stopped just before touching her nipples. Goading her and teasing her, sexually arousing her and making her horny, at that point, she wished he would finger her nipples.

Then, when massaging her long, shapely legs, parting her thighs, she allowed him to move her legs further apart. Now she knew that he definitely had a good up nightgown view of her naked ass and trimmed pussy. He slowly and erotically moved his hands all the way up her thighs. He continued massaging his mother as if he was Ray Aibelli played by Jeremy Davies in Spanking the Monkey. When he was ever so slowly sliding his horny hands further up his mother’s thighs on the pretense of giving her a leg massage, Robert was going where no son should ever go when having his mother in such a vulnerable position.

Shame. Shame on him for touching and feeling his mother in such a sexual way. Shame. Shame on her for allowing her son to touch and feel her in such a sexual way. What has this world come to when sons lust over their mothers and mothers willingly have sex with their sons? Where are the boundaries? Are we all tempted by the Devil and looking down to Hell instead of embracing God and looking up to Heaven?

* * * * *

When she felt the back of his hand lightly touch her pubic hair, she quivered. As soon as she felt his light touch, she became sexually aroused again and she wondered if he had felt how wet she was. Momentarily, she was embarrassed başakşehir escort to reveal to her son that he had sexually aroused her. Then, immediately, she was sexually excited that her son knew that she wanted him, no doubt, as much as he wanted her.

At that point in the massage, sexually aroused and wet enough, if he dared touch any part of her, even her pussy, she’d let him rub her clit and finger her hole. At that point of the massage, she’d love nothing more than for him to finger her pussy while fondling her breasts and fingering her nipples. At that point of the massage, if he stood by her head and leaned over her on the pretense of massaging her shoulders, arms, and the top of her chest, she’d unzip him, pull out his cock, and stroke him. With her husband back at the hotel room, just as she did with her massage therapist on her Honeymoon when vacationing with her husband, she suck him as his personal payment for massaging her.

If he didn’t know before, he knew now that massages make her so sexually aroused. If only her husband knew that she gave her black, massage therapist a blowjob, he’d no doubt be as angry as he’d be sexually excited. Only, she never told her deceased husband that she sucked the cock of every man who gave her the relaxed pleasure of a massage when touching, kneading, and feeling her naked body. She couldn’t help herself. Whenever a man touched her where her husband no longer touched her, she felt compelled to give him as much pleasure as he gave her.

With her thoughts going from sexually pleasuring her son, she thought about her son sexually pleasuring her. In the way that her black, Jamaican massage therapist did in Jamaica so very long ago while on her Honeymoon, she’d love nothing more than to have her son finger her pussy while licking her. If her son dared pleasured her in that way, definitely, without a doubt or having a second thought, having gone so very long without the sexual touch of a man, she’d suck his cock after he fucked her. Not only would she suck his cock but also she’d allow him to cum in her mouth. Oh, yeah, thirsty for cum, a real cum slut in her youth and the proudly crowned, blowjob queen of her neighborhood, she’d swallow her son too, every single drop of him.

When he massaged her feet, whether purposely or accidentally, he rested her foot on his cock. Oh my. She could discern that he had an erection even with the soles of her feet and especially with her toes. As if her toes were little fingers, she played with his the head of his cock with her toes. Feeling his cock throbbing and pulsating against her foot and her toes, she knew that Robert was just as sexually aroused as she was. With her on her bed nearly naked, why wouldn’t he be sexually aroused? She was.

When he lifted her leg to massage her foot, slowly up and up, she felt her nightgown climb even higher. Knowing that the bottom of her ass was totally on display to his horny eyes, she knew that he could see her pussy too. Suddenly, she felt much like she imagined Alberta Watson did when she played Susan Aibelli in Spanking the Monkey when her son, Ray, played by Jeremy Davies, was giving her a massage and moving his hands higher up her thighs and ever so close to her pussy. Just as it was then in the movie it was now with the both of them knowing what they both wanted to do. Yet, crossing the line of incest was forbidden and as it was with her toes on his cock, their toes were already over the incestuous line. Not wanting him to have all of the fun, she wondered after he finished giving her a massage, if he’d allow her to give him one too.

“Would you like for me to give you a massage Robert after you’ve finished massaging me?”

“I’d like that Mom very much,” he said.

Too sexually aroused to wait for him to finish, needing to touch and feel her son’s nearly naked body in the way that he was touching and feeling her nearly naked body, she couldn’t wait to massage her son with her horny hands.

“Well go change and I’ll meet you in your bedroom,” she said.

“Okay Mom.”

She waited a few minutes before entering Robert’s room. So very horny now after flashing her son her tits, her ass, and her pussy, she couldn’t wait to masturbate herself. Naked but for his briefs, he was face down on his bed. In the way that he did with her, she poured warm oil on his back and thighs and massaged in the liquid until he glistened as if he was wearing suntan lotion. Then, when he flipped over, the elephant in the room, he had a huge erection that tented his underwear. As soon as she saw his erect cock peaking his underwear, she had the urge to masturbate him too. While pouring oil on his chest and stomach, she made sure that she deliberately poured oil on his underwear that concealed his cock. Now with his underwear soaked and totally transparent, his cock was clearly visible to her as if he was in a wet brief contest. Licking her lips while feeling dizzy with sexual excitement, she stared at the huge impression his cock made in his underwear before speaking.

“Did I do that to you?”

“Do what Mom?”

Unlike his mother looking down at her naked breasts to see what she was showing her son, not daring to look down at his cock, he pretended that he didn’t notice the elephant in the room when, of course, he obviously did. How could he not? His cock was so very conspicuously hard.

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