Mommy’s Best Friends are Witches

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This is a Winter Holiday theme contest story, please vote. Most readers forget to vote. We writers write for your entertainment for free. All we ask is for your vote, your comment, and/or for you to ad me and/or this story to your list of favorites.


Young adult male is attracted to his mother’s friends, before realizing that they are all witches and before realizing that it’s his mother that he wants.

Never one into incest, never having lusted over my mother in the way my friends lust over their mothers, that is, until that fateful day, Christmas Day, when I walked out in the backyard naked. I thought it was my mother’s friends who I wanted, but it wasn’t. Of course, if offered, I’d never turn down having sex with my mother’s friends, they’re hot, but it was my mother who I really wanted.

It all started when my mother asked me to come down from my room to join her and her three friends at the pool. Something she’s asked me to do dozens of times, she uses me as her personal cabana boy to get her and her guests food and drinks. I don’t mind playing bartender and waiter, the excuse gives me welcomed opportunity to ogle their nearly naked bodies much closer than from my bedroom window, where I spend most of my time watching them, while masturbating.

“Damien, put on your bathing suit, come downstairs, and join us by the pool,” called my mother up to my open bedroom window. “You stay in your room too much. You need to soak in the sunshine. You need to get some color,” she said turning away from looking up at my bedroom window to look at her friends. “He’s been looking so pale lately,” I heard my mother say to her tanned all over friends.

Having been spying on them, something I routinely do, I stepped away from my bedroom window. Never will I get used to the idea of temperatures in December routinely hovering around 90 degrees. Where’s the snow? Even with how my Mom decorated the backyard with lights, an artificial Christmas tree complete with ornaments and gifts beneath the tree, even fake snow, it still doesn’t feel anything like Christmas. It’s Christmas and we’ve having a heat wave! It’s just not right, so wrong, to hear Christmas music, when the temperatures feel that it should be July instead of December. Jetted to the other side of the world, with everything feeling so topsy turvy, it feels nothing like the holiday season should feel and the Christmases that I’ve been accustomed to celebrating in New England.

Ass backwards living down under, I wish my Mom had stayed in Boston, instead of moving us to Sydney, Australia. Having just finished with the rainy season, it was monsoon like weather here just a month ago and now it’s bright, sunny, hot days. The summer months here are our winter months back home. Nonetheless, with spectacular views, we inherited this beautiful mansion of a home that sits high above the ocean, when my grandmother died. The white sandy beach is just a five minute walk down a winding walkway. Except for this not feeling like Christmas, it’s beautiful here and the people are much nicer than those in New England.

“Okay. I’ll be right down, Mom,” I said stepping closer to the window.

I quickly stripped off my clothes and looked at myself in the mirror, while turning one way and then the other. Not bad, if I say so myself. I look pretty good naked. I took my cock in hand and gave myself a couple of quick strokes, while thinking about having sex with my mother’s three, hot friends. Already aroused, I wondered if I stepped closer to the window, if they could see that I was naked, only with my window too high and their vantage point too low, I knew they could only see me from my chest up. In the way they’ve always flashed me over the years, I’d love to flash them. I’d love for them to see my cock.

Only, it’s different with guys flashing women. Deemed perverts, when flashing their cocks, women are deemed sexy, when showing their bodies. On the pretense of collecting me to bring me downstairs, I half wished her friends would come upstairs to get me and catch me naked. I was already excited just thinking about going out back to party with my mother’s three sexy friends, when she summoned me to join them. With the women sitting out there topless and with me being a breast man, I couldn’t wait to be in the pool with them again.

“Marco! Polo! Marco! Polo! Oops, sorry, I didn’t mean to grab your breast,” I imagined saying to all of her friends, as I’ve said to them many times before, as we frolicked and played Marco Polo in the pool.

Hopefully, the more they drank, the more that I can take advantage of them by feeling up their nearly naked bodies. The more they drank the more they’d allow me to touch them and fondle them on the pretense of frolicking in the pool. They all have magnificent breasts, breasts that I fantasize being intimately acquainted.

Then, suddenly, something very strange happened to me. When I was trying to put on my bathing suit. I couldn’t. Such a strange sensation, as beylikdüzü escort if I no longer possessed control of my body, as if my legs were made of cement, I couldn’t lift my legs high enough to get my feet into the leg openings.

“What the fuck?”

Even when I threw myself backwards on the bed and tried to reach down to grab the top of my bathing suit to put it on my feet and pull it up, as if I suddenly lost all my flexibility and command of my body, I couldn’t reach my arms and hands down far enough and couldn’t bend my legs high enough to get my feet in the bathing suit openings. As if I was a 90-year-old man, I was unable to dress myself.

“What the Hell?”

Afraid and panicked, I felt helpless. I felt paralyzed. Was I paralyzed? With all the strange food I’ve been eating, was it the Sushi I ate last night? Maybe it was bad.

Should I yell down to my Mom for her to come upstairs to help me? Only, I’m naked. What if she comes upstairs and sees that I’m naked? Oh, my God. What if she sees my cock? Oh, my God. What if she comes upstairs with her three, sexy friends. Oh, my God. What if they see my cock? Oh, God.

If I wasn’t so sexually excited by the mere thought of not only my mother but also my mother’s three friends seeing me naked, I’d be so embarrassed. It’s one thing to show them my cock but quite another to catch me at a time when I can’t even dress myself. Suddenly forgetting that I couldn’t move my legs, I was more thinking about my mother and my mother’s friends seeing my cock. More excited than embarrassed by the thought of them seeing my cock, I already had an erection just thinking about my Mom and her three sexy friends seeing me naked.

After long suspecting my mother and her three friends of witchcraft and now figuring that they are all witches, I suspected that I was put under a spell. No doubt, that’s the reason why I can’t lift my legs to put on my bathing suit. Unable to clothe myself, they want me to come downstairs naked. If I didn’t know any better but I did know better, I’d think that my mother and her three friends were deliberately trying to keep me naked. With a spell of nakedness put over me, I figured I was bewitched, possessed, and/or charmed. No doubt, their way of keeping me naked, I was commanded to come downstairs naked. Certainly, except for not being able to lift my legs to get them through the bathing suit openings, I felt normal in every other way. Further, with the erection I had and was still getting, everything of importance seemed to be in good working order.

Nonetheless, no matter how hard I tried, even when I put the bathing suit on the floor and tried to step into it, I couldn’t coordinate and maneuver my feet well enough to put on my swim trunks. Frustratingly excited, already aroused, I walked around my bedroom naked and with an erection. Then, it occurred to me. This is my opportunity to live out my sexual fantasy. Did my mother want me to ask her and her three friends to come upstairs? Where they all hoping that I’d call down to them for help? On the pretense of seeing me naked, is that why they put a spell on me? Maybe, unable to resist them, they’d all push my naked body back upon my bed and have sex with me. Nah.

“What am I going to do now? I told my Mom that I’d be right down. I don’t want to be rude. I don’t want to disobey my mother, after she’s been so good to me and she’s supported me.”

Then, I realized, if I couldn’t get my swim trunks on, no doubt okay with them, that would be okay with me, too. I’ll just go outside naked. The thought of walking outside naked sexually excited me in a way that I’ve never been sexually excited before. If by the thought of myself exposing my cock to my mother her three friends could be translated to electricity, I was so electrically charged that I was shaking. I was quaking. I was sparking with sexual excitement. I could, no doubt, power the whole house with the sudden lustful, sexual fever that I felt by the mere thoughts of exposing my cock to my mother and her three friends.

A sexual fantasy come true, always wanting to flash them all my cock, I always wanted to walk around my mother and her three hot friends naked, anyway. I always wanted to show them my cock. I always imagined the looks on their faces, when seeing my cock. Only, how would they react if I walked out back naked? What would they say? What would they do? How would they react to seeing my big, erect prick?

Knowing full well my mother and her three friends were just outside sunning themselves by the pool topless, again, I slowly walked downstairs and paraded through the house naked. This was outrageous. Never have I felt so free. Never have I been so perverted. Never have I felt so sexually excited.

With my cock bouncing up and down and swaying side to side with every step I took, knowing that my mother and three hot women were just a few feet away, just outside the kitchen door that led directly to the pool, it beylikdüzü eve gelen escort felt so sexually erotic to be naked. Excited to show them my cock, I now wanted to show them my cock. I couldn’t wait for them to see my cock. After the four of them, including my mother, who routinely and inappropriately walked around me with barely any clothes, spent summers flashing me their semi-naked, nearly naked, and naked bodies back home in Massachusetts and now here in Australia, it was my turn to flash them my naked body. It was time that I showed them my cock. Feeling feverish with the erotic anticipation of going outside nude, a longtime fantasy come true, I was shaking with sexual excitement.

A point of no return, I was so nervous. I was so excited. Did I dare walk out back naked? Did I dare show them my cock? Could I go through with exposing my cock to my mother and her three hot friends? It’s one thing showing my mother’s three friends my cock and quite another to show my Mom my cock.

So excitingly perverted, what would her friends say? What would her friends do? Would they stare or would they look away? Would they reach out and touch my cock, fondle my cock, stroke my cock, fuck my cock, and suck my cock? Oh, my God. Never have I been so outrageously naughty. Never have I felt so horny. Never have I been as intent to show my mother my cock.

If it wasn’t enough thinking about the reaction of my Mom’s friends, I thought about the reaction of my mother. So deliciously incestuous, what would my Mom say? What would she do? Would she stare or would she look away? Would my mother reach out and touch my cock, fondle my cock, stroke my cock, fuck my cock, and suck my cock? Oh, my God. Never have I been so incestuously naughty. Never have I felt so horny. Never have I been as intent to show my mother my cock.

I stood in the kitchen looking out at the backyard and watching them all drinking, talking, and laughing. They were all there, Victoria, Veronica, and Melissa, sitting around the patio table with my mother, Allison. In tit Heaven, they were all topless. Instead of taking the leap and going outside, instead of embarrassing myself in front of everyone, hoping to ease into my display of public nudity, I was hoping one of her sexy friends would come in the house to use the bathroom and catch me naked in the kitchen.

“Oops, sorry. I’m naked. Please don’t look at my erect cock. I’m so embarrassed,” I imagined saying to one of my Mom’s friends, while pretending that I was embarrassed.

If one my Mom’s friends saw me standing here right now, if one of her friends saw me naked, if one of her friends saw my cock, I surely wouldn’t be embarrassed. I’d be so very excited that she caught me standing in the kitchen naked. Yet, what if it was my Mom that came in the kitchen and saw me standing here naked? Then, what?

I already had a stiff erection and, if one of my Mom’s friends caught me in the kitchen naked, I wondered what she’d do. Would she stare or would she look away? Would she scream or would she smile? Would she touch me? Would she stroke me? Would she allow me to touch her, feel her, and fondle her? Would she fall to her knees and suck me? Would she allow me to bend her over the granite kitchen counter and fuck her doggie style? Just in the way my mother’s three friends stare at me, when I’m fully dressed, I know they all want me, especially now, even more so, that I’m naked.

What if it was my mother who caught me in the kitchen naked? I wondered what she’d do? Would she stare or would she look away? Would she scream or would she smile? Would she touch me? Would she stroke me? Would she allow me to touch her, feel her, and fondle her? Would she fall to her knees and suck me? Would she allow me to bend her over the granite kitchen counter and fuck her doggie style? Just in the way she stares at me, when I’m fully dressed, I know my mother wants me, especially now, even more so, that I’m naked.

There was no turning back now. Here I go. Show time! It was now or never. I took a breath, before opening the back door. With my erection sticking straight out, completely naked, I stepped outside totally exposed and walked to where the four women were sitting. When they turned to watch my approach as I neared their table, I stopped to pose in front of my mother and her three hot friends.

* * * * *

My Mom’s best friends are witches. I don’t mean that they are mean and nasty bitches. I mean, they are spells and potions, caldrons and curses, black magic witches, but without the black hats, the black cats, and the brooms, of course. Only, no one would ever suspect they were witches. None of them look anything like a witch. They don’t live in a thatched roof cottage deep in the woods; they live in an upscale suburb, that is, before we all moved to Australia. Now, living in this oceanfront mansion, as if I’m living the life of the Witches of Sydney instead of the Witches of Eastwick, beylikdüzü masöz escort we live in luxury and splendor.

Now that I think about it, for that matter, what does a witch even look like? Ugly and evil, I guess, would be my description of a witch, that is, before learning the truth about these women. Conversely, none of them are ugly and evil at all; they are very attractive and wicked nice. Imagining witches looking like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz, they act and look nothing like any witch that I imagined. Still, without a doubt, spooky, scary, and creepy, the fact eerily remains that they are all witches. I’d be afraid, if I didn’t know them as my mother’s sexy friends.

I have no proof, of course, that they’re witches; I just know that they are. I never suspected they were witches, that is, until recently, when people close to them died suddenly. People always die suddenly, of course, and I’m not suggesting that they killed anyone, just the opposite. Those people who died that were close to them, suddenly, miraculously, magically, mystically, and inexplicably returned to life from the dead, but as someone else. Wow! Houdini died trying to master that Halloween trick of returning from the dead and these witches do it routinely with aplomb. It’s all so very frightening. Yet, it’s all so very true.

Can witches do that, bring back the dead, albeit in another body and as another person? And, do those that were brought back from death know that they are someone else? In the way of Deja Vu, do they have a memory of who they were before? Hard to wrap my brain around it, all of this is so very scary.

I didn’t know witches possessed powers to make dead people come to life again. When dead people reincarnated as someone else was when I started putting two and two together to give me the answer that, for my mother’s friends to do that, raise up the dead, they had to be witches. What else could they be? Other than them being God, the Devil, or Aliens, there was just no other explanation. They had to be witches. Definitely, they are witches. Unbelievably, my mother’s friends are witches.

I don’t think my mother knows that her best friends are witches. Moreover, I don’t plan on telling her. I think it’s something she should find out for herself and something that she’ll, no doubt, discover, one day. Who knows? Now that I think about it, maybe my knows her friends are witches. Maybe my Mom is a witch, too. Maybe I shouldn’t push my luck by revealing to my Mom that I suspect her friends are witches. Maybe, if I do, they’ll turn me into a big, mean dog or a black, scary cat.

It all started last summer in Massachusetts and culminated when my grandmother died of cancer on of all days, her birthday, Halloween, in Sydney. No doubt knowing that she was going to be reincarnated as someone else, it makes me wonder how much of a coincidence it was that my grandmother died on her birthday. Perhaps cast under a spell, maybe it was all preplanned that she’d die that day to return to life the next.

Anyway, my Mom, Allison, has some hot friends, three in particular, Victoria or Vicky, Veronica or Ronnie, and Melissa or Mel. In the way that some sons masturbate and lust over their mothers, which I’m guilty of doing that, too, I’ve always masturbated and lusted over my Mom’s friends. I’d do them, if I could; her three friends are so hot.

Before we moved to Australia, we lived in one of those exclusive neighborhoods in Weston, a suburb of Boston, where everyone’s lawn is neatly mowed by lawn care crews. God forbid the grass grows more than an inch higher than it should, before the crew of men are out with their riding mowers, trimmers, and blowers. My entire neighborhood is an endless circus of activity of maintenance men and building contractors because the residents all have money to afford the inexhaustible services of outside help to improve property and upkeep their homes. If there is a perfect Disney World neighborhood, this is it. Charmed is what it is and, with witches living here, now I know why.

Everyone drives a Mercedes, a BMW, an Audi, or a Lexus. Just once, I’d love to hear the loud, melodious, rumbling exhaust sound of a wild Mustang GT or a speeding Corvette come echoing and reverberating down the street, before peeling a long, smelly strip of black, smoky rubber to make good it’s getaway. Just once, I’d love to shake up this perfect neighborhood with something frighteningly exciting, that is, other than having witches in residence. Hmm, I wonder if I can buy a bumper sticker for my car that reads, My Mom’s Friends Are Witches. If the other residents only knew that witches lived here. Only, in the way the police patrol, protect, and preserve the quietness of this special neighborhood, nothing out of the quiet and boring ordinary ever happens.

My Mom doesn’t work. She’s always home. She lives a total life of leisure. When she’s not out spending money shopping, going to the country club, or enjoying a lavish and pampered day at the beauty salon getting a massage and her hair, makeup, and nails done, she spends most of her days sunning and perfecting her tan by the pool. Too much of a charmed existence, what a life she lives. Only, I don’t envy her. To me, with everything so perfect and not having any financial worries, she lives a boring life and a sad existence.

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