Mom the Superheroine 05

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[This story is set in Paragon City, taken from the former MMO game City of Heroes. All place names, hero names and registered trademarks belong to their rightful legal owners and are not intended as copyright infringement in any way. This work is purely meant as a piece of entertainment, and not for commercial purposes in any way, shape or form.]

[There are incestuous elements in this story, between mothers and adult daughters.]

Some days were harder than others. This was shaping up to be one of those days, it seemed.

Cindy was slowly getting inured to the looks she sometimes got in public, when civilians recognized her, but that girl earlier at the local Wentworth’s had been a particularly hurtful encounter. The look she’d given Cindy had been almost… hateful, as if she had a personal grudge. Usually Cindy found herself enduring the looks of contempt, or hypocritical judgment, or outright pity – arguably the hardest to bear – but hostility was a relatively unusual thing for a passer-by to express.

Then later, the dark-haired girl had become the victim of an attempted mugging, but it had taken place almost right in front of Cindy’s eyes. A couple of punches had been enough to send the Skull gang member running with a possibly fractured jaw. But when Cindy held out the girl’s laptop carrier, she snatched it back with a glare as if Cindy herself had been the snatch thief. Then she’d picked herself up off the pavement and stalked off without a backward glance.

Cindy sighed and tried to put it out of mind. At times like these, she just wanted to run back home into her mother’s arms, like a little girl – which, really, she would probably never stop being, where her mom was concerned. Sometimes she found it hard to remember why it was worth it, all the hardship her strong mom had had to bear: putting up with marital infidelity, fighting in the Rikti War, being a part of the daily crusade against crime and injustice… all for fickle ingrates who would turn on you when the chips were down and the going got tough.

“Hey… um… Battlerette?”

She turned around – it was the girl from before, who was nervously fiddling with her tortoiseshell glasses. Evidently, she’d been following behind for a while and only just decided to run up and hail Cindy.

“Uh, yes. Do you… need something?”

The girl fidgeted, hugging her laptop bag close to her chest. Then she blurted out, “I’m sorry about earlier. For being rude. Thank you for helping me.”

Cindy smiled tiredly and waved a little in acknowledgement, and turned to go.


Cindy waited.

“I… need to talk to you. Please. It’s something I’ve had to carry around for weeks now… ever since… you know… ever since that fight. I just… want to explain why I reacted the way I did when I saw you. My name’s Sasha.”

Cindy sighed and nodded, putting down the tubs of protein powder she was bringing home. She could hold them indefinitely, of course, but it would look weird. “Alright, Sasha. I’m listening. Please, go ahead.”

The girl cleared her throat and began. “You see, I have this sister. Younger. Her name’s Shayla. We live pretty much by ourselves – I mean we live with our uncle, but he’s basically never around, so it’s just been her and me, all this time. Shayla’s still in school – or technically, I mean, I’m trying to keep her in there, but that’s part of what I want to say.

“I’m sorry, I’m not telling it very well. Let me try again. Shayla and I didn’t have anyone we could depend on, growing up, except each other. Our parents died in the Rikti War. It’s been a struggle, let’s just say. And more than anything, I wanted her to work hard for herself, so she could have a better life. And for that, she needs a proper education, a clean record, and so on, right?

“For a while she went along with it. Did pretty well in school. And one time, your… your mother, Battler Babe, she visited the school to give a kind of pep talk, and Shayla found that really inspiring. She really admired your mother, you know? Even started an exercise routine in the gym, because Battle Babe seemed like everything a woman should be.

“Then… well… she lost. And she lost huge. Pretty much everyone I know has seen it. And I’ve had to cut off a whole lotta people out of my life, just so you know, ok? Mostly guys, who basically were using that video as jerkoff material. But I don’t care about them. What I care about is what happened to Shayla.

“She just… stopped caring. She’s become really bitter, about everything. She’s almost stopped going to school entirely and she might be expelled, and she just doesn’t care anymore. She’s starting to hang out with these guys we know, they’re bad news, I think they’re in with the Hellions over in Atlas Park. We’ve had fights, screaming fights.

“She says what’s the point, the good girls lose big because the villains aren’t just cunning or underhanded, they’re just plain stronger and more antalya escort powerful. She wants to hang out with the winners, she says. I tell her that’s just fucking stupid, those Hellions aren’t winners by any definition, they get beaten up or arrested all the damn time. But she just says it’s better than getting kidnapped or getting… you know… raped. And shamed. She says with the Hellions, at least she gets to feel strong most of the time, because they pack heat and they win some of their fights, at least.

“And I know my sister’s not the only one feeling this way. The Freedom Phalanx disappearing, well, that put a damper on just about everyone’s moods, but they’re the Phalanx. They get involved with all kinds of shit we don’t even know the first thing about. Could be aliens, or interdimensional expeditions, or maybe they’re hanging out with some pantheon of gods or whatever doing cosmic stuff. Whatever, you know? But your mother… and you… To people like us, you’re more real than Statesman, or Manticore, or Sister Psyche, or the others. You come from the same place we do. Seeing Battler Babe in action, knowing she was out there… that gave us real hope for ourselves and our lives.

“So… I guess what I’m trying to say is… when we all saw your mother lose to her rival, and what they did to the both of you after, that hit us pretty hard. My sister’s bitter, and angry, and she’s lost her way. And I’m bitter, and angry, and maybe I’ve lost my way too, but I don’t know. What I want to know is…”

Her voice dropped to a whisper, but Cindy could still hear every word.

“Why did you lose? Why couldn’t you beat them? You’re supposed to be heroes. If you guys can’t do it… what hope do the rest of us have?

“I know it’s not fair… but it’s not fair that we lose family and friends to fucking aliens from another dimension. It’s not fair that people who don’t deserve powers get them, and make life miserable for the rest of us. It’s not fair that people look at me and don’t see a girl with a Masters in financial engineering, but a girl from the ‘ghettoes’ or the ‘streets’. It’s not fair that they make the same assumptions about my sister. And it’s not fair, what happened to you. But that’s what we have, and whatever happens we have to go on, we have to keep fighting.

“So… I’m sorry I was angry at you. You’re… you’re strong, and really good-looking, and it’s obvious you’re a hero, like your mother. I just hope… the next time, if you get to fight them again…

“I really want you to win.”

Cindy unclenched her fists – she’d balled them unconsciously – and stepped forward, closing the distance between them, looking deeply into those clear, shining eyes.

“Sasha, I promise you: we will fight them again, and we will win. We’ll keep fighting until we do. We will never give up.”

Sasha smiled, and nodded, still looking a bit uncertain. “I’m going to hold you to that, Battlerette.”

“I go by another name now. My mom gave it to me. Call me… Battleborn.”

“Battleborn,” Sasha said, trying out the sound. “I like it. I love it.” She smiled again, this time less timidly. “Go get them, Battleborn.”


“So do you feel ready, honey?” Barbara asked, running her hands through her matted locks as she sat on a concrete block, resting in between sets.

They were finishing another workout session, and as usual both Barbara and Cindy were stripped to the waist, wearing only high-cut workout tights. It made laundry so much easier if they did that, they’d found.

Cindy smiled as she observed the way her mom’s “arm cleavage” – all that beautiful delineation of muscles – showed when she lifted her arms like that, holding her hair. “I do, Mom. It felt really good to punch that Skull today, and I feel like I could’ve taken on a whole lot more without breaking a sweat. We’d make such a great team out there, Mom. We really would be stronger together.”

“I think so too, my dearest,” Barbara said, smiling at her daughter. She sighed. “People out there, people like Sasha and her sister… they’re the reason I put on my costume in the first place. And every time I feel like I’m letting them down, it gets hard to bear. But you, darling, you give me the strength to bear anything.”

Cindy sat down beside her mom and nuzzled an armpit, causing Barbara to giggle and flinch. “That tickles, honey!”

“You give me the strength, too, to bear any weight, Mom. Including that,” she chuckled, pointing at the makeshift barbell they had cobbled together that weighed approximately half a ton. Both of them had just finished using it for standing military presses, with strict form, and with that weight they could both now do about four sets of five, on a good day. Cindy could practically feel her muscles growing – she felt as if she could actually feel the muscle cells tearing and repairing themselves, at a rate far quicker than normal human beings could enjoy. She was thrilled to imagine alanya escort the same happening for her mom.

“You’re almost outdoing me with that now,” Barbara told her, bending down and giving her an indulgent kiss on the cheek. “I was right. Very soon you’ll be stronger than me.”

Cindy emphatically shook her head. “Nuh-uh. Never. You’re always going to be my muscle momma.” She nuzzled the crook of Barbara’s neck. “Mmm. Muscle momma. You smell nice.”

“I’m serious, honey,” Barbara told her. “Your genetic potential is showing in a way I’ve never seen. If only we had lab access of some kind… we could analyze you, find out more about what’s happening to your body, do some scientific tests. As it is… we can only do some unscientific ones…”

Cindy’s eyes twinkled as she looked up. “That smells like a challenge, Mom.”

“And what if it is?” came the smiling rejoinder.

“Then you’re on!”

They knelt on either side of the concrete block, and slowly locked arms, curling their fingers sensually around each other’s hands. Cindy felt flushed from the chest up, and knew that it was visible. She knew her mom was similarly aroused, as they were every single time, without fail.

“My money’s on the bigger one, Mom,” she said, impishly, her gaze alighting on the large round mound of Barbara’s biceps.

“Mmm. I bet on you, honey. You’ll take me down this time.”

Cindy’s lips parted slightly as they prepared to begin…

“Oh, how cute, the cows are having an arm wrestling party,” came a familiar and hated voice. “Mind if we join the fun?”

In an instant, Cindy and Barbara were on their feet, fists balled up. Atop a nearby stack of steel beams stood their hated rivals, Vixen and Vixenette, clad in matching battle leathers. It was Elena who had spoken and whose peals of annoying high-pitched laughter were now echoing around the junkyard.

“What… what are you doing here?!” Cindy exclaimed in dismay. They had been discovered – caught flat-footed – in an intimate moment – while nearly nude! She struggled to keep her discombobulation in check.

Valerie languidly extended her hand to her daughter, who took it with poise, and the two of them walked down the steel beams together as if it were a flight of stairs at a gala event and they were the guests of honor. “You both didn’t think no one would know you were hanging out here just about every night, did you? Some superheroes you are, without even a base with facilities to call your own! To think, the both of you training in a dump like this…” Valerie looked around, sniffing disdainfully.

Cindy was blushing furiously, and when she glanced to the side she could see her mom was, too. To have these two, of all people, intrude upon their private space like this! And Valerie’s words stung as well… the bitch always seemed to know how to hit where it hurt! It had been many years since Battler Babe had been part of a Super Group with a fully-equipped base, but in the aftermath of the Rikti invasion it had disbanded – too many lost, and the remaining members voted to go their own ways. Obviously, no civilian commercial gym would suffice for the two of them, and so, perforce…

“It suits them, Mom,” Elena said, smirking haughtily. “Crappy, run-down training facilities for a washed-up broad and her loser daughter!”

Then she stopped smirking, for her words had clearly touched a nerve. Barbara and Cindy both stepped forward and stood, feet planted firmly shoulder-length apart, fists on hips – the quintessential superheroine pose of power and confidence when confronting villainesses. They glared at their counterparts and began speaking at once.

“Don’t you dare say that about my Mom…”

“You shut your rude little mouth about my daughter…”

Valerie folded her arms, threw her head back and laughed, while Elena tittered. “Look at them, Mom – aren’t they the loving couple!”

“Mmm… it seems that our little bonding session the last time really had an effect on them, darling. Tell me, Barb,” Valerie said, addressing Barbara with insolent familiarity, “how many years did you live in denial, before you realized that you wanted your daughter’s mouth on your pussy… just like me?”

So they knew! Cindy swallowed hard and tried not to show her discomfiture. Beside her, her mother was silent, spasms of emotions flitting across her face. This was wrong… their love was utterly beautiful, sacred… but Valerie was twisting it into something sick and perverse, with the way she described it…

And suddenly Barbara turned to her and took her in her arms, caressed her face, and leaned in. Cindy hesitated only a split-second, then responded eagerly. Their enemies’ laughter died away as Barbara and Cindy held each other, sharing a deep and passionate kiss.

When they broke away, Cindy saw a look of serene confidence in Barbara’s eyes, a look she felt mirrored her own. Then her mother turned belek escort to Valerie and said, “Yes, we love each other. And yes, we’re lovers. You have no power to make us ashamed of that, Valerie. You’re going to face justice sooner or later, and we’ll be the ones to bring you in!”

“Sanctimonious hypocrites,” Valerie snarled. “You’re breaking all kinds of laws even as we speak, and you still think you’re any better than we are!”

Grabbing Elena’s firm butt, Valerie drew her daughter in for a kiss as well, but of a noticeably different character. Elena had time for a delighted squeal before her mother’s lips clamped down upon hers in a fierce devouring kiss, and they stood groping each other’s bodies up and down, moaning like animals in heat. They held the kiss for some minutes before breaking apart, flushed and gasping.

“You see? That’s a real kiss, from a real woman,” Elena crowed. “We’re better than you even at incest!”

Cindy clenched her fists. “Enough talk! I don’t know why you two have come here, but if you want a fight, you’ve got one! My mom and I fight together now. It’ll be very different from the last time, when you did the cowardly thing and kidnapped me!”

Elena’s eyes flicked over to the ersatz barbells and the various other implements of strength-training scattered around that corner of the junkyard, and she smiled frostily. “So the reports were true – you do have some super-strength now. Guess what, Cindy, or should I say, my cumslut – I do too, and I bet I got more!” She stood forward and spread her arms, proudly displaying her body.

In her revealing black and red leathers that revealed far, far more than they concealed, she cut a stunning figure, Cindy had to admit. The bulges and lines of muscle… from the first moments of the encounter, Cindy had realized this was a very different Elena from the last time. Still the same twin ponytails and cocky demeanor on a goth girl face, but with a drastically different physique.

“Improved mutagen formula, bitches,” Elena laughed, and reached backwards to undo the straps behind her neck, letting her scanty halter-top harness drop to her waist. Then, topless, she cocked her arms in a double-biceps flex while her mother looked on proudly. “Made using my mom’s blood plasma and refined in labs, with top scientists in Aeon City helping us! I’ve trained my muscles using all kinds of state of the art machines, they’re like, super high-tech, like you wouldn’t believe; I sure haven’t been lifting rocks and throwing them around like some kind of cavewoman!”

Barbara shook with anger. Was there no end to the injustice of this? The life’s work of her weak-minded but brilliant ex-husband, put to nefarious ends, and to the benefit of such hateful people…

Cindy could see that Elena had grown tremendously – still smaller than Cindy was, overall, but Elena did look more compact somehow, more defined. Her abdominal wall was a formidable eight-pack set of slabs – no more skinny abs! – and there were veins running down towards her crotch. She noticed Elena had impressive lats, as well, flaring out to the sides of her torso above her ripped intercostals.

“You see, Barbie?” Valerie said softly. “You can never beat me. Your strength can’t match mine, your beauty can’t match mine… and your daughter can’t match mine. I am the superior woman.”

“Too right,” Elena piped up smugly.

Cindy could not let that stand. She stepped forward to face her smirking rival squarely, and struck up the same pose, silently pitting her strong, healthy physique against Elena’s in a posedown.

They had both grown larger and more muscular since their last encounter… but in relative terms, Elena had grown more, simply because she’d started out so skinny. Now the gap between them was apparently much narrower than before.

Could she beat the sneering bitch she was striving to outflex? Cindy had to admit to herself, she didn’t know. Memories came back unbidden, of that horrific encounter… Elena tugging on her hair, while driving that strap-on into her aching pussy with piston-like rhythm… her mother sobbing at her inability to protect her daughter from that violation…

As she matched Elena’s intense gaze, she could feel her will faltering. This evil girl had broken her will once before – could she do so again?

Then her mother spoke up. “My daughter,” Barbara said, her voice trembling with passion, “is clearly the better woman, in every way, and she’ll prove it tonight. And as for you and me… I’ve beaten you and put you away many times before, and I’ll do it again.”

“That’s right, Mom, you tell them,” Cindy said fiercely. She felt her resolve returning, and she tightened her muscles, flexing even harder. It was time to put past events behind – this challenge had come earlier than expected, but they were ready!

Yes – Battleborn and Battler Babe were ready for the rematch!

“Well,” Valerie said softly, “you’ll get your chance, now, if you’re not too afraid to accept our challenge. There’s nobody around this time but us, Barbara. Just the four of us. Let’s do battle… Battler Babe… but let’s do it in a way that will leave you no doubt about how inferior you and your daughter are, to us.”

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