Mom on Top Ch. 01

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Hello, there… My name’s Emil– I’m eighteen and a high school senior. Here’s my story, and it is a little unusual, I guess; a lot of people would say we’re sick, but I don’t agree. I don’t care what they think…

For starters, I’m definitely not the macho type– I’m about five-eight and kind of skinny, with shoulder-length, darkish blonde hair and sort of pretty facial features (or so I’ve been told). The high school I go to now is laid-back and accepting, though– I’ve never been abused by the jocks or bigger guys; they leave me alone.

Since I’m not particularly athletic, talented or rich, the ‘cool’ crowd has always ignored me, too; even this year as a senior, most of my time’s been spent alone. There was never much to do at home, and since Mother (her name’s Julia) wasn’t the type I could hang out with, I’d escape into sexual fantasy a lot with the few porn mags I managed to get. Those solo sex scenes were emotionally safe and intensely pleasurable; I can come several times a day, and often do, imagining myself as almost everyone in the mags, both male and female.

I’ve got two older siblings– twins, actually– John and Jenna; they’re a year older and both in college now. John looks a lot like me– similar height, build, hair color, etc., but with an even more feminine-looking face; Jenna, on the other hand, has auburn hair and very light skin. (They’re fraternal twins, obviously.) The three of us have always been good friends, even though they usually ran around with older kids.

My mother’s maybe an inch taller than I am, and she’s always been the boss– crossing her isn’t something anyone does. I don’t remember my uncle– her late husband. (I’d better clear this up– she’s actually sort of my step-mother. My birth parents died along with my uncle in a car crash a few months after I was born. I’ve always called Julia ‘Mother’, and she’s the only one I remember. Julia’s not the twins’ birth mother, either; she kept the three of us after the accident, not wanting us to be separated.)

Mom is definitely the hottest looking woman I’ve ever seen, with an hourglass figure that she likes to show off– she gets a lot of stares from the way she dresses, and her long blonde hair gets attention, too. She’s brought home more than a few men over the years, but they’ve all been close to her height and lightly built. I think it’s because the bigger ones are too hard for her to control…

Some nights, I could hear Mom with one of her male “friends” through her bedroom door; she was always in charge– even there. If it seemed like they were going to be at it awhile, I’d jerk off outside the door, listening and picturing in my head what they were doing…

Awhile back I was doing just that, with my jeans undone and my cock out, listening to her and a guy named Chris, who’d come over several times recently; the smell of weed was really strong in the air, even out in the hall. My eyes were closed and I was picturing her riding him– a position she liked… Suddenly, the handle turned, the door flew open and she was standing there, naked and panting, eyes wild. She looked down at my hard cock in my hand, then back at my face.

“Just what the hell do you…” she began, then stopped, apparently thinking for a moment. She quickly put her hand around my cock and pulled me, stumbling, into the room.

Chris, a guy not much older than me, was lying naked on his back on the bed, hard-on in hand. He was about my height, too, his brown hair color being the main difference between us. I stood there awkwardly, unable to keep from staring at his erect cock– it looked almost exactly the same size as mine, except the head was maybe a little bigger…

“Take off your clothes,” Mother instructed, a slight tremor in her voice.

“Wha…?” I began uncertainly, but she cut me off.

“Obey me, Emil. Now.”

I got undressed, a pretty easy thing since I was wearing only a t-shirt and jeans, and the jeans had been halfway down already…

As I mentioned before, Mother is a really hot woman, looking more like someone in her twenties than the mid-thirties she really is; her breasts are full and perky, her waist narrow, flaring out into a full, rounded ass. (She waxes her cunt and her legs.) I had no trouble staying hard as I stood next to her, even though I felt a little self-conscious undressing in front of Chris; his eyes had fastened on my cock as soon as I was in the room.

“You’ve got a nice one,” he said, looking into my eyes from the bed. “You sure about this, Julia?”

“Of course I am. It’s time he learned. Get up and come over here, Chris.”

‘Learned what?’ I thought…

Chris got up immediately and stood next to us, his hard-on evident. Mother guided me so I was standing in front of canlı bahis him, then took my wrist and put my hand on his cock. My fingers closed around it and automatically started stroking it as I stared at it and its big, shiny head. I started milking it slightly as I stroked, feeling the stiffness inside the sliding skin as my own cock got even harder and started throbbing.

“Have you ever touched another guy before?” she asked gently; I shook my head. “How does it feel?”

“Uh… it feels like mine– only… only more… uh…”

“More exciting?” she finished for me. I nodded again. “I thought you’d like it. There’s something else I want you to try that I think you’ll like even more, Emil…”

She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed.

“Get down on your knees, Emil.”

A rush of excitement went through me; it wasn’t hard to guess what was about to happen. I knelt on the carpet, Mother behind me, Chris’ cock right in front of my face. She put one hand on the back of my head and pushed it forward as Chris held his cock and pointed it at my mouth.

“Suck it, Emil,” she said softly as the head touched my lips. They opened willingly– I would have sucked him even if she hadn’t told me to… When I jerked off, sometimes I’d fantasize about what it would be like to have a cock in my mouth like this, but I’d never had the nerve to do it with a real person.

Now, without hesitation, I wrapped my hand around the base and sucked and licked the head as an unconscious moan escaped; then, putting both hands on Chris’ smooth, firm ass, I pulled his cock into my mouth as far as I could, licking the underside while my lips moved up and down it. Thrills of lust coursed through my body as I sucked on the warm, pulsating shaft, and my moans got louder. This was incredibly exciting!

“I think he likes it,” Chris said.

“Oh, my God, this is so hot,” Mother said, kneeling beside me, her soft hand closing around my cock as she put her face next to mine. “See? Mother was right, wasn’t she? You really do like sucking cock, don’t you, baby?”

I just moaned again and pulled Chris’ cock deeper into my mouth, not wanting to let it go even long enough to answer her. Mmmmmmm…

“Now, don’t be a little piggy, Emil… let Mother have some, too,” she said, pushing me back gently. “Ohhhmmmmmmmm…” She deep-throated him easily, and I stared as her face pressed against his stomach. I could see the muscles in her neck and under her chin working as she gripped his asscheeks and pulled him against her. I tentatively stroked her back with one hand…

She let him go after a minute, gasping for breath, and handed the wet shaft back to me. I sucked him back in, stroking the shaft manually; I knew I couldn’t do what she’d just done, so I didn’t try…

“I bet Mama’s little cock-slut wants Chris to come in his mouth, doesn’t he?” She was half-whispering in my ear…

I moaned in answer, sucking harder– how did she know?

Mother stood up next to Chris, her mouth by his ear now, running her hands over his body and pressing herself against him.

“Are you close, baby?” she asked him softly. “Go on and come in his mouth, honey– he wants you to… And I know you think it’s hot to fuck my boy’s pretty face– don’t you, you pervert? Especially while I watch… Now, go on and come in his mouth…”

As if on command, Chris groaned and his body stiffened, his hands holding my head tightly as his cock began to pulse on my tongue and fill my mouth with warm, salty-sweet cream. With a squeal, I swallowed and sucked, more rushes of lust beginning in my mouth and coursing through my head and body as his orgasm first swelled, burst, and then faded. I choked once– there was so much come– and it ran down my chin and onto my neck, but I swallowed the rest of it.

When he let go of my head and pulled away I was panting, so excited that I’d nearly erupted with nothing touching me. Mother kissed me, then– full on the lips, her tongue going into my throat as she took all the come left in my mouth first, then licked it off my chin and neck before kissing me again. The second time, I kissed her back, our mouths open, tongues dancing slowly…

Right then I knew I was going to fuck her…

“Ohhhh, baby, you’re hotter than I ever hoped you’d be,” she said softly as she broke the kiss; both of us were panting. Her hand went around my cock again, which was now so hard it hurt. “You and Chris get up on the bed for Mother, okay?”

Both of us obeyed immediately, lying on our backs next to each other.

“Chris, get up on your knees,” she said, and he obeyed at once, his head on the sheets and his ass in the air. “Now sit up and look at this, Emil,” she said, her fingers going between his asscheeks and grasping an oval piece of red plastic. She pulled on it as she twisted it slowly around, bahis siteleri and the rest of it slipped out of him; it was shaped like a small lava-lamp. “Get up on your knees behind him, baby,” she said, reaching over to the night stand and grabbing a large pump-bottle. She put lube from it on my cock, looking up at me as she stroked it on. “Now, let me see you fuck Chris in his sweet little ass… Go on, baby, just do what I say… and don’t worry– he likes it.”

I put trembling hands on his hips as Mother guided the slippery head of my cock to his open hole; Chris opened his knees a little wider as it nestled inside. His ass was firm, smooth, and hairless, rounded almost as much as my mom’s, his waist nearly as narrow as hers. I slid my shaking hands up and around it, holding him and pulling him back onto my cock as I thrust forward. His lubricated anal muscle slid down snugly around my cock as it went in; I could feel the silky slipperiness of his inner channel opening as my cockhead drove slowly into him. He moaned, pushing back against every thrust I made.

It was all ‘way too much sensation and excitement for me, and I lost control, gasping and pulling him back tight as I shot a huge load into his squirming ass. I stayed hard after I came, though, holding his round, firm cheeks against me. He squeezed the base of my cock, milking it, still moaning and twisting on it as I pushed from deep to deeper.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh… that’s sooo goood, Emil… don’t stop… fuck me really slow like that… keep it ‘way inside like you’re doin’… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… that’s incredible…”

“So… you like my baby’s cock in your ass, honey?” Mother asked softly in Chris’ ear. “You’re such an ass-slut, Chris… If there’s lube on it, you’ll take anything in there, won’t you? Tell Mama what you want now, honey– say it out loud… I know what it is, but I want to hear you say it…”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh… you fuck me, Julia… ohhhhhhhhhhhhh… while Emil fucks my mouth… ohhhhhhhhhh… you know I want it… in my mouth… ohhhhhhhhh…”

Mother brought a warm, wet washcloth from the bathroom and used it to wash my cock after I pulled out of him. She opened a drawer in the nightstand, taking a long rubber cock out and putting lube all over it; it had a head on each end. Then, standing on the floor by the bed, she turned to Chris.

“Over here, on your back.”

He knew what she meant and got into position immediately, his ass at the edge of the bed, thighs raised, knees apart. Mother stood between them and slid nearly the whole twelve inches of dong into him, making Chris groan and whimper, eyes closed as he twisted slowly on the penetrating shaft.

“How do you like that, honey? Is Mama’s dong what you needed?” Chris just moaned.

“Lie down on your side with your cock by his mouth, baby,” she said to me.

I obeyed; he quickly turned, grabbing my cock with one hand and sucking it in. His eyes closed, his tongue, lips and hand working softly on it as he moaned.

“You’re really a cock-slut, too, aren’t you, honey?” Mother said to Chris. “It’s touching to watch how eager he is, isn’t it, Emil? Well, Chris is really a cock-slut… aren’t you, you whore? So… suck my baby’s cock, whore… really suck it, you perv…”

There was a bit of intentional humiliation as well as command in those last words, and Chris groaned, pulling me to the back of his throat, reaching up with his head. I could tell by how he sounded and moved that he knew he was a whore, and he seemed to enjoy being called one… I held onto his head, slowly fucking his mouth.

“Ohhhyeahhh… suck my cock, Chris… ohhhhhhhh… you suck it soooo goood…”

He moaned again, both hands around my ass now as he pulled my hips against his face. Mother watched us, standing between his knees, one hand moving the dong in Chris’ ass while the other was between her legs.

“Come in his mouth, baby… that’s what he loves… Chris is a whore, baby, really… go on and fuck his mouth… shoot your come in it… come in that little cock-slut’s mouth.”

I stared at her as she moved her fingers in her cunt. She looked incredibly sexy, sucking on her bottom lip, standing with one leg up, her foot on the bed rail as her hand went deeper inside her. Chris was moaning as she drove the dong into him again and again with her other hand.

Mother came when I did, whimpering as her knees nearly buckled, stumbling and falling forward against Chris’ thighs. He just kept writhing on the dong and pumping the bottom of my cock, pulling all the juice down his throat as I shot and shot… He let me go as my orgasm ended, smiling up at Mother with some of my come on his lips.

“I love bein’ your whore, Julia…” he said. “Just keep fuckin’ my ass… Ohhhh… fuck me, mama… fuck meeee…”

Julia had other plans at the moment, bahis şirketleri however. “Here, Chris,” Mother said, abruptly taking his hand and putting it on the end of the dong where hers had just been. “Fuck yourself for a minute– I need to do something else here… C’mere, baby,” she said to me.

She pulled me to my feet, kissing me as she did a slow dance with our naked bodies pressed together. My cock stood straight up again as my hands reached around to grasp her ass.

“That’s what I was hoping for,” she said, letting me go and getting onto her back at the edge of the bed next to Chris. I looked down at her hairless wet cunt and the object below it.

“Yeah… I’ve got a butt plug, too,” she said. “Take it out for me, would you, baby?” As I did, she reached over and removed Chris’ hand from the dong in his ass, replacing it with hers again. He moaned, pressing closer against her side.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh… thank you, Julia… Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyeahhhhhhh… fuck my ass, mama, fuck my aaaass…”

I could hardly believe I was putting my hands on her gorgeous body like this as I held the slippery base of her clear glass plug. I worked it slowly out of her, then layed it down on a towel close by.

“Now, put some lube on your cock, baby… I think you know what Mother wants you to do with it…”

I could hardly believe what was happening! I’d never even dared to imagine doing this…

I lubed my cock and put the head inside her open, pink hole.

“Don’t be afraid… come on, baby, come on… fuck your mama… fuck her ass… come on, honey… don’t be nervous… come on, Emil… fuck… my… ass…”

I wrapped my arms around her soft, slim thighs and thrust with my hips. My cock slid halfway in the first time; her tight anal ring squeezed the base of it on the second. She squirmed on it, moaning, her mouth open as she looked into my eyes.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh… that’s such a nice long one, Emil… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Your mother’s a whore, baby… can you tell? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh… I’ve got your cock in my ass– just ’cause it’s so perverted… ’cause it’s fucking forbidden and taboo… and I want it– ohhhhhhhhhhhhh… and I love it! It always feels so sweet and so nasty when I get my ass fucked… ohhhhhhhhhhh… and I feel even nastier ’cause it’s your cock in there, baby… ohhhhhhhhhhh… Your mother’s a cock-slut, baby… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… a dedicated cock-slut… so, fuck her ass, baby… fuck meeeeeeee…”

My cock felt like it could stay hard all night as I flexed it inside her, pulling her ass tight against me; she squeezed me again in response.

“Fuck me like a whore,” she said, her eyes burning into mine. She let go of the dong inside Chris and pulled her knees back and further apart, raising her ass to me. “Ohhhhhhhhhhyeahhhhhhhh… Go on– drive that cock into my ass until you come, baby… Use my ass… Come on, now… use it… This whore’s ass is your come-hole, baby… Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Use my ass… Come in your whore-mama’s ass, Emil… Come for me, come for me… Come in my ass… C’mon… Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Shoot your fucking come in my ass! Fuck meeeeeeee…”

I drove my cock into her, my hips slapping against her as she reached down, putting her hand in her cunt. Her eyes were still locked on mine.

“I’m gonna come now, too, baby… watch me come… watch your mama make herself come while you fuck her ass… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… come with me, baby… okay? Can you do that? Are you ready yet? Can you come with Mama?”

I was more than ready by then– her incredibly hot body, her own rising orgasm and all the hot, dirty talk pushed me quickly over the edge. I grabbed her thighs, pulling them back against me as I slammed into her one last time, shooting my come ‘way up inside her squirming ass. She screamed, her head going back as she jammed her fingers into her cunt again and again, writhing and bucking as I held on. She finally calmed down, her body collapsing back onto the bed; my half-hard cock slipped out of her. I leaned forward onto her to kiss her, and she wrapped her legs around me as she kissed me back. I was hard again in no time.

“Mmmm… wow… ready again, baby? Wow… better let me wash you off…” She got up and came back with another warm, wet towel and cleaned my cock off, getting on her knees and sucking it afterwards, looking up at me while she did it.

“Your mother the whore is sucking your cock, baby,” she said, letting it go just long enough to speak. “…an’ she loves it, darlin’, she loves it… and you love it, too, baby… don’t you?”

“I love everything you’re doing, you fantastic, gorgeous whore,” I said quietly, the words causing another rush through me as I realized my mother wasn’t just a world-class whore– she was my whore now– my whore, and I owned her… She moaned in response to the words, closing her eyes and deep-throating my cock for a few seconds. Then she got up, telling Chris to slide back from the edge of the bed a little so she could lie back against him. She opened her legs as she looked at me.

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