Mom Named Barbie Ch. 09

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Chapter 09 – Barbie and Jay consummate their relationship

Jay lightly brushed his lips against hers and then he kissed her softly, it was better than she thought it would be, his gentleness expressed more emotion and passion than she imagined possible from just a kiss. She kissed him back, the soft kisses slowly progressed to their tongues touching; this kiss was just as she had wanted their first real kiss to be. Barbie was melting in his arms; at that moment she never loved anyone as much as she loved Jay. His affection let her know her efforts were successful in convincing Jay neither his mom nor Barbara was in the apartment this afternoon.

She pulled her lips from Jay’s telling him to stay where he was. She turned off the oven taking the ham out placing it on top of the stove. Then she cleared the plates and silverware from the table removing the centerpiece and candles. She placed the candles on the counter, pulling a match from a drawer lighting each one. As Barbie walked back to Jay she turned out the lights; the flickering flames from the candles reflecting on the walls providing the only light in the apartment.

Reaching underneath the mini-dress Barbie slid the thong down her legs carefully pulling her heels out one at a time. With her panties now on floor she moved back in front of Jay, kissing him passionately just as she had done when he first arrived, only now he reciprocated with the same enthusiasm. She pulled his arms around her body then placed her hands on his shoulders pressing her tits against his chest.

As they kissed Jay pushed her back until her thighs were against the table, he easily lifted Barbie so her naked ass was sitting on the edge of the table. She reached down unbuckling his belt then unfastening his jeans. Jay pushed his pants down his thighs letting them fall to his ankles; his erect penis bounced inches from Barbie’s pussy.

Reaching between her legs she took her son’s cock and guided it to her cunt easily sliding the head between her large meaty lips, her juices were dripping from her pussy anticipating his penis entering her. Barbie put her hands on Jay’s hips pulling him forward causing his dick to go deep into his mother’s cunt.

Barbie could not believe how good it felt to have him inside her; was it because it had been so long since she’d had sex, or was it because the cock in her pussy was her son’s? At this point it didn’t matter, all she knew was she loved the man standing in front of her and she wanted him to fuck her horny cunt. She lay back on the table raising her legs placing the high heels behind Jay’s head.

“Fuck me baby, I need this so bad. Please make love to Barbie.”

Looking down at the sexy redhead lying before him; Jay was sure she was the sexiest, most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He pushed his dick all the way inside her causing more juices to leak from her pussy onto the floor between his feet. She gave out a loud moan at having her pussy completely filled with cock so abruptly; he held it there amazed at how hot and tight the mature vagina felt around his manhood.

When Barbie started rocking her wide hips indicating she was ready Jay began to stroke his cock in and out in a slow rhythmic motion.

“OMG honey, you feel so fucking good. Give it to me baby, I want you so fucking bad.”

Jay increased his pace using long deliberate strokes, pulling back until just the head remained between her stretched pussy lips, then pushing back in his balls slamming against her ass.

“Oh god damn that feels so fucking good. Oh fuck! Fuck me Jay, you can make love to me later, I want you to fuck Barbie; I need you to fuck me hard.”

Barbie’s pussy felt so good it was only natural to comply with her request. While he did not have a great deal of sexual experience, he definitely was not a virgin; but he never had a lover talk the way Barbie did. He began pumping his prick hard and fast in and out of his mother’s cunt, causing canlı bahis her huge tits to bounce out of the top of the costume. Her tits were even more magnificent than he had imagined they were when he saw them jiggling in her sweater while riding in his truck. Her areolas were wide and a dark brown; her nipples large and erect at least an inch long and as big around as the tip of one of his fingers. Seeing his mother’s naked breasts caused Jay to increase the intensity of fucking the horny redheaded slut lying on the table in front of him.

“Fuck me damn-it; fuck this horny slut. I love cock; I love to fuck. Fuck me Jay, make me your whore. You don’t know this baby, but I love being a slut, I love being a whore, I love being fucked like a horny fucking slut, I love being treated like a slut and a whore; god damn your hard young cock feels so fucking good! Give it to me damn-it, harder, faster baby, faster, faster, harder. Oh fuck, I’m cumming Jay; I am going to cum on your big young cock. Keep fucking me baby, don’t stop, don’t stop; I’m almost there, oh fuck, oh damn! Oh… oh… Oooooh!”

It was so out of character for his mom to use such nasty words, he had heard her swear many times but never use such filthy language. His mom was talking as if she was a starlet in a porn movie. She was confirming his suspicions, his mom had a secret which explains why she and his dad were always happy together until she left, and it made it very clear why his dad hurt so much to seeing his horny slutty wife with other men; and it also explained why the rich men were so willing to spend their money on Barbara.

The lustful fucking was over much too soon, Jay felt his cock reaching the point of no return, his balls tightened indicating he was going to cum and there was nothing he could do to stop it. His excitement had built quickly due to how overwhelmingly dirty the sexy mature redhead was begging him to fuck her; hearing her talk shamelessly and with such desire caused Jay to rapidly reached his pinnacle. He hated it was over, Barbie was so hot and sexual Jay wished he could have fucked her all night; but, what he was not taking into consideration, they had plenty of time, the evening had just begun.

Jay kept his dick deep inside Barbie’s pussy as long as possible, the two of them trying to catch their breath. When his cock softened it fell out of Barbie’s cunt followed by a long stream of white goo dripping onto the floor at his feet. He helped Barbie off the table, she immediately threw her arms around his neck kissing him with a passion he had never felt from a woman lips, and of course he kissed her back with similar passion. She continued to kiss him for what felt like an eternity finally pulling away so they could breathe.

“OMG Jay, that was wonderful; I can’t believe you don’t have a girlfriend or at least a fuck buddy. Baby, I can’t remember when I have been fucked like that. Damn, that was unreal. If you enjoyed it half as much as I did it was great for you too.”

“Oh, it was great. Barbie you are a very sexy lady. I couldn’t believe how sexy you were when I walked in. I truly didn’t think it was you. I actually thought you had gotten cold feet and backed out, I thought you had hired a hooker to take your place; you might not be a hooker but damn if you don’t fuck one. Oops, sorry, I didn’t mean that the way it sounded.”

“Don’t worry Jay, I took it as a compliment; but I need to go clean up, you made a mess of my poor little cunt. There are drinks in the fridge, get what you want and relax; I will heat up dinner when I get back.”

Barbie picked up the red thong and went to the bathroom; she did not want to take the costume off after the reaction it had prompted from Jay; but with the amount of cum that was running out of her pussy she had no choice. She jumped in the shower and washed her cunt out with the handheld shower head using it like a douche, careful not to ruin her makeup or get the wig wet; she wanted those two details to bahis siteleri remain exactly as they were.

Now out of the shower she was conflicted what to put on, the costume would take too long and dinner was already delayed over an hour. She pulled the red sheer thong on then went to the room to look through her ‘whore’ clothes. A low-cut sheer red tee was on top where she’d had it out the day before so she slipped it on; fortuitously it matched the thong perfectly. The red tee fit snug coming down to the top of the thong in front and covered half of her round ass in back; while it was designed to be worn as a top but she was going to wear it as a mini-dress that was too short. The curvatures of her tits were easily visible through the sheer material as well as her dark areolas and ever present erect nipples.

She picked up a pair of slip-on black flats but they were not sexy at all; sitting them down she noticed she had a pair of red five inch heels with a wide strap that fastened around the ankle similar to those she had worn on the date with Jay.

She liked the way a wide strap looks around her ankles, it gave an illusion her ankles were in bondage. While she and Sam had only ventured into the world of kink a few times with her being the one that was tied up, she had always found the idea of BDSM a turn on. She had always insisted she play the submissive role because a man having control over her was a huge turn-on.

When she walked back into the kitchen she was pleasantly surprised to find Jay had cleaned cum from the floor, wiped the table off and had carefully placed the plates and silverware back where they had been on the table. He had also warmed the food items that needed to be reheated and cut the ham, he even moved the candles and centerpiece back to the middle of the table; there was nothing left for her to do. But a detail that concerned Barbie was, she had planned on giving a Jay another kiss when she returned to the kitchen, but he seemed to intentionally avoid providing her the opportunity.

“Jay honey, you shouldn’t have done that; I was coming back. You’re my guest remember. I promised to make dinner for you.”

“Barbie, I have lived alone for over a year now, I am used to doing for myself; I promise this was no work at all. Now sit down and let me get your plate. You did all the work preparing the food; all I did was reheating it.”

While Jay did not comment on the difference in Barbie’s clothing the change did not go unnoticed, although he had only seen her from the front; when he pulled the chair out for the sexy lady just as a gentleman should he got an up-close look at every curve of her fantastic ass with nothing being left to the imagination by the short sheer top. When she was seated Jay surprised her by setting a colorful tropical drink in front of her; curiously continuing to avoid giving Barbie the chance to kiss him.

“Oh Jay, this was so sweet of you, thank you.”

“Just a small token of my appreciation for all the hard work you’ve done.”

Barbie sipped the drink; it was as delicious as it was colorful “Jay what did you put in this, it is wonderful.”

“I found your coconut rum, some orange juice, pineapple juice and a jar of maraschino cherries then mixed them together.”

“Well, it is delicious. Where did you learn to mix drinks like this?”

“Barbie, you learn a lot about drinking in college.”

Lifting her plate from the table Jay filled it with the delicious food Barbie had prepared guessing at the portion size by what his mom normally eats. Jay filled his plate then sat down across from Barbie. Their conversation was light and casual; Jay caringly expressed his thanks for the effort she had put into making the day special for him.

They laughed as Barbie told Jay about going to the lingerie store to pick out the costume; she intentionally skipped sharing with him how the couple had seen her bare pussy and about her flashing her tits to the man at the bahis şirketleri liquor store. She wasn’t sure how he would feel about his mother so freely exposing herself to strangers, even though his mom had become Jay’s fantasy girl; she was unsure how much of his mom he still saw in Barbie.

Dinner was fun and relaxing, and Jay was of course very attentive to Barbie; but she noticed he deliberately avoided mentioning their earlier sex romp on the table. He was conducting himself as the proper gentleman, which in any other setting would be a compliment to his mother; but he was sitting across the table from a fiery redhead with practically nothing on, a horny slut that gave her pussy to him mere moments after he arrived. But instead of acknowledging what had happened and what she was wearing, his conduct resembled something closer to that of the two of them having dinner in a family restaurant and she was completely dressed.

Other than his unusual polite and courteous actions, especially considering what had just happened and her lack of clothing, things were going good between them so Barbie chose not to mention her concerns; if something was bothering Jay she hoped he knew he could talk with her about it when he was ready. She cut each of them a piece of cake for dessert and when they were finished he considerately helped her clear the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher. Jay insisted mixing her another drink pouring him a cola before they went to the den.

Jay clicked on the TV continuing their tradition of watching the Christmas movie that played every year. Barbie snuggled against his shoulder and they loosely held hands as they watched the movie. She could not get passed the feeling that there was something Jay needed to talk about; perhaps he was waiting for her to initiate the conversation.

“Jay, is everything ok?”

“Yes Barbie, it has been a good day; why?”

“I feel there is something you want to say; honey, you can always talk to me about anything. You know that, right?”

“I know Barbie; it’s just that this is different than anything I have ever experienced before. I’m fine.”

“Are you sure? Is there something you want to ask me? I will tell you anything you want to know.”

“Well, there was some things you said while… while we were… you were lying on the table earlier.”

Barbie tried to replay her comments in her head searching for anything she may have said that he would be concerned about; but due to her being preoccupied with his hard young cock slamming in and out of her remembering everything she had said was next to impossible. Could it be that he was having regrets about the woman he had fucked was actually his mom? She knew they both agreed she was Barbie, but it would be unnatural for her to expect him to be able to completely ignore the truth, which was that Jay had sex with his mother. Other than that she had no clue what could be bothering him.

“What is it Jay, ask me; I won’t get mad or be offended. Like I said, always feel free to ask me anything.”

“Ok then, here it is, actually it is a lot of what you said while we were… were having sex.”

“Did I say something wrong? Did I say too much? You don’t want your lover to be vocal during sex?”

“No, none of that; I have to admit I was surprised how much you talked, I have never had sex with anyone that talked like that.”

“I’m sorry, it was too much wasn’t it; I promise I won’t do it again. That is if you want there to be a next time.”

“No, it wasn’t that, I said I have never had sex with anyone that talked liked that, I didn’t say I didn’t like it. As a matter of fact I loved it, I felt like I was in a porn movie fucking a beautiful sexy porn star. I was just shocked by some of the words you used.”

She was relieved that he enjoyed the way she talked during sex; she felt he was actually complimenting her, but if he liked it why was her talking bother him so much.

“I’m sorry Jay, I can’t help it, I talk really dirty during sex; I always have. I am sorry if I offended you with my explicit language.”

“No, like I said I loved it; now let me finish then you can talk, ok?”

“Yes Sir.”

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