Mom Gives the Best Gifts Ch. 02

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Daniel slowly woke up, everything seemed like every other; naked, check; morning boner, check; a warm, naked body lying snugged to his side. Wait, that was new. He looked down, there was his beautiful mother, just as naked as him. The memories of the day and night before flooded his mind. It started with the most amazing blowjob, and ended with his mom riding him, giving him the best gift she could’ve ever given him.

Monica stirred beside him, pressing her body closer to his. She let out a soft moan as her hand slid down his torso to his morning wood. She took his cock in her hand and stroked it. Daniel let out a deep groan. “Morning Baby,” she said to him, as she raised her head from his shoulder to give him a great morning kiss.

“Mmm morning Mom! I am so happy to find out yesterday was not a dream,” Daniel replied as he rolled over to wrap both of his arms around her and deepen their kiss. Their wet tongues mingled as their lower bodies rubbed against each other, revving them up.

His hand slid down around her hip to grab her prodigious ass cheek to give it a squeeze. Monica moaned in his mouth, pushing her ass back into his hand. Daniel’s cock was dripping precum as he rubbed himself against his mom’s stomach.

Rolling Monica onto her back, his stiff prick slid down to the opening of her pussy. She was very wet and ready for him to slide inside. He thrust his hips forward, burying himself deep into her saturated cunt. They both moaned in satisfaction of their coupling. The walls of her cunt gripped his engorged cock, she raised her legs and wrapped them around his waist, taking him deep inside her. Still kissing her, Daniel began thrusting in and out of her, she moaned into his mouth.

“Harder! Fuck me harder!” she screamed.

Daniel grabbed her legs, throwing them up over her shoulders, as he pounded deep and hard into her. “Oh fuck, Mom! You feel amazing!!” Daniel told her.

“You feel incredible too Baby! I’m going to let you fuck me whenever and wherever you like from now on! I want you to cum inside me, fill your Mommy’s cunt with your sweet spunk,” she told him, panting. Her hips coming up off the bed to meet him, their bodies slapping together loudly.

Daniel could feel his balls tighten, her words spurred him on. “I’m cumming!! Uhhhh… Uhhhhh… Ohhhhh…” he cried out as she shot off streams of cum deep inside her. He had never cum like this before, he filled his mother’s womb with his man milk.

This set his mother off with her own orgasm, his cock flexing deep in her, and her walls were milking him as she screamed through her orgasm. Her cunt juices mixed with his cum were coating them both. She was so full of cum that it was leaking out of her pussy, down to her asshole and covered Daniel’s balls.

Daniel lay over his mother’s body, she still had her legs and arms wrapped around him, both trying to catch their breath. Daniel realized his weight might be too much for Monica, so he pulled back, slowly removing his cock that was slowly becoming flaccid. He looked down and saw their cum leaking out of her gorgeous pussy, he couldn’t resist bending down and taking a long lick of their blended juices.

Monica, a bit surprised at her son’s motion, gasped. His tongue felt fantastic licking her clean. He moaned at the wonderful taste of their combination, he left some on his tongue as he made his way up to share it with a wonderful kiss. She moaned in his mouth as she got her first taste of them.

Daniel collapsed in the bed beside her and they let out sighs of contentment.


After the two of them had a small nap, they got up, showered and dressed for the day. Monica made it to the kitchen first, made coffee and starting cooking breakfast. When Daniel came into the kitchen wearing just a pair of loose shorts. Monica was doctoring up their coffees. She illegal bahis was wearing a short white summer dress with yellow flowers on it. It came to mid-thigh and had spaghetti straps. It made her tanned skin glow and her ass look fantastic.

He came up behind her, pushed his hips into her backside, and ran his hands around her waist, pulling her closer to him. Her plush ass rubbed against his hardening dick, both moaned with the pleasure.

Daniel’s lips grazed her left ear, he licked her earlobe and then moved his lips down to her neck. His hands slid up her torso to cup her breasts. Monica moaned and wiggled her ass against Daniel’s cock. With one hand still caressing her breast, his other hand slid down to lift the skirt of her dress up over her ass.

“MMMM Naughty Mom, not wearing any panties,” Daniel said.

“The better to fuck me Daniel,” Monica said as her hands moved around her back to slide his shorts down his lean hips. Daniel’s fully erect cock sprang from the shorts and fell against Monica’s lush ass cheeks. Both moaned when they felt the amazing feeling of skin on skin.

Daniel moved the straps of Monica’s dress down her shoulders and released her luscious tits. Her nipples were stiff and aching for his touch. Daniel pulled her hips up so he could easily slide his cock into her wet pussy. She was so ready for him that he slid in easily. She gripped the counter, pushing back so she could take him deep inside her body.

Even though it hadn’t been very long since their last love making session, it felt like it had been too long of a break; the sensations of his hardness meeting her soft wetness was almost to much for them both. Daniel kept one hand on her hip and moved the other to pull and pinch her stunning nipples.

Monica whimpered, the sensation of her nipple being pinched went straight through her body to her tender clit, her juices coating Daniel’s cock. “Mmmm, yes Baby, fuck Mommy… Fuck me!” She screamed as Daniel’s thrusts increased in speed and strength. His pelvis bounced back every time he slammed into her fantastic ass. The tension of the coming climax was building for them both. In and out, he slammed into her soaking pussy, he could feel her tunnel tightening around him and pulling him deep into her.

“Oh Baby, Mommy’s going to cum!” Monica screamed.

“Yes Mom! Come all over my dick,” Daniel replied.

Suddenly, Monica released a scream as she gripped the counter tighter. Daniel could feel her juices pour out of her, down his cock, covering his balls, and dripping down his thighs. That was the hottest thing he had ever felt, and at that moment couldn’t hold himself together any longer, as he released his hot jizz into his mother’s contracting love tunnel.

He kissed her neck, she turned to look at him over her shoulder and smiled. He leaned forward and kissed her passionately on the lips, still deep in her cunt. Slowly he pulled his deflating cock out of her, and she turned, bent over and cleaned him up. She licked and swallowed their combined orgasms happily.

Standing up, she smiled at him as she wiped the sides of her mouth. “Breakfast of champions,” she laughed.

Daniel laughed, grabbed his cup of coffee and took a big drink and sat down at the kitchen table. Monica quickly plated their breakfast and brought it over to join her son.

Clearing her throat, she asked him, “Can I ask you something? If you are uncomfortable with the way things are progressing, you would let me know, right?”

Daniel swallowed his food and nodded. “Of course, Mom! You have no idea how long I’ve wanted things to be like this with us. I’ve been craving your body for years!”

She smiled, “Good! Now, I want to ask you something else…” She looked nervously at Daniel. “Do you know anything about dominate and submissive partnerships?” She looked down at the table.

Daniel illegal bahis siteleri was a little surprised to hear this coming from his mother. His last relationship could be considered a light version of the dom/sub culture, with him taking the submissive role. He loved when his girlfriend took control and told him what to do in the bedroom. It turned him on greatly and was wondering if his mother wanted to dominate him too.

He nodded and said, “Yes Mom, I do know a bit about it.” He explained how things had gone on in his last relationship. Monica nodded but looked a little sad. “What’s wrong Mom? Why does this make you sad? Didn’t you ask what I knew because you are interested in having this type dynamic with me?”

She looked up at him and nodded. “Yes, that is what I wanted to talk about. I am very interested in that type of connection with you, but with me being the submissive. I want to be under your control.”

Daniel sat back in his seat and thought about what his mother just said. She wanted to bend to his will, do what he told her to do, and be what he needed her to be. He pictured how this would work between them, after years of him having to do what he was told by her, his last girlfriend, it was time to turn the tables and be the alpha he knew he could be. His cock was beginning to harden again in his shorts. This idea appealed to him; he could live out the fantasies he’d been having for years about his Mother pleasuring him.

Monica felt nervous, waiting for Daniel to say something, anything in response to what she had just told him. She has been fantasizing for a while about her son taking control of her, focusing on his pleasure and doing anything and everything he wanted. She squirmed in her seat watching her son and his emotions playing across his face.

Daniel leaned forward and took his mother’s face in his hands bringing her closer to him. He kissed her deeply. Monica got up and sat in his lap, continuing the loving kiss. Daniel let go over her face and pulled back.

“I would love to control you Mom, but first, I want you to take control over me. Since I am new to this, I want you to show me how you would like me to treat you.” He said.

Monica smiled and gave him a quick peck on the lips. “Oh baby, I want you to make me your slut. I want you to tell me what to do, what to wear. I will always be available to you to do with as you please. If you want me to suck your cock, swallow your cum right now, just tell me and I will. Cum wherever you want to on or in my body. Use me as your fuck toy. Take your pleasure whenever you need to without having to worry about reciprocating,” she said with desire dripping in her voice.

He genuinely believed her, that she just wanted him to take what he wanted from her when ever he pleased. He was ready to test this out right away.

“Hmmm, ok then Mom. First thing that is going to happen is, when we are alone in this house, you are to be completely naked. If you get cold, turn up the heat, but absolutely no clothing.” She nodded and stood up, removing her dress and stood in front of him. “Good girl! Second, when no one is around, I will call you Slut or Whore and you will respond immediately.”

Monica’s heart started pounding in her chest, she was loving how Daniel was taking control. She loved that he was giving her rules to follow.

“Third,” he continued, “You will call me Sir or Daddy only. Is that understood, Slut?”

“Yes Sir,” she replied.

“Very good, Slut. Now, I want you to get upstairs and I want you to lube up that fine ass. I am going to fuck it and mark it as mine.” He huffed.

Monica turned, and hurried up the stairs to do as her master asked. When she got to her bedroom, she found the lube on the beside table and began to rub a large amount on and around her asshole. She got on all fours on the canlı bahis siteleri bed with her ass pointing toward the door so her master would see his prize as soon as he came in. She thought he would follow her up right away, but she was there on all fours for quite a while.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Daniel finished his breakfast and coffee. He needed the energy he would get from the food, as this would be their third session of the day. He put the dishes in the sink and cleaned off the counters, he knew his mother would clean up the rest later. His hard cock couldn’t wait any longer to be buried in his new slut’s ass. This was the ultimate gift, his mother giving herself over to him to do with as he wanted. They were going to have so much fun together.

He walked into the bedroom and saw the amazing sight of his mother on all fours with her ass facing the door. What a fine ass it was, and he couldn’t wait to be balls deep. He kicked off his shorts as he got closer. He could see that her pussy was still wet with his cum from earlier. Her asshole was shiny from the lube. Daniel slapped her ass cheek and Monica squealed with delight. He couldn’t resist her delicious looking pussy and bent to lick her from her clit to her balloon knot. He tongued her tight hole and Monica moaned.

He asked, “Have you ever had this fine ass fucked whore?”

She looked back over her shoulder to her master and nodded, “It has been a while since anything, but my toys were there. I can hardly wait to feel your cock fuck it, Sir.”

Daniel had never done this before, but he had seen plenty of porn about it. It was one of his favorite fantasies to take his mother’s ass and now he was going to make it a reality. He reached for the lube and poured it in his palm. He coated his fingers and then inserted one finger into her tight hole slowly. The slut moaned as her master slid the digit in and out. She was enjoying it so much he added another finger.

Pumping his fingers in and out of her and her moans increasing as he added another finger until she was well lubed and stretched. He backed off and added more lube to his palm and stoked his cock with it. Daniel lined himself up behind her and slowly pushed his cock in. He loved watching her dream worthy ass swallow his cock greedily, the slut groaned deeply. He continued until he was deeply seated inside her bowels and stopped so she could get used to his size.

“Oh Sir, you feel so amazing! Please fuck me, fuck me hard!” She whimpered.

He slapped her on the ass again before grabbing her hips and pumping in and out of her. Her ass was so tight, and he was in heaven. His balls audibly slapped against her wet cunt lips.

“Yes Daddy! Oh, fuck me hard Daddy!” she screamed. Daniel loved the fact that his mother was calling him daddy. His cock twitched deep in her. He slapped her ass again, she screamed “I’m coming Daddy, I’m cumming!!” Her body twitched and shook under him, he was barely able to hold himself back from cumming as her tight ring clamped tightly around his cock. Once her orgasm finished, he pulled out of her.

“On your knees Slut,” he barked at her.

She quickly scrambled off the bed and kneeled on the floor. Daniel stood over her and stroked his cock over her waiting face. It only took a few strokes before Daniel was shooting ropes of hot jizz over her face, she never looked so beautiful. His cum ran down her face and onto her chest. Her tongue peaked out and licked her lips and the parts of her face she could reach. Her hands came up to rub the cum that had fallen on her chest into her aching breasts.

“Thank you, Sir. I love cum on my skin, and I especially love your come all over me.” She smiled up at him before cleaning the head of his cock of the few drops of jizz hanging there.

He helped her off the floor and kissed her lips before turning her toward the bathroom for her second shower of the day.

“I have a few things to do today,” he said to her before turning to go take his own shower in his bathroom. “I will see you tonight Slut.” Monica nodded and went to the bathroom.

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