Mom Gets a Surprise Ch. 2

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My Hot Brothers Ch. 2: Mom Gets a Surprise

My nineteen-year-old brother Jamie was fucking me nice and slow, doggie style, while his twin Johnny was feeding his ample cock to my hungry lips. My brothers loved this, their older sister in between them and pleasing both their young dicks simultaneously. I have to admit I liked it too. My pussy wet and warm and full of hard young dick while my lips sucked a savored its identical twin.

“Aw shit, Marian,” Jamie groaned. “I’m gonna blow, baby. Gonna blow my wad in your hot cunt.” His thrusts speeded up, while I moaned assent around Johnny’s throbbing pole pushing against the back of my throat.

“Oh fuck,” Johnny moaned. “Me too, sis. God you’re mouth is so fuckin’ hot!”

Hearing their voices, strained and husky with passion, sent me over the edge. My orgasm exploded through me, and I felt my cum juices surge over Jamie’s thrusting dick and balls, and trickling down my thighs.

Suddenly, I was being filled with hot musky cum from two spewing cocks. My pussy clenched, relaxed, and clenched again as Jamie erupted into my flowing depths. My mouth was filled with Johnny’s sweet fuck-muscle gysering jet after hot jet of hot creamy cum into the back of my throat. I swallowed it all and ground my hips to milk them both dry. Spent, we collapsed tangled together on the old sofa down in the den, me in between my two hot stud brothers. I loved that, their lean sweaty bodies next to mine, and their four hands to roam and caress me everywhere. And two mouths to lick and nibble both my tits at the same time. If you’ve never had that happen, girls, you’re in for a real treat!

I’d been fucking my brothers for about a year, ever since I caught them jacking off in the den while watching a porn video. Since then, I’d taught them how I liked to be pleased, and they were sweet and eager to learn. But in fairness, they taught me what they liked as well. The result was a threesome where experimentation was welcomed, improvisation frequent, and mutual satisfaction guaranteed. The only problem was that we could only play when mom wasn’t home.

Mom had raised us alone ever since our father had done a quick fade just after my brothers had been born. Although in her late forties, mom looked a lot younger. She was a beauty by anybody’s standards. Mom was tall, not quite six feet, but almost, and curvaceously well proportioned for her height and weight. Full firm breasts rode proudly over a waist that looked deliciously slender before flaring out over a firm round ass. Her legs were long and shapely, yet her feet and hands looked curiously small and delicate. When mom and I would go shopping, we’d hear whistles and sometimes not-so-subtle remarks of approval. Most of the time, we were taken for sisters rather than mom and daughter.

Single moms with three kids are not highly sought after. Mom dated some, sure, and a number of men found her more than just attractive. But three kids was a lot to ask of any guy, so Mom had never remarried. Moreover, with three of us, and the two boys babies, Mom had worked a lot, sometimes two jobs at the time. That didn’t leave her a great deal of time to socialize. When we were younger, of course, we didn’t think about it. But as my brothers and I grew older, we wondered what mom did for her kicks. I knew she had a drawer of toys in her bedroom. I found them accidentally when cleaning the house one day. She’d left a book on her bedside table, and I was going to put it in the drawer of the nightstand. In the drawer were several dildoes (some vibrating, some just big hard rubber cocks), a set of ben-wa balls, and ticklers of various shapes, sizes, and types. I had to grin at the fat butt-plug. Then I had this vision of mom, naked and on her back, her shapely thighs wide open, butt-plug in, and her working her pussy hard with one of the fat dildoes. My own pussy dampened as I thought of mom giving herself a ride on one of those huge artificial cocks, coming to a monstrous climax, and laying there alone afterwards, coming down with no warm arms around her, and nothing to cuddle too in that sweet afterglow.

These canlı bahis thoughts went through my mind as I lay between my two studs brothers. My mind’s eye saw her under them, just as I had been a few moments earlier. My nips tightened and I shivered as I imagined her rapture at Jamie and Johnny’s careful fucking.

“She’s thinking of something,” Jamie murmured sleepily on my right, one hand cupping my breast.

“And it must be good,” Johnny agreed, his fingers toying with my still wet and sticky slit. “She’s wetting up again.”

Jamie leaned over and gave my nipple a slow long lick, and looked up and said, “Don’t you ever get enough, Sis?”

I pulled both their heads to my breasts, with a happy little laugh. “With you two around, how can I help it?”

Johnny mounted me first, hard and ready again. Just as I was about to gush, he climaxed, and made way for Jamie to take his place and thrust me across the finish line into the winner’s circle.

A few nights later, I happened to be up when Mom came home from work. I’d been studying for an exam at school, and then couldn’t sleep, so I had decided to read some. I heard her walk up the stairs, and even her steps sounded weary. I sat listening to her go into her room, use the toilet, and then her steps in the hall.

She poked her head briefly into my room. She smiled, but I could see she was exhausted. “Hi, baby,” she said softly. “Keeping late hours aren’t you?”

I held up my chemistry book, and made a face. “Big test coming up,” I said.

She laughed quietly, and stepped into my room. She’d changed from her nurse’s uniform into a nightgown, a lovely blue satin sheath with spaghetti straps that came to her knees. Her full breasts strained at the thin shiny fabric, and I could easily make out the shape of her large nipples. It clung to the rest of her body not tightly, but enough to accentuate her ripe full-bodied figure. I found myself wondering if she had panties on underneath and quickly decided she couldn’t. Anything would have shown a line under that diaphanous gown.

“Well, don’t stay up too late,” she said, leaning over to kiss me on the forehead.

“I won’t,” I smiled. “Why don’t you hit the sack too? You look pooped.”

“Just as soon as I check on the boys,” she said heading for the door.

She walked out, and turned to the boys’ room at the end of the hall. I sat smiling for no good reason, and heard her quietly open the door to Jamie and Johnny’s room. Those two had been in bed for hours, and I hadn’t heard a peep out of them. In a few minutes, I realized I hadn’t heard mom walk back to her room. I got up and padded to my door and looked out.

Mom was standing in the boys’ doorway, one hand on the door jam, just staring. I walked down the hall, my bare feet making no noise in the thick carpet. When I saw inside their room, I knew why mom was staring. . The boys had a night-light plugged in at the door to their bathroom. But even that dim illumination was enough to give you quite an eyeful.

The evening was warm, and so was the house even with the air-conditioning going. My brothers always slept in the nude, and they had kicked off their bed covers, and were lying magnificently naked on top of the sheets of their beds. Jamie was sleeping on his belly, his strong round ass turned upwards. Johnny was on one side, his long fat cock draping languidly over his thigh. The only sound was their deep even breathing as they slept.

Mom jumped a little when I put my arm around her. She looked startled at first, but then smiled at me. She pulled the door closed, and we turned away down the hall towards our rooms. As we stepped away, she whispered softly, “They are pretty boys, aren’t they, Marian?”

I could see her nipples even more plainly through the thin satin of her robe. I smiled at her. “Yes, they certainly are. Pretty big, too.” I added, giving a little emphasis to the word big, and looking sideways out of my eyes to see if mom caught it.

If she did, she gave no sign. We walked to her room. She said good night, and gave bahis siteleri me a quick kiss on the cheek, and went into her room and closed the door. I went back to my room, and lay down. I still wasn’t sleepy, even though it had to be around two in the morning. I had turned my light out and was trying to sleep, tossing and turning and not able to find any one position that was comfortable. I was suddenly aware of sounds coming from the room next door. From my mom’s room.

At first, I thought she was crying. I sat up on the edge of my bed and listened. The sounds had a certain rhythmic regularity to them, even if they were ragged and breathless, like she was trying to be quiet. My bare feet made no noise as I tiptoed out of my room and into the hall. I crept quietly to mom’s door and gave it a small push. It opened a crack without a sound. The latch on her door had broken some years ago, and we’d just never gotten around to fixing it. It was pretty dark, but the light of a full moon provided enough illumination for me to make out my mother’s body stretched out on her bed, her legs open. The hall behind me was completely dark, so I pushed the door open enough to slip in my head just enough to see what was going on.

Mom was having a party of one, if you know what I mean. With one hand, she was massaging and pulling on her generous ample breasts. With the other, she was shoving a big thick dildo in and out of her wet cunt. The air was filled with the musky scent of her arousal, and her pussy made wet slurping noises as she worked the hard rubber cock in an out of her oozing hole. My own pussy twitched and dampened and my nips hard as mom fucked her cunny hard with the dildo.

Mom bent her knees, her feet flat on the bed, and gave a small cry. She was close to coming. Silently, I stepped in and closed the door behind me. I walked to the bed, pulling my tee over my shoulders and dropping it on the floor. I still had my panties on, but I knew I’d get rid of them when the time came.

I came to the edge of the bed, and my eyes were now accustomed to the dim light. Quickly, I stretched out on the bed beside her.

Mom gave a squeal of frightened surprise, but I hushed her by putting a finger on her lips. I smiled reassuringly at her in the dark, and kissed her forehead. Simultaneously, I reached down and took the dildo from her hand into mine. Our breasts touched, and she looked down startled.

“Marion,” she whispered her voice a mere husky whisper, “you shouldn’t be here.”

I gave her a quick kiss, and giggled softly. “You’ll wake the boys,” I whispered back. I didn’t say that that might be the thing to do anyway, but I thought of it. Instead, I whispered, “Just let me help you, mom. That’s all. It’s better with two.”

I twisted the dildo in her pussy, letting it twirl against her clit. She gave a soft moan, and covered my hand in hers, but she didn’t push me away.

“You’re my daughter,” she moaned. “It’s wrong!”

“Does this feel wrong?” I replied, giving the dildo a push deep into her wet opening, and bending over and taking one of her large nipples between my lips. I worked the dildo in her cunt, while I suckled and nibbled on Mom’s gorgeous 40D tits. Soon her back was rocking, and her arms were around me as she covered the top of my head with wet desperate kisses.

Suddenly her back stiffened, and her feet curled over. Her face was strained for a second, the stretched into a silent soundless scream. My hand holding the dildo was covered with a rush of cum dew. Mom grabbed my face in both her hands and pulled me too her in a passionate deep-tonguing kiss as she orgasmed. I pumped the dildo rapidly in and out of her flowing hole, thumbing her clit, to make sure her orgasm was intense and full.

Mom fell back, breathing hard. I let the dildo rest in her still spasming pussy as she came down from her explosive release. In a bit, her eyes opened and she smiled at me. One hand reached up and caressed my cheek.

“I should have come to you long ago,” she whispered. “I’m only 42, Marian. I still have normal needs.”

I bahis şirketleri snuggled next to her, and kissed her softly. Our bodies felt warm and moist and pleasant close to each other. “It’s okay, Mom,” I assured her. “I understand. Besides, I liked it. You have a beautiful body. I’m glad I could help.”

She put her arms around me and hugged me. Her hands rubbed gently up and down my bare back. The feel of her nipples rubbing mine was exquisite, and in spite of myself, I shivered. Then to my delighted surprise, one of Mom’s hands found the waistband of my panties, and slid inside to caress the cheeks of my ass.

I gave a slight moan, and hugged mom tighter. “Why baby,” she said softly. “You’re trembling like a leaf. Are you cold, honey?”

I sniggered. “No, not cold.” I said giggling. “I’m hotter than a two dollar pistol on a Saturday night, Mom.”

Mom giggled too. Her hand went over my ass, and a finger tickled my wet slit. “Marian,” she whispered in a mock scold. “You’ll ruin those panties, honey.” Then she pulled the thin garment over my ass. I rolled over slightly, and lifted my hips, as she slipped the sodden smelly panties over my legs and off my ankles. The wetness left cold trails on my skin, as mom tossed them into the floor. Then we rolled together in a passionate embrace.

Our tits mashed together, and our mounds sought each other as eagerly as our lips met in another deep long kiss. Mom’s ripe body felt wonderful in my arms and next to mine. My clit had stiffened, and mom’s hairy bush was teasing it into a sexual frenzy. Her hands roamed over me, expertly gentle, touching and teasing and caressing. I’d had a few girlfriends before, but none were as confident and as knowledgeable as my mother was.

Then I was on my back, with my mother suckling and nibbling my tits, making me groan and thrash on the bed. One hand was expertly diddling my clit, as fingers deftly explored the oozing folds of my pussy. She put her lips on mine in a soft but firm kiss, and whispered for me to hush. “We mustn’t wake the boys,” she said firmly.

“Oh mom,” I moaned quietly, thrusting my hips up to her expert finger fucking. “Oh mom, I gotta cum. Please, Mommy, please.” I was begging. My nipples, my breasts, my belly, even my cunt were on fire for release.

Mom gave me a kiss to quiet me, then moved in between my legs. My thighs were spread wide, and Mom’s long brown hair trailed tantalizingly over my belly. Then her lips were on my pussy lips, her tongue darting in and out rapidly. I gave a small squeak, then lay back as mom’s tongue went to work on the folds of my pussy. Soon I was holding her head tightly, pressing her to me. My orgasm exploded. Mom licked and lapped and teased my clit with perfect abandon, making me feel each shuddering wave to the fullest. I bit my lips almost until they bled to keep from crying out in sensual rapture.

Mom and I lay quietly in each other arms, fully spent and exhausted. We whispered quietly about things, but my mind was racing with possibilities. The main thing was, Mom knew now she didn’t have to spend her nights alone. Once we had finished, and after we’d talked it out, Mom was if not comfortable with the idea she was at least glowing with a warm afterglow of hot sex with a willing partner.

We made love often that night. I licked her mature pussy, and delighted in its musky fragrance and spicy taste. Her cum was clear and fresh. We fucked each other with a dildo that had two ends, and mom bucked hard as orgasm after orgasm cascaded over her. It was after six when Mom kissed me awake, my cunt sore and my thighs sticky from our combined multiple cummings.

“The boys will be up soon, sweetheart,” she whispered, covering my face with gentle kisses. “You’d better get back to your own room, baby. I’ll see you again tonight, Lover.”

I went back to my room, sleepily but happy and content. I lay down, not bothering to put my tee and panties back on, and fell asleep, still tingling from my night of passion. But as I dozed off, my memories kept getting confused. Mom, Jamie, Johnny, and me in images both erotic and electrifying. I feel into an exhausted spent sleep.

Thanks to all readers who responded to “My Hot Brothers”. I do have more story. Love and Best Wishes to Literotica.Com for giving me this chance. JerryL50

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