Mom and Son Dating Ch. 01

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Hi my name is Eric and this is the story of how I wound up sharing a bed with my mother. It was early winter in New York and I came home from night school to find my mom crying over a pile of bills and an empty bottle of jack. We were being evicted, after my dad cheated on my mom a couple years ago he ran up a lot of credit card bills in my moms name. The debt finally caught up with us we had already sold all of the nice furniture, and appliances.

I arrived at the apartment building that my mom wanted us to check out. All that was available was a studio apartment on the top floor. “We wont have much room here but can you bare it sweetie?” my mom asked.

“Of course mom,” I answered

“We’ll take it!” my mom told the realtor

We moved into the apartment, all we had was a mattress with no box spring, a small reclining chair, a little 24 inch television, a fridge and a micro wave, a tiny bath room with a nice shower in fact it was almost the only nice thing in the apartment along with one tiny space heater that barely kept anything warm.

I came home to find my mom sitting on the bed and watching the television in a t-shirt and checkered pajama pants.

“Hey mom, whats up,” I said

“I’m stressing out about this move,” she said to me in an worried voice

“Like what?” I asked

“Like where are you gonna sleep I totally forgot we could only afford one bed,” she explained

“I’ll sleep in the chair mom its fine,” I replied. Even though I would much rather share a bed with her

That night my mom was getting ready for bed when she realized we only had one blanket in this freezing cold apartment. “Baby come lay down in the bed its okay” my mom said to me motioning with her hand, here I was at 19 years old crawling into a double bed with my mom like a kid again. “There’s only one blanket so you’ll have to get close, you don’t mind cuddling with mom just like old times right,” she said with a giggle.

“No mom I’d love to,”I crawled up along side my mom and got under the blanket. Then I heard the heater slow to a stop, “crap,” I exclaimed, the cold began to set in. The blanket was barely helping. I started moving closer to my mom until was up against her back, I put my arm around her waist and pulled myself tight up against her I began to feel warmer as we exchanged body heat.

My mom moved around under the covers, her butt was rubbing up against my crotch, her cheeks were fantastic they were like warm soft clouds running along me. It was then when a thought began to creep into my head. I was sleeping next to my mom and I started to notice, how sexy she was. My mom was a hot brunette at the age of thirty-six she still had a smoking body she was five feet and eight inches tall, with nice D cup breasts, her ass was perfect, and her legs were amazingly hot. It brought me back to when I was going through puberty and I was attracted to my mother, I used to imagine fucking her.

I hadn’t held a girl like this since my ex-girlfriend. I started getting an erection, I felt It pressing between my moms smooth ass cheeks. I slid my hand slightly down her stomach to just above her pussy, my erection grew as it pressed through my boxers, my head was pushing against her pussy lips. Her lips were so wet and I could feel my tip sliding around in the juices. My mom let out a little moan, she moved slightly away from me I was afraid she had felt my boner poking her. So I pushed it down between my legs and fell asleep I had a test tomorrow on Friday after that I had the whole weekend to relax.

The canlı bahis next day I got home and my mom was drinking in the kitchen she wasn’t drunk but she had had a few drinks. We sat around and watched movies for a while, She looked amazing I thought about the night before, about her soaking wet lips and how badly I wanted to fill her with my cock. When she was getting ready for bed I saw her go into the bathroom, she came out in a small tank top and a pair of my boxers.

“I hope you don’t mind sweetie pie I’m out of underwear,” she told me

“No its fine mom you look good,” I replied

“Thank you,” she said with a devilish grin as she got under the covers. I crawled under the covers in my t-shirt and boxers. My mom got settled under the cover and took off her bra and laid it on the floor next to the bed I watched as her massive tits were set free from her oppressive bra. “You don’t care do you sweetie Its just us?” she asked.

“No its fine,” I answered, I wasn’t planning on stopping her she looked gorgeous with her long hair draped down onto her tits. She crawled down and pulled the covers up to her neck.

“brr I’m freezing baby could you hold me like you did last night?” my mom asked

“Sure,” I said. I cautiously slid up beside my mom and wrapped my arm around her. She was turning me on way too much, My own mom was like some celebrity crush.

It began to get very warm under the blanket. “phew its getting warm you don’t mind if I take off these do you?” she asked as she pulled on the boxers she was wearing. I shook my head, she slowly slid the boxers down over her ass cheeks and off her ankles she threw it beside her bra. Then she pulled me back up against her.

I started to slide my boxers slowly off “mom um can I take mine off?” I asked my mom, she put them on the floor by the pair she was wearing. I watched television with my mom for a while.

I slid up my pillows a little bit to readjust as I did my hand that was cupped around my moms stomach slid across her right breast through her tank top.

“Baby, what are you doing?” she gasped

“nothing mom it was an accident I’m so sorry!” I replied as I pulled my hand away from her

“It’s okay honey come back over here,” she said as she pulled me back up against her. A few minutes later I felt her hand come down and rest on top of mine, she guided my hand up under her tank top and just below her tits, “put your hand here it’ll help you hold me a bit closer,” she explained. It was getting hard to control myself and I could feel my cock growing. “Here now you can hold me as tight as possible,” she said as she guided my hand up under her arm and between her large tits.

“We’re both adults here I can take off my tank top right?” she asked as she looked back at me

“Yea but only if I can take my shirt off,” I answered, she just smiled at me and sat up and took off her tank top, her massive tits came slowly out from under the shroud of her tank top, I was no longer looking at nipples through a thin tank top, I could see my own mothers massive breasts right beside me.I took off my t-shirt and laid it down beside the bed without taking an eye off my mother amazing breasts.

“well don’t stare!” she exclaimed at me watching as I eye balled her sexy tits. She grabbed my hand and she laid back on her side both of us now butt naked she returned my hand in between her large boobs and pulled me tight up against her smooth skin. Here I was lying with my naked mother who I’m pretty sure was putting the moves bahis siteleri on me, my only issue was the fact that she was my mother, I was extremely attracted to her. So I just went with it. The sexual tension was thick, I felt her beautiful skin up against me it made me helpless my mom had seduced me. I couldn’t stop myself, My cock grew and pressed against her ass she adjusted herself so that my dick laid between her legs the top of it against her pussy. She pushed down against my dick and let out a small moan, I could feel her juices flowing onto my cock. I pressed harder and my head slipped close to her hole.

My mom moved my hand up onto her boob and squeezed our hands on it, she let out a soft moan. “Ooh son,” she whispered softly after another squeeze.

“Mom I…”

“shh quiet sweetie were just cuddling, now cuddle your mommy like you mean it,” she said

“Do you like cuddling your mommy sweetie?” my mother asked in a seductive voice

“I love it mommy,” I said to her

“Yea call me mommy more son,”

“Oh mommy your titties feel so good,” I moaned in her ear

“Yea baby you like your momma’s big tits don’t you?” my mother asked with a loud moan. I stopped and looked at my mom.

“Mom I’ve wanted to be with you for so long, I have a little bit of a crush on you, you’re so beautiful mom and I want you to be mine!” I told my mother as I ran my fingers along her neck and through her hair.

“Eric I’ll be yours forever, and you’ll always be my little boy,” my mother replied. She looked at me and leaned in for a kiss our lips touched for what seemed like forever. We made out for a while feeling each other and kissing all over. I began kissing my way down my mom’s body until I reached her crotch, I licked her thighs and gently guided my tongue along her tight pussy lips. “Sorry mommy hasn’t shaved lately,” she said as my tongue ran across her sexy brunette bush.

“Its fine mommy I like it you have a gorgeous pussy,” I told my mom as I guided my hand over her smooth pubes

“Excuse you young man Its called a vagina,” she said in a sarcastic tone

“Damn mommy you’re hot when you boss me around,” I replied

“Yea you like when I tell you what to do?” she asked in a very sexy voice.

“Can I please eat out your vagina mom?” I asked before giving her a kiss on her pussy lips.

“Yes you may if you ask correctly, whats my name?” my mother asked looking very intently into my eyes.

“Can I please eat your vagina Shirley?” I asked giving her what ever she wanted as long as I could taste the juices building in her hot pussy. I slid my tongue all over my mothers clitoris, she moaned as she ran her fingers across my short cut hair. I began licking around her hole, I shoved my tounge in quickly reaching it around every inch of her pussy she began moaning.

“Oh Eric eat your mother’s cunt!” she moaned. I felt her pussy pulsing as her cum flew from her like a fountain, I moved up to her and began making out with her again.

“Mom your pussy is amazing!” I exclaimed. I pressed my hard cock against her wet pussy lips. It pressed it in slowly.

“Baby go slow you’re only the second man I’ve been with ever so I’m very tight,” my mother explained I couldn’t believe my father was the only other person to fuck my mother. My head pressed slowly against my mother’s fine pussy, she moaned loudly as she grasped the covers, I pressed my head against her hole spreading it around my cock.

“Baby give it to your mommy!” she begged. I began feeding all 6 bahis şirketleri inches of my hard dick into my mothers wet vagina her juices worked as an amazing lubricant. “Oh Eric you feel so good, give me that young dick!” my mom commanded as I began thrusting into her.

“Ooh mom, you like my dick inside you?” I asked my mother.

“Say my name when you’re fucking me bitch…” my mom yelled at me I paused and looked at her.

“mommy doesn’t mean that it just turns me on when my baby boy calls me by my name,” she said to me as she kissed my neck.

“Shirley you’re cunt feels so tight, you feel like a virgin,” I said to my mother as I plowed into her dripping pussy. I started going deep into my mother her nails dug into my back, but the pain only made me hump harder.

“Eric fuck baby… I’m gonna cum!” my mom cooed as I rammed my hard dick into her. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock as she came, she ran her tongue all over mine as we kissed. I felt her virgin like pussy grab around my cock like a vice grip, she wrapped her legs tight around me with a loud moan she returned to normal with an amazingly pleased expression.

“baby that’s just what momma needed,” she said as she caught her breath.

“Now mommy is gonna make you cum,” my mother said as she rolled me off her and mounted me she slowly slid down my body kissing me all over, she sank bellow the covers and began kissing my hard dick. She ran her tongue all around my head, the she started forcing more and more of my dick into her mouth I felt my dick touching the back of her mouth she pushed it further until it was going down her throat. She let my dick out of her mouth as she gasped for air.

“Oh Shirley your mouth feels so good!” I said to my mother as she began licking up my dick.

“Yea does my boy like it when I go deep on his big dick?” my mom said in a very sexy voice. She started licking my balls and sucking on them, she returned to my cock and began going as deep as she could I could feel her again and again one minute her lips were on the tip of my dick and the next they where wrapped around the base. I could feel my cum rising to my tip I alerted my mother she sat up from under the covers and opened wide, I stood over her and grabbed hold of my dick.

“Cum in your mommy’s mouth son, cum for mommy!” she yelled at me, she was licking my balls as I jerked my cock.

“Mom, oh mom yes here it comes!” I said holding back groans of pleasure. Right as I said that my mother became an animal she began sucking my dick wildly I grabbed hold of her sexy brunette hair and began skull fucking her I shot my load at the back of her warm throat she moaned with my dick shoved fully into her mouth. She pulled it out and milked the last few drops licking them slowly from the tip of my cock.

“Mom I love you so much,” I told my beautiful mother as we collapsed to the bed.

“I love you to sweetie you are the best son in the whole world!” she declared as she nuzzled up into my arms.

“This isn’t the only time we can do this right mom?” I asked my mother as I caressed her silky hair.

“Of course not baby, I want you to be mine and that means no fucking any other girls, am I clear,” my mother stated.

“I promise mom, wait does that mean were dating then?” I asked my mom, she rolled over to look at me.

“Is that what you want son, for mommy to be your girlfriend?”

“Is that okay with you?” I asked her.

“Yes but I want you to ask the right way honey,”

“Mom… I mean Shirley will you be my girlfriend?” I asked my butt naked mother as I rubbed my hand along her back and smooth ass.

“Of course I’ll be your girlfriend!” she exclaimed.

To be continued…

Please comment any suggestions for part two.

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