Mom and I are Really Close

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My mom and I are very, very close. Even now at 40 years old (mom is 56) we’re very close. Here’s the story of how we got so close.

My mom and dad married when she was 16 and he was 31. Not so uncommon in the rural area where they lived. Within a year (mom was still 16) my twin sister and I were born.

My mom tells me that from the beginning my sister was bigger than me. As a very young boy I was rather sickly and puny, so much so that when it came time to start school my sister went right in and I was held back. So I grew up in this odd situation where my twin sister was a year ahead of me in school.

When we were growing up we lived in an old house that only had a window unit air conditioner in our parents’ room. Most of the time, in the hot weather, my sister and I would sweat it out in our own bedrooms. Fortunately my dad travelled quite a bit with his job and when he was gone mom would let us sleep in her room, with my sis sharing her bed and me on the floor.

Just after our 18th birthday sis graduated from high school and left for college that June. By then I had gotten over my sickliness and had grown quite a bit. I was 6’1″, about 190 lbs. and quite the football player. I guess being almost a year older than everyone else had its advantages.

So about a week after we all drove to Austin to drop my sis off at school, my dad took off on one of his work trips. He was gonna be gone for a week. That evening, mom mentioned that I could sleep in her room since it was so hot out. So at bedtime I go into mom’s room, just wearing an old pair of gym shorts, and start spreading the blankets on the floor. Mom was in the rest room getting ready for bed, but sticks her head out, sees me and tells me I don’t need to do that, I can sleep in the bed with her since my sis is gone. Thinking the bed will be much more comfortable than the floor I was happy with the new sleeping arrangements. So I jumped into bed to wait for mom.

A few minutes later mom walks out of the rest room and my jaw fell open. Mom was wearing a very short, very sheer, low cut nightgown that I had never seen. Her very large breasts (34D I later found out) were swinging freely in her gown as she walked. Her big nipples were clearly visible through the sheer material. Mom walked over to adjust the window blinds and as she reached up her gown lifted and I thought I could see the tip of her ass cheeks. By the time she reached the bed I had the biggest hard on of my life. She got into bed and laid there talking to me for a while. She then told me she was going to sleep, and leaned over to give me a good night kiss. As she did that her breasts almost fell out of her nightgown canlı bahis and I’m sure my eyes almost popped out of my head. She kissed me goodnight, turned to face away from me, turned out the lamp, and went to sleep.

I didn’t think I’d ever fall asleep, laying there so horny. I thought about getting up and sneaking into the restroom to jack off but decided against it and finally fell asleep. Sometime during the night, I must have rolled towards my mom, and hugged her from behind. I woke up with my arm over her, with her arm on top of mine, and realized that my hand was on her breast. I tried to pull my hand away but couldn’t because her arm was on top of mine. I didn’t want to wake her, but thought that I was gonna be in big trouble when she woke up and found me touching her like that. However my hormone driven teenage brain thought what the hell if I’m gonna be in trouble, I might as well enjoy it so I started moving my hand slowly over her breast squeezing gently. It took a few seconds but then I realized that I wasn’t feeling any cloth over her tit. Holy shit, her nightgown must have slid over (it was very low cut) and her breast was uncovered and I was feeling it. This was the first time I had ever felt a breast, other than a few times on dates when girls had let me touch them outside their blouses. (I think my early health problems, and delayed growth had made me very shy and awkward with the girls).

So here I am in bed with my mom, squeezing and feeling her breast, feeling her big nipple get hard, and her beautiful ass leaning against my crotch and my big hard on. I was in heaven, even if I knew the shit would hit the fan when mom woke up. Fortunately for me mom started to stir and moved her arm so I was able to get my arm and hand away from her chest and I moved away a bit from her. All of a sudden mom woke up, rolled on her back and looked at me to see if I was awake. She saw me and said good morning and asked how I had slept. The first thing I noticed as she lay on her back was that both of her tits were sticking out of her nightgown and both nipples were as hard as diamonds. I tried to carry on a conversation with her but it was hard. She figured I was just still half asleep and told me she was gonna get up and start breakfast, and I could sleep a little longer. I just nodded. Then she turned toward me to give me a good morning kiss and when she did her leg hit my crotch (and my big hardon). I’m not sure if I gasped, but mom got a strange look on her face and asked what shorts I was wearing. I told her it was my old gym shorts. She then reached out to my waist and tugged on the waistband of the shorts and asked how I could even sleep in bahis siteleri these shorts since they were so small and tight on me.

I tried to tell her that they were OK, but she was tugging at the waist and told me I should take them off so I could sleep more comfortable. I tried to tell her it was OK, but she was insistent. I finally said OK and lifted my hips and she yanked down my shorts. As she did that the sheet and blankets flew off and with my shorts down my hard cock flopped out uncovered. Mom was looking down and I heard her say “Oh, you’re not wearing underwear!” I started to apologize but she said no that’s OK; the main thing is to be comfortable. I noticed that the whole time she was talking to me she was looking down at my cock. I also noticed that her nightgown had ridden up, and she wasn’t wearing panties either. The sight of my mom’s very hairy pussy (this was the 80s) made my cock jump and get even harder.

My mom asked if I was always like that. I asked what she meant, and she asked if it was always that big. Even though I was only 18, my cock was fully grown and just over 8″. I told her it was only like that when I was excited. She asked if I meant like when I was looking at the magazines in my room. Busted, she had found my porn stash. I started to apologize for that but she said it was okay, and only natural to be curious about that stuff. She mentioned that the women were very pretty and could see how they would excite me. I told her she was prettier than all of those women and that’s why I was so hard. She had a look on her face and then I looked down at her breasts and her uncovered pussy and she realized what she was showing me. She asked if that was really why I was so big and hard at that point. I said yes mom you’re the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen.

She kept looking at my cock, and then told me that the only man’s cock she had ever seen or touched was my dad’s, and that I was much bigger than him. I said really, and she just nodded keeping her eyes on my hard on. Then she shocked me by asking if she could touch me. I asked what she had said. She told me again that she had only ever seen and touched my dad, and was curious now about mine since it was bigger. I assured her that if she wanted to touch me she was more than welcome to.

So here I am naked in bed with mom. Her tits and pussy are on display and she grabs my hard cock. I could have died right then and there a very happy young man.

Mom squeezed my cock and rubbed it a bit. Then she shocked me again by asking if I had ever had done to me what the women in my magazines did. I asked what she meant, and she asked if a girl had ever put me in her mouth. bahis şirketleri I assured her that I had never done anything like that and had no experience with the girls. She then told me that she had always wanted to do that (give a blow job) and that her girlfriends had all told her about it, but that my dad would not allow her to do that to him (a whole other story). She then asked if she could do that to me. After calming down so I wouldn’t have a heart attack, I assured her again that if she wanted to she certainly could.

Mom wasted no time, and leaned over and took my cock in her mouth. Although she didn’t really know what to do (hell neither did I) she started sucking and licking and within about 30 seconds I came a huge load in her mouth. She started to swallow and gagged a bit. When she looked up at me I could see her eyes tearing a bit and I thought I had done something wrong. I started to apologize for coming in her mouth but she assured me that it’s what she wanted, and that she had enjoyed it.

Mom lay back on the bed next to me as I was trying to come down from the wonderful feeling of my first blow job. I started to thank her. She then mentioned that there was something else that she had always wanted, but that dad refused her. I asked what it was, and told her I would do anything for her. She said she had always wanted to have what I just had. I looked at her a little puzzled, and she said she always wanted dad to lick her but he never would. She asked if I would do that for her and I told her I’d be thrilled to.

So mom sat up, took off her gown and lay on her back with her legs spread. I moved between her legs and looked into the nicest hairiest pussy I had ever imagined. I had no idea what to do, but just started licking. I noticed as I licked her lips, that she was getting wetter. I flicked my tongue and over what I now know is her clit and she almost jumped out of the bed. I apologized and she said no, that it felt wonderful when I licked there. So I started licking and sucking on her clit. She had her hands in my hair and was pulling me into her pussy and I licked as much as I could. I felt her tense up and release and didn’t realize she was cumming. She held my head there and I kept on and I think she came twice more. Finally she pushed me away. I thought I had done it wrong as I lay next to her but she assured me it was wonderful. She turned to me, hugged me and I felt those wonderful tits in my chest as she kissed me. I could still taste my cum in her mouth and I know she could taste her juices on my face.

We talked a bit and she made me promise never to tell anyone about what we had done. I assured her I wouldn’t.

She then got up to go make breakfast and I saw my beautiful naked mom walk from the room. I figured this was a one-time thing, never to happen again, and I was fine with that.

I didn’t know how wrong I was.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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