Mistletoe Kisses

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially. These stories have been public for some time, but I am slowly uploading my back catalogue of stories currently.

Author’s note: as I’ve been receiving some very peculiar comments, I’d like to clarify that all commenting on stories has been disabled and I’ve changed my feedback to only allow non-anonymous comments. These are my oldest works and I’d also like to note that furry/anthro work is pure fantasy and it’s just a way of imagining characters that this particular fandom appears to enjoy – it is not animal sex. I have some real erotic animal (dragons etc) stories but, if those are actually permitted here, they will be tagged correctly and in the correct category.

Until then – please enjoy! The newest stories, when I come to them, will be my best work in terms of style, grammar and so on; so please be patient while I upload the back catalogue.



Mistletoe Kisses

The white dragon woke slowly, blinking in the eerie light of the moon and stars. Rolling over in what seemed to be a generous, double bed, he kicked the sheets loose from his legs, tangled and damp with sweat. His scales were clammy and Ruth shook his head, raking his gaze over the small bedroom, picking out a narrow wardrobe and desk with television set in the dim light. He was not home or in any other location in which he had stayed prior. The red standby light on the flat screen TV blinked repetitively, following an unheard beat in the late night silence. What had happened here? Why were the curtains open? Pushing himself into a seated position, Ruth leaned back on the palms of his paws and frowned.

Better still: where was he?

The best he could surmise was that he was in a hotel room of some kind, as simply and practically furnished as this space was. What on earth was he doing in a hotel room? Especially so close to his flight date! He was due to fly to Australia in a few days, he couldn’t be getting into unexplainable messes when so much counted on that flight. Maybe he had hit the whisky before going to bed? But that conclusion was derived from no manner of rhyme or reason – he was not hung over or still intoxicated. The only symptom of drinking a little too much was waking up in an unknown location. Shaking his head slowly, Ruth sighed and glanced out the open window, a shiver pricking his scales. He never left the window open, least of all during winter, though the starlight was colder than the breeze.

“Hello again, love.”

His head whipped around. In stark contrast to the room, a very familiar green dragon stood in front of a pale brown door, arms folded across his chest and a grin tugging at his muzzle as if he had been waiting for Ruth to notice him. He was also nude from his smirking muzzle to his hind paws, claws curling downwards into the plain carpet. Come to think of it, Ruth was devoid of any clothing whatsoever too.

“Rai!” Ruth scrambled to his knees, the sheets falling away from his body. “What’s going on? Why are you here? Where are we?”

“Shush.” The green dragon chuckled lightly. “I can surprise you too sometimes.”

“Well, of course,” Ruth shook his head. “But where are we? Aren’t we in England? Or am I with you?”

Raiyoku giggled and held a finger to his lips, shushing his mate as his tail curled around, showing off a sprig of mistletoe tied to the tip with a red ribbon.

“Does it matter where we are?”

Hesitating, the white dragon half-shrugged, eyes following the cluster of mistletoe as Rai waved his tail slowly from one side to the other. It was hypnotic. He wished Rai would turn around, showing off that hot rump of his; perhaps he could then put that mistletoe to good use in a better manner than the traditional kiss. Shaking himself, he forced his stunned mind to respond to his mate’s question, if belatedly.

“In a way, yes,” Ruth’s lips twitched. “I’d rather know before I drag you into bed with me.”

The green dragon’s smile was far from coy.

“Why wait?”

Did he require any more invitation than that? Ruth launched himself bodily off the bed, landing with a thump on the carpet and a predatory smile on his draconian muzzle. Feigning terror, Rai held up his paws and darted to the left, making as if to dash around the bed. He was easily trapped within his mate’s strong arms at the foot of the bed, making the playful flight futile. The white dragon tipped him on to the rumpled sheets with a triumphant growl, pink tongue flicking out against his lips.

Ruth pounced, making the bed bounce, and pressed his lips passionately to his mate’s, white paws trapping the green’s against his sides. Whining, Rai squirmed and arched up to Ruth, trapping the white dragon’s hardening shaft between their stomachs as his own swelled in aroused otele gelen escort response. Rai’s dark green horns curved back into the pillows as he wriggled and Ruth ground his hard-on against Rai’s shaft, both members growing slick from their combined pre. Increasingly turned on by the frantic, panting liaison, Ruth’s balls, usually held internally like Raiyoku’s, gently lowered from a concealed pouch between his thighs. Breaking the kiss, he gasped aloud, ducking his muzzle against Rai’s neck and catching the scales with his teeth, all to hear the dragon’s needy moans. The white dragon was already eager to spill his seed but some cases demanded certain ‘special’ attention, if given opportunity.

Giving his mate little chance to react, Ruth drew his knees under his body and quickly spun around, facing his mate’s curling tail, which curved up between his legs as the dragon lay on his back. A wicked grin flickered across his muzzle as he brought his leg over Raiyoku’s chest, straddling his body as he eased his body back and stretched out his neck for that teasing tail-tip. The sprig of mistletoe was tied a few inches from the tip and the dragon caught the protruding length between his lips, suckling and caressing the tip with the flat of his tongue.

The effect on Rai was electric. Digging his claws in the bed sheets, surely shredding them, his muzzle lolled open and he groaned loudly, tail writhing like a thing possessed. Rai drew his legs up so his hind paws rested flat on the bed and he thrust wantonly into midair, a drop of pre cum languidly rolling down the dark cock. Suppressing a grin, Ruth rested his paws on Rai’s thighs, holding him back as much as their position would allow, and wrapped his tongue around the tail-tip, teasing and caressing with a lover’s finesse. Somewhat regaining control of himself, Rai pushed his torso up with some difficulty and lashed the white dragon’s heavy balls with his long tongue. Ruth moaned in pleasure around the tail between his lips, mistletoe brushing his nose, and pushed back, silently begging for more as his mate so willingly complied.

Tiring of purely teasing the green dragon, Ruth hungered after more solid meat: namely the pole of dragon-flesh bumping his chin as he gave the tip of Rai’s tail one last, lusty suck. Words were not need as he near dove on to Raiyoku’s hard length, lips sliding around the head and sucking even more keenly than he had upon the dragon’s tail. Not expecting the stimulation, Rai bucked and moaned without care for anyone that may or may not hear them – Ruth still did not know where they were or who may be nearby. Ruth slid his paw between his mate’s thighs, pushing his legs further apart, and murred around the thick shaft in his muzzle. Allowing his legs to be spread, the green dragon huffed a warm breath over Ruth’s orbs and Ruth shivered in response, tail swinging back and forth as he refused to concede the upper paw.

Rai had a few tricks up his figurative sleeve, much to his delight, however. Taking his mate’s balls gently into his muzzle, he sucked and teased the hot flesh with his lips and tongue; Ruth’s muffled moans were music to his ears, encouraging him to work his tongue harder until the white dragon quivered above him. Sliding his muzzle back with a small sigh, he nuzzled up to Ruth’s tight tail hole, lapping carefully over the hole as Ruth twitched, stifled vocalisations reverberating through his body. The green dragon held back a smirk and rubbed his fleshy tongue under Ruth’s tail, gently slipping the very tip inside to caress the sensitive nerve endings there.

Trembling, Ruth fought the urge to push back on to Raiyoku’s muzzle and swallowed the full length of his mate’s cock between his damp lips. Torn between instinctively bucking and arching back to demand more, the white dragon bobbed his muzzle quickly, giving as good as he received in terms of pleasure. Rai’s arms rose, encircling his body so the dragon had to drop his hips, shaft and balls resting on Rai’s chest as he shuddered, tongue curling around the base of his mate’s rod. The natural scent of his mate and his musk was overpowering in the best manner and Ruth allowed himself to become lost in the warmth of the body beneath his. Caressing with his tongue and lips, the white dragon sucked lewdly, rocking with Raiyoku as the green dragon struggled with self-control, trying not to thrust wildly into Ruth’s inviting muzzle. Soon Rai whimpered like a randy teen, ready to cum on the very lightest of triggers.

Thus teased to the brink of orgasm by Ruth’s skilled tongue, Raiyoku tightened his arms around Ruth’s waist, alternating between lapping over the dragon’s balls and his clenching tail hole. Just a little more… The green dragon squirmed and bucked, breath catching in his throat as he clung to Ruth with a vice like grip. To his surprise, Ruth pulled away just as Rai tensed, ready to paint the dragon’s muzzle whiter with his seed, and groaned in frustration as he was left so unsatisfied.

“No…” Rai whined, thrusting up rus escort in a vain attempt to sink his cock back into Ruth’s warm muzzle. “So close…”

“Ah, ah…” Ruth gasped breathlessly, jerking as Raiyoku discovered a particularly sensitive spot within his tail hole. “Not yet.”

As frustrated as he was, Rai caught the lusty lilt in Ruth’s voice and perked up. He scored one final sweep of his tongue across Ruth’s balls, pressing his tongue between the orbs hard enough to make the dragon groan, and relented, paws trailing over his mate’s body as he withdrew. Sitting up while still straddling his mate’s body, Ruth crawled down, grinding and rubbing his cock to Rai’s as the desperate dragon panted and whined, reaching for Rai again before the wicked white shifted beyond his reach. Chest heaving, Rai collapsed on to the bed and looked to Ruth for direction, too frustrated to take matters into his own paws and pounce – at that moment.

Kneeling at Raiyoku’s side, the bed sank under the weight of two dragons and Ruth trailed both paws down Rai’s chest, murring as he deliberately avoided Rai’s hard-on, much to the green dragon’s disappointment. Though he groaned, Rai knew instinctively what Ruth desired, and rolled on to his front, pushing his rear up as the mistletoe sprig waved enticingly. Ruth nipped the inside of his cheek and groped Rai’s rump unashamedly, spreading the cheeks to catch a glimpse of his partner’s enticing tail hole.

The almost ‘winking’ hole beneath Rai’s tail was all too inviting for a horny dragon and Ruth slid two fingers into his muzzle, withdrawing them only when they dripped with ropes of saliva. Jumping as the fingers slid over his tense anal ring, Rai strove to relax, looking back at his mate over his shoulder. A smile briefly brightened his muzzle but dissolved in a moan as two fingers eased into his tail hole, forcing entry in a way that should have been painful but only drew forth ripples of pleasure. Ruth licked his lips. It was all moving so quickly – too quickly! Yet he could not resist.

Pushing up behind the needy dragon, Ruth rubbed his member between Rai’s rear cheeks, groaning deep in his throat with even greater need. Spreading his own pre cum over the head of his painfully hard cock, the dragon pressed forward, straining at the tight hole of his partner until, with a gasp from both parties, the tip popped inside. Rai raised his muzzle from the pillows and panted harshly, though the stretch did not dissuade him from pushing back, impaling his tail hole further upon the throbbing dragon-cock.

The white dragon struggled to hold back – if he pushed too hard, he could hurt his mate – but found the fight greater than he. Rai’s warm hold clenched and squeezed so deliciously around his dick that it seemed no leap to buck his hips, spearing him open a little further as Rai arched back, near demanding more. Gritting his teeth together, Ruth leaned over the green dragon, holding his tail up with one paw as he drove in hard, startling a cry from Rai and sinking his full length into the dragon’s welcoming hole. So filled, Rai wriggled and ground back against his partner, a lusty moan escaping his muzzle. He turned so that his cheek pressed into the cool pillowcases and drew his arms beneath his chest, using them for leverage as he rocked in time with Ruth’s thrusts. Each roll of the white dragon’s hips forced out a fresh moan.

A wave of exhilaration rippled through Ruth as he pounded in with less and less concern for his partner. How could he be worried about hurting Rai when the dragon thrust back so wantonly? He surely was not hurting! Snapping his jaws together, Ruth snorted heavily, closing his teeth around Rai’s tail and biting down, ensuring even without his impaling dragon flesh that Rai’s rear stayed lifted exactly where he needed it to be. Ruth’s balls slapped Rai’s perineum with every thrust, the green dragon’s member drooling pre cum over the bed sheets, rent with claw marks.

Hips slapping rump flesh, Ruth’s jaws closed a fraction more around his mate’s tail, drawing forth a whimper as he was held. Pushing his body over Rai’s, Ruth growled around the scales between his teeth and wrapped one arm around the dragon’s waist, driving in with enough force to rock the headboard of the bed against the wall. What did he care if anyone heard? Rai gasped loudly, squeezing around the hot dragon-cock under his tail. Every thrust spread him open so perfectly, the thick rod burying itself within his depths over and over again, hitting his prostrate. Though he could have cum on the spot, he held back with an immense demonstration of will, wanting something more, to cum with his partner. Ruth’s movements quickly became erratic and the dragon closed his eyes. It was evident that he could not last much longer and, if Rai’s ragged snorts were any indication from his particular perspective, neither could the other dragon.

Ah, to hell with it.

Thrusting with renewed urgency, Ruth’s control slipped and he hammered into his writhing, moaning mate’s tail sıhhiye escort hole with a predatory growl. Shivering under the onslaught, it was all Rai could do to remain still as a paw traced down his spine and Ruth’s hips slammed into his rump repeatedly, powering towards an explosive release. Ruth released the green dragon’s tail and panted open-mouthed; the heady scent of sex was thick in the air, spurring him on to climax. Reaching lower with the arm that encircled the bucking dragon’s waist, Ruth grasped Rai’s shaft as he was about to cum, pumping his paw vigorously through the slippery pre.

Just a few strokes was all it took for Rai to let loose a strangled howl as he spilled his seed over the bed, grinding his rump back into Ruth’s crotch. As Ruth’s paw worked, thick spurts of cum covered his paw, their position trapping the white paw between Rai’s cock and the bed, coated with cum. What did Ruth care? Pounding into his mate, he caught his breath and gave out a long, drawn out moan, filling Rai’s tail hole, which went into pleasurable spasms, with hot spurts of viscous cum. With the warmth of his mate’s scales against his, Ruth’s chest heaved as he strove to regain somewhat lost breath, a trickle of cum oozing around his cock to drip on to his balls. Shaking lightly, Rai groaned breathily and slipped lower, forcing Ruth to pull his paw away as he dropped to the bed, tail flicking contentedly.

Collapsing over his mate, Ruth rolled to the side, pulling Rai with him so that he spooned the green dragon, softening cock still buried in the dragon’s depths. Ruth nuzzled the back of Raiyoku’s neck and the green dragon mumbled something incoherent in response, pressing back as his tail curled around Ruth’s leg. The white dragon smiled to himself and rested his muzzle on his mate’s shoulder, sliding his other arm around the dragon to hold him as close as physically possible. Some things could not be made any more perfect than they already were.

It was then that something turned very wrong with the scene. Instead of the low light of dawn casting orange streaks through the dirty window pane, a grey light seeped in with a mind of its own. The ‘light’ curled around his mate’s ankle and, hapless, Rai blinked sleepily, burying his muzzle beneath the pillow in exhausted satisfaction. Ruth tried to call out, lungs working, but no sound passed his lips. The world turned to grey and the dragon was spinning, spinning wildly in a vacuum with no sound, sight or feeling, worry gripping his belly. He woke with a start and fumbled for his senses, having lost the warm body pressed against his and blinking in the near absolute darkness of his own bedroom in England.

Sitting upright in his own bed, the dragon’s heart hammered painfully beneath his ribcage, blood roaring in his ears. He grasped at the black box of an alarm clock sitting on the bedside table, red digits reading 02:30 and, at the top right of the screen, 25.12.13. Scales slightly clammy with sweat, he focused on slowing his breathing, gathering his bearings and reining in his dissatisfaction.

It was too real to have been a dream.

Ruth’s lips twitched and his tail drooped over the edge of the bed, muzzle tilting down. Sometimes wishful thinking, or dreaming, went a pace too far, if the dream was to be believed as such. Perhaps in testimony to the erotic dream, his shaft was half-hard and leaking pre cum, resting heavily against his thigh. A growl rumbled in his throat and he flicked the tip of his tail like an annoyed feline, wishing against wish that he truly had his mate in his bed, warm and safe.

On the bedside table, something buzzed and he reached automatically for the familiar rectangle of his mobile phone, unlocking the screen and checking the bright display for one new message. And just who would be messaging him at such an ungodly hour? He smiled. The answer was already obvious, at least to him.

Rai: Only fifteen days left, love.

Ruth’s eyes shot wide and he started, looking around as if he expected the green dragon to leap from behind the curtains and yell, “Surprise!” It would be Raiyoku’s style, though Ruth could not have imagined Rai actually pulling off such a stunt. He had to admit, however, that his mate was very right: he flew out to him in Australia in, yes, it was fifteen days, begging allowance from the time difference. Rubbing the back of his neck, his cheeks flushed and he leaned back on one paw, dropping into thought as he was all too prone to. As he was still taking in the first message, so out of the blue, the phone chirped a second time, another message popping up below the first.

Rai: Merry Christmas <3 Something in those words settled his pounding heart and, suddenly drained of energy, relaxed back into the cool embrace of his bed. Sleep never seemed plentiful enough and his body clock was yet to adjust to a new schedule in which he did not have to rise at the crack of dawn or earlier. But life was finally taking that upward turn that he had been waiting, watching and fighting for. Pulling the sheets back over his rapidly cooling body, Ruth closed his eyes, finding sweet unconsciousness stealing upon him in seconds. It was not as bad as he had thought upon waking, he mused on the edge of sleep. Ruth had waited a long time to be with his dragon. He could wait another two weeks.

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