Missed Connection

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Lisa inched her van along the arrivals level pickup area of the airport looking for Sam. It had been four years since she last saw him when they were at university together. They had met in their final year and started dating but after graduating Sam left for England to get his law degree. The long distance relationship eventually turned into a close friendship. They had kept in touch over the years but dated other people and he became her best friend, she could talk to him about anything.

She didn’t let Sam know, but she still thought about the time they were together. All the men she dated since Sam never seemed to measure up. Maybe she had romanticized the time when they had dated, maybe she was just afraid to commit to someone. Lisa’s thoughts started to wander, she remembered how he used to touch her, his lips pressed against her. Honk! She was snapped out of her daydream by honking from behind her. She started moving again and gave the car behind her the finger and circled around the airport one more time. Finally she spotted Sam, her heart raced seeing him again. Did he still have feeling for her after all these years? She composed herself as she pulled up to him and gave him a big smile.

Lisa stepped out of the van to meet Sam. “Wow! It’s so good to see you!” Sam beamed giving her a big hug.

Lisa paused for a second holding his hug, it felt so good having a man’s body pressed against her. Had it been that long? It had been a while since she had dated someone, she was so busy with work she didn’t have the energy to put herself out there.

“Nice wheels,” smirked Sam eyeing Lisa’s minivan. “When did you become a soccer mom?”

“Very funny, I rented it to pick up your sorry ass after you told me how much stuff you were bringing back. I figured I would need the room. Besides, my Porsche is in the shop anyway.” she joked smiling back.

“Thanks again for doing this,” Sam said more sincerely, “I really appreciate you giving me a lift.” After loading up the van Sam hopped in the passenger seat and looked over to Lisa, she was wearing a light summer dress that hugged her body perfectly. Mmmm he thought. to himself. “I like your dress.”

“Thanks,” Lisa replied as she pulled out of the airport. As she began to drive Sam looked over to Lisa, the setting sun blanketed her in a warm glow. He watched her lips as she talked and traced her face with his eyes. Unexpected emotions began to flood over him. The pain he felt leaving her four years ago, the last night they spent together. Lisa looked over to him and smiled, his eyes locked on hers for what felt like a minute.

“I’ve missed you.” The words just blurted out of Sam’s mouth. Shit, did I just say that out loud? Feeling his face turning red, he looked the other away out the window.

“Me too,” Lisa replied softly.

Sam desperately looked to change the subject “Wow, you have tons of room up front.” and started canlı bahis to play with the radio. As they talked, catching up with each other, Sam found his eyes wandering. He would sneak glances at her dress, how it draped over her breasts and down between her thighs. He wanted to hold her again, to kiss her lips. He imagined running his hands up her thigh and between her legs. Lisa was taking but Sam was lost in his fantasy.

“Don’t you agree?” Lisa asked.

Sam pulled himself out of his day dream and replied “Ah, yes, of course.” having no idea of what he just agreed to.

Eventually there was an awkward pause in the conversation and Sam started to reminisce about how they used to have to make out in his car when they were at university. His dorm roommate never got the hint that Sam needed the room to himself. They began to compare notes on how “far” they each had gone in a car since then. It quickly become a competition which Sam was losing badly (he wasn’t too surprised as Lisa had always been the dominant one in bed). Lisa had gone “all the way” and Sam was somewhere between 3rd base and home. He asked if anyone had gone down on her while driving and she said no and she had her doubts about how well that would actually work. She thought giving a guy a blow job while he was driving would be straight forward but for a women to receive oral sex would be more challenging due to “anatomical differences”.

Out of stories from their past the conversation fell silent again but Sam’s mind was racing. The thought of going down on her while she was driving consumed him. He looked over at her and down at the space between the front seats, it would be so easy to kneel down beside her and put his head between her legs. With his inhibitions eroded Sam unbuckled his seat belt and went down on his knees.

“What are you doing?” Lisa laughed. He looked up at her and smiled and she realized what he was about to do and said with a smile “Don’t you dare! You can’t!” but it was too late. He was already kissing her legs and working his way up her thighs. Lisa half-heartedly tried to stop him, pulling her dress down over her legs. “Someone will see,” she cried laughing again. But by then Sam had his mouth on her panties and began kissing her between her legs. He could feel how wet she was as she started to open her legs to give him more room. She gripped the steering wheel tighter as he pressed his lips harder between her legs.

Sliding his hand under her dress Sam pulled her panties down to her knees and looked up to her. She smiled and put her hand on his head and pushed it between her legs. He began to slide his tongue over her lips, running it slowly up one side and down the other. Sam ran his hand up under her dress and cupped her breast and then traced around her nipple with his finger. Lisa tried to keep her composure as cars passed but it was becoming more difficult. Sam pushed harder and Lisa began bahis siteleri to breathe more heavily as his warm tongue slid up and down between her legs. She let out a moan and stroked his hair with approval. They were coming up to some traffic and Lisa straightened up to pull the car to a stop at the red light.

Once stopped she put the car in park and spread her legs wide for him. She leaned back and put both hands on his head and pulled him to her. Sam put his whole mouth over her and licked her with long hard strokes. Lisa pressed her head back into her seat “Oh, Fuck yes” she whispered under her breath, lost in pleasure as he moved his tongue up and down. Sam continued, flicking his tongue over his clit, but her moans were cut short by honking coming from the pickup truck behind her. The light had turned green and she had lost track of time. Lisa threw the car in drive and put her foot on the gas. Sam took a break and poked his head up, pleased with himself for pleasuring her to distraction. “Did I tell you to stop?” she said with a smile. He laughed and put his head back down between her legs and got back to work sucking on her clit.

The woman driving the pickup truck pulled up beside Lisa expecting to see her texting on her phone. Instead she saw her driving with one hand on the steering wheel and one hand on Sam’s head between her legs. She was slouched in her seat with her left leg bent trying to keep her composure. The pickup driver honked and gave her a thumbs up and Lisa smiled and then slowed down to let her pass.

Increasingly frustrated with the distraction of trying to concentrate on driving, Lisa looked for a place to park. She spotted a Walmart up ahead and pulled into the parking lot. Driving out to the far corner of the lot with Sam still diligently stroking her clit with his tongue, she put the car in park and pushed Sam back into his seat.

Lisa took off her seatbelt and kneeled beside Sam. She reached over to his waist and Sam leaned back expecting her to unzip his pants for a blow job. Instead she reached past him to release his seat to recline it all the way back. Sam fell back in his car seat, almost horizontal, confused. Lisa climbed on top of him and pressed her hips against him, grinding on him with her hips. With her hands on his face she began to passionately kiss him. She could taste herself as she kiss him deeply with her tongue, it was such a turn on.

She looked him in the eyes and smiled and then began to crawl over him slowly like a cat stalking it’s prey. She pulled the top of her dress down so her breasts could brush over his face. Sam took her nipple into his mouth and ran his tongue around the edge and then bit it gently with his teeth. Lisa continued to climb higher over him, resting her hands on the back seat, until she had his face between her legs.

She pinned his arms down with her knees and began to grind herself on his face. Unable to bahis şirketleri move Sam opened his mouth so Lisa could rub her wet lips on his tongue. Lisa moved her hips slowly over his face, his tongue stroking her from her ass to her clit. She moaned and pushed down hard with her hips onto his face, rubbing her clit up and down over his tongue.

Sam was so hard he could hardly stand it, being used by her for her pleasure was such a turn on for him. Lisa made long strokes over his tongue, pausing for him to take her clit into his mouth and suck on it. Lisa edged closer to cumming as her movements became more desperate, she began to moan breathlessly. She lost herself, she pushed down against Sam’s face, his tongue stroking her clit, her legs began to quiver as she came in his mouth. As her moans subsided she let herself off his face and slid down to face him.

Sam smiled, his face wet from her orgasm. “Good boy” she said and grinned at him and reached down between his legs to unzip his shorts. Lisa slid her hand inside and put her hand around his cock, it was rock hard. “Have you been waiting for this?” she asked.

“Oh god!” was all Sam could manage to say, he was desperate to cum. Lisa stroked his cock and watched the desperation in Sam’s eyes before moving down to kneel beside him. She pulled his shorts down to his knees.

“Nice haircut,” she smirked as she ran her hand over his shaved balls and up his shaft. Lisa ran her thumb over his head as pre-cum began to drip from his cock. She played with it, rubbing it over his head and then gently gave it a kiss, tasting his cum.

Looking up at Sam she wrapped her hand around his cock and licked the tip of his head. Then slowly put her lips over his head and slid it into her mouth. She loved the feeling of his warm cock in her mouth and slid it deeply into her mouth and then ran her tongue up his shaft. Sam clutched the side of his seat with his hands, he couldn’t hold back any longer. Sensing he was about to cum she grabbed his cock tightly and took it into her mouth again, stroking hard with her hand while allowing it to go deep into her mouth. “Oh fuck! Yes!” Sam gasped as she stroked faster and he began to cum. As Sam groaned with pleasure she could feel his warm cum fill her mouth. Sam bucked his hips as she sucked harder and milked the last of the cum from his cock.

Lisa looked up to Sam, who was still in a post organismic daze, and moved to face him. He looked into her eyes as she started to kiss him. As their tongues met he could feel his cum flowing into his mouth. Lisa didn’t stop kissing him until she was sure she had given him all his cum. “Now swallow.” Sam savoured his cum for few seconds and then swallowed his load. Sam proudly stuck he tongue out to show his empty mouth and Lisa approved “Good boy.”

Lisa got back behind the wheel and adjusted her dress and Sam adjusted his car seat and shorts. Lisa smiled, “That’s better!” and starter the car and pulled out of the parking lot. Sam reached over to Lisa and held her hand and looked deep into her eyes and smiled. His heart was racing, he didn’t want to leave her side ever again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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