Miss Boman Ch. 01

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It had become a tradition that my father’s secretary spent a weekend in our home situated on the countryside outside Stockholm, Sweden. Since this was in the fifties she was always referred to as Miss Boman. And still, after ten years as his secretary my father called her Miss Boman.

I don’t think I had ever heard her given name even though I had met her several times both in our home but also at my father’s office. But when she came to visit us that summer I knew for sure that she was a very good-looking woman with a body that set my emotions in turmoil. She had a cute face always ready to smile and a lush body with ample breasts. But it was the way she carried herself and behaved that really made it.

Miss Boman arrived together with my father after work on a Friday evening. She was to stay the weekend. Mother served a good dinner and they chatted freely about a lot of things including office gossip. My mother worked part time in the same company, in another department though. It was a very relaxed and nice evening.

Saturday morning came with nice warm weather. At breakfast my parents decided that we should be gardening before lunch. I was as always given the task to move the lawn. What wanted Miss Boman do, they asked.

“Well,” she said. “It’s such lovely weather. I think I will work on my tan. I will go down to the lake.”

There never was a special program when she visited. She took part in our life and had to take care of herself most of the time.

“That sounds nice,” my mother responded. “I think I will do the same in the afternoon.”

After a pleasant breakfast we slowly started the work. After a while I saw Miss Boman set off for the lake where we had a jetty with a ladder and wind shelters.

I worked on the lawns. It always took me a good two hours and I couldn’t cheat this morning with my parents around. But finally I was finished and put the mover away. My father approved my work.

“I will go and take a swim,” I said as casually as I could.

“Good, then you can keep Miss Boman company,” my mother said smilingly. “But make sure you come back in time for lunch.”

I gathered my things and set off.

Our bathing place is about five minutes away and can’t be seen from the house.

When I approached the lake I saw Miss Boman lying in the sun on her back. She seemed to be naked. I saw a dark patch of hair at the top of her thighs.

Miss Boman somehow noticed my approach. She lazily rolled over onto her stomach raising her upper body on her arms. Her impressive breasts welled out between her arms but what also caught my attention were the two swelling half globes rising from the small of her back.

Miss Boman put out a hand and draped a towel over her lovely bottom but not until I was just a few meters away.

“Hi Erik. I wasn’t expecting anyone to come so close to lunch. How nice. It got a little boring being all alone. Take a swim while I get decent,” she said smilingly.

I already had my swim trunks on and did as she had said, jumped into the water. But I couldn’t resist sneaking back at her. She wasn’t overly cautious when she rose and put her swim suit on although she turned her back at me.

I swam for a while then curiosity took over and I climbed ashore. Miss Boman sat with her back propped against the plank that was part of the windshields. But what had made me so curious was her swim suit. It was of a type I had seen only on pictures; a two piece thing that left her midriff bare.

“Come and sit over here and chat with me,” Miss Boman called and I sat down in front of her.

“Do you like my swim suit, my bikini? It’s a brand new model,” she said and straightened up to give me a good look. Her panties ended well under her navel. The bra seemed to be too small because the breasts welled up above it forming two half globes. I had never seen so much of a woman’s breast before and stared until I got to my senses.

“Uh, well, yes, it’s very nice,” I stammered. “It suits you,” I added without knowing where I found these words.

Miss Boman looked pleased though and sat straight pushing her breasts forward.

She was good company chatting about a lot of things. She made me talk about myself, about school and what I did on my free time. She gossiped about the office and my father but in a very friendly and amusing way.

I tried to keep my eyes at her face but ever so often they dropped down to her breasts. They moved above her bikini top when Miss Boman shifted her seating. Suddenly I saw a semicircular strand of a different color just above the fabric of one of the breasts and it took my breath away. Was that a nipple or what?

“Do you like my breasts?” I suddenly thought that I heard. But certainly that must have been a mistake I thought.

“Uh, sorry, what did you say,” I stammered and felt that my face flushed.

“Oh, I think you heard all right,” Miss Boman giggled. “Well, since you haven’t looked me in the eyes for some time now I asked if you like my breasts. But I am sure you do since pendik escort you watch them so closely. Tell me, have you ever seen a woman’s breast?”

“Uh, uh, no, well, only in magazines,” I stammered and my face flushed even more.

“Well, at least that was an honest answer,” she said and when I very embarrassed looked up she smiled sweetly.

“Have you forgotten that you in fact have seen my breasts? But it was some years ago and I don’t think you were very interested at that time. But it was on a visit like this where your mother and I were sunbathing in the nude.” Miss Boman said bursting into laughter.

Yes, I had a faint vision of the naked body of Miss Boman although a younger version. I remembered big round boobs that had intrigued me for its size. I also remembered a triangle of brown fluffy hair between her thighs that I hadn’t understood. But now I had a good idea what that was all about although I hadn’t seen any in real life until today.

“Do you remember now?” Miss Boman asked laughing. “The look on your face tells me that you do. Oh, you don’t remember anything else, do you?” she added a bit more concerned.

“Oh, well, yes, now I remember it,” I said. “I remember that you had very nice breasts.”

“Well,” Miss Boman said overly casually.” Well, want to see them again? I don’t like tan lines across them. But don’t tell anybody.”

She put her hands around her back and unclasped the bra. She let it hang open in front of her for a few seconds before she shrugged her shoulders and let it drop forward down her arms.

I sat in front of her just staring. May be my mouth dropped open. I really don’t know.

Before me was my first pair of naked breasts not more than a yard away. And what breasts. Big and round and with a nipple in the middle of a pink circle.

Miss Boman cupped her breasts and massaged them.

“It feels so good to let them out of that harness,” she sighed and leaned back closing her eyes. Absentmindedly she slowly circled one nipple with a fingertip and to my astonishment the nipple grew and finally stood out. When it was fully erect she did the same with the other. The surrounding circles had also contracted.

“I think that you are more interested this time. Like them,” I heard Miss Boman say. I had to take my eyes from her breasts and look at her. I looked straight into her blue eyes and they were smiling. She laughed happily.

“Well, you can close your mouth now. You are free to look. Actually I like it.” She slid down and lay on her back in the sun with closed eyes.

I sat at her side admiringly looking at the movements of her breasts when she moved around. Suddenly her eyes opened and she smiled when she saw me staring at her.

“Would you like to touch me?” Miss Boman suddenly asked sounding very casual. But her eyes sparkled.

“Uh, uh, yes, very much, yes,” I stammered.

“Very well, come on then,” Miss Boman said and took my hand and placed it on her breast. It felt fantastic. For the first time I touched one of these swelling things that I dreamed about.

Carefully I stroked over her breast. It was so soft and it swayed under my touch. I only dared to touch the upper slope until Miss Boman got impatient.

“Oh come on. Caress them. Don’t be shy. Cup my breasts and squeeze. Let me show you.”

She took my hand and cupped it under her breast. She showed me how she wanted her breast caressed and her nipple pinched and then let me practice on my own.

Suddenly she moaned, trembled and wriggled her body. I got scared and immediately let go of her breast.

“Oh no, don’t stop. You are doing just fine,” Miss Boman said smilingly. She pulled my arms around her and put both my hands over her breasts. “You like my breasts, don’t you?” she said. A content smile spread over her face when I started to caress her breasts again.

“Yes, yes, that’s right. You are learning fast. That’s just the way to do it,” she said. Her smile got broader and she started to moan, higher this time. She put her hands over mine and shuddered. Her body stiffened for a while then relaxed.

“Oh my, my. I think it’s time to go home for lunch, isn’t it? I am sorry but that the way it is,” she said and pushed my hand away. I thought that the fun was over.

But there was another sensational sight to come. Miss Boman rose and moved around collecting her things. And the way her breasts moved and bounced mesmerized me. It was like they moved on their own

Suddenly Miss Boman stood in front of me.

“Last look. Time to go,” she giggled cupping her breasts. She lifted them and moved forward until the nipples were just inches from my face. Then she jumped back laughing.

“Enough teasing,” she said. “But I really appreciate the way you admire my breasts. Me, such an old woman. Now come, time to go.”

She quickly put her bra on and a blouse and skirt. I was lucky that she didn’t wait for me but started walking. I had trouble to stand straight. My cock was hard inside my swim trunks. I had to maltepe escort wait to calm down. Miss Boman looked back smilingly but said nothing.

After lunch my parents decided that they wanted to go swimming as well. Miss Boman and I went there first and my parents followed.

My father made big eyes at Miss Boman’s swim suit.

“Oh my,” he exclaimed. “You really look gorgeous in that …, in that … thing, Miss Boman.”

“Oh, thank you,” miss Boman said and blushed. “So you don’t think it’s too small then?”

“Oh, no, not at all. On the contrary,” My father said.

“Oh, so you would like it to be smaller?” Miss Boman said, smiling innocently.

She had easily got the upper hand. Now it was my father who blushed.

“Erik, let’s take a swim,” he said to get out of the situation and ran along the jetty and dived into the water. I followed of course. It was seldom my father had time to swim with me.

“Miss Boman, come and join us,” my father called when he had surfaced.

“No, the water is still too cold for me. I’ll stay in the sun,” Miss Boman said. My mother agreed with her.

Well, it was fun to swim with my father. When he wanted he could be playful. But the water really wasn’t especially warm and we didn’t swim for very long.

We sat chatting for a while. But after half an hour or so my father got restless. He could never sit still for longer than that. He always had things to do, repairing or rebuilding our old big house. So he excused himself and left.

My mother stayed and the women chatted on. They were both talkative. I listened with a half ear. But suddenly I startled. Mother said something.

“You look real smashing in that bikini. It really emphasizes your stunning bosom.” Mother had said. “It’s still bigger than mine. Do you remember years ago when we were in the nude and Erik asked why Miss Boman had much bigger breasts than his mother?” She said laughingly.

“Oh yes, and he also asked why they were bigger although I am younger than you,” Miss Boman added. They both laughed heartily.

“Yes, I remember that also. And that made me realize that we couldn’t go on being in the nude with Erik around. He had become too grown up. Pity though, it’s nice in the nude, don’t you think?”

“Oh yes. I really like that. But it’s so seldom one can do it.”

Mother stayed for another hour but then she excused herself to go home and prepare dinner.

“There is no hurry,” she said, “but don’t be late for dinner. It could easily be spoiled.”

Mother had hardly left before Miss Boman unclasped her bra and let it drop down her arms. She sat back and sighed of relief and content when she cupped and gently massaged her breasts.

She sat still for a while then her finger started to circle a nipple as she had done in the morning. So far she hadn’t indicated anything to me and I was a little embarrassed, not sure what I was supposed to do. I sat a bit away trying not to stare too much.

Suddenly she looked straight at me and caught my eye.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” she said softly. “You can look at much as you want to. I like to be looked at. Come closer and have a better look,” she added and patted the ground beside her.

I quickly moved to where she had indicated directly at her side. She sighed deeply, very content and continued massaging the breasts and circling the nipples until they were erect.

“Do you want to touch my breasts again? I really liked the way you did it.” Miss Boman looked me deep in the eyes.

“Oh, well, yes, of course. They are lovely,” I stammered.

“Go ahead then,” she said and pulled my hands to her breasts. She sighed when I gently caressed them and moaned when I pinched her nipples.

“You may kiss them if you want to,” she said hoarsely and pulled my head down to her breast. I hesitantly kissed the upper slope of the breast.

“Let me show you how to do it,” Miss Boman said and pushed me away. She leaned forward and put her mouth at my chest. She kissed around for a short while then found my nipple. She circled it with her tongue and squeezed it with her lips. She bit it lightly.

“You think you can do it now?” She giggled, looking up at me.

She lay down pulling me over her placing my face over her breasts. I started to lick and suck her like she had demonstrated. I got astonished when her nipple grew and stiffened when I sucked and bit it. I tested on the other and found that I could get that one to stiffen too.

Miss Boman moaned and her ass bumped slightly up and down. Suddenly her body stiffened and she cried out. She pushed my head down and pressed it against her belly. I felt her muscles flex and relax.

She calmed down and pulled my head back up to her breasts. Her hands moved slowly down my back and round to my chest. They caressed my nipples for a while and then trailed down my stomach. I froze when a hand brushed over my hard cock. The hand stopped its trailing, hesitated for a little while, and then a finger outlined my erection kartal escort through my trunks. I startled when suddenly she grabbed the hard shaft and squeezed.

She put her other hand under my chin and lifted my face to look at her. I saw her beaming eyes but looked away too embarrassed to meet her eyes.

“Oh my god. You are embarrassed because of that nice hard dick? Oh, but don’t be. You make me so happy, getting hard because of me. Oh my goodness” she said softly, smiling sweetly. Her hand squeezed my cock again

“I can’t let you be like that, can I? Come, let me see it.” She pushed my trunks down easing my engorged cock out in the open. She held it straight out between her hands pulling the foreskin back

“Oh my goodness what a nice looking dick. . . .And so hard. . . Do you jack off? . . . Of course you do, you have to. You certainly are mature enough.” Miss Boman whispered hoarsely mostly to herself.

She lay down on her back and took my cock in a steady grip.

“Let me help you. Come, straddle me; I want to jack you off.”

Clumsily I moved over and straddled Miss Boman. She grabbed my hips to get me in the position she wanted with my ass touching her belly. She slowly jacked my cock a few times looking closely at it. She looked up at me smilingly.

“It’s so nicely shaped. And thick, which I like. Tell me how you like me to do it.”

She started to jack me with both hands, all the time looking me in the eye. She lifted an eyebrow inquiringly but all I managed was to grunt. She took my balls in one hand when she increased her tempo. I grunted again when I felt the tingling in my stomach.

“Yes, yes. Come, don’t hold back. I want your come all over me. Let it spurt over my breasts. Let it come, Erik, let it come, spurt all over me.” Miss Boman urged me on.

And I came. Several shots spurted from my cock and landed all over Miss Boman’s breasts and face. It was a mighty load. I felt very relieved but also embarrassed straddling Miss Boman while my cock quickly got limp.

“Oh my goodness. What a load. And so fresh, all creamy white,” Miss Boman said. She scoped up some of my come and put it in her mouth. “And it also tastes delicious, fresh, spicy and a little salty,” she added smilingly.

She looked up at me and saw my embarrassment. She pulled me down, hugged me and held me close. Her ample breasts pressed against my chest

“It was great,” she whispered in my ear. “I just loved it.” She hugged me hard again then pushed me away.

“Time to go home for dinner,” she said smilingly when she rose.

She moved around with bouncing breasts getting ready collecting her things. I watched her and my cock started to rise again. I turned away but not fast enough. Miss Boman had already noticed it and smiled sweetly.

“Oh no. Enough of that. Nice though but we have to go. Come on,” she said.

Mother had cooked an excellent dinner and we had a good time. Miss Boman looked at me now and then and when our eyes met she smiled sweetly. I blushed each time and had to look away. A few times I caught mother watching me with an inquiringly look on her face. — Breakfast on Sundays was always rather late and like an early brunch. My father usually worked a couple of hours before breakfast and no lunch was served but often afternoon tea.

At the end of the breakfast they discussed swimming and the water temperature. Miss Boman said that she didn’t like to swim in cold water, she preferred to sun bathe. Then my father got a brilliant idea which would give him freedom to do what he liked.

“Why don’t the three of you take a tour on the lake and check the cove on the island opposite. It’s shallow and the wind is just right. The water should be warm in there today with this hot sun,” he said. “You can bring the afternoon tea and spend the whole day there if you like.”

“Oh, well, what about the boat then. You have complained now and then that the motor is giving you trouble,” Miss Boman said jokingly. “What about if it won’t start when we want to go home?”

“Oh, that shouldn’t be any trouble. I have had it serviced and Erik is very good with it. Better than me in fact. And should the worst happen I will know where you are.” My father really wanted to be left alone.

So it was decided that Miss Boman, mother and I should take the tour on the lake. I went in advance down to the jetty to get the boat ready, load gas and put the pillows in place. Our boat was an open 20-ft with a 15 hp Evinrude outboard motor. It was true that I had a good hand with it.

Miss Boman arrived loaded with a picnic basket, a blanket, towels and her bathing things. She was fully dressed and wasn’t wearing the bikini I had hoped for.

“Your mother changed her mind, she won’t come. She said she had to do gardening instead,” Miss Boman told me when she gave me all the things. “I assured her that it was all right and that I was sure that you can take care of me.” She smiled sweetly and climbed on board.

The lake is nice with some small islands and nice views. I had suddenly got nervous and gave Miss Boman the full tour before we reached the island with the creek. It was shaped like a horse shoe and shallow. We had to wade to get ashore but Miss Boman was dressed for it in shorts and a blouse.

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