Miranda and Saskia

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I first met Saskia at an art class. I was posing nude and she was one of the students. When I got the chance to see her painting I let out a gasp. Unlike the others it was clearly me, but me as she interpreted me. My hair, quite blonde in real life was jet black in her painting, but she had captured the way it was styled so beautifully. My skin tone was a lot paler too, much more like hers and my lips were bright red, also like hers. What made me gasp was the way she had taken my stiff, self-conscious pose and made me look languid and relaxed with, as the tutor had commented, a lustful look. I realised she was standing beside me.

“Hi Miranda, I’m Saskia.” She said.

“Hello Saskia, your painting is wonderful!”

“That’s because you’re such an inspiration, sexy!”

I blushed again as we gazed into each others eyes. I dimly noticed that we were holding hands, when I felt her gently squeeze mine. The feeling was electric.

“Thank you” I said eventually.

“You’re welcome, Gorgeous” she replied.

At the end of the class I had began to get dressed, quickly putting on my knickers, when I realised Saskia was standing beside me

“Hi Sexy.” She said

Blushing again, I mumbled ‘Hi’, almost feeling more exposed as I dressed, I grabbed my bra but as I fumbled with the catch she moved behind me saying “Here, let me” and did up my bra. Feeling her warm hands against my cold back sent a shiver down my spine and more butterflies in my tummy. I put on my blouse but before I could start to button it up Saskia moved in front of me and gently moving my trembling hands aside, buttoned it up for me, all the time staring into my eyes.

“Thanks” I whispered softly.

The moment was broken by a young lad, who also took the class, asking me for a drink. I saw Saskia frowning. Diplomatically I took his mobile number, but said that Saskia was giving me a lift.

“Oh ok” he said walking away disappointedly.

I finished dressing.

“You’ve broken his heart, you realise?”

“He’ll survive. I’m not looking for a toy-boy.” We giggled.

“What are you looking for?”

“Right now, to get out of here, but can I be cheeky and ask for the painting you’ve done of me?”

“You can ask but I have plans for it.” She must have caught my sad expression. “But if you’d like we can discuss you posing again, but just for me, over a drink sometime.”

She paused to jot her mobile number on another scrap of paper, handed it to me, kissed me softly on the cheek. “Ring me soon, Sexy” she whispered.

In the end I didn’t ring her soon. I was busy and a little unsure what I wanted. I had felt something, some connection between us, but I wasn’t sure what to do about it. I didn’t have a boyfriend at the moment; did I really want to date a woman?

A month passed. Saskia asked my flatmate, Linzi (who was the usual model for the art class), to remind me to ring her. I was still interested in the picture so I rang and we met up. I agreed to pose for her again. What happened is in my submission ‘Miranda and the Goth’. After posing for her, out of doors at a ruined abbey, I had gone home, but agreed to return that evening.

Having changed out of my summer dress I had worn during the day into a fitted white blouse and blue jeans I arrived back at Saskia’s at about 6pm. She was still busy painting. I stood and watched her for a while. She was wearing a black strap top, a short tartan kilt, black tights and high heeled ankle boots. I found myself looking at the way her long black hair brushed the white skin of her shoulders. Whilst I had felt a frisson of excitement at the art class, I was surprised canlı bahis by the thoughts I was having. I’d never really looked at other women like this before. To cover my confusion I offered to fix some dinner.

“I’m not sure I’ve got much in the kitchen,” she called out.

She wasn’t joking. The fridge and cupboards contained little that could be combined to make a meal. Some tinned fruit and cans of fizzy drinks; no fresh fruit or vegetables and no pasta, or anything useful. In the freezer was a large tub of chocolate ice cream. I moved that into the fridge to start thawing a little.

I went back into the room Saskia was using as her studio. She was standing, stretching arms above her head. Her top had ridden up exposing a band of white skin. I found myself staring again. Okay I was currently between boyfriends at the moment and feeling a bit deprived, but here I was staring at a girl tummy and thinking how nice it looked!

“Saskia you have nothing to eat.” I said to cover my embarrassment.

“Um, I thought so. Sorry!”

We decided to make her ‘speciality’ – a phone call to the pizza delivery place!

While we waited for it to arrive Saskia showed me the painting she’d been working on. It was already recognisable as the ‘kneeling at the altar’ photograph.

“Wow, that’s really good” I said.

“Thank you kindly,” she replied, pecking me on the cheek.

That led to a discussion of my exhibitionist behaviour that morning. Saskia seized on the fact that I admitted that it turned me on.

“What else turns you on?” she asked.

The question hung in the air. Ever since I’d met her I’d been experiencing thoughts I wasn’t used to. Right now I was looking at her legs, tucked up beneath her on the sofa, and the curve of her breasts. What was happening to me? The last time I’d had feelings anything like this I’d been at school, with a crush on Miss Squires, a beautiful games mistress. I’d been her helper on sports day and had followed her about all afternoon, basking in her approval. A noise startled me and Saskia laughed at me. It was the doorbell; the pizza had arrived.

In the absence of clean plates, Saskia’s kitchen matched the other rooms for tidiness; we ate from the cardboard tray it came in. We’d ordered a half and half pizza; my half was ham and pineapple, hers was tuna and sweet corn. Several slices into our dinner I decided to try some of hers.

“Let’s have a bite of yours.”

Saskia took the slice and held it up to my mouth. I touched her hand to steady it and bit off a mouthful of pizza. My hand stayed touching hers; inside my heart began to beat faster as neither of us tried to break contact.

“You have sauce round your mouth,” Saskia said in a whisper, as if afraid to break the spell. Putting the pizza down, she picked up a tissue and tenderly wiped around my lips.

“Ice cream?” she asked

“Sounds good.” I replied

While Saskia fetched the ice cream I sat astonished at how my heart was pounding. I decided to follow my feelings, rather than think too much.

“I could only find one clean spoon; you ok to share?”

I nodded. She began to feed me ice cream, one spoon for me, one for her. We were sitting so closely on the sofa, our legs pressed together; it seemed so natural to put my arm round her. Saskia decided to tease me, putting the spoon almost to my lips then swiftly eating it herself.

“Oi,” I protested, “That’s mine!”

“Come and get it” she said, sticking her tongue out with the ice cream on it. Actually she said “Cmm n gdit.” – it’s hard to speak properly with ice cream on your tongue – but I knew what she meant.

I bahis siteleri leaned in and as I was about to try and put her tongue into my mouth, she pulled it back in. Our lips met; so I kissed her, open mouthed, allowing her to put the ice cream into my mouth. Her lips were soft and full, tasting of her red lipstick. The ice cream forgotten we kissed passionately. The soft skin round her lips felt so good against my face.

We paused for breath.

“Are you ok with this, Miranda?” she asked softly.

I thought for a moment. Hadn’t part of me been thinking about just this very moment since our meeting at the art class.

“Very ok” I said.

We resumed kissing, but now, encouraged by my acceptance, Saskia pushed me back against the cushions and as we kissed was unbuttoning my blouse. I didn’t stop her; I was too busy running my hands through her long black hair and across her bare shoulders.

My blouse was soon unbuttoned and opened wide; Saskia’s hands stroking my belly and cupping my breasts through the fabric of my bra. Her touch was assured; she seemed to know just where and how to touch me for maximum effect. My nipples hardened in response to her touch. Pleasant as it was, I made a decision; this wasn’t going to be all one way, with me submitting to her. I moved my hands down her back and helped her top ride up, exposing her back. She gave an approving sigh.

Abruptly she stopped and stood up.

“What’s up?” I asked wondering what I had done wrong.

“Nothings up – I just need a pee,” she explained. “Don’t run off!” she added.

I lay there getting my breath back and trying to make sense of my feelings. I gave up. I was enjoying myself – why over-analyse things, I thought. Saskia returned; her legs were bare. I stood up and told her it was my turn in the loo.

“There’s no lock by the way” she called out after me.

I returned to find Saskia standing by the window, looking out at the moonlit street. She must have turned off the lights and lit some candles instead. She was silhouetted by the moonlight from the window. I embraced her from behind, my arms round her slender waist, my head resting on her shoulder. I kissed her neck softly. I slipped my hands under her top and moved my hands towards her breasts.

“That’s nice,” she whispered.

She leant back against me as I began to cup her breasts, still standing in front of the window. For the first time I felt the warm feel of her breasts beneath my fingers. I tried to think what to do.

“Are you auditioning for a job as my bra?” she teased me.

I blushed.

“Sorry,” I stammered.

She freed herself from my embrace and turned to face me.

“Don’t be sorry, it was nice.”

She removed her top in one swift movement, quickly followed by her bra. She took my hands and placed them on her naked breasts. I stroked them, tentatively at first, then with increasing confidence. I was strange – it was like fondling my own boobs, but without feeling the results! Her nipples hardened and I began to roll them between my fingers. A sigh of pleasure escaped her lips.

“Let’s sit down.” She whispered.

We moved to the sofa. I took off my already unbuttoned blouse and then took off my bra. Considering how much I had enjoyed being naked at the ruined abbey, I was strangely nervous. My hand trembled as I unclipped my bra. We resumed kissing, deeply and passionately, as if we had been waiting for a lifetime to kiss each other. The feel of her full red lips was divine, our tongues darting in and out, teasing and toying with each other.

Saskia began to kiss my neck and shoulders before moving bahis şirketleri down to my breasts. Kissing, licking and sucking she sent wave of pleasure through me, right down to my tingling pussy. Her lips nibbled by nipples, before she bit them gently. I writhed about on the sofa. Her hand snaked down my body and reached the waistband of my jeans. Helpfully I sucked my tummy in to allow her access. Teasingly she pulled her hand out. I opened my eyes. Had I gone too far I wondered.

“We’d be more comfortable in my bedroom,” she said simply, standing up her hand out-stretched to me. I took her hand and allowed her to lead me to the bedroom, leaving my bra and blouse in the lounge. She flopped down on her back on the bed. I climbed on the bed and knelt astride her. Looking down at her I began to caress her breasts, before leaning forward and kissing them. I concentrated on her reaction to what I was doing; I tried to do the things she seemed to like best.

“You’ve done this before!” she sighed accusingly.

I blushed and protested my innocence.

“No I haven’t, you’re the first…”

“Then I’m a lucky girl and you’re in for a treat!”

“Promises, promises…” I giggled.

Saskia twisted beneath me and taking me by surprise managed to roll me onto my back, she clambered on top.

“Help, help!” I pretended to struggle and protest as she unbuttoned my jeans and slid the zip down. She slipped her hand inside both my jeans and panties. Time seemed to stand still as she ran her finger along my lips, from my clit down and then back up again. Her finger glistened in the candle-light as she held it up.

“Someone’s getting excited,” she said, before putting the finger up to her lip and sucking it clean.

I raised my bum off the bed as she slid my jeans and panties down in one swift movement. The thought popped into my head that this was the third time she had seen me naked, yet she still had her skirt on. Before I could do anything about it I was distracted by her warm breath on my pussy.

“Want me to continue?”


“Then ask me nicely.”

“Saskia, please continue.”

“Continue with what?” She looked up at me with a sparkle in her eyes. I took a guess at what she wanted.

“Saskia, please lick my pussy.”

She smiled, “I’d be delighted, Miranda.”

She began by kissing me, almost nibbling me with her lips all around my clit, but, tantalisingly managing to avoid it! The tingling sensation in my pussy grew, until finally her tongue brushed my clit very lightly. I trembled at the touch. This was so much better than the occasional frantic licking of my boyfriends, whose sole aim was to get it over. Saskia was using her tongue like an artist ‘s brush. I was entranced.

I felt her tongue slide between my pussy lips, aware that I was already very wet. I felt her tongue working its way down to the entrance to my cunt and I knew I wanted her tongue inside me. I raised my bum off the bed invitingly. Her tongue circled round my cunt, before she began to push it in as far as she could reach, licking me all the time. She withdrew her tongue and resumed licking upwards back towards my clit.

She planted a kiss on my body, encasing all round my clit with her mouth and sucked me in. Her lips and tongue worked together on my tingling clit. Waves of pleasure overcame me and I climaxed like never before, shudderingly and exhaustingly. I lay there, shattered on the bed. I was dimly aware of Saskia undressing and snuggling up behind me.

“Thank you,” I said simply.

“You’re welcome,” she replied kissing my neck.

“It’s your turn now,” I began, trying to turn round.

“There’s time for that later, right now I want to hold you tightly and never let you go.”

“Sounds wonderful.”

We talked a little then I drifted off to sleep in the embrace of my new lover.

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