Ministering Angel Ch. 02

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Although this story stands quite well on its own, I would encourage you, if you haven’t already done so, to read the previous part ‘Ministering Angel’ first.

As with the previous part, I thank, and dedicate this story to, ‘malp87’

I hope you enjoy it.


New Year’s Day

The bright, hard sunlight of a clear winter’s morning jostled its way into my bedroom through the thin curtains at the window. I awoke refreshed, feeling that I had slept better than I had in many months.

“And what a fantastic dream I’ve just had.” I thought to myself as consciousness slowly returned to my brain.

“Dream?” I checked my self.

As the realisation dawned of the warm soft body pressed closely to mine, and that I was cupping a petite firm female breast in my hand. My mind flew back to the torrid, frantic fucking, not a word that I especially like but most apposite to that coupling, which took place on the sofa downstairs last night.

“Or was it in the early hours of this morning?”

And then later, spooning together, tucked up warmly in this very bed, the way my turgid flesh slipped so easily, so naturally into her moist and welcoming cleft…

A small bell sounded in my head to alert me to the fact that my oldest friend, my best and most faithful companion, was yet again standing firm and proud nestling against her pert buttocks.

“What are you waiting for? You might never get the opportunity again.” The wicked ticker-tape message of my ever-watchful Lust flashed across my brain.

It was a simple matter of a small adjustment of my position to bring my wanton flesh once again to be snugly sheathed within her young, firm inviting body. Gently rocking my body against hers my hand slipped from her breast and my exploring fingers found the magic-button of her clitoris. Soon I was rewarded by the soft moans of her pleasure.

My Lust having taken control of my actions, my fore-brain went off on a little excursion of its own.

“What was the name of that cocktail?” It asked.

“A long slow comfortable screw.” Came the answer from the archives department.

“Yes.” Piped up my Lust. “And that’s exactly what we’re having now!”

Angel, yes that is what she had told me to call her, started pushing back against my firm slow thrusts. Very soon her breathy moans and quivering body told of her impending orgasm. Our fucking became more urgent.

“Okay, I’ve said it again. FUCKING. canlı bahis There, I said it again loud and proud. Master Lust is firmly in command right now so dirty coarse words are the Order of the Day.”

Moments later her QUIVERING QUIM coaxed my FAT SWOLLEN COCK to deliver its load of HOT STICKY SPUNK deep into her HOT YOUNG CUNT.

“I’m glad I’ve got that out of my system now I can go back to my normal, less lurid narrative.”

“Mmm.” Purred Angel “Good morning you Dirty Old Fucker. Did you enjoy sneakily plundering my tight little cunt and shooting your hot load of cum deep into my womb? Did you eh? I bet you did!”

“My god! Did this girl have a dirty mouth or what?”

Then realisation hit me like a thunderbolt.

“Oh Fuck.” The expletive exploded from my lips.

“Oh fucking hell! I hadn’t used protection! I didn’t even think, oh I’m so, so sorry.” I almost sobbed.

I was mortified, quaking with fearful anticipation of her reaction, and the consequences of my careless actions. Albeit that I still felt smugly proud of my rediscovered and rejuvenated virility.

“Don’t worry,” she cooed.

“You wont make me pregnant I’m safely on the pill. Besides I just loved the feeling of your hot cum spurting up inside me. It was a terrific way to be woken up.”

That brief exchange concluded, we snuggled again and drifted back to sleep.


I awoke again, once more spooning with my delectable young lover. I was tempted to go, then and there, straight for the next round. But, the uncomfortable erection I now sported only served to tell me of another pressing need that must be attended to right away. I slipped reluctantly from the bed, tucking the duvet around her and leaving her sleeping, I grabbed my robe and made for the bathroom.

After passing a few painful moments inspecting the bookshelf that was hung above that most essential piece of bathroom porcelain, relived of both my discomfort and my erection, I headed down to the kitchen to make coffee.

When I returned to the bedroom bearing two large, steaming mugs of freshly brewed coffee. I found Angel sitting up in bed; the duvet tucked up under her chin modestly hiding the luscious naked body that I knew that lay beneath.

“Hello again you Filthy Old Fucker,” she greeted me with a wide grin.

“Mmm, coffee just what I needed. Thanks!”

“Why do you keep calling me that?”

I asked as I handed her a mug of coffee bahis siteleri and slipped back into bed beside her.

“Because you are!” She teasingly replied.

She must have seen my face drop as she hurriedly added.

“And I love it! Besides you’ve fucked me three times now but you’ve never told me your name.” She pouted.

“Yes, three times you horny beast!” My Lust crowed gleefully inside my head.

“Oops! Sorry!”

Then grasping her hand rather idiotically in a formal handshake.

“Hello Angel, I’m Tom, lovely to meet you.”

“Lovely to meet you too Tom, thank you for having me,” she giggled.

Putting her coffee mug on the bedside table she threw off the duvet and posed seductively nay, lewdly for my admiration.

“Now we have got that out of the way do you want a bit more of this you Filthy Old Fucker,” she purred.

“Mmm, I’d love to,” I considered.

“But I think I need to drink this and have a shower before we start going at it again.”

She pouted at me and looked a little hurt.

Sniffing thoughtfully at her fingers which just moments ago had been between her thighs, holding spread wide her delightful wares in near pornographic display, she said.

“Yeah, sounds like a plan to me too!”

She pulled the duvet up again and reached for her coffee.

“About last night…” I started to explain

“Lovely wasn’t it.” A huge cat-that-got-the-cream smile spread across her lips.

“Yes it was.” I agreed.

“But not that, about before…”

She silenced me with a her fingers to my mouth.

“I told you last night, no explanation necessary. Look, I’ve got a degree in psychology and I’m training to be psychotherapist, I understand, okay? I’ve seen guys, and women, in a much worse state than you were last night No problem, okay? Besides I think my medicine worked pretty well don’t you?”

We both laughed. She was absolutely right, she had given me the very best medicine that I could have possibly asked for.

She gulped down the last of her coffee, then dragged me out of bed.

“If you want some more of my lovely medicine, you naughty boy, you better show me where your bathroom is. Right?”

I led the way. Whilst I was fussing about, finding Angel a fresh towel and running the shower water hot, for a few moments she left me. She reappeared holding at arms length like some distasteful ‘Exhibit A’ the soiled black lace thong that I had relived bahis şirketleri her of last night. This tiny scrap of material she thrust into my face.

“Like the smell of my dirty girly knickers do you? You old perv!” She gleefully teased me.

“Well you can’t have them. I’m not going home knickerless even for you! Not that I intend to go home quite yet anyway.” She smiled

“Do you mind if I wash these out in the sink?”

So that is what she did. When she had hung that tiny garment over the towel rail to dry she grabbed my hand and pulled me with her into my spacious, double-sized steam filled shower cubical.

I am not going to describe in detail what passed in the fifteen minutes or so we spent together in the shower. But I can assure you only very little of that time was wasted on ablutions!

Refreshed and dried she led me by my still proud erection back to the bedroom where we indulged in yet more enthusiastic erotic coupling.

And so that is how, the most wonderful, The Best New Year’s Day of my life, was passed, with bouts ever more adventurous sex interposed with periods of rejuvenating sleep. During a session of mutual oral pleasuring I invaded her tight anus with my probing fingers, to which she responded in kind. However when I tentatively broached the subject of possibly trying anal sex she told me firmly,

“The fingering was great, but that!” giving my turgid flesh a playful bat with her hand.

“You can put in my pussy or my mouth as often as you like, but never up my bum, okay!”

I followed her instructions to the letter.

Day flowed into evening. And, she sexually sated and I in a state of euphoric near exhaustion, we drew proceedings to a close.

“It’s been lovely. More than lovely, it’s been terrific! But I really need to go home soon,” Angel told me.

“But first, why don’t you take me back to the pub and buy me a drink. And if you are really good, which I know you are! You gorgeous Filthy Old Fucker. I’ll let you buy me dinner too.”

So we went to the pub. Drank in moderation, and enjoyed a plain, but well cooked and generous pub dinner.

Before we parted we exchanged ‘phone numbers with her firm instructions that I should call her any time that I felt that I needed more of her special medicine.

“But make it very soon, okay!” She insisted.

Our final exchange, whispered, while in the pub car park we hugged and indulged in a, somewhat surprisingly chaste, kiss of farewell.

“You know that my real name isn’t Angel don’t you Tom. But that is what I want you to always call me. And you Tom, Tommy tomcat, you are always going to be my darling Filthy Old Fucker.”

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