Mindy’s Massage Ch. 09: The Ride

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Mindy sat across from Frank at the tiny table in the very classy boutique restaurant. They had shared a very tasty lunch and were making small talk while they finished their time together for the day. Frank looked at Mindy, the sun from the windows lighting up her tan skin and making her eyes sparkle and shine. She smiled and her white teeth were like pearls against the pink of her lips and the blond streaked brown hair. Her large breasts pushed out against the fabric of her expensive low-cut dress and he admired the way the cleavage came together inside the bodice. Her tan legs were crossed, the hem of her short skirt high above her perfect knees and she looked at him quizzically as he sighed. She asked him what he was thinking.

“Mindy, baby,” he replied, “I was just wishing there was some way I could have you all to myself and at the same time, knowing there’s not. I’ve been a family man too long and have too big an investment in my wife and kids and our home, but damn, I wish it could be different when I’m with you.”

She nodded. “I understand, Frank. I wish the same thing sometimes, but I know it can’t ever happen. And I don’t know if it would be as good that way is it is this way. I always think of you and know how good I’ve got it with you and how much you give me every time we are together. It’s always so perfect. I love it that way. But, you know, I also love my freedom but I guess I shouldn’t say that.”

“No, it’s ok, baby. I understand. And I would never try to hold you from doing whatever you feel like is good for you. I know there are lots of other men in your life and some you may care about too. That’s ok. I just want for you to be happy, and I hope you will still want to be with me sometimes. It means a lot to me.”

They parted company, and as Mindy walked back to her car, she thought about the fact that other than Frank and her clients, there really wasn’t any other man in her life. No just regular civilian sex any more, just work. Maybe that wasn’t such a good thing. She felt the need to take some cute guy home and just have sex, with no financial implications. No attachments and only the promise of more to come. She shook her head at herself, thinking how she would have never dreamed of such a thing a few short months ago. Times had certainly changed and her with them. She had quit her job, living just off the income of her escort business, and had begun wearing nicer clothes and taking more time to take care of herself. She had always been careful with her appearance but now it was one of the top concerns of her mind.

She knew that to command the rate she got as an escort her looks had to be always as close to perfect as possible and her service also. She made sure her haircut was perfect and her skin was smooth and silky even more than before. She always took the time to be beautiful. Mindy got into her car and left the restaurant, heading home to her neat little apartment, thinking about what to do with the money that had started piling up in her hiding places at home. It was something else she would need to talk to Frank about.

Just as she pulled into her parking space at home, her cell phone rang. It was Jim and he wanted to see her that evening. She thought about it, and since she didn’t have anything planned she said she would see him. They met that night at a hotel on the edge of town for two very pleasing and satisfying hours, and when she left him, she had a very full envelope that he had given her to cover the evening and the day on the boat. When she opened it, she found another three thousand dollars. She smiled to herself as she thought about it. It was so much money for having so much fun.

The next night Mindy was out on the town with Brenda for the first time in weeks. They were dressed sexily and provocatively in short skirts and bra tops that showed a lot of skin. Their feet were in strappy high heels that showed off the graceful curves of their calves and ankles. Two very sexy women, they were out scouting the local scene. They wandered into one of the more popular bars in town, looking over the young, hot crowd as they found a table and ordered drinks. It only took a few minutes for the guys in the bar to start looking their way and moving slowly closer. They began animated conversations with several of the guys who were flocking around the girls. As Mindy talked, and listened, she suddenly realized how shallow and immature the guys were. They were all her age or a little older, but to her, they were like teenage boys or bantam roosters, strutting and puffing, trying to impress the girls. Mindy canlı bahis leaned over to Brenda, “This is kind of sad, they are all so silly and so cocksure of themselves. And some of them just don’t realize they don’t have a prayer to score with us. They are really leaving me cold.”

Brenda laughed, “Mindy, girl, you have been hanging around grown men too much. These little darlings can’t make a sentence, but they can fuck like the hounds they are. And don’t you remember the old joke about the one bitch in heat and all the male dogs behind her, from a Great Dane to a Chihuahua, all hoping to just get in the action. It will be alright. Just have a few more drinks, and let it go. You’ll have some fun. I promise.”

Two hours later, Mindy had to agree. She was having fun. She and Brenda were still surrounded by half a dozen determined if not smooth operators. They were all holding out the chance that they could be the one to take one of these beauties home for a night of hot sex, with little or no sleep but total passion and exhaustion in the morning. They had gotten up several times to dance with different guys and each time; Mindy had found herself ending up in the tight embrace of a good looking, young stud that had plans for her.

She would almost giggle when she would turn them down for another dance after the first one. She would wind her way back to her chair, and sit down to begin a conversation with another. After several guys she began to focus in on a young guy who was good looking in a quiet way and who had been very nice and polite to her but had not worked up the courage to ask her to dance and had not been aggressive in his bid to woo her. Every time she had looked his way he had offered a shy smile and at times a few nice words. She leaned over to him, “You want to dance?” she asked. He smiled and nodded.

They made their way out onto the dance floor where Brenda had a guy cornered who it appeared had passed her entrance exam. As they danced, they were doing some serious groping and were clinched together even though the song was a fairly fast one. Mindy just giggled at her, as she knew where it was heading. The song turned to salsa, and the guy, whose name was Jay, took her in his arms, hesitated then started a real solid, strong salsa dance beat, with her in his arms and following his lead. They danced, spun and swirled to the music and he led Mindy neatly and smoothly to the beat. She was impressed with his dance skills and his manner in general. He seemed to be really sure of himself and she decided that his quiet manner wasn’t really shyness but just patience.

She heard him whispering in her ear and felt the slight, sexy brush of his lips on her neck as he told her how fabulously she danced. They stayed for a second song, and at the end of that dance, he guided her not to her chair but to the side door of the club and out into the cooler night air. She stood at the edge of the parking lot, and breathed in the coolness and felt the dampness of her hair on her neck and her silken moist skin. Jay stood beside her and slightly behind her as she cooled off. He smiled at her, with even white teeth and his blue eyes crinkling as he looked at her. She smiled back and then he kissed her. She felt her heart jump as his lips pressed to hers, and his tongue darted in between her teeth to engage her own moving tongue. They kissed for a long minute, open mouths pressed together and bodies getting closer, Mindy feeling his hand on the bare skin of her back. She felt the tingle start, deep inside her body as they got closer.

Jay felt Mindy respond to him as he kissed her sweet mouth. He knew from the way she touched him that she was feeling the urges that he wanted her to feel. Her fingers clutched at his arms and her hips pressed to him as they continued making out. She leaned up and into him as she kissed him as passionately as he was kissing her.

Mindy felt Jay’s hands start to wander lower onto the cheeks of her gorgeous butt and then under the hem of the short miniskirt until he was holding in his hands the bare skin of both cheeks. He could feel just how silky smooth and firm her butt cheeks were. Mindy felt her own breathing getting deeper as Jay’s hands felt her smooth skin, stroking the skin of her ass and thighs. He was leaning down to reach under her to the tiny patch of satin covering her mound. He was trying to reach it from behind but couldn’t quite get to it. Mindy became aware that there were several people starting to watch and she wanted some privacy before this went any farther.

She broke the kiss and whispered bahis siteleri to Jay, “People are watching.” She looked at him quizzically and he took her arm and led her out into the parking lot. He walked her to an SUV about halfway into the lot. It was silver in color and had dark smoked windows. He opened the rear passenger side door and helped Mindy in, then climbed in behind her. Once in the back seat and with the door closed, they returned to the passionate kissing and groping that they had started beside the club.

Mindy felt Jay run his hand up and down her smooth thigh then slide onto her hot little mound. She opened her thighs farther to allow him to slip his fingers around the patch of satin and onto the bare skin of her pussy. She gasped as he slipped his fingers into the outer opening of her vagina. She began to writhe and twist in anticipation and also to try to get his pants open. He stopped long enough to unfasten and unzip then push his pants down around his ankles, his hard cock sticking out from his hairy ball sack. He shifted to be on top of her, and Mindy realized that right then, right there with no real foreplay and no farther undressing he was going to fuck her.

He reached down and tangled his hand in her tiny G string and then ripped it up and away from her. It happened so fast that Mindy barely had time to realize what had happened before she could feel his cock pushing into her pussy. She opened her legs wider and allowed him entrance to her tiny vaginal canal. She felt him push into her, sliding into her as far as he could, and then beginning to slowly stroke her. She felt pleasantly full and it was a snug fit but nothing too much or oversized for her. She lay back against the seat back, and let him bury his head against the skin of her neck, and continue his stroking into her.

For only a few minutes he slid into her and back out, gradually gaining speed and strength as he fucked her, then shuddering and gasping as he began to cum. Mindy felt the tingles of orgasm wash over her but it wasn’t very strong, and while she enjoyed it, it was disappointing for her. She only could hope that he wasn’t done with her. She leaned back as he slumped away from her, and then pulled her knees back together as he sat beside her. He leaned back for a moment as she lay against him, his eyes closed and his breathing slowly returning to normal.

He looked over and smiled at her. “That was great, baby.” Mindy nodded, thinking ‘for you maybe,’ as he slid his arm around her shoulder. “Lean forward, baby,” he said and as she did so, he unfastened her bra top to allow it to fall away from her body, revealing her full breasts. Mindy shrugged it off, and, nude from the waist, leaned back into him again. Jay began to fondle her breasts, leaning down to kiss them and suck them as he worked to unfasten her skirt, which with her shoes was all she had left on.

Mindy stopped him and undid it herself, getting it out of the way and then kicked her shoes off too. Totally naked, she turned to him and slipped her arms around him to kiss him again. She helped him unbutton and take off his shirt. Then she got on her knees on the carpeted floor to get his shoes off and his pants and jockeys down and off. While on her knees, Mindy leaned forward, her arms on his thighs and leaned in to start kissing his cum covered and shrunken cock. Almost at once, he began to grow against her lips and in her mouth. His penis grew to fully erect and he was gasping and touching her skin and holding her head in place.

Then he pushed her away and had her get back up on the seat. He slid off into the floor and spread her thighs roughly apart as he dived between her legs. He immediately buried his face in her cum soaked pussy. He opened his mouth against her and began vigorously eating her. He used his lips and tongue to work on her slit and massage and caress the little clit at the top of her cunny. She could feel the delicious sensations running through her body as he worked. While she had been a little disappointed in his first round, she was now thrilled by his attention to her sweet pussy. She could hear him slurping and making small happy noises as he dined. She felt the feelings begin to rise in her body, flowing through her from her crotch as she began to tense and tighten her muscles against the impending orgasm. She knew she was going to cum rather quickly, partly because she had still unfinished tingles from his first round of fucking.

Mindy felt her knees and thighs starting to quiver as she rose to the heights. She threw her head back against the back bahis şirketleri of the car seat and lifted her torso to push her sweet flowing cunny into his rapidly licking and sucking mouth. His tongue was working magic on her hard little clit, as she twisted and writhed and he licked from slit to button, swirling his face over her crotch. She moaned then began shaking all over as the waves of orgasm swept over her. It felt so good as his tongue stroked her clit and she gasped and shook through a strong sensation of cumming.

She finally relaxed against the seat, with his face still between her thighs. She was holding his mouth just away from touching her super sensitive clit. He finally rose up and turned around and settled into the seat by the nubile, naked girl. Mindy looked over at him, leaning against his warm body, looking down to see his cock, hard and throbbing sticking up from the two hairy, swollen balls between his spread thighs.

She slowly slid into the floor of the SUV, behind the front seat and between his legs. She leaned forward to slowly kiss her way up his thigh until she could lean in to lick his ball sack. She used her tongue and lips to tease him.

Jay gasped for air, his head leaned back, as he felt the incredible soft sensations on his balls. His whole body tensed, and he trembled as he felt Mindy open her mouth and close it around the head of his throbbing penis.

She slowly lowered her mouth around him, until she was taking in most of the shaft and using her tongue on the underside of his cock to arouse him. She could taste her juices mixed with his as she slid her head up and down the shaft, and swirled her tongue around the head. It only took a few minutes of her soft loving ministrations to his throbbing hardness until he began to twitch and shake. She felt the hardness of his penis begin to throb and then he spurted his hot white juices into her open sucking mouth. She swallowed at the top of her stroke as he filled her mouth with cum. He still had a pretty big load, she was thinking, after losing his first one only a short time before inside her sweet, soft, wet, hot pussy. She stayed on him, as he finished and and began to soften in her mouth. She finally let his spent rod slide out of her mouth.

Forty five minutes later, they were back inside the club, and had gone their separate ways. Mindy was sitting at a table with Brenda and realized that he didn’t get her number and didn’t give her his. She just shook her head, as she realized not only did she not care, she was glad. He was mediocre at best and she didn’t really want to have to deal with him calling her. Just another slime ball pickup artist in the clubs, she giggled as she thought about it. He was probably gloating to his friends about the hot babe he nailed tonight, while she was thinking he wasn’t so good. He made her wish for one of her guys, the older ones who knew what they were doing with her body, and played it like a fine musical instrument.

A little later, she and Brenda left, just as they had arrived, just the two girls together.

The next afternoon, Mindy was lying in bed with Frank, at their regular hideaway, he was beside her and against her on his side as she lay on her back, his hard cock sliding slowly into and out of her open wetness from the side. She was breathing deeply and trembling in passion as he made slow, intense love to her. His hands were fondling her whole upper body, her breasts especially, and his tongue and lips were caressing her neck and ear, then when she turned her face to him, her lips and mouth also. She responded to his loving touch with ripples of passion coursing through her body from his attentions. He began to thrust harder, and deeper into her, his hard cock feeling places inside her that made her turn to jelly inside. She felt the rippling waves of her impending orgasm run through her.

She came, tensing all her muscles, gritting her teeth and squeezing her eyes shut as she felt the exquisite sensations overpower her. At the same time, she felt Frank’s hardness, even harder inside her and throbbing and spurting her full of his white, hot seed. She loved the way it felt when she came with her man. And this one was really good. It was a guy she loved in her own way and she knew he loved her too, and they had reached a level of understanding and respect for each other that made sex even that much better.

After they were done, they lay together recovering, their breathing returning to normal, as he gently and absently stroked her beauty with one hand. She felt complete inside for just a time, as they quietly relaxed. He looked into her beautiful eyes and smiled. She smiled back. They made small talk and cooed and giggled together, totally enjoying their time together. She almost wished it would never end.

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