Mind Fuck – Chapter 1b (How To Fuck Your Sister Without Breaking The Law)

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Big Tits

You know the rules. 18 or get out. No exceptions.

This is Chapter 1b, a continuation of Chapter 1a. If that doesn’t make sense to you, then go back and read 1a, because ‘a’ comes before ‘b’, okay?

Brandon backed up in horror as the figure rose and spun around in surprise. He recognized her immediately; Keisha Scott, a fellow coworker and friend. They had met on Brandon’s first day and she had taken him under her wing. Since then, the twenty-nine year old single mother had regarded Brandon as the little brother she’d never had, a feeling that Brandon returned. They worked registers side by side, and more than a few customers had glanced between the two, mistaking them for twins due to the uncanny resemblance. A resemblance so unnatural, they had checked family histories, but found nothing linking the two in familial bonds. The duo had always laughed as they informed those mistaken people of their nine year difference in ages. But right now, laughter was the furthest thing from dancing in Keisha’s eyes.
“What the fuck is your problem Brandon?”
“Sorry! I didn’t see you there!”
“Really? Because it didn’t feel like you didn’t see me there!” Brandon cringed. Of course today would be the day that the universe would just keep piling it on. “…Never mind the fact that you almost knocked me on my damn head and had my brain splattered all over the place…” Brandon was starting to get annoyed. Any other time, he would have been apologetic, but right now he was not in the mood for being sorry. He was in the mood for getting his rocks off, and he needed –
And then, like magic it clicked. Suddenly, Brandon wasn’t looking at his pissed-off big sister; he was staring at the angrily contorted but normally decently attractive face of his coworker. His female coworker. And to be completely honest, pressing his dick into her ass had felt good.
He knew he was being idiotic, but he had to act fast, for the good of his dick and before she got any louder and attracted any attention. Without warning, Brandon grabbed Keisha and pushed her against the wall. She instantly fell silent, eyes widening in fear that she had pushed Brandon too far. It only took a second for Brandon to lock eyes with her, and a moment later, he took a dive a kissed her. It was only a quick peck before he pulled back, watching and waiting for the inevitable smack. He saw the flames rise behind her eyes before she attacked, smashing her mouth against his in a sexually charged, tooth grinding, tongue battling kiss that threatened to melt his brain.
Brandon wasted no time, wrapping her leg around his waist and grinding his covered erection against her crotch. Keisha’s hands were clawing at his back and pulling him closer with her leg. He had one hand on her ass, bringing her closer. His other hand had been thrust under her shirt, forcing its way under her bra and molesting her teat, feeling the hot handful of flesh fill his hand and the erect nipple try to punch a hole through his palm. The heat radiating from her groin was great, soaking through her pants, panties, his pants and boxers and into his dick.
Footsteps in the hall interrupted them and they jumped apart in fear. Luckily, the steps continued without pause until they had died away. Brandon was horny, but he wasn’t stupid. He needed this job, and getting caught would not only momentarily kill his boner, but it would permanently kill his paycheck.
“Bathroom?” His question was echoed simultaneously by Keisha. They grinned and nodded. Brandon left, taking the long way, Keisha right behind him taking the shorter route to the deli section.
Brandon was honestly shocked by how easy it had been. With her blazing fury, he had been expecting brick and mortar resistance and had punched with appropriate force. Instead, what he’d gotten was a rice paper facade that he’d practically fallen through. In his experience, only two things could cause a resistance against him to be almost completely nullified: either his victim already harbored an attraction for him, or someone had lit their fire and just left the motor running. He’d encountered both several times, but he would have thought that Keisha would have put up more resistance to him given their familial bond. Curious though he was about which category she fell into, Brandon was not about to look a gift horse in the mouth.
He rounded the final corner, seeing the outer door still swinging slightly on its hinges. He pushed through and continued down the hall, slipping inside the single-occupancy employee bathroom unnoticed. Immediately, he was pushed against the door as a pair of soft lips attacked him. Through the sexual haze, he faintly heard the door being locked.
Their hands were everywhere all at once. One of Keisha’s hands had a firm grip on his skull, pulling his face against hers as her other hand stroked the illegal bahis steel-like rod pointing straight up in Brandon’s pants. He had immediately unhooked the clasp of her bra with a snap of his fingers and pushed the cups up, and now his hands were alternating between gliding up and down her silky smooth skin, cupping her moderately sized breasts and tweaking the nipples, and squeezing her firm, rounded butt. The decision was finally made for him when Keisha jumped, wrapping her strong thighs around his torso and dropping her ass right into his waiting palms. His fingers dug in to those cheeks, that ass that he had admired for so long against his will. She was a tease without even knowing it. Every time she dropped a pen or a dime, every time she reached under the counter for another roll of tape, he was treated to the spectacular view of those slacks stretching tight over her cheeks. Keisha broke away to speak, Brandon going to work on her neck.
“Its been… ten minutes… aren’t you gonna… go have lunch?”
“Don need foo,” Brandon mumbled, nipping at her collarbone.
“But we have to… oh god… go back….”
Brandon growled and pushed Keisha against a wall. The shock of impact only added to the atmosphere or hot dirty sex. He dropped her legs and started pillaging her mouth again, as he expertly undid the button on her slacks and yanked the zipper down. She held onto his shirt and yanked it over his head as he dropped down, bringing her pants and lacy blue panties with him. Keisha was definitely wet. A strand of her fluid stretched from her panties to her pussy until it snapped. He pulled a leg out of her pants for easier access. She may have been a single mother, but Keisha was still young and cared about her appearance, as evidenced by the small and trimmed triangle of pubic curls and bald labia. Her lips were already engorged and glistening with her excitement.
Cocking her free leg over his shoulder, Brandon swiped his tongue across Keisha’s open slit, tasting the flavor of her flowing hole as the scent burned its way into his senses. Her prominent clit was already visible at nearly and inch long, poking out like a miniature cock. He wasted no time in sliding a long finger into her pink tunnel and started fucking it. Clearly, two kids didn’t leave a lot of time for sex. Brandon barely was able to fit a second finger into Keisha’s pussy. The second invasion was enough to send the young woman into the clouds, the walls of her pussy squeezing rhythmically around his fingers. She really needed this. Her fingers curled into his hair and held him in place while she ground her pussy all over Brandon’s face. Keisha’s pussy was flowing like a fountain as he locked his lips around her erect nub and started sucking. He had no way of telling if he had caused a second electrifying orgasm or if he had sent her higher into the first. What he did know is she loved it as her thighs clamped down over his ears and she nearly suffocated him with her flowing gash. Keisha’s spasming cunt continued to coat the invading digits with its creamy bath as she shuddered and bucked, supporting her weight on the wall and Brandon’s face.
Brandon couldn’t wait any longer. He’d been the gentleman, making sure she got off twice, and now it was time to take care of his needs. He dragged his body up against Keisha’s, sliding his hands under her work polo and against her warm sides before divesting her of her shirt. Her matching bra came off too and he pressed himself against her, feeling the diamond hard nipples capping her B-cups digging into his own pectorals. He thrust his tongue into her mouth, letting her taste her own cunt as his hands caressed her breasts. The chocolate mounds did have a very slight sag from breast feeding, but were still quite firm and perky, making a bra nearly unnecessary. Keisha’s hands had already unfastened his pants and were fondling the shaft jutting out from the opening in his pants.
“Condom,” she breathed into Brandon’s mouth. “Need… condom. In my pants.”
She helpfully wrapped the leg her pants still dangled from around Brandon’s waist. Despite his dislike for the latex contraption, out of respect he searched furiously for the square foil. However, he was finding it difficult to search her pockets with Keisha’s slippery folds gliding over the lower half of his shaft. Debit cars, chap stick, keys, and various odds and ends clattered to the floor in his frenzied search, but somehow, the rubber could not be found. Realizing the search was fruitless, Brandon grasped her other thigh and hoisted the woman up.
“I’ll pull out, okay?” Keisha’s mind screamed no, but her overheated pussy was firmly in control and would not surrender to anything. Against her better judgment, she found herself nodding as her hand positioned the bell end of Brandon’s cock at the entrance to her slick opening. She illegal bahis siteleri felt the younger man gradually releasing her weight, allowing gravity to drag her hundred and thirty pound frame down. Both were thankful for her abundant juices because Keisha’s pussy was near-virginal right. The journey down to the base was deliciously slow before all eight inches were fully gripped by Keisha’s silken tunnel.
That was the end of gentle. After a brief moment for her to get used to his size, Brandon lifted Keisha and dropped her repeatedly on his erection. She was clinging to his neck, whimpering in pleasure at the violation and the sensation of him feeding on her breasts, even doing her best to shove her body down on his meat. Every time he bottomed out, he would grunt and she would squeal. They were rutting like animals, allowing their base instinct to fuck to overrule the social norms that condemned sex in public. The fact that someone – anyone – could be listening outside the door was getting them both off, Keisha more than Brandon since this was her first foray into exhibitionism. She had never done anything on this level of sexual depravity. Their boss could be listening to her fucking her ‘brother’ for all she knew.
That thought – the element of incest – brought Keisha to a hard climax. Her drawn out moan bounced off the walls before Brandon managed to cover her mouth with his own. He continued to bounce her up and down his thick length, watching her tits jiggle as her walls rippled and gripped his fleshy invader. He wouldn’t be stopped, and he wouldn’t slow down. He was covered in a mixture of their sweat, arms bulging as Keisha bucked on him like he was a wild pony, and he bucked back, nailing her slit with short, precise strokes accompanied by a deep grunt. He let her ride out her orgasm, pistoning in and out of her gash like machine.
At one point or another, many men consider the idea of having sex with their own sister, younger or older. Most removed the fantasy from their minds, considering the idea disgusting and perverted. A few held onto that fantasy, bringing themselves to powerful climaxes with the thought of that taboo act. But fewer still actually received that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bury their stiff erections in their sister’s wet and willing (and sometimes unwilling) gashes. And even then, they would live out their days in silence, in fear of being labeled a sexual deviant by the public at large.
But Brandon was not like them. He would not be joining the ranks of their society, shrouded in silence and secrecy. His ‘big sister’ was bouncing on his dick and cumming like a freight train, and there were no blood ties. She could cream all over his dick as much as she wanted. He could fuck this woman until the day was done. They could enjoy the taboo of incest, and suffer none of the consequences.
“Turn around,” Brandon ordered, lifting her from his cock and lowering her to the floor. His pants had fallen to his ankles long ago, and he kicked out of them and his underpants, leaving the both of them completely naked. Keisha leaned against the wall on her forearms, bent at the waist with her ass thrust invitingly in the air. She instinctively spread her mocha legs shoulder-width apart, but was surprised when he pushed them back together. She understood why when she felt Brandon embrace her from behind, wedging his cock between her ass cheeks in a pantless mirror of their earlier position in the office.
“That’s what you felt, isn’t it?” he breathed in her ear. “You felt my big hard cock pushing into your ass, didn’t you?”
“Yeah…” came the shaky reply.
“That’s why you got all pissed like that, didn’t you? You felt your little brother’s big -” he accented the word with a thrust “- fucking cock rubbing against your ass, and you wanted it. You wanted every single inch buried in your tight little twat, but you were ashamed of the urge, weren’t you?” She nodded, too aroused to form words. “No need to be ashamed. When it comes to fucking, every one of us is a dirty fucking bastard.
“Like me.” Brandon continued to grind his pelvis into the soft ass. “I accidentally did today what I’ve wanted to do to you since day one. Every time you walked away, every time you bent over, all I wanted was to pull my dick out and hump your ass. Just pull down my big sister’s pants and blast my big fucking load on her fantastic ass cheeks. It wouldn’t have mattered who was watching. And now I’m actually doing it, rubbing my hard cock against your ass, and I’m realizing that reality is so much better than fantasy. Because your ass against my cock is everything I thought it was going to be, and more.”
Brandon’s growling confession, his stress on the incest factor, and his cock was driving Keisha insane. At this point, he wasn’t just fucking her body, he was fucking her mind too, and canlı bahis siteleri it sent her over the edge again with a strangled moan. Brandon pointed his cock downward and forced every inch into her cavern, sending her into another intense climax. Brandon clapped a hand over Keisha’s mouth as she howled like a banshee. Her gripping fuck box was threatening to be his undoing, but he managed to hold off. He had one more dirty trick up his sleeve.
When Keisha finally came back down, He pulled himself from her burning depths. Brandon ripped her pants, panties and remaining shoe from the leg they still dangled on. His focus was on those lacy boy shorts. Making sure he had them oriented properly, he kicked her legs apart and ran the crotch of her panties over her soaked slit, gathering up as much moisture as possible.
“Open your mouth.” Keisha didn’t even think of refusing or questioning the order, and Brandon pushed the skimpy underpants into her mouth, making sure the creamy crotch was on her tongue. “Since you can’t be quiet, I have to gag you.” And without further words, Brandon bent over her buried his member back into Keisha’s passage and started ramming her again. His hands grabbed at her tits, almost using them like handles to pull himself deeper into her.
The only sounds echoing now were a quick fleshy smacks and a muffled squeal from Keisha. Brandon’s impact was sending her ass into rippling waves. Everything was combining together. This sexually charged atmosphere, all those perverted thoughts that had run through his head at work, every fantasy of penetrating her anal chute for the pure depravity, and all the nights Alex’s anus had taken the pleasurable punishment in Keisha’s stead. Absolutely everything came out as Brandon felt the sperm quickly rise up his shaft.
The glossy head barely cleared Keisha’s outer lips in time. The first jet of sperm landed wetly on her outer lips and ran down her clitoris, sending lightning running through her body as she came one last time. The next shot coated her crack and anus before Brandon had lined himself up properly and started grinding his exploding cock in her lubed crack. He would later be thankful that she was shirtless as stream after stream of spunk landed on his sister’s ebony back.
As their respective orgasms died down, Brandon took the opportunity to glance at his watch. He still had five minutes to help her clean up, dress, and clock back in. He swelled with pride. He’d gotten his one good nut in, given one of the women he’d lusted after for months four or five good orgasms, and still had time to scarf down a chocolate bar.
“Damn, that was good.”
“Preaching to the choir,” Keisha breathed after ungagging herself. She held up the saliva soaked panties. “You know I can’t wear these now, right?”
“Good,” Brandon replied, wetting paper towels. “Now you’ll remember that you just got the shit fucked out of you. Its a naughty thrill not wearing underwear in public. Hell, I’ll do it too if you want.”
He helped her clean off as much of his seed as possible before Keisha shooed him out of the bathroom. She still had another twenty minutes before she needed to punch in, while he was down to two. Brandon turned away from the locked door only to find a surprise standing in the hall.
“You heard.” The voyeur nodded sheepishly, her right hand crammed deep into her unbuttoned pants. “How much?”
“Most,” she replied. “I heard her three times.”
“Anyone else Kim?” She shook her head no. “So it was just you.”
Kim was another coworker Brandon had fucked several times, and with good reason. Her 5’5 statue, caramel complexion, full lips, and ample ass blended into an eye catching, dick raising package. She was a loud girl, in and out of the sack, and she too had been a victim of the panty gag. Her pink g-string had been less effective though, especially when Brandon forced himself into her asshole. It was the same g-string she happened to be wearing right then, visible through her unbuttoned pants.
“You know, good girls don’t eavesdrop.” Brandon closed the distance between the two and slowly removed her frozen hand from her crotch. “But you aren’t a good girl, now are you? You’re a dirty slut who likes to listen to people fuck and take dick in your poop chute. And dirty sluts get punished.
“Of course, you were standing out here, and I’ll assume that you kept people from disturbing us. And I think that merits a small reward.” Brandon sucked Kim’s fingers into his mouth as one of his hands slithered down the front of her pants to pick up where she had left off. His other hand snaked down the back of her pants and between her fleshy cheeks to support her and tease her brown anus. Kim knew what was coming and bit her cheek as she stared dead in Brandon’s eyes. That one big orgasm she had been chasing slammed into her as she felt her clit being pinched lightly and a long finger penetrated her ass. Kim breathed hard as she bathed Brandon’s fingers and her own panties in a generous helping of her pussy cream.

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